Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Show Off

Louisville—Febraury, 2017

I was so busy during the rest of my stay in Memphis, I had no other sex.  Part of me wanted to make time to return to the backroom of the bookstore—but I also wondered if I would luck into anything as hot as on my previous visit.  In any event, I really didn’t have the time. 

I drove back to Louisville and booked into the same motel.  I ate a leisurely dinner…and went off to see what trouble I could get into at the adult theatre.

It’s a weeknight again.  A few semis litter the parking lot, but there aren’t many cars.  I go in and buy the double ticket.  I start in the straight theatre.  There are two men—one in the front row who is obviously jerking to the three-way on the screen and another man in the middle of the seating.  I sit in the back row again—the one with the extra leg room.

All is quiet.  The man masturbating is not a man I need to help out.  The other man seems more asleep than there for either the videos or for sex.

The door opens.  A nicely put together man enters.  He’s around my age, with short, dark hair.  He stands in my row and proceeds to strip himself of every article of clothing except his gym shoes.  He sits and plays with his dick.  His head turns to me.  He nods.

I nod.

He gestures me to join him, patting the seat next to him. 

I do.

He looks at me.  He looks at his cock.  It’s plumped, but not hard.  He looks back at me.  His arched eyebrow asks “Cocksucker?”

I get on my knees.  I start to suck him.  And suck him.  I can’t get him hard.  I know I am better than this.  I look up at him from between his splayed legs.  He’s smiling, seemingly enjoying what I’m doing.

I go back to work.  Suddenly he’s hard.  I re-double my efforts.  His dick is drooling now.  I look up at him again.  What did I do differently?

The change is that the man in the first row has gotten up and is standing in the side aisle watching us go at it.  I go back to work to give him a show.  The cock I’m sucking gets harder yet.  I wonder if the man in the aisle has stuck his dick in this guy’s mouth.  No, he’s just openly jacking as he watches us.
I return to getting this guy off.  I hear the outer door shut.  Instantly the dick in my mouth loses its hardness.  I look up again.  Yup, our audience has vanished.

“Let’s take a break,” the man tells me.

We meet up again, later, in the gay theatre.  Same thing.  He is super hard every time there is an audience viewing him getting serviced.   He stands in the far aisle for any and every one to see.  With me sucking him.  The moment a man finally approaches us to add in, the man in my mouth zips up and leaves.

I let him do this to me once more in the straight theatre.  A couple of guys watch and it’s great.  They approach—and he runs.  (I stay and suck the better looking one of these two off.)

On the gay side, we deliberately show off for a new arrival and the sex is fun.  The new arrival turns back to the movie and the guy goes soft.  He leaves with a “come to the straight side with me.”   

Against my better judgment I do. 

I enjoy his hard dick in my mouth as we entertain a new viewer.  But the on-looker makes the mistake of touching the Show Off’s bare chest.  He puts on his clothes and high tails it to the other theatre.  
And once again I am left to gratefully suck the watcher.

Much later, back on the gay side, I find the show-off standing in the play area, leaning on the wall and watching the movie just as much as watching the guy next to him doing the same thing.  I’ve had enough.  I move into the dark area.  The Show Off turns, knowing I am going down on him. 

I don’t. I suck the other man’s dick in front of the Show Off.  My new guy pulls down his jeans, offering me his butt.  I eat him out.  The Show Off gets dressed.  Disgusted.

“Fuck me.  You can give me your load, if you want.”

I need little encouragement.  I enter the man.  The Show Off slams the door on his way out.  He has no time for any other man showing off.

I deposit a load before bed time.


  1. I'm baffled at the having to leave when someone gets too close. I get the watching though... hm...

    1. I know. It wasn't like he couldn't stand at least someone touching him as I was on his dick...

      There is a reason it got labeled "odd!"