Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Guest Writer: He Came From Behind

As promised, here's Jake's version of events.  I got this almost the next day.  I read the first paragraph to see what it was, then stopped--not wanting to be influenced by his recollections.  I  finally read it, after I wrote up my own take on our meet.  Compare.  Contrast.  Discuss...

We met as old friends do after a long time apart.  I commented on a vintage Lionel train that sat on his piano.  He in turn showed me some beautiful living room furniture, all of which he recently inherited.  So we quickly caught up where we’d left off.

Then up to the playroom.  I stripped and girded on my bulldog harness.  “New?” he asked.  He reached out to touch it, and I knew his fires were lit.  I stepped in closer and caressed his balls, but he turned me around. “I want you this way.”  It was a command, gently voiced.  I understood:  the man wanted my ass.

Soon I was thrown over the fuck bench to be rimmed and then suddenly, forcefully penetrated.  Inner thunder roused me. Lighting was striking.  I was being fucked by a man equipped and experienced enough to do it right.

The fucking was interrupted only to experiment with big toys, butt plugs and dildos, that produced a wide range of sensations.  It was a challenge, of course:  “Can you take this?”  My happy ass took it all, and then there was more fucking, until my ass was fucking back with grunts and thrusts and anal crunches.  Best of all he shoved his hand in with his dick. Limits stretched. Mind blown!

But things must not get out of hand, at least not yet. He always knows when he’s brought me to the edge.

He suddenly stopped, pulled out, leaving me to slump on the bench and beg for more.  But it was time to change the play, so he strapped on thick leather wrist restraints while I struggled to deep throat his dick.

He led me to the sling stand and chained my wrists to the hook where the top bars cross, and pulled me backward until I was hanging by my hands with ass thrust out behind. By turns he paddled my ass with a leather slapper and shoved his penis in to fuck me.  Arms and shoulders ached, ass cheeks burned with fire, and ass hole throbbed with pleasure.

But he always leaves me wanting more.  So now he put down the slapper and hung the sling at the right height for fisting. I climbed in and settled into place as a good bottom should, with ass thrust out and up.

I took my first long hit of poppers while he gloved up. He lubed my ass and as only he can, with the gentlest of touches, had my ass wide open in no time at all. 

He thrust in his right fist, then his left, then combinations of fists and fingers.  How much could I take?  “More, sir… do it again sir … thank you, sir.” Then he brought up a huge dildo he’d been saving, and let me see what was coming next.  Groaning and panting I finally took it all.  Oh yes, along the way there were breaks from the fisting to do more fucking, first without and then with his hand in as well.

And just to vary the method, he cranked in a speculum to open my hole wide and fucked me some more.  With the speculum pinning back the anus, he was thrusting his dick against the sensitive tissue just inside it, setting me on fire.  The special pleasure for him was the contrast between the cold metal of the speculum and the warm flesh of my rectum; he could feel it all the time he was fucking me.

I was on the brink of giving out, but then he called a halt and we slipped out of our top and bottom roles.  I lay on the bed to rest and he got on the floor to stretch a kink out of his back. Then I moved over and he lay down on the bed with me.  He lay on his back and I rolled over to place my body close to his, my head on his shoulder, and in the right place to reach out and hold his dick in my hand.  We dozed off that way for a bit. I woke first and wrapped my hand around his dick, and his eyes opened.

His dick was hard and huge again, heavy in my hand and pulsing with life.  It was time for more play.
I was positioned on the fuck bench, now adjusted into a platform. I was on all fours this time with my ass raised for action.  More rimming, more fisting, more fucking.  The same but not the same:  in this position my rectum seemed to open up and give him much more inner space to explore, or rather, to rampage in.  And my ass seemed to know just where to put itself to give him maximum pleasure in fucking it.

We took another rest break.  By now all the fisting and fucking had brought us very close together emotionally, and I reveled in the pleasure of snuggling up to his hard, long body.  I couldn’t keep my hand off his dick, which even when soft is still a satisfying handful.  Another catnap and a little chat, more fondling, and his dick was hard again.  I especially enjoyed feeling its girth and firmness just at the base by the cock ring.

We are both old enough to know that this new erection was a gift from the gods, and in no time I was back in the sling to be fucked again, and this time there was no holding back.  My ass was very tender from the fisting, so every sensation was amplified.  It was like being a virgin all over again!  He fucked me tenderly, roughly, and finally with total authority, slamming into me again and again.  I was writhing in pain and pleasure. He rose on his toes to thrust down into me with ever greater force until, with shouts and shudders he shot his load in me in three big blasts.

He pulled out and staggered backwards. I was all on fire, but the flames quickly died down to glowing embers of immense satisfaction.  I was proud to have taken his load.  For a few brief moments both of us were young again, first full of fire and life, then suddenly falling off the cliff of orgasm into the best kind of exhaustion and contentment.  I went home with the glow of it all deep inside, and tumbled into bed, falling asleep as my head hit the pillow.


  1. Wow. Jake's a damn good writer. Nice to see this written from a bottom's perspective. Jake's prose makes it eloquently clear how much he loves your cock and semen.

    1. I love playing with smart men...brains are damn sexy....

    2. Yes, they are. I can't abide stupidity. When I was young I dated a man who was as dumb as a door knob, but beautiful. My mom asked why I was seeing him, and I said, "Have you looked at him?" She laughed and said yes, but that he wasn't all that smart. Today, I wouldn't date stupid, no matter how pretty.

    3. I wouldn't date them either or likely invite them to my playroom---but I'm happy to breed them at a fuck party.

  2. It's very obvious you both were on the same page when it came to this encounter. I know you both left completely satisfied.

    1. You are right--we both had a great time. Now, if we could only work out how to meet a little more often...

  3. I don't think Jake would mind my sharing part of the email he wrote after reading my account: "As usual I remember the name of the blog just after I sent that last email. After three readings, I am amazed at how much we were into each other that day. Your memory of the highlights coincides with mine, and your reading of my responses was "spot on." It is an added plus to read about the special pleasures of your own that you found in our play (e.g. "ass juice"). And there seems to be more sexual tension and sheer lust in your telling of it. I tend to go for understatement..."