Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Return of SpiritHole

Ann Arbor—May, 2017

The man I called SpiritHole, the tantric sex guy with the back tattoo of entwined snakes, was home in Michigan.  He’d arrived the month before, but our schedules had never aligned—I had business travel, he had a family emergency.  But we made it work before we both went off to IML.  I packed the rimseat and drove to his beautiful, expensive home to the east of me.  We walked his gardens before and ate a terrific dinner on his porch after sex multi orgasmic sex…

He’s totally naked.  I have on just my boots, a rinsed out dirty jock and my favorite cock ring. SpiritHole has me sit on a black leather sofa up in his third story playspace.  He wants to suck my dick before it becomes too big for his mouth.  He takes me deep into his small mouth.  My cock balloons just at the thought of trying to stay soft or at least semi-hard for him.  I am almost instantly hard.  Achingly hard.  SH pulls off me in astonishment, trying not to lacerate the head.  He switches to nuzzling my hairy balls.  It feels incredible.  He’s in no hurry.  He caresses them with his tongue.  He does not pull them into his mouth.  His tongue presses into them with just enough weight and purpose to get my dick to drip.  He licks the pearl off my cock head when he finally notices it.  I lift my legs so he can concentrate on my sweet spot:  under my balls where the cock ring rests.  He works his tongue between the two—just as I’d asked him to the first time we met.  I lazily jerk my dick as he licks my perineum.  He gives a glancing swipe of the tongue to my asshole—we both know we will concentrate on that later.

I pull him up and suggest he get on all fours on the bed behind us.  He does, climbing up on the bed, covered in black leather playsheets.  I let my cock rest for a moment on the mouth of the snake…and then I kneel to feast on his already juicy hole.  I spend almost as long tonguing, teasing and spitting into his hole as he spent on my cock and balls.  But I want in.  I want to feel his anal canal grasp at my invading shaft.  I want him to milk my cock until I’m on the verge of shooting.  I want to eat him out again—now tasting of a delicious mix of our juices…

I stand up.  I slap my cock on the forked tongue of the snake and prod at his wet hole.  My dick head pushes in.  I pause.  I push again.  More of my dick disappears.  SH begins to whimper.  He tells me it’s been too long—he has missed my cock—that his hole has missed my cock.  His words open his hole and I glide the rest of the way in.  There is a moment of adjustment, before I start fucking in long, strokes.  In and out.  Grinding my pubes into the mouth of the snake.

I pick up the pace.  My wet balls slam into him now on each stroke.  He begins his familiar babble—a reaction to his delight at the feelings I’m making happen in his hole.  I fuck him this way until I need to catch my breath.  When I stop, I keep my cock in him, my chest pressed to his back.

We go to his sling.  I eat out his hole again.  It’s creamy and tastes of that mix of juices I love.  For many men, the length of time I’m down there eating him out might be too long.  Not for SpiritHole.  He knows I love it as much as he does.  He knows it makes me rock hard for my next entry into him whenever I choose to fuck again.  I hold off fucking until any other man would be begging for it.  Only then do I stand and fuck in the even wetter hole I’ve left behind.  This round is fast and furious.  He begins shaking uncontrollably as he has anal orgasm after anal orgasm.

More rimming.  Then it’s a round of slow and sensuous fucking.

More riming—and I fuck him as hard as I can.  He’s cumming internally again and again and is crying.  The next moment he’s laughing that he’s crying and then he begins shuddering again as my cock pulls another round of intense feelings deep from inside him.

We have a long rest on the bed, wrapped together.  We are both on the edge of sleep.  But my rampant cock decides it wants more sex.

We use the rimseat.  Me under first.  I eat his crazily wet hole until my jaw is tired.  I tell him it’s like the entire U of M football team has seeded him, there is so much creamy goodness in his butt.

He goes under next to work on my hole.  But he wants access to my cock as he licks my hole, so I move to the sling.  He eats my butt but makes frequent trips up to my balls and shaft.

He takes pictures.

His rimming (and my jerking on my dick as he does it) is finally making me ready to blow a load.  We change places.  I plow into his ass once more.  I stand still and move the sling back and forth—impaling him on that engorged cock each time. 

I begin to shoot. 

I shudder and fill him with my cum.

I get out of the sling.  He cleans my cock.  Carefully.  Taking more of it into his mouth. 

And SpirtHole takes a final picture.

(I love this picture...I don't have many of my cock at rest...and that jock makes me hard just looking at it.)


  1. I also love that photo of your cock at rest and that filthy jock makes me crazy too. I want to bury my face in it and deeply inhale all that manly scent. I can also picture that cock letting loose with a strong stream of piss that would not be wasted.

    1. It sounds like you need one of my old jocks...arrangements can be made!