Saturday, July 22, 2017

“I Want You to Fuck My Boy”

My Playroom—May, 2017

The day after Jake, I had another fisting meet with one of my regulars.  It started great with fucking him on the bench.  He has a hot, hot ass—and is becoming more of a pig every time we meet.  But things went bad with his clean out as soon as we changed over to the sling and my hand.  He cleaned a little more, but realized he would never fully trust his clean out now—which meant that he would never be able to get into that headspace bottoms need.  He got dressed and took off—and my dick could only drool with the wish that I was sending him home full of my seed.

By the end of that week I had a message from the couple I met at the last orgy in Grand Rapids.  The hot top with the Robert Mitchum chest and his boy wanted me all to themselves.  Would I be interested?  I probably don’t need to tell you how I answered.  The only details were when and in their sling or mine?  We opted for my playroom. 

They arrive early.  They are eager and horned.  I greet them naked but for my jock and boots.  I watch them strip down in the playroom and stow their clothes in the taller dresser.  The top is handsome, my age, my height and very tan.  I love the tangle of hair all over his chest.  His cock is likely thicker than mine, but not quite as long.  It is rampant, from the moment he ditches the underwear that could not contain it.  His partner is a good 8 inches shorter than the two of us.  Likely mid-40’s.  He has a great 7 inch cock that I watched him use extensively on our first meet—but today it’s all about his hot, round and delicately haired ass.

“I want you to fuck my boy.  Just use him and seed him,” the Top whispers in my ear, as his boy kneels in front of the two of us.  My cock is engulfed by the boy’s warm mouth.  His tongue is active.  He’s good.  He doesn’t linger on me; he gives his Daddy the same treatment. 

Back and forth.

I haul him up kiss him.

“I want to try taking that dick.”  The Top gets on his knees and swallows me down.  Just as expertly.  He pulls off me, panting, and gives his boy head, too.

Back and forth.

He stands up when his knees get tired.  It’s my turn to sink onto my padded floor. The Top’s big cock first.  I take it all.  Just.  Then the boy’s drooling dick.

Back and forth.

“Use his ass good.”

The boy has pulled out of my mouth and gotten up on the padded fuck bench.  I just crawl over and bury my face in his hole.  It’s hairier than his ass cheeks.  I delight in getting his hole incredibly wet and slick.  The Top is right where he should be—feeding the boy his wet dick.  I stand up and enter him.  His ass grasps me tightly.  I work up him very slowly letting him feel every millimeter.  He stops sucking his partner and concentrates on my incredibly slow progression up his chute. 

I pause—totally buried.

“Make him feel it!” the tops tells me.

I begin the fuck.  Long strokes.  Leaving just my cockhead in his ass.  I build.  And for just a moment, the two us are fucking into both the boy’s holes at exactly the same tempo.  Then I forge ahead, giving him a rough, hard fuck.

“Change,” I command.

We do.  There is no hesitation on ass to mouth.  He’s actually eager for it.  “You like the taste of your ass?” I ask as I stick it into his mouth.  He doesn’t use words, he just hungrily shows me how much he loves it.

“Damn, you got him good and open.”  The Top is fucking him now.  His eyes are on my dick in his partner’s mouth.  He stops, pulls out and lies down on the bed.  “I want to watch.”

And he does.  He watches me eat his boy’s freshly fucked hole. 

He watches me fuck him. 

He watches me take my ass juice covered cock to his boy’s mouth—and the greedy mouthing of my slimy cock. 

He listens to the guttural groans of his boy cleaning me up.


We change over.  I fuck the boy.  His partner watches.  Seemingly, I inspire him to fuck again.  He comes over the fucks him as I give the boy another taste of his ass on my cock.

We take turns once more…than he goes back to watching…


We break.  “Do you like to get rimmed?” I ask the Top.

His answer is rather non-committal.  I encourage him to get up on the bench.  He does, reluctantly.  I dive into the ass that “doesn’t like attention.”  He groans.  Loudly.  I poke and prod him with my tongue.  I open his hole and make him squirm.  I make him a happy convert in no time at all. 

But I really want to eat out the ass we’ve been fucking.  I get under the rimseat.  The boy sits on my face.  The seat does its work and spreads his hole open for me.  His ass is delicious—with his own juices and the mix of our pre-cum.  The Top kneels to my side and strokes my dick.  His other hand goes between my legs and his finger starts toying with my hole.  I can’t remember when I’ve had anything other than a tongue up there.  I clench for a moment, but will myself to relax and let him play.  His finger never truly enters me—he stops on the threshold each time.  I concentrate on the all but dripping ass above me and eat him out.  I make the boy pant…

I touch his thighs, to get him to stand.  He does.  “Fuck him,” I tell the Top.  “Just a few strokes and have him sit back on my face.”  The top lies on the bed.  I watch the boy mount that column of dick.  He rides it.  And he comes to sit again, bringing his freshly fucked hole to my tongue.

A drip of his ass lube falls on my tongue.  I eat him out noisily.

The Top is offering vocal encouragement.  “Get up again,” he tells the boy. 

This time he bends the boy right over my head and fucks him in full view.  Long strokes and rough.  “Now sit on that pig’s face.”  The boy does…and I’m a very happy, very wet pig indeed…


We try a double fuck on the bed—both on our backs, our dicks together.  It turns into the boy riding them sequentially.

“Get back in the sling.”  This time the Top is up him first.  Another hard driving attack on the boy’s hole.  The boy can’t keep his hands off his own dick.  He shoots before it’s my turn to fuck.  I lean over and lick up the cum covering his chest.  He won’t let my tongue touch his dick.

The Top goes to the bed, jerking.  I turn around and lick his balls.  He jerks faster.  It’s my turn to touch a finger to his (still wet) hole.  It makes him shoot—the moment my middle finger touches the wetness I left behind.  I clean up the mess on that forest of chest hair.

And his cock.  Every drop.

They dress and go…

It’s only after they leave I realized they hadn’t asked if I wanted to get off.  I did.  I really need to get off. 

I went to the bookstore…(See the next post!)


  1. A great play session but a little odd that they never considered your need to get off. I understand it's all about the journey and not really the orgasm but after an extended play session I'd like to think everyone would leave satisfied. That's just my opinion. I always try to think about the other person and making it as memorable as possible and that boy's hole definitely needed to be seeded. He'd have loved it.
    Of course as you head out to the bookstore now some one is going to get one hell of a powerful built up load. Lucky guy!

    1. It really depends on the day for me. I was incredibly horned from fucking the young man before his clean out went bad, but I didn't need to get off by finding another man or heading to the bookstore. Maybe it was the longer play of the next meet that really made my need greater.

      I always check with my play partner if it's not obvious that they are satisfied. So many of the bottoms I play with don't get off in a 'traditional' manner (or the subs don't want to get off in front of me.)