Sunday, July 16, 2017

Stuffing Jake's Ass

My Playroom—May, 2017

We met when I used to go to the rather shopworn bathhouse in Michigan’s second largest city.  I’m pretty sure we met at the community sling.  But it’s a long time ago.  It could have been in a room he’d rented.  I doubt it was on the community mattresses that were a feature of the play area at the time. 

(I just looked up Jake’s other entry on here—and found out I wrote an introduction very similar to this back then.  H’mmm….)

Jake wanted to come down to the playroom and the timing worked perfectly.  He arrived just before the appointed time.  He looked good as I let him in the door—a handsome silver fox.  We hugged, we talked.  He went off to the bathroom to touch up and I took the porn up to the playroom…

Jake is naked, struggling into a new, at least to me, harness.  I tell him I like it and in the same breath tell him to get on the fuck bench—I want to eat his ass.  He opens easily with my tongue.   Soon it’s my dick drilling into him—with Jake looking into the mirror at the head of the bench, so he can watch me drill him.

I fuck him with my big dick.

I fuck him with the egg-headed dildo.

I add my cock alongside it.  It’s a tight squeeze—but we both love the result—a tightened down hole that sends the fuck into overdrive.

I go back to just my dick.

Then I push in the big, black butt plug.  No need to for the small one now.  It goes in with a satisfying pop as his sphincter closes around it.  I work the tip of my index finger around the edge—making Jake groan and mumble into the leather bench.

I eventually tire of that and go back to my dick.  Then some fingers.  No fist yet….though  he’s ready. 

One last round of fucking.

With my cock covered in his ass juice, I reach for the wrist restraints.  My tasty cock goes in his mouth as I buckle the band around his right wrist.  And then his left.  I get him up and suspend his wrists from the center of the sling frame.  I walk him back so his ass is jutting towards me.  I don’t eat it.  I don’t fuck it.  I wallop it with a leather paddle.  Strokes on first one cheek than the other.  Only then do I rim him—loving the heated flesh on my face.

Another few spankings.  Than a brutal fuck.  It’s such a mind-fuck position for both of us.  But it’s tiring to be hung there like a piece of fuck meat.  I let him down and get the sling back into position. 
Jake gets comfortable as I grease up my hands.

It’s a long, slow session of stretching.  One hand.  Then the other.  A re-do of the toys.  My dick. The speculum comes out—cranked wide enough to accommodate my dick in his hole along with it.  I never tire of cool metal on the sides and hot flesh above and below.

We fuck again without it.  My hand slips in—and my dick follows.  I begin a leisurely jerk off deep inside his gut.  I would love to cum like this—but I am having too much fun to get off…


We have taken a longer than usual break on the bed…in each other’s arms.

We decide to try more fisting, but he’d like to be on his knees.  I adjust the middle section of the bench down so it becomes a padded table. 

My hands are kept busy.  He tells me everything feels different this way—and that’s a good thing.
I add my dick.

And go back to my hands.

Jake is getting tender.  We need to wrap up this extended session soon. 

I ask if he wants my dick again? 

His answer is to get in the sling.

I soothe his ravaged hole with my tongue. 

That does it.  I want to give him my load.

Just few strokes in his hot hole and I am firing into his incredibly stretched ass.


When he got home, Jake wrote up his impressions of that day.  I have only just now finally read it all.  I wanted to see how his (fresher) memories compared with mine two months later.  You, dear reader will get to make that comparison yourself the next time I post!


  1. Jake certainly has an accommodating hole and the right man to use it to full potential.

    1. Yes, he does. It may be a long time between meets--but always a fun time and worth the wait.