Friday, January 31, 2014

The Kindness of Strangers

If you read this blog, you have likely read stories about Juan.  Juan has been on here in many, many posts.  You might remember the time he load collected for me at the bathhouse—and would come sit on my face each time he’d gotten several shot up his incredible, milking hole.  Or the time when he was my travel companion for a Halloween Weekend and several of us loaded his ass at the motel—then he and I went off to another bathhouse to keep the load count growing.  There was also the session where he was alone at my house, but I had a devil’s dick of frozen cum for our fucking, felching and snowballing pleasure.

I think it was while we were on the trip together, that Juan asked if I might be interested in using the blog to ask a favor.  Juan is attending a conference in San Antonio, Texas in March.  He was curious if I would post a query to see if there were any readers who would like to host a graduate student who loves good sex.
So I am asking for him.  Here is more of what he wrote me:

“I was wondering if any of your readers would want to host me—exchanging housing for a fun time.  Obviously, since I am there for a conference that is my first priority, but otherwise I should be pretty open.  The trip is from March 18 to 24 or so.”
So there it is.  I’ll add he’s a great guy.  And he’s not just a bottom.  I have seen him top and he loves that, too. 

Here are a few highlights from one of his profiles:  “My ass loves sucking cock, but I enjoy breeding puckered holes, glory holes or “gag the fag” type of throat fucking.  I am fun and uninhibited….a cum pig who enjoys my hole worked over and left gaping—or eating a hole out before, during and after I fuck it.  Felching and poppers are my high!  No chems other than poppers.”

If there is anyone in San Antonio who is reading this who is interested and wants to know more, I would ask that you contact me through  I will forward any responses to him—and then I’ll step aside and let you and Juan work it out.

If you haven’t read the posts about Juan—click his name in the cloud (or right here.)

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