Thursday, October 6, 2016

House Party--New Asses and Well Used Holes

Northwest Indiana—August, 2016

It was the third Friday night of August.  That meant it was the night of the sex party in northern Indiana where the host lets 30 to 100 men play all over his house:  on a sofa in the upstairs living room (where vanilla porn is playing); on a sofa bed in what is normally a dining area; in the guest bedroom where lubes and condoms are placed out; under the lower level stairs where there are glory holes; in a lower level home theatre area on couches where bareback porn is showing on the wall; in the darkened storage area in the far corner of the lower level—where naked men bend over and do things they don’t want others to see them doing…

I get naked fast.  I realize I have forgotten my good jock and the piss jock in the bag smells way too strong for this gathering.  I put my underwear back on.  I like my thickening cock cradled with some sort of support.  I put my boots back on, tuck my lube in my waistband and take the tour. 


It’s a young Latino who I recognize from previous groups.  He pulls me into the back bathroom.  He locks the door and falls to his knees on the hard tile.  The underwear comes down to my knees.  He gives me toothy head.  His mouth is way too small and it hurts.  I have to stop him.  I reach down and stick a finger in his ass.

“Not yet.  I need someone smaller first.”

I agree—but never see him again that night.

No one is in the bedroom yet—but it’s early.  Two men are stroking in the living room.  Their eyes are riveted to the screen, not at me.  I go downstairs.  Lots of men at the bar.  Several are getting and giving head in the theatre area.  I step into the back corner.  My eyes adjust.  A hot, ripped blond is on his knees sucking my friend and fellow blogger, Ryan.  I have never seen the blond, but I hope he is going to get fucked.  My eyes meet Ryan’s and he grins and indicates the man on the floor.  I walk over and get my spit slick cock out of my underwear.  I push it near the blond’s mouth.

“Well, fuck,” he says as he pulls off Ryan and looks at my cock and then up into my eyes.  He takes me into his mouth and makes up for the earlier bad head.  He pulls off me.  “This needs to go up my ass—but not until I get opened up.”  He goes back to sucking Ryan, while holding on to my shaft.  Then he’s back on me.  Back and forth.

I look over at the padded ledge that serves as a fuck bench.  There sits Miguel, another Latino Ryan introduced me to.  (A pictorial post of his gangbang is here.)  I smile and he comes over and kneels next to the blond.  Miguel takes me out of the blond’s hand and into his own mouth.  He gets me wet with long and deep strokes into his mouth.


I nod.

Miguel bends over, supporting himself on the ledge and offers me his hot ass.  I kneel and stick my tongue into him.  He’s certainly been fucked—if not loaded.  This makes me dig deeper. 

“Fuck him.”  It’s the blond, now watching us and bent over right next to him.  Some man with a small dick is about to enter the blond.  I stand up.  We mount the two bottoms at the same time.  Miguel begins to fuck back on the full length of my dick the moment I’m inside.  I watch the blond get comfortable with the dick inside him.  He lets out a groan.  Miguel all but growls as he takes the battering I’m giving him.  Miguel turns his head towards the blond.  They kiss as they get their holes plowed. 

Ryan replaces the small guy up the blond.  His dick is quite a bit bigger and the blond is taking it to the hilt.  Miguel pulls off me, sinks to his knees and tastes his ass all over my dick.   I pull Miguel up and toss him on his back.  His legs shoot skyward and I dive back into his fuck hole.

Ryan is panting.  I wonder if he’s about to cum.  Instead he asks “Switch?”

I nod.  I pull out of Miguel.  Miguel slides to the floor and gets on all fours for Ryan.  I hunker down and taste the blond’s hole for the first time.  It tastes of pre-cum. I dig deeper and the blond groans.

Something isn’t right.  I can’t feel my tongue.  Dammit.  The blond has used some sort of numbing agent up his butt.  I spit and stand up.  I start to enter him.


I pull back out.

“Let me sit on it.”

I lay down on the shelf.  He clambers up and slowly settles down on my cock.  “That’s it…Oh, fuck…” he croons.  He is soon riding me like I’m a bronco in a rodeo.  We attract quite a crowd. 
We fuck a long time.  Finally he slows, when he realizes he can’t get a load out of me this early in the evening.  He thanks me.  I know who I want to load in a few hours from now—but he goes home early. 


I fuck Miguel again in the dark area.  Hard and long.  He's loaded now for sure--and I'm churning it.

I stop and felch the unknown man's load.


In the upstairs bedroom, two beautiful, young Black men take turns riding my face.  They are safe-sexers and this is all they want from me.  But I do my job very well.  Their asses want more when they pull off my face.  I allow myself to be Magnumed-up and the one with long dread locks rides me until he spurts out a load all over my chest.  He heads for the bathroom.

The other buff Black guy eyes my cock.  “I need to cum too, so we can go.” 

I hand him another Magnum.  He shakes his head and pulls me up off the bed.

We go down to the lower level.  The back area is empty, but too many guys have seen us head back there and follow. 

“Bathroom,” I mutter and we close the door on the on lookers.

“Fuck me until I cum.”

I hold up the condom again.

He takes it and tosses it away.  “I want you up my butt raw.  Just don’t cum in me.”

I grin.  He puts one leg up on the sink and I push into his spit wet hole.  He’s tight and velvety.

“Choke me.” 

It takes me a second for it to sink in, then my hand finds his neck.  I squeeze it as I pump.  Almost instantly, his big cock dumps a load on the tiled floor.


My two bottoms have gone home. 

I do some oral.  I get a load down my throat.

I watch two very young men fuck.  When they stop—just short of cumming—I ask the bottom if he want s another dick.

“You’re too big for me, but you can eat me out.”

I lay on the bed and have a third young ass on my face.  I jerk.  I’m close. 

He gets off me.  “Great,” he tells me, “It’s just too much after his fuck.”  He nods towards the top who is lying next to us and stroking.

“You can eat my hole, if you want,” the top tells me.  He gets on all fours and juts his hairless ass towards me.  I tongue fuck him.  I make him cry out in pleasure.  And shoot.  He collapses on the bed.

I rear up and swivel around.  I unload my entire pent up evening all over his surprised (and pleased) face.


  1. That was a hot party...I think this month's will be the last for the season. The ripped blonde has a great ass and I loaded him the last two parties. Miguel is now a regular there as well and was taking lots of loads at the September party too. Hoping you can make this month's party! Thanks for the great writeup!

  2. Always a pleasure to share hole with you....

    I think I told you I would attend the September house party--and I'd forgoten that was my week in Canada. (I had enough sex there to make up for missing it!) I hope our host throws one in October--he didn't last year. There is no ad up for it yet.

    1. The ad is up now for the October Friday 10/21. Miguel said he would be there again along with his ex bf and hopefully Tad as well. Hope you can make it!

    2. I saw that, thanks.

      It looks like my bud The Professor may be joining us that night. He's always wanted to attend one ever since he read of our exploits there.

    3. Nice....I am sure he would have a good time too!

    4. He just talked to me and is coming up. We'll need to show him a good time.

  3. Every now and then (and more so recently) I get a read on a guy that they like to be dominated so I grab their neck. And even though I don't squeeze down, the presence there is enough to make a guy moan in such an exquisite way...

    1. I remember, years ago now, the first time a man I was fucking in a bathhouse sling asked me to choke him. I was incredibly hesitant until I saw how turned on he became...his load was EVERYWHERE!