Friday, October 14, 2016

Piss Fuck: As Wet as It Gets

Northwest Indiana—August, 2016

I settled into my hotel—my home away from home for the next two weeks.  It was the same area (same hotel, even) where I’d had little luck getting kinky men to my room last year.  But in this area I did have three different bookstores in the immediate area.  I got online and changed my location on all of the hook up sites.  On the most vanilla site, I was instantly hit on by a hot looking man.  He was in a hotel in my hometown—the one I’d just left— and was looking to be bred and for piss play. 


I explained to him where I was and that I was just in the process of changing my location when he wrote.

“I will drive to you for that dick.”

I explained again I was 80 miles farther west.  It made no difference.  He wanted as many loads as I could get into him and to drown in my piss.  We set up a time for the next night. 

In the morning, I set up the sling with a ton of plastic under the frame and towels to catch the run off.  I checked in with him online.  Everything was still a “go.”  I only had to work for two hours that morning.  I did that—and then took off for the bookstore which had a backroom lounge with four screens (and couches in front of each) and many older men.

I wanted some warm up. 

I pushed past the cheap curtain.  I walked in on three men jerking each other off as they watched bi-sexual porn.   I undid my pants, fisted my erect dick and knelt in front of the nearest man.  He came in my mouth in mere moments.  I fumbled in my pocket and pulled out a Magnum…


My trick is running late.  I get a text.  He’s in the parking lot.  In moments he’s in the door and in the shower.  He needs to do a full clean up—so I watch the German porn I have playing on my computer.
“Could you bring me my Gatorade?”  Joe has left it by his pile of clothes.  I hand it to him in the tub.  I love what I see.  He’s 10 to 15 years younger than I am and works outside for his living.  He’s tanned and muscled and rather hairy.  The dark hair on his head has been lightened by the sun.  I tell him to drink up.  I go back to the porn, but I don’t have too long to wait.

He’s out and toweling himself off.  “I need to be dry, so I can feel how wet I’m going to get.”

My bladder is full—has been for quite a while—with him running late.  I’ve wasted a clear piss load down the toilet waiting for him.

“Knees,” I tell him, standing by the sling frame.

He kneels in front of me, the white hotel towel extra white against his tanned skin.  I let him nuzzle the pouch of my jock for a moment.  But only a moment.  I need to unload.  Now.  I get my half hard cock out and rest it on his lower lip.  As badly as I need to piss, it still takes a moment to “re-connect” into piss mode.  But there’s the first spurt…Joe gurgles happily and swallows.  I am pissing full tilt now.  I try to slow the deluge, but can’t.  He swallows every drop. 

“Fuck,” he says, rather breathless.  “Why are piss men so hard to find?”

I don’t answer, I just push my hardening cock deep into his mouth.  He sucks me avidly—and well.  I finally stop him and get him into the sling.  I eat his hot, pink hole.  It tastes of soap.  I splat a little more piss on it and go back to tonguing it open.  I move up to his balls.  His cock.  Just enough to get a drip of precum on my tongue for his hole.  I push it in.  I stand.  And add my dick.

“Fuck, yes!” 

I shush him slightly—reminding him we’re in a hotel.

Then I begin a very wet fuck.  This man produces a ton of ass lube.  This only make me hornier.  I spend the next 45 minutes going back and forth between tongue and dick in his hole.


I pull out after a hard fuck.  My cock bounces and hoses his entire chest down with piss.  One splash going into his open mouth.  I lean over and lap up a large pool between his pecs.  I hold it in my mouth and lean all the way up to kiss him.  I yellow-ball him the piss.  He groans as he swallows it all.

I go back to fucking.  He holds his cock up in the air and begins to piss himself.  He points it at me.  I sheets down my chest and abs and onto his ass cheeks.  I pull out and kneel, getting the last of it sluicing down his ass crack as I push some into his ass with my tongue.

“Fucker.  Fill me up.”

I stand up.  I go to the tiny in room fridge.  I pull out a plastic drinking cup.  I go back to him and stand between his legs, my hard cock lying on his balls.

“Remember what you said about other guys?”

“Yeah.  I love a hot gangbang.”

“Well, I couldn’t do that.  But I have their cum.”  I pull out the Magnum from this morning.  “I went to a bookstore here in town and sucked off 13 guys.  Some of them were so deep in my throat I had to swallow—but here are 10 loads.”  I hold the condom just above his dick.  He’s been soft while I fucked—but he’s rock hard now.  His dick bats at the full condom like it’s a piñata.  “You want me to stick these loads in you?”

“Do it.  Fill me up.”

I hold the ringed end as tight as I can to his puffy ass lips.  My finger starts poking the contents into him.  I manage to turn the rubber inside out deep into his guts.  I smear the remaining sperm clinging to the latex onto my dick.  I fuck into him.

Heaven.  It’s so damn silky.

Joe is beating his dick like crazy.  I bat his hand away.  “Feel that?  You have 10 loads in you.  And 8 of them are from men you likely wouldn’t let fuck you.”

Joe groans and calls me a filthy fucker.

“And you love it.  Look at your cock.”

Joe is now whimpering.  “I love it.  Love it.  I love cum.  Let me taste it.  Please.”

I pull my sperm covered dick out and bring it to his mouth.  He cleans me off . 

We kiss.

I clean up all the sperm around his hole. 

We kiss.

I fuck him again and we repeat the cleanings. 

And the kissing.

“You gonna cum in me with all those other guys?”

I slow my fuck before I answer.  “Not yet.   What did you want me to do?”

“Fuck me.”

“Is that all?”

“Yeah, fuck me and piss on me.”

I stop moving totally.  “And what else?”

“To…piss fuck me.”

“Yeah.”  And I let my built up piss start to rush into his ass.

“Of fuck, yeah.  Piss me!”

I don’t care about the neighbors anymore.  I start to piston in and out, churning all that cum, ass lube, spit and piss, as I continue to hose down his colon.  I fuck.  It sloshes out of his stretched hole and falls to the towels below.  And on my boots.  I can’t take my eyes off the ecstatic look on his face.

I pull out.  A flow of piss and cum comes, too.  I kneel and lick around his sopping hole.  He waits until my tongue tickles his pucker.  And he pushes.  He sends a huge jet of piss from his ass into my mouth and down my throat.  I am caught off guard.  But my cock tells me how much I love it.  Joe gives me a second squirt.  This time I stand up with it still in my mouth.  I insert my cock into his soupy ass and lean across his hard, wet torso.

“Give it to me,” he whispers.

Our mouths meet.  I give him the mix of cum and piss.  Our tongues clean each other’s mouths. We kiss hard.  I feel his cock explode against my stomach.  Still locked together, I give two thrusts and shoot even more jizz into his guts.


  1. Wow, what a fucking hot time. Even without pictures and I practically shot my loading reading that!

    1. Then I've done my job.

      I wish I'd had a camera man--my hands were far too busy and greasy...

  2. Replies
    1. I would even have let you fuck him first after I filled him with the 10 loads!