Sunday, March 31, 2013

I Meet the Cum Hound on the Road.

I don’t think I have ever gone this long without making an entry.  I have not had a bunch of internet trolls upsetting me.  I have not been so busy with work I can’t find time to write.  I have simply been fucking.  A lot.  I have never had so many men stream through my playroom as I have this last eight days.  Even the one day when I had a no show, someone else volunteered to come get worked over in his place.  It’s been great.  And after several hours of fucking and fisting and pissing I have not had much desire to write about fucking and fisting and pissing.  Well, I took last night off.  So here, 36 hours later, I am back to where I left off, writing about fucking….


St. Louis, MO—February, 2013
I did nothing between Memphis and my next trip, a long weekend in St. Louis.  I flew in on Thursday.  I was ready to have much more fun on this jaunt.  I knew guys from previous trips.  I’d had tons of offers before I got there (though we know how those usually turn out.)  My pal Will was going to throw a fuck party for me on Sunday.  And if nothing else the bathhouse was only three Metro Link stops away from my hotel.  I never made it to The Club Baths….

My hotel is the nicest of any I stay in on these trips for work.  The bed looks like something out of the Arabian Nights with all the bolsters, different sized pillows, duvets and extra sheets.  The bathroom shower is made for watersports—a glass enclosed cube with a mirror that reflects you under the spray.  There is also a tub—big enough for a six footer to lie down in and be covered with a hot spray of my own.
No one is online who I’ve spoken to in the days leading up to this trip.  Except for one man.  And I know him.  It’s the man from Michigan who I’ve called the Cum Hound in these pages.  I tap out a message.  “Are you really in STL?”
“Yes.  R U?
“Yes,” I answer.  “In a hotel downtown.”
“So am I.”  He names a pricey hotel.
“So am I,” I type.  “On the third floor.”
“No way.  I’m on the fifth.”  We agree to give him time to clean up and meet in my room in two hours.
By the time we meet, we both have done what we always seem to do when we play together— we’ve found additional play mates.  I have a very young couple coming over.  He found a guy he’s fucked around with earlier in the week.
He knocks—right on time.  He looks great:  almost as tall as me with just the right amount of grey in his hair.  He grins as strips out of his clothes.  “What are the chances?”
I don’t answer.  I just get him on the bed, on all fours.  I shove my tongue deep into his hole.
“Oh, fuck, yeah. Eat my hole.”
I do.  I lube my cock up as I eat and lick.  I rise and enter him—and there is a knock on the door.  I pull out and let the young couple in.  The one I talked to looks nervous.  He’s maybe 26, with dark hair and a slight build.  His friend, a top I’ve been assured, is about the same age and is stockier with curly hair.  Everywhere.  Both strip down and the four of us take turns sucking every cock in the room.  The young top pulls off my cock, looks at it, and says “Can you really take something that big?”
“Hell, yes!”  the young bottom tells him.
I bend the Cum Hound over and go back to licking his hole.  The boys jerk, sprawled on the foot of the giant bed, their eyes glued to us.  Before long I rise and slide my dick home in one long thrust.  The Cum Hound grunts.  The boys jerk harder.  I fuck him without mercy.  Showing off.  Making my hips slap against his butt cheeks.  I finally pull out and bring my cock almost around to the Cum Hound’s mouth.  Damn.  He’s rushed his clean out.  We retire to the bathroom.  I’m back first after a hot, soapy washcloth.
“Fuck me.”  It’s the young bottom.  “Just go slow.”  He gets on all fours, assuming the same position where I’ve just fucked the Cum Hound.  I sink to my knees and lick the soft, full mounds of his hairless ass.  I haven’t had someone so young in my mouth in a long time.  He is moaning and huffing poppers.  His friend is finally hard again as he watches me swab out his friend’s hole.  I stand up.  My cock head enters his loosened pucker.  He grunts.  I stop.  I pull out and eat some more.  I rise and insert again.  He takes the head and maybe an inch of my swollen, drooling cock.  This time I stop.  I spit on his hole and lick some more, working the saliva as deep as possible.  I go back in.  Two inches this time.  Lick.  Then three.  Spit and tongue.  Four.  It takes forever, but finally I am home.  My untrimmed bush is grinding against his hairless cheeks.  And he loves it.  We fuck a long time, his friend jerking and telling us how hot it looks.
When we take a breather, he finds he hasn’t cleaned out deep enough.  We troop off to the bathroom—which the Cum Hound has just left.
I fuck the Cum Hound.    The young top tries to fuck his friend, but he can’t stay hard.  I stop when it’s obvious the Cum Hound is having one of those days—he can’t stay clean.  We clean up again.
“Fuck me.”  It’s the young top.  He’s sprawled on his back.  The young bottom kneels behind his head and holds the top’s legs high in the air.  I eat his hole, relishing the tight curls of dark hair.  I slather on more lube than usual and work my cock in.
“Jesus, man.” 
I am not up him for long before he begs me to pull it out.  I stay up him for several more thrusts before I relent and pull out.  Three guesses…..and we head to the bathroom. 
I try to fuck the Cum Hound one more time.  We look at the sheet.  He calls a halt for the night as we wash up.  Now we are glad his fuck bud has never shown up.
I fuck the young bottom one more time.  I get into him much easier.  His friend once again tells us how hot we look.  I am on the verge of cumming when he tells me he can’t take anymore.  I think for a second he’s going to be bred anyway, but he pulls away from me, crawling across the bed. 
It looks like we are done.  The Cum Hound doesn’t dare chance another round.  I’ve ruined the young bottom’s hole.  The young top can’t really take me.
We call it a night.
As soon as they are all gone, I restart the porn that has been playing on my lap top.  Rod Painter conjures the cum out of my cock the moment someone pisses into his eager mouth...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Three Asses of Memphis

Memphis, TN—February, 2013

I was back in Memphis.  It’s a business trip I make every February.  I had had very limited luck there last year playing twice with another visitor to town—who, just like me, couldn’t find anything but talk online.  I got a lot of talk this year, too, but I had slightly better luck.  But only slightly.  I was new meat in town for five days and could only find some fun every other night.

Ass #1

His butt looks gorgeous online.  “I want your cock in me,” he types.  I tell him he can come over anytime—this is the one night I don’t have to play late night after the conference. 
I wait.  He texts he’s with friends, leaving soon.

I wait.  He texts he just took a load up his ass and is having a drink, leaving soon.
I wait.  He texts he can’t find his keys.  I start looking for new ass.

I wait.  I text him to forget it—as he knocks on my door.
He’s drunk.  But he’s cute enough.  Mid-thirties, slender, no cock to speak of I notice as he strips out of his pants.  “Fuck me,” he slurs and gets on all fours on the bed.  I pull him around and sink my tongue into his ass.  If there’s load up there I can’t taste it.  He opens his poppers and never puts the cap back on.  I lube up as I eat him out and then enter him roughly. He squeals and buries his head in the pillow.   I fuck him hard, taking out some of my frustration. 

I pull out, seeing if my long cock has brought out any of that load.  But it’s not load I smell.  I push back in and will myself to get off.
I do, dropping a three day build-up of spunk in an ass which is quickly going bad.  I slap his upturned butt cheek and all but tell him to get out.

Ass #2
He’s right on time.  A big ex-football player type. Hot.  He’s ten year’s younger than me.  He turns his back to me as he gets undressed, showing off his full, muscular and hairy butt.  He turns and kneels in front of me.  He sucks me, expertly, but for less than two minutes.

“Fuck me.”
He gets on all fours, right at the edge of the bed without any prompting.  It’s my turn to kneel.  I stick my tongue deep in his ass.  I have to pull his ass cheeks apart to get in as deep as I want.  He grunts.  “Come on, man.  Just stick that mother fucker in me.”  I’ve barely been licking him for 90 seconds. 

I enter.
I fuck.

I fuck the cum out of him in maybe the first three minutes.
Once again I will myself to shoot.  And, amazingly, I do.  Flattening him into the pool of cum he’s just shot on the sheet.

Ass #3
He wouldn’t be my first choice in the looks department.  Nothing bad, but nothing special.  He’s my age, and a little heavy.  He’s hairy, which is great.  Then he goes down on me.  He’s an expert.  He worships my cock.  He spends time on my dripping head, on my balls.  No hurry, though it’s late at night.

Finally I get him on all fours.  He loves my tongue in there.  He pushes back, fucking himself onto my tongue.  I reluctantly get up and enter him.  He huffs poppers.  His ass is velvety and perfect.  We fuck until we both can’t catch our breath.
I lie down.  He swings his leg over me, lowers himself down on my slick cock and rides me like a pro.  The look on his face is one of concentration.  And ecstasy.  He is edging me with his clenching ass.  I am so close to blowing in his tight hole.  He senses it and relaxes his grip.  My orgasm ebbs.

He rolls off me.  I go right with him, still attached.  I fuck him on his side.
“I have to taste it again.”  I untangle our mass of flesh.

He is back up on all fours.  His hole is awash with his own natural lube and my precum.  I slurp it out noisily.  I all but shoot as I swallow.  I stand and just get my cock inside him as I blow my load.
I offer to get him off. 

He just looks at me.  “You’ve already given me three anal orgasms.  Best fucker ever.”
“Really?” I murmur, lying down next to him.  “I’m glad.  You certainly have the best ass in Memphis.”

And I’m not lying.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another Hotel, Another Sex Party

Fort Wayne, IN—February, 2013

I don’t think I played at all when I got back home.  By the end of the week I was horned and more than ready.  I saw a party on BBRT which was across the border in Indiana that looked promising.  The host’s profile seemed rather pervy and the guest list looked like it might be fun.   I inquired and was given the information.  I found the place easily.  It was a residence hotel.  And I was right about the pervy vibe---the first guest there and the host greeted me at the door—indicating they were both thirsty for my piss.

 I am standing, naked but for socks and a clean jock, by the sofa.  I am watching some hardcore German porn on the television as the first guest, a wildly bearded man, goes down on my cock, while behind me the host has knelt and is sticking his tongue in my ass crack.  I bend slightly, allowing his tongue to flick across my hole.  He takes the hint and digs in.  The cock sucker is being a little rough on my cock.  I pull him off it.  He stands up and goes around behind me, as the host comes around to suck my dick.  The host, pulling on his huge, pronounced nipples, kneels and swallows me down.  He’s great.  The bearded wonder digs into my ass.  His beard feels great, but soon he is using his teeth.  I stop him again—telling him I have some piss for him.
“I don’t care how strong it is,” he tells me.  There is a knock on the door as we go off to the bathroom.  He kneels on the tiled floor.  My semi-erect cock rests on his teeth and I unload.  He gurgles it down happily, complimenting me on the taste and volume when I’m done.

Out in the main room, a handsome 40-something man is naked and being fellated by the host.  Soon the four of us are all over the couch and the floor in front of it, sucking and licking. I continually work the host’s thick, spongy nipples as he goes down on the all the cocks presented to him. 
A knock.

Two guys come in.  A bearish man of my age strips and goes straight for the bed, where eventually the bearded wonder joins him.  The other is a handsome man in his 30’s, once gym built, but softening now.  He ditches his clothes, too, and joins in the oral free for all on the sofa.
Soon the host joins the two on the bed.  The handsome new arrival continues to suck my cock.  When he comes up for air, my cock is thick with deep throat spit.

“That should do it,” he says.  He gets up and sits on my cock.  My cock head resists going in.  The pressure is on the edge of beginning to hurt.  Suddenly I’m in.  His hairy butt smashes into my pubes.  I let him be in charge.  He bounces happily on me, while the 40-something watches us and strokes.  We fuck and fuck.
After a break (where I feed the host piss), all six of us are on the bed.  It’s back to all oral.  I lick everyone’s ass.  My cock is sucked by all, often as another man is on my balls and another on my nipples.

I finger the bearded wonder’s hole, but he tells me no.
The bear doesn’t get fucked.

The 40-something whispers he wants to be fucked but not in front of the group.
The host just smiles at me.  When I touch his hole again, he says “Later.”

So I go back to the handsome 30-ish man.  He’s lying on his back on the bed.  The bear and the 40-something pull his legs into the air.  I kneel on the floor and tongue his well fucked hole.  It’s wet with natural lube.  I get up and enter him.  The bearded wonder crawls between the bed and my legs so he can lick my cock on the out stroke.  The host stands next to me, stroking his uncut cock.  I fuck him hard.  The men really have to hold on to the bottom tightly. 
I pull out.  The host steps up and enters the man, still held securely by the others.  He fucks in short, sharp thrusts.  He pulls out, saying he might shoot if he does any more.  I push back in.  I think he has shot some in his hole.  It’s now silky with cum or precum.  I think the bearded wonder can taste it on my cock—for suddenly he shoots all over the carpet. 

He leaves.
The host gets the bear off orally.

The 40-something guy takes off as well, with a promise to find me online.  (He never does.)
I add my egg-headed dildo and double fuck the bottom.  He won’t let the host back up him.  Eventually, he says his hole has had enough.  He leaves.

I look at the host.  I think it’s time for his fuck.  But no, he’s not cleaned out.
“Come here,” he tells me.  I walk to him.  He pushes me down to kneel in front of him.  I think I’m getting his load—or the rest of it.  But, no, it’s a piss load.  I swallow it down without endangering the carpet.  “Kiss me,” he commands.

I get up.  Our tongues meet.  He revels in his taste in my mouth.  I twist his over worked nipples.  His uncut cock shoots all over my pubes as we make out.  I scoop some up to use as lube, and return the favor.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tales from the Baths (Three)

Cleveland, OH—January, 2013

(This picks up immediately after yesterday’s entry.)

I am sitting in the sauna.  The dry heat is making me sweat in the most pleasant way possible.  I sit on my towel, my longs legs splaying out at a wide angle.  My jock barely contains my still drooling cock.  I have told myself I’ll go to my motel the moment I’ve dropped a load.  But having had one good ass, it only makes me want more.  I close my eyes.  I think I drift off for a second.
“Hey sexy, you looking to get fucked?”

I open my eyes.  A tall skinny guy, with a full beard that could make him either Jesus or Grizzly Adams is looking down at me.  I shake my head—murmuring I’d just creamed a hot ass.
“That jock fooled me,” he says, sitting next to me.  “Guys in jocks usually want me to breed them.”  His towel opens.  He has a long, thin cock—it’s hard and drooling.  He reaches up and pulls me down by the back of my head to suck it.  I don’t protest.  I suck him to the root, using lots of tongue.  His attitude has made my cock stand right back up.  He notices it as I come up for air.  “You would be a top with that monster.  I’d love to share some guy with you.”

I agree.  We talk a little more about what we like.  When I mention felching, his eyes shine.  “I love guys to eat my load out of ass.   Let’s do it.  There was a guy I was fucking earlier who would love you.”
We get out of the sauna and he leads the way around the twisting maze of rooms.  He stops.  A short, dark haired, olive skinned man is lying on his stomach.  The narrow bed of the single room fills most of the space.  He looks up and obviously recognizes my companion.  He gestures him in.  “You want some more?”

“We both do,” he tells the bottom.  He pulls me into the room and shuts the door.
The bottom starts to sit up, but we pull him around so I can eat his ass and Jesus can stuff his cock into his mouth.  His ass is great.  It’s obviously been fucked, but I can find no trace of load.  Yet.  I lick and spit.  Jesus is telling me just what to do.  Soon he wants us to switch. 

We do.
“Shit.”  The bottom is looking at my cock.  “You need to go second.”  I’m fine with that.  I let him suck me as Jesus gets the hole even wetter.  Soon his cock is sliding in.  I pull out of the bottom’s mouth and get on the floor to watch the fuck.  My head cranes around so I can just fit beneath Jesus to lick his balls and shaft as he fucks.  His cock is tasting great as he pumps in and out of the bottom.

“Your turn.”  Jesus pulls out abruptly, slaps my face with his wet cock and tries to make room for me to stand up and fuck.  I manage to rise and insert.  Slowly.
The bottom groans loudly. “Slower.  Please.”

I slow to a crawl to get into his well fucked hole.  He is wet and sloppy now from the fuck and feels terrific on my over-worked cock.  Eventually I am all the way in.
“Just fuck him.  Hard.”  It’s Jesus, taking charge once more. 

I start slowly and build.  Jesus stands plastered to the wall, jerking his cock.  I am now pretty much at full fuck speed.  With a cry, Jesus starts to cum.  I pull out so he can load the ass—but he can’t quite get it in.  Huge drops of white jizz cover the ass crack.  When he’s stopped, I push him out the way and with my cock, I fuck his load deep into the bottom—telling him exactly what I’m doing.  He keeps saying “Yes, yes….” as I swab puddle after puddle of cum into him.  It takes me no time to realize I’m adding a load myself.  I clutch at his ass and spasm.
My cock doesn’t want to leave this hot ass.  This time Jesus pushes me out of the way.  He sinks to his knees to taste our mixed loads.  His face is plastered into the hairy butt in front of him.  His beard coated in cum.  I kneel next to him.  He turns to me and we kiss.  A huge load is snowballed into my mouth.  We push it back and forth, each swallowing some.  My eyes tear up.  He dives back into the full ass for more.  He pulls me into a hug.

 And snowballs an even bigger load into my hungry mouth.

I slept well that night.  I drove home to Michigan the next morning, with a smile on my face.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tales from the Baths (Two)

Cleveland, OH—January, 2013

(This picks up immediately after yesterday’s entry.)

 I shut the door of the dildo man, trying hard not to slam it.  I head to the sauna, perhaps not the best choice to let off steam.  When I became too hot, I do the circuit of rooms.  Every door seems to be shut.  No one is around the sling room.  I go and sit in the television room.
The bad twink porn has given way to a Treasure Island gangbang.  My cock stirs as I lean back and let my fingers knead the pouch of my jock.  There are three tiers of bench seating here, all carpeted, so play can happen right here.  A cub is watching me way more than he is watching the porn.  I pretend not to notice and slowly work my cock out.  It springs up, hard and strong.  A drop of lube on the head.  I mix it with my precum and stroke.  He pulls his dick out, too.  His ebony cock is only slightly smaller than mine. 

I finally look at him.  And invite him over.  He just wants to watch.  I stroke.  But soon I have a succession of suckers on my cock.  Old, young, big and small.  They dip and sample.  I twist nipples, pat heads, pull ears.  I make one young man go for my forgotten balls.
All this is creating quite a show.  Guys on the bathhouse circuit actually stop and watch.  They stroke themselves or each other.  The benches start to fill.  One guy, about my age, pushes all the way to the top.  I watch him lie face down.  His ass is all but pointed right at me.  And a great muscle butt it is.  It looks like he might even come here to work out before he looks for dick. 

I reach down and across the back of the young man sucking my dick and touch his ass, hoping he wants my wet cock shoved in there.  He squirms away.  I thank him, grab my towel and go up the two steps to the guy sprawled out on the top tier.  Without asking I kneel between his splayed legs and start eating his hole.  He groans. 
We become the center of attention.  At least 15 guys are stroking as they watch us. 

He tastes fresh from the shower here.  There are actually droplets of water still clinging to the hair of his ass and thighs.  I eat and lick, swallow and spit.  Eventually I pull him up to all fours.
“Fuck me raw with that big dick of yours,” he says, loud enough for the room to hear.

I lean over to spit once more on his hole.  My cock head slaps his hole.  The Ebony Jacker moves right behind me to watch the insertion.  I am up him with no resistance at all.  Jeez.  He is a velvet ride in.  One long push takes me all the way, until my pubes smash into his full ass.  I stay there for second.  He is groaning—until he is silenced by a cock in his mouth.  I grin at the guy in his mouth and begin to fuck in earnest.
I slam his ass as if I haven’t had any for weeks.  And I haven’t.  Well, not raw ass.  Even with his mouth full, he is working my cock like crazy with his ass muscles. He milks it continually as I work it in and out.  The sound of my hips against his upturned butt is filling the room.  It is turning our spectators on.  Many, who were just jerking, are now playing with another person.  

I pull out for a moment and bury my face in his hole.  He groans around the cock in his mouth.  I spit deep into his canal.  He is so wet, my beard comes away covered in his ass lube and my throat slime.  I pull up and shove my cock back into him.  He stops sucking to tell me that I can breed him.  This makes the Ebony Jerker shoot into his left hand.
“Give me your cum.  I’ll fuck it into him.”  You can tell he wants to do that.  But the ‘good’ boy takes over, and he wipes it on his towel and moves off.  I think for a second I might shoot.  The very thought of it, keeps me from doing it.  I slow down and pull out.  The guy who was in his mouth has moved off, so I move around.  “Taste your ass on my cock.”  He cleans me hungrily.

“I need to get off my knees,” he tells me when he is done.  “Sling?” 
I nod, grab my stuff and head for the playspace.  Some of the crowd even follows us.  It’s darker there.  I go past two sets of bunk beds and there he is, waiting for me at the base of the sling.  I get him up into it and his legs in the stirrups.  I kneel and eat his well fucked hole.  Several guys start playing with his cock and nipples, as well as their own.  One tries to get under the sling and to my cock.

Soon I’m up and I fuck into my bottom’s grasping hole.  He is so wet.  I fuck noisily into him.  The guy who’d crawled under the sling is standing beside me.  He reaches for my cock.  His small hand encircles the base of my dick.  I never lose rhythm.  I let him hold on to it as I plow into the hole in front of me.  I only push him away when he tries to insert a finger alongside my cock.
My partner is flogging his cock like crazy now.  I am pretty sure he’ll shoot.  He does.  I don’t pause—I just let him howl out his orgasm. 

At almost the same time, a hot guy to my right shoots onto the concrete.
That does it.  I’m over the edge.  I buck and grunt and empty my load deep into the wet hole.


(To be continued.)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tales from the Baths (One)

Cleveland, OH—January, 2013

I made excellent time, avoiding impending snow, as I left New York.  The moment I crossed into Pennsylvania it hit.  I crawled through Erie but the weather cleared as I crossed into Ohio.   By then, I‘d had my eight hours in the car and found a motel just outside Cleveland.  I ate.  Over coffee, I realized I needed ass and the local bathhouse seemed the logical choice.  I was close enough to downtown that it would be an easy trip.  I needed to fuck and to breed—the things I had been missing most of those weeks in New York.

The bathhouse is so big that it feels empty, even when the parking lot is fairly full.  I walk the halls, my combat boots clomping in the narrow spaces.  I have a towel—but it’s on my shoulder.  I have worn an old jock that shows every curve of my cockringed dick and balls.  I am advertising.  And it seems to be working, from the appreciative stares of those I meet.
I make the circuit one more time.  A bubble butt has caught my eye.  He’s in one of the larger rooms.  He’s lying on his stomach, legs slightly spread, his ass arched.  He’s handsome.  Or handsome enough with that butt.  He is looking over his shoulder.  I bat my hand across my pouch.  He nods.  I go in.

“Shut the door.”  Damn.  I’d liked to have showed off, but fine, I do what he asks.  I kneel on the bed.  I tongue his hole.  Soft.  Velvety.  He’s pre-lubed with Boy Butter.  My cock has sprung out of the ragged jock. 
“You want this in you?”  I ask rhetorically, slapping my cock on his upturned ass.

He reaches back and feels my cock.  He grunts, reaches under the towel next to him and says, “No, with this.”  He is handing me a very small, pink plastic dildo. 
I just look at him.   Finally I grease and insert.  He moans like it’s the biggest thing in the world.  While I twist it in, he reaches back under the towel and lays out a slightly bigger one.

“You can’t expect me to take one this size.”
But I do.  I know he wants it from the way he says it.  I grease up this 8 incher while the small one is still in place.  I pull out the small cock and work in the next one.  He moans.  My cock is the next logical size up.  I slather some Boy Butter on its red head and jerk it as I twist the 8 incher into his clenching hole with my other hand.  His hand is groping under the towel again.  A 10 incher materializes, and is placed across the small of his back.

“You can’t expect me to take one this size.”
I rap the base of the one in his ass with the back of my hand.  He jumps.

“Don’t use this next one on me.”
But it’s already in my hand, being greased.

“You are gonna take this with no problem.”  I pull the 8 incher out and toss it up by his head.  “Open up.”  I slap his ass.  He grunts and his hole contracts.  My fingers dive into his butt—and then are right there to guide the thick 10 incher into his ass.  He bucks back.  And as I guessed, he can take it without a whimper.  I work it slowly up him until the bulbous plastic balls are resting against his gorgeous mounds of flesh.  I watch and wait.  Yup.  There he goes.  A 12 inch double headed cock—this time in black—is pulled out.  I take it from him.  I grease it up.
“You can’t expect me to take one this size.  Please.”

I pull the 10 incher out.  His hole is so pliable now, I can insert this slightly thinner cock into him without any effort.  Two inches.  Four.  Half.   I push and it slips in easily to about 10 inches, so just the last bit and the thick helmeted head of the other end stick out of his ass. 
“Oh, God.”  He grinds his crotch into the bed.   I wonder if he’s coming.

I pull the plastic from his ass.
“Now here’s the real thing.”  I slap my cock against his butt cheek.  He pulls away like I have stuck an electrode up his ass.

“No way,” he spits out.  “That’s the real thing.”
He’s not acting now.  He’s serious.

I sigh and pull out the double headed dildo.  Maybe a little rougher than I might have.  I toss it on him.
“Have fun.”  And I walk out the door.

(To be continued…)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fisting the Fireman

Upstate New York—January, 2013

I had one final hook-up before I came home.  We’d been talking my entire time in the area, but our schedules had never meshed.  On my last day in town, they did.  I packed and drove into the country.  I got lost, missing an intersection that no longer had a marker.  I called and Jake set me right, then apologized that his time was curtailed.  We agreed to meet anyway.   Soon I was setting up the sling in his old farmhouse that was undergoing a long and complete renovation.

 He’s standing there in uniform.  I am unpacking the sling in the rough living room while he’s talking on his cell phone.  Jake has come direct from some sort of service club meeting.  He’s just under six feet tall.  His chest, under his shirt and uniform jacket, is broad and strong.   He’s shaved his head, but still wears the uniform cap.  His face is handsome, his voice incongruously high.  I pause and stand in front of the wood stove.  I warm my fingers.  I reach for the top cross bars of the frame as he hangs up.
“Gotta check my clean out.”  And he’s off  upstairs. 

I complete the set-up, strip down to my jock and hastily get my boots back on.
It’s cold.

And then he’s back, jocked and leather harnessed.  Jake’s gone from hot, local official to hotter leather man.  He sinks right to his knees and gets me hard.  We both know he is now rushed for time, so I quickly get him into the sling.  My piss shoots out of my hard cock.  I aim it at his ass crack. 
“Oh, man.  No one pisses around here.” 

I grunt agreement, knowing all too well how dry the area has proven.  I kneel and start licking it of his ass crack.  He’s groaning, telling me that that is so hot.  I settle down for a quick meal of hole and piss.  He is huffing poppers like a man possessed.  As I eat, I reach to the left where I’ve stashed the Magnums and get one in place.  I rise up, slapping my rubbered cock on his balls—so he can see I’m honoring our agreement—then slip it into his hot hole.  He’s tight.  He can grip.  I can’t tell anything about how silky his ass might be, but he’s so hot I don’t care.  I pound his ass relentlessly, pausing only occasionally so he won’t slosh his poppers all over himself. 
“Open my ass, stud.”

I slip on a pair of black latex gloves.  “I have something for you first.  I grab my speculum, then stand over him, my now naked cock resting on his white jock.  I piss.  Again.  It covers his pouch.  It is sopping when I am done.  One last spurt goes up to his nipples.  He rubs it into full, hairy chest.  I grab his lube and slather it on the flanges of the medical device.
“I’ve never had one up me before.”

“You will now.”  I push it in slowly.  He grimaces.  From the cold metal, not any pain.  When it is fully inserted, I start the crank open.  The lateral stretch is working for him.  He huffs more poppers and tells me it’s incredible.  I add my finger, touch his prostate.  He shudders and groans.  I keep cranking.
Finally, when it’s wide enough, I tell him I’m putting my cock up him.  I suit up and slip in.  We’ve talked about my pissing up his hole, but I can’t right now—and don’t really want to quite yet.

“I feel so full.” 
I nod.  Even with the latex, I can feel the difference between the cold (but warming) metal on the sides and his hot flesh above and below.  I fuck awhile.  But the condoms are getting to me.  I decide to go the whole hand.

Speculum out.

Two fingers in.  Then two from the left hand.  Then both together.  I pull in the same lateral stretch of the speculum.  I work slowly.  Adding a finger.  Then reducing the number. 

Alternating hands. 


Surprisingly, it’s my right hand, the bigger one, which pops into his ass.  I hold it there.

Jake’s eyes have rolled up into his head.  His hand is playing with his soft cock.  This is exactly what he wants.  I twist my right fist ever so slowly, surrounded by his hot flesh.  I pause, pull slightly out, then open my fingers in his ass.
Jake groans in true ecstasy.  I start to  pull out—and he shoots, never getting hard.

He’s up and off to shower as I pack so he can get back on duty.
And I’m blue balled for my final 18 hours of being in New York.