Friday, October 4, 2013

Ass Up in All the Clutter

An even smaller town than mine—August, 2013

“I’ll have Josh waiting for you,” Cam typed.  “Hole opened and ready.”

We had played together before—I reported it here, where Cam gave me a little feast of felching pleasure.
Tonight, though, would not be in my playroom, Cam—the local married man who loves young men—had the house to himself.  This was a good thing, for my playroom was still down for the summer.  I liked Josh.  He was a bottom who needed none of my special skills—just a solid fucking.  He wasn’t afraid of ass to mouth, which was good, for when Cam and I shared hole, it was a given.

I found Cam’s house easily in the small town a few miles from my own.  Cam’s profile says he is a year or so younger than me, but I’m pretty sure he is a year or two older.  He’s is maybe 5’ 10” and decently put together, while going a little soft now.  But his average sized cock is always hard and ready.  He let me in, totally naked and throbbing.  They hadn’t wasted time waiting for me.  I stripped in the living room of the small house, while Cam went around the corner to the extra bedroom.  Once naked but for my lucky metal cockring, I entered the bedroom myself.
It was dark.  I couldn’t see a thing for the first 30 seconds.  But I could hear:  Josh’s loud exhale every time Cam’s dick hit home, the squeak of the old bed, the fleshy sound of hips smacking full ass…


I am instantly erect listening to Josh getting fucked.  I stroke a little and let my eyes get accustomed to what little light filters in from the bathroom across the hall.  I can soon make out Cam kneeling on the mattress, with Josh before him on all fours.  I step up on the double bed and move around until my cock is in front of Josh’s face.  I sit, my long legs sprawled wide.  I scoot forward to connect with his open mouth and not make him pull away from Cam’s fucking.
Josh takes me into his mouth.  We don’t bother with any kind of greeting—he just wants to get my dick wet and ready for his hole.

“Suck him, boy.  You wanted two dicks again,” I hear Cam mutter from above us.  His fucking is pushing Josh’s mouth down on to me.  It’s hot.  And I like the idea he has no real say in how fast I go down his throat.  “You ready for his ass?”
I grunt assent and work my way over the ancient bedspread, back to the foot of the bed.  I kneel on the floor.  Josh’s used ass is right at eye level.  I’d like to clean Cam’s cock, but he’s climbed up to the head of the bed and stuck it in Josh’s mouth.  I settle for licking the used fuck hole.  He’s incredibly wet.  My tongue sinks in.  I flick it up and then go as deep as I can.  I swallow.  There is pre-cum and copious amounts of natural ass lube.  My own cock spits a glob of precum.  I smear it around my big, flared head with my hand.  Then wipe the remains on his hole.  I stand.  I try to inch it in.  But he’s so open, I’m swallowed to the root instantly by his ass.  I hold for a moment, then it’s my turn to fuck him hard enough that I force his head down on Cam’s dick.

With the light behind me, I can see more of the room we are in.  The bed fills almost all of the space.  There is a tiny aisle between the wall and the bed on left side to walk.  There are shelves above the head of the bed and to my right.  They seem to be the repository for everything that no longer is needed to decorate the other rooms of the house or just things his wife can’t bear to throw out.  Lots of shell animals from trips to Florida, pennants, the program from Les Miserables.  Art prints, more shells and a crocheted item I can’t quite figure out are to my right.  Incongruously, a huge container of lube is sitting amongst the tchotchkes. 
I close my eyes to it all and fuck him hard.  When I want a breather, Cam and I switch again.  Then, I’m back up his ass.  It’s hotter and wetter.  Finally, for the first time of the night, Josh speaks:  “My knees need a break.”

We all have some water.  Cam and Josh share a rum and coke.
I am sprawled on the bed.  My cock is still rock hard.  Josh takes another sip and then straddles me.  He is facing me.  I can just see the look of pain/pleasure on his face as he lowers himself down on my rigid tool.  I close my eyes and concentrate on how his hole is squeezing my cock.   He gets his knees under himself and bounces with abandon.  Cam gets between my spread legs.  He is nuzzling my balls.  When we first met, I would do things like that to him and he’d blow instantly, for even with all his group play, no one had ever done that to him.  I’m in no danger of shooting, but I love the feel of the rough tonguing I am receiving on my full balls as my shaft is caressed by hot ass.

Eventually I signal for Josh to get up.  I roll out from under as he stands on the bed.  Cam takes my place.  Josh sits on his cock.  It’s my turn to lick some balls.  My tongue goes up the shaft as far as I can.  I can’t make him cum like that anymore.  Cam is too used to how I like to play.
“Wanna DP him?” asks Cam.

I don’t answer.  I just push Josh forward, so he and Cam are chest to chest.  Cam is still up him.  I put my cock head against his shaft.  I push forward.  My cock head enters him.  Josh gasps. I hold for a moment.  I inch forward.  Cam flops out.
“Let me be anchor.”  I flop to the bed.  Josh scrambles onto my dick.  I pull him down so we are chest to chest.  I can feel Cam’s cock head press against his hole.  He pushes.  Then again.  Then he’s in.  It doesn’t last long, but it’s great to feel his cock sliding along the underside of my dick.  Cam pushes Josh just a little too far forward.    We both flop out.

We have another water break.
“I need to get off and get out of here,” I tell them.

Josh knows how I like it.  He goes back to all fours, right on the foot of the bed, so I can stand and pound into him. 
“You want my load?”

“Yeah, give it him,” says Cam before Josh can answer. 
“Please,” grunts Josh.

I bend and lick his overused hole.  My cock drools.  I push it in.  I concentrate on the feelings welling up in my balls.  I shoot.  And again.  I buck and thrash and end up on Josh’s back.  I stay in him, marinating in his spermed hole.
I flop down on the bed.  I am barely conscious of Cam entering him.  “Damn, I don’t usually get to fuck in your load.”  He’s right, Cam almost always cums first.  “It feels so good.  It is so…”  He never finishes the sentence.  He breeds Josh with a loud grunt, flattening Josh to the bed.  I slide off the foot bed and get between the two sets of legs.   Josh’s hole has been truly churned with our cum.  It’s frothy and beautiful.

My tongue inches forward…


  1. You dirty dog! Where are you manners? It's never polite to eat and run, even when it's a dish you brought and served up yourself. Another great adventure. Cluttered houses/rooms? Not my thing. Way too many hoarders out there. I'm a whore... not a hoarder. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. I am closing up my Dad's house...I never thought he was a hoarder...but now I am changing my definition...

  2. It's been way too long since I've been a part of a DP. You mind making a copy of yourself and faxing him over to LA? =)

    1. I would love to share hole with you---do you think that fax idea will work? it would sure beat airfare!