Friday, October 25, 2013

Before the Boyfriend Comes Home

My Playroom—September, 2013

I returned from Canada and slowly got back to a my regular fuck schedule.  I was online at the top of the week.  The hot guy I called the Mystery Man when I wrote up our meet in the late spring, contacted me.  He was about to change jobs. Once he began working there, it would be harder for him to give the boyfriend the slip and get in the sling.  We both agreed he should get out here ASAP.  We set a date.  He told me he would text me as he was about to hit the road from Detroit.
I have decent cell phone coverage considering that I believe I live in a rural section of my state.  I was due to get his text about 1:00pm on the day of the meet.  It didn’t come in.  I waited.  I waited for a little longer.  I got online.  He was there.  “Did you get my text?” he asked.  I typed “No.”  And then my phone chirruped at me.  There it was—only 53 minutes after he sent it.  We chatted.  Still time?  We agreed we would now be a little rushed, but we both wanted it.  He did a quick clean out and hit the road.

He looked every bit as good as he did in May.  I still couldn’t come up with his name, but finally asked as I came up from eating his ass.  He grinned and told me.  However, I will always call him the Mystery Man on here to keep it consistent…

I go back to licking his hairy hole.  It is spread wide on the fuckbench. 

“Eat me out, man.  Tongue fuck me.”

I do.  I am going deep and lubing his gorgeous ass with as much spit as possible.  I don’t spend as long as I want eating him out.  We are on a schedule:  to get him home before the BF finishes up with work.  I stand up and insert.

“Fuck, I forgot how big you are.”
“Take my dick.”

“Oh, yeah.  Fuck me deep.”  I am.  I am balls deep already.  “Fuck me raw.”  He clamps down on my raw cock.  “Seed me like my man won’t.” 

Now he’s getting to it.
“He won’t seed this hot ass of yours?” I grunt out.

“He won’t even fuck me bareback.”
I shake my head.  His ass is everything any man could want:  beautiful to look at, but more importantly, talented.

“I’ll seed you every chance we get.”  And I mean it.  Every word.  But not yet.
My balls slap against him.  He grips the supports on the fuck bench until his knuckles are white.  I pull out and slap my cock against his upturned ass.  I bend over and spit on his slick hole.

Mystery Man groans.  I push right back in with my cock.  I marvel that I am fucking such a hot man.  He groans under me.  He reaches under the top part of the bench to feel his hard cock.  I look down—it’s rock hard and pointing at the floor.  I slow my thrusts, pull out and slap his balls with my rock hard penis.  It hits his balls with a loud thwack.  He grunts—and takes his hands away from his dick.
I pull out.  “Let’s do the sling.”

Once he’s situated, I am right back up him.  “Oh, yeah.”  He looks up at the mirror above him.  He has a great view of my hard cock hammering into his ass.  “Fuck me!”  He starts stroking himself again.  He has a great dick himself.  I spit on it.  He grunts and uses it for lube.  “Fucking rape that hole.”  The Mystery Man loves that word.  “Rape my fucking mancunt with that big dick.  Give me your seed.”  He’s stroking harder.
Shit.  I think he’s going to get off.  We’ve barely been fucking for thirty minutes.

“Fuck me,” he moans.  “I want your seed up my ass for the ride home.”
“Say it again,” I tell him.  “Tell me how much you want my load in your mancunt.”

“Yes.  Wet and slimy.”  He strokes himself.  “Dripping.”
“Fuck,” I grunt.  “I am going to shoot a four day load up that ass.”

“YES!”  His cock explodes across his ripped chest.  I reach down and smear his load across his pecs.  I bring the dripping hand up to my mouth.  It’s just enough to get me to shoot.  I fill his hole as promised...
He will have been in the car for just over 4 hours by the time he gets home—for just over thirty-six minutes of sex.  But he got his hole seeded by a big dick.  I got to fuck a hot man.  And I will do it whenever he wants…


  1. You know... there is a lot to be said for the efficient fuck. Sometimes you just get down to brass tacks and get the basics done so everybody can go home a load lighter. Good that you are so giving and flexible. Me? Twenty minutes? Two hours? I'd go whatever distance you want. You are a national treasure! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. It's usually really hard for me to get off in less than an hour....but I can make it happen.

      A national treasure???? I finally have something in common with Jessica Tandy!!

  2. This mystery boy is very hot from the pics I see. Love that he comes to you for some deep breeding.