Monday, July 22, 2013

Hot Mystery Guy

My Playroom—May, 2103

 He must have given me a name somewhere along the line—but after instant messaging for days on end and finally arranging a date for the middle of the month— by the time he arrived at my door, I no longer knew it.  I watched him get out of his car.  He looked exactly like the man you’d take home to your parents:  tallish, good looking, gym-fit, dark hair, obviously successful with the car he was parking in front of my house.
As I answered the door, I ran through his last email to me.  “I will be there right at 2pm so I can get home B4 my BF gets home from work,” he’d typed.    “Use me hard, BB only.  Do whatever you want to me.”  I got him up to the playroom, told him to strip and went downstairs to put on my boots and jock.  Once I was ready and I opened the door, he was right where I wanted him—astride the new fuckbench.
 I stand in the door just looking at that ass.  It’s a thing of beauty.  It’s so white, beautifully shaped with just the right amount of hair down the crack.  I kneel behind him.  The only sound in the room are some moans coming from the porn playing on my laptop and his deep breathing as he waits for me to touch him.  So I don’t.  I just look at his ass.  His breathing becomes more rapid.  I slowly lean in.  My beard brushes his perineum.  My tongue hits his hole. 
He whimpers.  “Oh, thank you.”  He grunts as I push deeper.  “Yes.”  He pushes back onto my face.  “Use my ass.”

I’m stroking my cock as I’m eating him out.  His hole is responding to my tongue’s insistent probing by becoming more pliant.  I stand up and start to insert my cock.  I stop to take a picture.

And another.
As I push forward he squeezes down on me, milking my cock.  It’s my turn to grunt.  I am balls deep.  I listen to his heavy breathing for a moment, and then begin a long, slow pull out.  When I see the flare of my cock head, I shove it back in.  Deep.  He grunts a low, rumbling sound of pleasure.

I fuck him as hard as I can.  I love the view of him below me, clutching the handles of the fuckbench.  He is bucking back on almost every stroke—showing me he can take the hammering I’m giving him.
I stop.  I pull out and taste his hole.  It’s sweet with lube and pre-cum. 

“Let’s get you in the sling.” 
I enter him hard this time.  One long stroke.  He grunts.  I pound his ass again--just as hard, reveling in how flipping him onto his back gives us both whole new sensations.

Eventually I stop fucking and blindfold him.  My hands play with his nuts, his sizable cock, his nipples, his sweaty pits.  I cover his ass crack with piss.  I lick it clean, spending a long time working some up his open hole.

“That feels amazing…”
I stop him from talking with a kiss.  My beard full of my pale piss.  He succumbs in a pleased whimper.  I work around the side of the sling and eat his right pit.  Then hose it down with piss and clean it with my tongue again.  Now I’m on the left side.  He expects the same thing, so I concentrate on working his left nipple with my tongue and teeth until it stands up pink and angry.  Then I piss on his left pit and clean it.

We kiss once more.  I help him out of the sling, still blindfolded.  I add wrist restraints.  I clip him, facing forward, to the sling chains, so his hands are above his head.  My tongue is all over his nipples, his pecs, his pits.  I piss on his hard cock and suck it all off.
“I’m going to turn you around.”

Still blindfolded, I turn him 180 degrees so he is facing the sling, his hands re-fastened above him.  I stand behind him.  My cock rests at half-mast between his butt cheeks.  My arms are around him.  I am working his nipples again.  I feed him some poppers, and work them until they look angry and swollen.
Back into the sling he goes.  I eat his dripping hole for a moment—savoring the piss.  I fuck him slow and easy.
“I’m going to crank you open.”

I warm the speculum in between my hands.  I lube it up and slip it in.
“What is that?” he asks, still blindfolded and stroking. 

“Just concentrate on your hole.”
I begin a slow cranking open.

“Oh, my God!” 
He’s never felt anything like it.  It is pushing the walls of his ass out to the sides.  I run a well lubed finger along the exposed flesh of the top and bottom of his ass canal.  I connect with his prostate.  He jumps.  His cock drools.  I lick it up.  And kiss him.

“Do you want to see your ass?”
“Yes.  Please.”

I take off the blindfold and grab a small mirror from the bureau.  He’s blinking at all the light.  I hold the mirror at an angle so he can see his wide open, red hole.  He stops blinking and gapes.

“It feels so good.”
“I got you pretty wide.  Look.”  I point up to the overhead mirror.  My throbbing cock is entering him, speculum in place.

It feels terrific.  It’s hot on the top and bottom, still cool on the sides against the stainless steel.  I push all the way in. 

We fuck.
He’s jerking furiously.

I calm him long enough to get the speculum out.  I know it’s time to get him on the road and back to his boyfriend.
“Please give me your load.”

I’m already in him, aiming to do just that.
“You want it?”


“In my ass.”

“Up my hole.  Please…”
I shoot up him with a low howl.

He shoots big white arc across his chest.
“Now we go to the rimseat.”

I get under.  His loaded ass descends onto my face as he sits.  It’s an incredibly intimate moment.  We both feel it.  But it has to end…

Hours later, as I’m making tea after dinner, I get a two word text:  The Best.
My cup of Earl Grey beside me, I start to down load the photos, in complete agreement.  Still not remembering his name, I label the photo set ‘Hot Mystery Guy.’


  1. Something tells me you get that same two word message quite frequently after an encounter. Amazing tale. You had me right up until the speculum. But most toys freak me out a little. I'd trust you, though. LOVE blindfolds. And love the idea of being fed poppers. Great pics. You are the master! And I love the smell of Earl Grey. But more of an herbal drinker - like four cups a day. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. If you like big dick in your likely would like the speculum, as I'm told the stretch is incredibly pleasurable. The first time you try it, it certainly doesn't need to be opened wide enough to add my dick...

      Any tea is fine by me...and I like the piss a good tea makes...

  2. Great story and he had an amazing body...certainly my type of guy too! Love how he let you use his body as you saw fit before hurrying home to his boyfriend. I have a few regulars that have bfs too and love to be bred before heading home.Thanks for the morning wood!!

    1. He is a really hot man. We are talking about a meet after the summer madness is through (and once he knows the BF's work schedule.) How do I ask him his name at this point!!???

  3. Asking his name? Just be honest about it and say you forgot. Guys understand that directness. I would, especially for you. Lol. I would like to meet, indeed. Thanks.

    1. Of course you are right....and I'm sure I will the next time we meet...I'd rather do that face to face than online as we chat now...