Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cum Dump/Piss Dump

North of home—October, 2013

“I’ll be in your area tonight,” he typed.  “Come up and breed me.  Like piss up my ass 2.”
He didn’t mention that we’d played once before when he was commuting between cities.  I recognized the ancient picture in his profile.  He didn’t particularly look like the picture back then, I was sure he’d look even less like the handsome man in the picture now.  But I had been stood up for an afternoon session.  I was horny.

“Just a pump and dump is fine,” he wrote, not waiting for me to say yes or no.
"OK,” I typed back and we set the time he thought he’d be there and cleaned out.

I drove to the hotel, right on time.   As arranged, I sent him a text:  “You ready?”
My phone beeped.  “Yessir.  214”

“Prop the door open.  Ass up.”

I went in…

 His room is at the far end of the second floor corridor of this more upscale hotel.  His door is open.  The room is dark.  I can see him by the light spilling from the open door of the bathroom.  He’s naked and on all fours on the bed.  He has a pillow over his head.  He is even bigger than he was last time.  I walk directly behind him.  The mound of ass flesh is pointed right at me.  He moans into the mattress as I undo my belt noisily.  The boots come off, the pants follow.  I unbutton my shirt and toss it onto my jeans on the floor. I lube my cock slightly from the travel bottle I brought.  I take a deep hit of my poppers.  I kneel and bury my face in his ass.
“AHH!”  You’d think I hurt him.  I spit in his hole.  There are asses I can eat for hours.  This ass is not one of those; it is just about getting it wet.  I lick and spit until the poppers subside and my head goes back to normal. 

I get up and slap my cock against his ass crack.
“You want this big cock?”

He mumbles something into the mattress.
“What was that?”

“Yes, Sir.”
I push it in roughly.  He gasps.  But he’s not tight.  I am in with little resistance.  I push my swollen cock in until my balls slap against him.  I hold and start a slow withdrawal.  His ass feels good, but loose.  I slap his ass hard.  He grunts and his ass canal tightens down on me.  I fuck him hard.  Until he is loose again.  I slap him just as hard on the other cheek. 

“Damn, Sir.  Fuck me with that raw dick.”
I don’t say anything.  I just keep fucking.

“Are you going to shoot in me, Sir?”  The pillow has pulled away from his head slightly so he can talk dirty to me.  “Will you be shooting a load in my ass?”
“Yeah,” I grunt out.  “If you’re lucky.”

He moans and goes back under the pillow.  I pull out.  I consider making him taste his ass, but frankly it feels like too much trouble.  I reach back and grab my water bottle from where I set it on the television.  I take a long swig.  My cock tells me I’m ready.  I move around and stick my hard cock back up him.
“Here.  Take my piss.”

I will myself to piss.  My cock twitches and starts spilling piss deep into his guts.  I can feel it go deeper than where my dick is lodged.  Soon, it backs up and covers my cock as well.  I am still hard—I start fucking in the hot liquid, forcing it deeper.
“Oh, my God, you pissed in me…you fucker.  You dirty fucker….you are so fucking nasty….” He drones on, half to the room, half to the pillow covering his head.

“Tighten up!”  I bark.  He’s loose again.  Really loose.  I want that piss deep in him, not all over the bed.  He tries.  And indeed, his rhythmic squeezing and gravity help get the piss where it needs to stay.
I fuck a while.  His hole is hotter from my piss.  I revel in that.  But soon it cools to normal.  and he gets lazy and lets himself go slack again.

I decide I’ve had enough.  I am not particularly close, but I think about Juan from a couple of days ago.  My cock swells.  I surprise myself.  I could cum in a few more strokes.
“You want this load in you?”

“Oh, Sir, I shouldn’t.  I shouldn’t take loads.  But give it to me.  I want to feel you cum in me…”
His rambling monologue helps.  I’m right there.

“Take it!”  I spurt.  Heavily is my guess.  It’s been two days.  I stay in him a moment.  I pull out.  A thin trail of white cum follows.  I push it back in with my right forefinger.
I dress quickly.  He starts to take the pillow off his head, but then thinks better of it.  His hand snakes back to his rather slack hole.  He fingers himself, pulling out some of my piss flavored seed and brings it to his mouth. 

I finish with my boots.  I slap his ass, affectionately and walk out the door.

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