Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Thermos of Piss

My Playroom---September, 2013

 Kurt had been after me to get back to the playroom.  The last time we’d met, I’d worked his big toys up his hole, and a good portion of my forearm.  Now that the house was my own again, we set a date.
I got a text the first thing in the morning, while I was still lying in bed, wondering if I really wanted to get up.  When I saw it was from Kurt, I was sure he was cancelling.  But no—it read:  “Save all your piss for me in a bottle.”  I smiled and went to find an old 1/3 gallon Thermos… 

Kurt is on his knees.  He is tall and hairy with a shaved head.  I am finishing up spraying a load of piss straight into his mouth.  He has swallowed it all.  All, but the quick spurt I shot on his hard cock.

“So this is it.”
I nod.  He is getting up on the new fuckbench.  He settles in on the padded leg rests.  His hairy ass is sticking up, waiting for me.  He expects me to rim him.  Instead, I simply stick my dripping cock into his ass. 

“Fuck!”  He huffs poppers as I ride his ass, letting my balls slap loudly on his butt.  I slow down when I feel like I can piss again.  I pull out, give one short burst of piss on his freshly fucked hole and plow right back in.  His hole is gaping.  I stop and reach for the egg-headed dildo I like to use to double fuck.  I grease it lightly, and work it up him.  Then, pressing the base down, I slide my cock right along the top side of the toy.  “Fucker!” he grunts out, his nose still in the bottle.  Now he’s back to the tightness I like.  We fuck like this for a long time.
“I want to eat your ass.”

It’s my turn on the fuckbench.  I love how it supports my chest.  Kurt kneels on the padded floor and sticks his tongue into me as deeply as he can.  He spits and dives in again.
Break time.

I find the can of Crisco in the refrigerator with his name on it.
He gets back on the bench.  I spend the next hour working his monster toys up his ass. The smallest is as big as my foot.  The largest is over 18 inches.  It takes both of my hands to get that one in place.

It’s time for my hands up his ass. 
I work them in.  Two fingers, three fingers.  Alternating hands.  Now four.  Slipping ever deeper into his Crisco-ed hole. 

I’m in.  My right hand has popped in to the wrist.  I begin the slow crawl up his ass.  I move slowly deeper and deeper.  Kurt huffs more poppers.  I look down.  I am almost there.  Another inch.  Another.  I check again.  I’m there.  My elbow is right at the lips of his ass.  I tell him. 
“Damn,” is all he says. 

I pull ever so slowly out of his ass.
I add the stainless ball bearings, pushing them in with my Crisco covered fingers.  I get three balls up him.  I add my dick.  I love the feel of the cold steel—with my cock sliding over them.  I try to piss while I’m in his hole—but I can’t quite get there.  I fuck again, listening to the “click” of the balls deep in his gut.

I pull out.  Kurt works to shoot the balls out of his ass.  He gets two of them out.  Then stands up and lets gravity help with the third.
Kurt has to clean up and go to work.  He asks if he can get off.

“Wait until you’re in the tub,” I tell him.
He begins jerking the moment he kneels in the shower.  I disappear to the kitchen, bringing back the large thermos of piss. 

“Here,” I tell him.  “I have pissed in this all morning.”
“Oh, yeah…” he moans.  Kurt’s hand is moving rapidly over his cock.

I have almost filled the 1/3 of gallon Thermos over the morning.
“Open your mouth.”

“Yes, Sir!”  He does.  I tilt the Thermos.  The tepid piss spills out onto his tongue.  He swallows some.  But a lot of it coats the hairy on his chest and the cock he is jerking.  I tilt it again.  More splashes over him.  He swallows and strokes.  Finally I turn the remainder of it over his head. 
Kurt gasps.  And shoots. 

I leave the bathroom and let him wallow in the piss and his cum…


  1. That was quite a scene. So creative and so many props! I must say, you put on quite a show. What a lucky, lucky piss pig to have you in the neighborhood. Wish I was so lucky. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. Well, he likes size. I am not big enough after the initial fuck.

      The collected piss is his thing, not mine. Give it to me straight from the tap....