Thursday, November 7, 2013

His Dirty Piss Daddy

Chicago—September, 2013

Once again I was lucky enough to attend the piss party in Chicago.  I was one of the first in the back bar.  I stripped down, added my yellow jock and put my second best boots back on.  I checked my bag, and I needed to piss—NOW!

 No one is quite ready to play.  There are no pigs on their knees in the dark corners by the video screen.  Everyone is still changing.  I fill my water bottle back up from the huge cooler on the bar.  Wait a minute.  There is a man in the inflatable pool.  He is wearing a white cloth jock and flip-flops.  He lies down, disappearing from view.  By the time I get to him, he has his cock out of his jock and is pissing a long stream straight up into his own mouth.  I watch, until his stream is no longer powerful enough to reach his lips.  I move around so I’m right behind his head.  I piss directly into his open mouth.  In a flash he is gulping and stroking his cock furiously.  I direct some of my piss stream down to his hardening dick.  His erection grows into a nice fistful.  I bring my stream down across his chest and concentrate the rest back into his mouth.  As I finish, he thanks me.  Two others have arrived to hose him down.  I take a slug of my water and go find a cocksucker.
I move around behind the partitions.  I sit on the ledge and watch the video, stroking my dick into hardness.  In no time I have a man pissing on my cock then sucking it off.  Then another man pisses on the sucker as he continues sucking my cock.  The sucker switches to the new pisser, getting the last few drops in his mouth.  I now have a new sucker taking me to the root.  He kneels in front of me...

I am in the back corner.  I am on my knees.  A Cub is feeding me piss.  I am gurgling and swallowing happily.  When he finishes, I start sucking his cock in earnest.  A bear of a man is watching us.  He starts pissing on the Cub’s cock as I suck it.  I re-double my efforts.  When the Bear finishes pissing, I stand up.  I kiss the Cub, feeding him the remainder of the Bear’s piss which I’ve kept in my mouth.  We kiss, clinging to each other, damp and hot.  We pull the Bear into a three way kiss—tongues jousting for dominance.  The Bear sinks to the floor.  He takes both our dicks in his mouth.  We push our cock heads together.  I start to piss.  It shoots out over the Cub’s flared cock head and is swallowed by the Bear.  When I run out, it’s the Bear’s turn to stand and bring some of my piss up to our two mouths.  We kiss and suck.  Spit and swab.  Tongues switching mouths.  Kissing and swapping fluids.

It’s the last hour of the party.  I fill my water bottle again.  I realize, that not only have I not fucked anyone, I have not seen anyone fuck during this entire party.  It’s odd.  But I don’t really care since I am having so much fun.

I have found a young man in a rubber jock.  He is hot and new to this group.  He has never been anywhere where you can piss so openly.  We are swapping piss, allowing others to splash us as we play.  We suck each other’s cocks.  I turn him around.  He grabs the ledge.  My face is in his furry ass crack.  I lick the wet, matted hair, digging into his tight pucker.  He groans.  I pull his full cheeks apart.  I spit right on his hole.  I force my tongue into him.  He groans louder.  From somewhere to my right, a stream of piss is aimed right at the top of his ass crack.  I keep tonguing his hole, and swallowing most of the waterfall of piss.  Some I push up his ass.  He’s whimpering.  Calling me a “His dirty piss Daddy.”  Another stream of piss starts from the other side.  I can’t swallow fast enough.  I gag a little, but won’t back off.  The first stream plays out.  I spit a huge mouthful of piss over the boy’s back.  I can feel him spasm under me.  He’s gotten himself off.  I turn him around gently and clean his cock.  I stand.  We kiss.  My hard cock pokes into his six-pack.  I want him to get me off.  But he’s done.  I go off on the prowl.

A trio of men are at the back corner.  One is showering the other two.  I join them.  I can piss once more.  The third guy kneels next to the others as soon as he realizes I’m about to piss.  I do.  I let it play from man to man—feeding each pig some of the pale stream.  When it stops, I fist my tired cock.  I jerk.  I have a tongue on my balls and another trying to lick my shaft. 

I shoot.  It’s like feeding baby birds.  I have three mouths wide open and grunting for cum.  I try to give a little to each of them.  My hand is pulled away from my dick.  Tongues are everywhere. They clean me up.  There is not a drop of cum anywhere when they are done.