Friday, November 22, 2013

House Party--no condoms needed

South Bend—October, 2013

I had been to his house a couple of times over the years for sex parties.  (The most memorable one is posted here.)  The host is a gentleman who retired early.  He hosts parties every six weeks or so until he goes south for the winter.  He allows guys to play all over his split level home.  There are two bedrooms he has available upstairs.  The Master bedroom is the only door which is kept locked.  There is a couch in the living room that is covered with a sheet and sits in front of a television playing porn.  A day bed is pulled open in what would normally be his dining area.  Downstairs in his furnished basement is a bar.  Another double bed sits near it where you can see a partition set up.  There are two large ovals in it for glory hole action.  Past the bar there is another large couch area where porn is projected on the wall.  In the darkest corner, past those couches, is another makeshift mattress on the floor and some work out equipment.  Condoms and lube are located near every fuck area.
Ryan wrote this party up on his blog “Spreading My Legs.”  I got there first.  The party was already starting to come to life as I arrived.

I drive right past his driveway the first time.  I come back at it.  There is a large, hand painted sign with his house number on it from this direction.  It’s perhaps 40 minutes after the start time on the invite.  The lawn is already littered with cars.  A sign posted on the door says to walk in and strip.  I go in and find a corner of the living room.  I strip down to a clean jock and my boots, stowing my clothes in my bag.  I dig out my poppers and put them in my right sock.  The lube goes into the waistband of my jock.  Three Magnums go into my left sock for it’s not an exclusively bareback party.  I never touch those foil wrapped packages all night.  I grab my water bottle and go exploring.  Nothing much is happening.  A couple of daddies are watching the porn in the living room.  Quite a few young men are smoking on a screened in porch off the kitchen.  I go downstairs.  The glory holes are both busy.  A biker looking guy is telling his invisible cock sucker that it’s the best head of his life.  I push past the crowd at the bar.  I greet the host and wind around the path to the projected porn.  More action here.  Some stroking.  Some cock sucking.  I guess there are about 50 guys throughout the house—a number that swells and ebbs throughout the evening.  The average age is 40.  There are a many above and many below that number.  All types, all sizes.  The host’s network of men is vast as he’s been doing this for a long time.
I hear noise in the back, darkest area.  On the makeshift bed is a slightly chunky Latino man.  Maybe 35.  He’s getting fucked by a 50 year old daddy.  Noisily.  He’s drawing a crowd—on purpose.  We watch the action.  Soon guys go from playing with themselves to playing with the cock next to them.  Some guys kneel and start giving head.  I am fortunate to have an older man who is excellent go down on my dick.  He savors my cock as if it’s a rare treat.  And my balls, without my asking.  He’s the perfect party warm-up.

The fuck finishes without either guy getting off.  They head to the bar.  A stunning young blond arrives.  He’s late 20’s, a great gym body and a nice sized cock.  Everyone wants him.  I watch as a series of guys suck him.  Ryan arrives. 
We all watch or suck.  I take a turn on my cock sucker’s cock—a heavily pierced beer can.

Tad arrives.  He’s shorter than the blond but just as stunning.  He has a nicely worked out body, with a closely cropped dark beard on his handsome face.  Tad moves right in to the blonde.  He sucks him.  He loves showing off.  Tad finds the lube and rubs some into his hole for all of us to see.  Tad backs up on the cock that was just in his mouth.  Ryan is jerking like crazy.  I bend him forward and start rimming him as he watches his f-bud get fucked.  Eventually the guys move the fucking to the bed.  They put on a good show.  Tad is telling him to breed his ass.  The blond fucks him vigorously.  He doesn’t shoot.  It’s early in the evening.  As  those two leave, the entire crowd disperses.
I sit down on the used mattress.  I stroke my wet cock and wait.

The chunky Latino is back.  “Should I call you Sir or Daddy?” he asks.

“Well, Sir, a daddy like you should not be stroking his own dick.”

“You need a boy to do that.”  He sits down on the mattress next to me.
“Then get on it, boy.”  He crawls over to my side. 

He wraps his hand around it.  “Oh, it’s bigger than I thought.  Will you fuck me, Daddy?”
“Get your mouth on it.”  I guide the back of his head down on my knob.  He’s sucking me from the side.  He can’t go deep from that angle.  I move around so he can get on the floor in front of me.  He doesn’t have to be asked or directed.  He moves to right where he belongs.  He grunts and sucks.   Deep and full.  Occasionally pulling off my cock to tell me how much he likes it.

“Sit on it.”
“You’re too big, Daddy.” 

“I saw that other guy’s dick.  You can take mine.”
He lubes me up.  Not even a mention of latex.  He stands and lowers his generous ass to my cock head.  The moment he lines it up properly, he sits.  I slide all the way in on the first stroke.

“YES!”  He’s loud again.  Guys stream in from other parts of the house.  The Latino is bouncing on my cock, keeping up a verbal commentary on my fuck skills.
“Stand up.”  He gets off me.  “Now bend over.”  He gets on all fours on the mattress.  We are on the side, so we are in profile to the crowd watching.  I slap my cock on his upturned butt.  I might as well show the onlookers just how big it is.  I know it pays to advertise.  I slide it home again.  In one long stroke.

“Shit, yes.  Give me that cock.  And cum.  Are you going to breed me, Daddy?”
I slap his ass.  “Work for it.”

Immediately his ass starts squeezing down on my cock.  A man moves behind me from out of the crowd.  He reaches around from behind to feel the girth of my cock—and, I guess, to see if I’m fucking raw.  The Latino natters on.  I slow down.  I pull out.  I’m pleased that the guy who is behind me turns me around and cleans my cock.  I didn’t expect that with this group.
I help the Latino up.  I whisper in his ear that I’ll find him later if he really wants my cum.

I check out the other rooms, idly watching the sex happening all around me.
When I get back to the darkest area, I see Tad getting fucked by a new comer.  He is young, with a slightly stockier build and thick dick—he looks familiar.  Tad is obviously enjoying it.  Ryan comes over to me and tells me the new guy is JD, the one he wants me to fuck.  I realize I recognize him from the pictures on Ryan’s blog.

The guys on the makeshift bed flip.  JD gets on all fours.  Tad’s big dick slides right up him.  Tad pounds JD just as hard as he was being pounded moments ago. Ryan sticks his dick in JD’s mouth.  When Tad pulls out, Ryan’s wet cock is in his ass next.  I stick mine into JD’s mouth.
“Good and wet,” I tell him.

Ryan motions me over.  I kneel and slowly insert.  I am the third guy up him in his first 15 minutes of the party.   I can tell why Ryan can’t get enough of his ass.  He’s great—hot and wet, tight and muscled.  JD tells me he loves my cock.  The crush of guys watching makes the bed slightly claustrophobic.  I slow and pull out.
“Come here.”  There is some sort of exercise machine next to us.  I bend him over it.  I kneel.  I taste his hole.  I think about the three cocks that were just in him.  My cock drools at the thought.  JD is a great self-luber, so I get a mix of him and some precum we’ve left behind all over my tongue.  This makes my cock more than ready to plow again.

I stand up and enter.  The new position makes JD feel me deeper in his guts.  He grunts.  I fuck with no mercy.  I slam into him.  My balls slap against him.  Ryan watches and holds JD’s shoulders in place.  I fuck in long strokes.  Almost all the way out.  Grinding my pubes into him.
“Please.  I need a break,” JD tells me.

I pull out and hug him, telling him how hot he is and that I’d love to have another crack at his hole.  As it works out, I don’t see him again the rest of the night….

Continued in my next post…


  1. You are a great writer. If ever I have any doubt about my dick having any life in it left, all I have to do is come to your blog and read one of your posts and - schwing! No question about it. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to part two. Love the fact that you will fuck almost any ass :P - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. And see, I love your Thanks. And Part Two is ready for you.

  2. south bend Indiana? I am in Chesterton

    1. It was in one of the small towns very close to South Bend. The host posts his party ads on various sex sites. There won't be another there until he returns from the south this spring.