Thursday, November 28, 2013

Three Ball Bearings

Near Home—October, 2013

Kurt, the man who can take not just my cock, but my arm up to the elbow, wanted to do something different.  He sent me a text asking if we could meet at the bookstore that is fairly near my home.  I said I’d be happy to meet there—though reminded him it was not a place where we could do any hand balling. He shot back an answer saying that was fine.  He just wanted to be fucked in public and maybe get some other guys involved.
We set up a time.  We met at lunch hour—hoping to find some men needing quick release before going back to work.

I am sitting in the gay theatre, having purchased the combo ticket to get me into the straight theatre, too.  I know Kurt is here—I saw his car in the lot—but he’s not in either theatre.  I am guessing he’s in the arcade, which is often busier but there is no room to play in the tiny booths.  In there, any contact has to all be through the glory holes.  I am not in the mood for that.  I take a seat along the wall and idly watch the porn.  It’s not inspiring.  My cock is half hard, at best.  The only other occupant of the room is an older man behind me on the couch.  I can see him if I turn my head slightly to the left.  He is kneading his cock through his pants.

Eventually Kurt walks in.  He comes right up to me.  He’s on his knees, his tall frame folded under himself, to serve me.  He is coaxing me to full hardness before I can say hello.  With one hand on my balls, he opens his jeans with his other, keeping me in his mouth the entire time.  I stroke his shaved head—occasionally holding him in place to bury my dick deeper into him.
The action brings the older man up to watch.  He stands behind my shoulder and takes out his rather petite cock to stroke.

Kurt stands up when the floor gets too hard.  I suck his cock for a moment.  But that’s not what we are about—it’s all about getting my spit slicked cock up his ass.  He moves away and pulls off his shoes, then his jeans.  He has a red jock framing his butt.  He puts the shoes back on and bends into one of the chairs across the room.  I go over.  I spit on his pucker.  I push right in.  There is no resistance.  I am all the way home in one stroke.  I can’t tell if I’m the first one up his ass today or not.  I think I am.  I don’t really care.  It just feels good to fuck.  Kurt remembers to tighten down for the first three minutes, but then he becomes looser with each stroke.  The price of those big toys he loves—and not doing Kegels to tighten himself back down.  I am soon feeling very little.
Kurt, knowing it, pulls off me and stands up.  He has a fanny pack around his waist.  He digs into it and hands me three metal ball bearings.  Each is the size of a billiard ball. He kneels on the seat of the chair.  I lube the first ball up and pop it into him.  The second goes in and you can hear the click as they meet.  I line up the third.  This one I push in with my dick.  Damn.  He’s back to being tight.  The balls have sunk lower into his gut, so my cock travels across them as I fuck.  It’s hot skin on the top and sides and cool metal underneath.  The fuck just went from good to great.  I love the contrasting sensations.

The older man can’t believe what he’s watching.  He moves behind me and reaches down to feel my moving cock.  He settles for caressing my balls on the out stroke.  Another man walks in.  I’ve seen him around but we’ve never played.  He’s maybe 40, short and has dark hair that always looks like he’s just come in from wild weather.  He comes right over, whips out a nice sized dick and sticks it in Kurt’s mouth.  We fuck into Kurt in unison, who is grunting like a good pig. 
The older man shoots, just missing my boots.  The new guy stops himself from cumming by twisting his ball sack.  He takes out a fast food napkin, mops up his dick and takes off.  I slow and pull out.  I make Kurt clean me off—no napkin for me.  We agree to go see who else is around.

Thirty minutes later, we meet up again in the straight theatre.  He tells me he’s found nothing of interest.  I don’t want to tell him I have two loads in my gut.  We are currently the only guys on this side.  I’d gotten the other two occupants off—and they’ve left.  He strips down again and kneels on this much more comfortable couch.  He’s able to rest his head in his hands on the back of it.  I lick his ass.  I am pretty sure someone else has been up it, but I don’t ask.  I fuck him.  Kurt is making a lot of noise—considering we are just a cinder block wall away from the front desk.

The door buzzes.  We freeze.
In walks the guy who joined us earlier.  He opens his fly and begins jerking.  We begin fucking again.  I offer him Kurt’s ass.

“I just want his mouth.”
I turn Kurt so he can take the man’s dick down his throat.  I fuck him harder—which shoves Kurt down on his cock.  The guy is grunting and muttering under his breath.  I think Kurt is finally going to get a load down his throat. 

“Shit!”  The guy is there.  He rips his cock out of Kurt’s mouth and spills his seed on the floor.  He won’t let Kurt touch his cock again.  He leaves.

“I need to get to work,” Kurt tells me.
I was hoping to get off, but thank him and go over to the gay side.

Thirty minutes later, I’ve gotten two more loads down my throat.
I check in on the straight side.  There’s Kurt, still here, sucking a beautiful young man.

Oh, really?

I take off for the day.  I have no need to stop for lunch…

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