Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year to All

I had a post half written. 

I was sure I could finish it as I set up for the annual New Year’s Eve orgy I attend. 

Well, was I wrong.
I want to say to every one of my readers, have a great 2014! 

See you all in January…

Saturday, December 28, 2013

It's Rubber Gear at Steamworks

Chicago—November, 2013

This picks up right the last entry about the piss party.

David, the hot man in the singlet, had left the piss party early to attend a family function.  We were to text him as soon as we checked into Steamworks.  After a quick sandwich, we checked into our rooms.  I text David, then go see what’s happening.  I don’t see Ryan for over an hour…

It’s International Mr. Rubber weekend.  Men in rubber are everywhere.  My room is right next door to a sling room which is reserved for their use.  The door there never closes.  There are constant moans emanating from the room as holes are worked and stuffed.

There are actually men everywhere.  It’s a great night for playing in public.  The fuck bench on the third floor, near my room, has been taken over by cocksuckers.  The slurp ramp on the second floor is packed.  There are no holes available—either to suck or be sucked.  I continue down to the second floor public sling and fuck bench.  The fuck bench is empty.  The sling has a young man in it.  At least I think he’s young.  He’s encased in a rubber suit, but he has the ass area unzipped.  I smile at him, and then realize that he has a blindfold on.  The ass peeking out of the rubber is full and inviting.  I kneel and stick my tongue into him.  He jumps, making the sling chains rattle.  The hair in his ass crack is matted.  I can tell that other dicks have been up him—though I don’t think he’s been loaded.  I spit onto his pucker and push it deep.

I stand up.

“Fuck him raw.”  This comes from a man passing through. 

I push into him.  I fuck him, my hips slapping onto his upturned butt.  I get bored pretty fast as I have no reaction from him at all.  He lays there passively with nary a sound since his first reaction.  A Black footballer-type stops to watch.  He drops his towel and jerks.  I indicate he should take over.  He comes around and watches me fuck a few more strokes.  I pull out and step aside.  He pushes right in.  The bottom makes no indication that anything has changed. 

I go off and find some cock to suck in the dark area on the third floor.


Hours later, I round the corner near the second floor fuck bench.  A man about my age is on it.  He’s hairy and beefy.  I eat his hole.  He begs for my cock—“That bare cock,” as he keeps telling me.  I push into him roughly.  “You are fucking huge,” he grunts out.  I pump away.  The guy reaches around and begins stroking his cock.  I pump harder.  He shouts out his orgasm, as I fuck the cum out of him.  His jizz is all over the floor and on my boots.

A crowd has been gathering, with the noisy fuck.  One of them is my fuck bud Carlos.  He’s appeared in this blog on several occasions.  He’s late 30’s, tall, gym built and with a gorgeous shoulder tattoo that trails onto his chest and back.  The man I’ve been fucking scrambles off the bench.  Carlos and I kiss, and then Carlos bends over the bench.  I kneel and push my face into his rounded ass.  It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen him.  I lick and chew and spit into his hole.  Just as I stick my dick into him, Ryan comes around the corner.  He watches me fuck this hot man.  And seemingly half the bathhouse wants to see it, too.   The crowd is pushing around the corner, behind me and between the wall and the bench.  Carlos pulls off my dick and spins around to suck me clean.  I motion Ryan to try his ass.  Ryan slips in and fucks.  But the crowd is too much.  We literally can’t move now.  We stop and go our separate ways.

 We all meet up again by chance.  Ryan is fucking a hooded hottie in a corner room.  I go in to join him. We trade off on this hooded man’s hole.  Then Carlos is there.  He wants more of Ryan’s cock.  He bends over next to the guy I’m fucking.  Ryan and I fuck side by side. 

We switch asses.

A third top joins us.  We all go from hole to hole.

 I try Ryan—but he’s just too tight.

 And just as suddenly, the guy in the hood wants us out.  Once again we separate.


I go back to my room.  I have a text from David.  His family function ran so long he can’t come.  Damn.


It’s late.  Our time is almost up.  There are far fewer people around.  The rubber folk seem to be totally gone.  I am roaming the halls.  I really need an ass to unload in.  I’m not seeing anyone I want to fuck.

 “Hey, come to my room, man.”  I turn.  The speaker is a Hispanic young man in a towel.  He is cute and worked out.  And he looks familiar.  But I don’t think I’ve seen him tonight.  “We’ve talked online,” he tells me as he leads me to his room just around the corner.  He tells me his screen name on BBRT.  Of course.  We’ve talked for over two years, but things have never quite worked out.  And here he is…

 I shut the door as he flops down on the bed.   “Get on your knees,” I tell him.  He’s on all fours in a heartbeat.  My tongue finds his hole.  It’s creamy.  Oh, my God….

 “I’ve got three loads in there.  Eat them out, like you like.”  My tongue pulls out a long strand of anonymous jizz.  I groan and swallow it down.  At this point in the night, it’s going to take so little to make me get off.  I dig a little deeper.  My cock jumps as I get another strand of jizz down my throat.

 I rise and push my cock into him.  He grunts.  It’s not about him at all.  It’s all about getting me off.  The cum has lubed every inch of his hole.  I pull out once, wipe some jizz off my on my hand and reach around to feed it to the boy.  He suckles my fingers clean.  I plunge back in.  I am almost there.

 I shoot—adding the fourth load up his sweet little hole.

Ryan and I check out with minutes to spare.

It’s a long drive home…

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Four Pigs of the Piss Party

Chicago—November, 2013

So here it is Christmas Eve and I’m writing about the November piss party.  My background music is Barbara Cook singing about snow showers and a warm fireside.  I keep thinking about golden showers and a hot ass.  There was once a critic who proclaimed that if the angels in heaven didn’t sing like Barbara Cook then he wasn’t going.  I can certainly make the case that if the angels don’t have the talents of the four piss pigs mentioned here then I don’t want to go either…

Red Trunks
I have checked my clothes and am sipping my water.  My travel companion, Ryan of Spreading My Legs, is off checking out the porn and the men.  The first person who finds me is Red Trunks.  I have his name somewhere, but I can never think of it when we meet—likely for I can’t stop thinking about his perfect ass encased in bright, scarlet Speedos.  He’s young (not yet 30).  When he stands up, he is maybe 5’ 9”, but he’s always bent over.  He’s cute—he could be easily cast as the gay neighbor in any sit-com.  He’s slender and worked out.  His legs are hairy, as is his ass crack—but he’s all but hairless above his waist.  RT likes piss play, but there is no doubt that he is here to get as much raw cock up his perfectly shaped ass as he can get.

 We kiss. 

 “How are you, Daddy?”

I tell him about my drive in as we move to the back corner.  When we reach the back bar stool, he turns his back to me.  Like a stripper, he peels his Speedo down just below those full ass cheeks.  He leans on the stool, thrusting his ass out at me.

 My cock instantly pushes out of the pouch of the right side of my jock.

 “Will you fuck me?”

 I don’t answer.  I piss all over his ass.  He moans.  I kneel and bury my face in the dripping mounds of hot flesh.

 “Fuck, yes.  Eat me out.  You make me so wet.”

 I stick my tongue deep into him.  He’s just arrived.  No one has been up there yet.  I can’t wait to taste him later in the evening.  I slobber into his butt, stand up and push my cock roughly into him. 

 “Fuck me hard.  Make that ass yours!” 

 I answer with a resounding swat of my left hand on his wet butt cheek.

 I fuck him hard.

 I fuck him as some man comes over and pisses on my cock.  I fuck the piss into his perfect ass.

 I fuck him until I have to stop or shoot.  I clean his hole and kiss RT.  “I’ll bring you a load to felch, I promise,” he tells me.  I kiss him again and send him off on his quest.  We will meet repeatedly throughout the evening. 

 The Man with the Dragon Tattoo
The next man this night is one of the most sensual men I know.  We can’t keep our mouths off each other.  The Man with the Dragon Tattoo is tall—my size tall.  He’s built as lean and lanky as I am.  He’s shaved his head.  His goatee is much more trimmed than mine.  He has many, many tattoos—but the prime one is a huge dragon on his back that wraps a claw around his bicep here, his shoulder blade there.  It’s a work of art.  If Red Trunks is here to get fucked, Dragon Tat is here for the joy of piss play.

“I have to piss,” he announces after we pull out of our kiss.  I sink to my knees.  I wait a moment for his cock to go from sex mode to piss mode.  He stays mostly hard as the piss begins to fill my mouth.  He’s drunk some beer, so it’s the sweetest piss in the world.  And he can’t stop.  It just fills me up.  I chug it down—rock hard.  When I have finally swallowed the last drop, we kiss again.  He’s hungry to know just what his piss tastes like.  Mid kiss, he seats me on the long, high bench against the side wall.  He kneels.  He sucks me.  Expertly.  He knows to get my balls.  And under my balls.  He works his tongue between my cock ring and my nut sack—something that makes me moan.

 “Lean back.” 

 I do.  He’s one of the few men in the world I allow to eat my ass.  But he stands up.  I tense for a second.  Then, remarkably, piss pours out of his cock and covers my ass crack.  He wets me down before he kneels and cleans every drop off my ass.

 “You need to piss?”

 I can’t do it again quite yet.  DT settles down and goes back to his expert blow job.  Eventually I feed him what he wants—returning all that beer piss now recycled through me.  This makes us kiss again.  I am still seated.  DT spits on my cock and slowly impales himself on it.  He squeezes me with every stroke.  When his legs tire, he gets off and kneels to clean my cock.  We kiss.  I separate from his kiss only because the piss and Gatorade have kicked in.

“I have some for you…”

DT kneels and his mouth envelops my cock to take my piss straight down his throat.

David is here this month, too.  Once again he’s wearing his Neoprene singlet which shows off his thick cock and bubble butt.   His handsome, strong features and jet black hair make everyone stop and look at him.  David loves piss.  But don’t give it to him in his mouth.  He wants it up his butt.

I find David talking to Ryan.  They are making plans for us all to meet later at Steamworks.  I say hello, give David a kiss and push his head down on Ryan’s, semi-hard on.  I push my cock right up David’s butt.  I fuck him hard enough to draw a crowd.  I fuck him hard enough for David to arch his back and pull off Ryan.

 “Piss my hole.  YES!”

I am already doing it.  Those are words of satisfaction, not instruction.  I finish pissing and fuck in the hot liquid.  I eventually tell Ryan he should fuck David while his ass is still super hot.  I pull out, taste my handiwork, then stand up and turn David’s butt towards Ryan…

The Redhead
He is late to the party this month.  His boyfriend, who has no interest in piss, drops him off at the bar—telling him to go have fun at “football practice”—as he can’t quite bring himself to call it a piss party.

 The Redhead is just 40, but still has a thin layer of baby fat on him.  He’s very white, with a sizable dick when he decides to top, red pubes and an insatiable sex drive.  He loves piss.  Everywhere.  And he loves to get fucked.  I think of him as my all rounder.

I find him in the back corner, where he’s just taken the second guy up his ass.

 “I’m really thirsty after that,” he tells me.  I oblige by letting him suckle half the piss load out of me.  The rest I use to hose him down, covering nipples, cock and balls.

 Soon he’s leaning against the bar.  I fuck him until we both can use a break.

I meet up with the Redhead throughout the four hour party, tasting what all the other men have done to his hole or just offer him a quick feed of piss.

The recording has been over for some time as I wind this up .  I have gifts to wrap for tomorrow. But I am still thinking of my four pigs of the piss party.  Perhaps I should have called it “Five Pigs”…for I certainly count myself in their number…whether I get to heaven or not…

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Professor Bends Over at the Bookstore

Near Home—November, 2013

The Professor had mentioned he’d like to see some of the places I cruise.  We decided to go to the bookstore that is the closest to me—the one with the two theatres.  I picked him up at his motel so we could arrive there in time for the lunch time crowd…

 The Professor buys our tickets.  (He is a very generous man.  I haven’t paid for a dinner since he’s been in town.)  We go into the gay theatre.  It is perfect—just the kind of scene I hoped we’d find.  We interrupt a young Cub giving head to an older man.  I recognize the man being sucked.  He has a bigger than average cock.  The Professor and I sit in front and off to the side of the two men in the back row.  I get out my dick.  The Professor opens his pants and kneels in front of me.  His mouth is soon filled with the fullness of my cock.  It takes no time at all for the two men behind us to come and look over my shoulder to see what’s happening.  The Professor stands up, pulling his pants to his knees, and bends to take my cock back into his mouth.  The older man, whose dick is still wet from the Cub, gets the message.  He fingers the Professor’s ass.  He likes what he feels and slips his cock right in.  The Cub watches, strokes and shoots on the floor.  I stroke, watching the Professor lean into his chair and give himself to this anonymous cock.  The older guy smiles at me.  He is picking up speed.  For a moment I wonder if the Professor is about to be seeded, but the guy slows down, pulls out and with an off hand gesture, asks if I want to take a turn.
I do.  I stand up and, after a quick taste of his hole, I slip into the Professor’s freshly fucked ass.  It feels warm and wet.  I fuck him full force, once making his head hit the back of the chair.  We stop only because the Professor is feeling the heat of the room.  He pulls himself together and goes to the restroom and says he might check out the arcade.  The older man follows him.

I am now alone in the Gay Theatre.  It’s twink condomed porn—passionless and with scenes that just go on and on.  I button up and go to the straight side.  There is one lone man.  He sits against the wall jacking his cock.  I love the fact that he makes no move to hide it when I come in.  He has a shaved head and seemingly a fit body under his maroon sweatshirt.  I sit down on the opposite side from him and unbutton.  My cock is out.  He seems to be unmoved by my erection.
Then:  “I don’t suppose you suck cock, do you?”

I walk across to him.  It’s a thick piece of meat he shows me.
“Please,” he adds.

I kneel and get him into my mouth.  He sighs.  He must have been working on it for a while, for he fires down my throat in no time.   He thanks me as he digs for the ubiquitous fast food napkin to clean himself up.  As if I’d left any semen on his dick…
I am alone again when the Professor finds me and sits beside me on the couch.  A crowd trails him into the room.  My friend Cam, a married top who often hosts motel parties I attend, comes in.  He sits between us, all but demanding the Professor suck his cock.  Cam pulls the Professor’s head into his lap.  A rather Skinhead-y looking Skater Boy comes in with one of the regular onlookers.  The Skater pulls out a long and thin dick as he leans against the wall, watching me stroke.  I motion him over.  He falls right to his knees.  He’s skilled for one so young.  He has a rhythm of up and down on my cock for about ten strokes---then will pull off it to look at it.  I love the look of admiration on his face.

I look over at the Professor.  He is panting heavily, and I don’t think it’s from sexual excitement.  I usually find the theatres quite chilly—but for whatever reason they are much warmer than usual.  He finally pulls off Cam and, excusing himself, goes out into the store.  I pull the Skater boy off me, kiss him and put him on Cam’s cock.  I button my fly and go find the Professor. 
He apologizes.  He tells me to go back in—he’ll join me in a bit.  I tell him we can go if it doesn’t get better.  He agrees.  I check in on the Gay side.  A better movie is playing.  I sit for minute.  Almost instantly a new arrival comes in.  He’s maybe 30, with close cropped brown hair.  There are huge tufts of hair visible at the collar line.  He sits opposite me and opens his jeans.  He pulls out a hard, hooked cock.  The door opens.  Cam comes in, followed by the guy who fucked the Professor, and then a regular I know by sight.  This last guy is my age and has a large cock—one you are only allowed to touch if you are under the age of 40.  The Professor comes in and sits beside me.  Every man in the room is sitting, with his fly open, stroking their cock, hoping the young one will choose him.  The young one is getting an eyeful.  He considers each cock in the chairs around him—staring—squinting, really—and stroking ever harder as he pictures himself playing with each one.

I win.
He kneels in front of me, but not before he takes his pants off and throws them into an extra chair.  “Damn,” he hisses.  Then gets to work on my drooling prick.  I play with the hair on his head and neck.  I can just make out his hairy legs.  The other three men have clustered around us.  They stroke themselves with one hand and touch the boy with the other.

Soon the 30 year old comes up for air.  “Do you fuck with that thing?”
I just nod.  He turns and bends over.  Cam is right there to hold him in place.  I kneel and spit on his incredibly furry ass crack.

“Fuck him,” says the guy who fucked the Professor.
I get up and slide my cock into him.  The guy who usually gets all the young ones is furious.  He scowls at me, but keeps jerking as he watches.  I fuck him hard—showing off for the Jerk.  The boy is no longer stroking himself.  Someone else’s hand is exploring that hooked cock—for it continues back to feel my balls.

It’s too good.  I shoot.  It’s rather silent for me.  I simply slam home and let my balls empty into him.  Cam knows I’m shooting.  He holds the boy in place, even pushing him onto me.  When I’m done, I pull out and pull the boy up. 
“I just loaded you,” I whisper in his ear.

“Fuck, yeah!” he grins and bends to clean my cock.  His ass is pointed right at Cam.  Cam slides in.  The Jerk is now even angrier that he wasn’t next.  I look at the Professor.  He smiles and nods that he’s fine to go.

That night, while I was at work, the same young man as the night before drove over and fucked the Professor in the temperature controlled settings of his motel room.  I saw the Prof after he was done and we had our final drink together—as he had to leave first thing in the morning.  He thanked me repeatedly.  He also left me the rest of the bottle of Chivas and gave me ‘Rob’s Bareback Pre-Party’ (the porn that had been playing when we last met in Nashville.)

A gentleman.
And a pig.

They truly are not exclusive…

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Professor Comes...for a Visit

My Playroom—November, 2013

I met the Professor two years ago.  Rob, of The Breeder’s Journal, had suggested I would enjoy getting to know him.  I took Rob’s advice.  The Professor and I met each time I worked in Nashville.  I have talked on here about both of our meetings—the hot sex and the great conversations over a good scotch. 
I wasn’t headed south this year—but I got an email from the Professor.  He had a conference in the Great Lakes area, and wondered about spending some time in my home town.  Ever the gentleman, he said he would get a motel and work around my schedule.  I agreed.  I would love to host him in my playroom and maybe take him to some of the places where I cruise.

The Professor told me he’d been working out.  He also sent me this picture—taken after an energetic 45 minute fuck session which had left his ass delightfully red. 
He did have one request.  He said he would love to meet the Breeder’s brother, Mikey.  Did I think that was possible?  I got online and sent off a few emails…

The Professor arrives right on schedule.  The clothes come off and are stowed in the dresser reserved for guests.  He loves the look of the fuck bench.  I invite him to climb aboard.  I waste no time sinking to my knees, pulling apart his ample ass cheeks and sinking my tongue into his hole.  I get him good and wet.  Using spit and piss. It takes a moment to actually get my cock in him.  He’s tight—but with enough pressure, I’m in.  I am fucking him hard as my phone goes off, announcing that Mikey is at the door.

I throw on a robe and head downstairs to let him in.  Back upstairs, I do a quick introduction and go right back to fucking.  Mikey strips down and sits on the bed, stroking and watching me fuck.  Eventually, he comes over.  He slides between the wall and the bench and gets his cock into the Professor’s mouth.  When I see him go from mostly hard to rock solid, I gesture to the Professor’s ass.  Mikey comes around and inserts.  The Professor gasps.  It’s a great mind fuck for him to have the Breeder’s brother working a raw dick into him.  I grab the camera.
But I’m not here to be the photographer; I stick my hard, wet cock into the Professor’s mouth.  Mikey grins at me.  We find a rhythm that has us thrusting in unison.  When Mikey pulls out, I move around, clean Mikey’s cock and stick mine in the vacated hole.  Mikey sits on the bed.  He loves to watch me fuck.  I like to be watched.  Mike strokes, reclining on the pillows against the wall.  I redouble the speed of my thrusting. 

“Let’s stretch your legs,” I suggest to the Professor.  We take a water break. 
Once finished, I direct him to the bed.  The Professor crawls between Mikey’s splayed legs.  The Professor’s mouth replaces Mikey’s hand.  My cock goes back into the Professor.   I fuck him hard enough to drive him onto Mikey’s fat cock.

Mikey replaces me in his ass.  I stand and play with Mikey’s nipples and balls.  My hand strays to his ass.  He nods at me.  I move behind him.  Mikey pauses just long enough for me to slide into him.  I hold still.  I let Mikey fuck himself.  He thrusts forward into the Professor, pulling off my cock but for the head.  As he pulls himself out of the Professor, he impales himself on my cock.  I let Mikey do all the work.  For now.
“I have my cock up his ass,” I tell the Professor.  He groans and tilts his head to try to see me in the man who’s topping him.  Mikey is thrusting hard.  I wonder if he’s going to shoot.  But I don’t think he does.

“You should try the bench,” the Professor tells Mikey.  “Let me watch you get fucked.”
Mikey pulls out and wastes no time to get on the bench.  I spit in Mikey’s hole, insert my wet cock and pound him.  I must be inspiring the Professor.  He’s rock hard now.  I know he tops at home, but I’ve never seen him do it.  He comes over to me.  I nod and pull out.  The Professor pushes in.  Mikey’s ass is hot and wet—and he’s been to the gym, too.  His whole body is tighter and fitter since the last time I saw him.  I snap a picture of the Professor in Mikey.

The Professor is suddenly there.  He shoots a load deep into Mikey.  He holds on to him, his chest on his back.  I kneel.  I want to taste his cum.  The Professor pulls out.  He knows to stick it right in my mouth.  I lick him clean.  I spend some quality time felching Mikey’s ass---getting long strings of cum into my mouth.
“If you want to breed him, too,” the Professor tells me, “that’s fine.”

“Are you up for more after that big load?”
The Professor nods.

“Then get in the sling.”
I help him in, holding some of the jizz from Mikey’s ass in my mouth.  I stick it deep into the Professor.  “I’m gonna fuck you, using your own jizz for lube.”  I push in and fuck slowly.

“Fuck me hard.  Pound me.” 
I do.

Then Mikey takes a turn.

We alternate on him.
“Damn.”  The words spill out of my mouth.  “I think I’m going to shoot.”  Mikey grabs my ass with one hand and reaches up to kiss me.  It’s too much.  I shoot deep into the Professor.    I hold on to the sling frame, my body wracked with the power of the orgasm.

When I can breathe again, I smile at the Professor.  “Well,” I pant, “Welcome to my playroom…”

I did see the Professor later that night after I was done with work.  Over our late night scotch,  he told me he’d been online and found a super hung young man from a nearby town who loved to fuck daddies.  They had had a great session.  The Professor showed me his trick’s picture on the cruise site.  He was indeed a handsome young man.

The Professor crossed to the motel bed.  He got on his knees so I could felch the unknown hottie’s load---but the boy had it driven so deep up the Professor, I could not even get a taste of it…

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Return to the Bathhouse

Indianapolis—November, 2013

 We were on our way back to the bathhouse the moment Juan and I were done with the mini-gangbang.  Juan wanted to get there with those three loads in his ass…

 We walk the halls.  It’s a totally different feel from the night before.  There was electricity in the air on Halloween.  Tonight it’s just another night at the tubs.  We push the curtains aside and walk into the communal dark area.  There are no crowds tonight.  It feels empty.  Just to get things going, I bend Juan over.  He holds on to one of the benches and I hunker down behind him and tongue fuck his ass.  It’s still very full from the loads he took at the motel.  He pushes out a small dollop of jizz into my mouth.
“Fucker…”  I stand up and push my rampant cock into his ass

Juan moans, partly from the cock attack, partly to attract guys into the dark room.  I can make out two who must have been there when we entered.  They are sitting on opposite sides of the room from each other, but at least they do start playing with themselves as we fuck.  I make sure that I slap Juan’s hairy ass, which echoes in the empty space.  It works.  Three or four guys filter in.  Almost instantly, Juan has lifted a towel and has a cock in his mouth.  Soon he pulls off me, turns around and inserts the new dick. 
Exactly why we are here.

I find a willing mouth.  I know that he knows it was just up Juan’s ass.  It seems to excite him.  I let him suck me.  He takes me to the root with ease.  Repeatedly.  But he can’t get enough of my dripping piss slit.   He keeps pulling back off the shaft so he can squeeze the head with his left hand.  He gets a dollop of precum on his hardworking tongue which he swallows with relish.  After about the fifth time he does this, I pull him up and ram my tongue into his mouth.  We kiss.  Long.  Deep. With lots of shared spit.  Eventually, I pull back and look at him.  He’s maybe 30, maybe 35.  He’s 5’8”, slim and with just wisps of dark hair on his chest.  It’s his face that gives me pause—he’s not just good looking—he’s stunning.  Or at least to me.  And seemingly to the rest of the room.  Everyone wants to touch him as we play.  My partner grasps my wrist and leads me from the room.  He has one of the double bed rooms that are right outside the dark area.  But the surprise is that there is a man standing right inside the door.
“Well, hello,” he says.  He’s  in his late 60’s, decently put together and is standing there naked with a thick six incher pointing right at me.  “You must have a big one if he brought you back here.”

I smile. 
The boy scrambles up on the bed, on all fours. “Fuck me like you did that guy.”

The older man starts to leave, then stops.  “You don’t mind if I grab a friend to join us.”  He is gone before I can answer, but it wasn’t really phrased as a question anyway.  He leaves the door wide open. 
I bend over to taste the hot one’s ass.  The bed is high—if I kneel, I’ll be too low.  He moans.  I eat him out.  I think he’s been fucked tonight, but he has not been loaded.  I get him down, so he’s standing on the floor, so I can get my cock in him.  The moment I get my cock into his hole, guys push into the room.  Hands are everywhere.  Many are on my ass, on my balls, my nips and his cock.

“Out.  All of you.”  It’s the Daddy.  He’s back with a man slightly younger than I. The onlookers troop out of the room and the Daddy shuts the door.  The new man drops his towel.  His cock is about my size, with a slight upwards curve.
“Fuck the boy.”  I think he means me, as I’m still up him.  But I’m wrong.  It’s the new guy he wants to see up the boy.  The Daddy pulls me over to him.  He chews my nips and sucks my cock.  I watch the new guy fuck the pretty one.

“Change up.”  It’s Daddy calling the shots.  I go back up the gorgeous one.  The Daddy and the newcomer decide to converse too loudly as I fuck.
“That’s enough.  Fuck me,” Daddy instructs me.  I pull out and slip into the Daddy, who has bent over the bed.  The newcomer flips the gorgeous one on his back and fucks him again.

“You are really big,” Daddy pants.  The sound of the side by side fuckings fill the room. 
“That’s enough,” Daddy says as he pulls up and away from me. “We need to take a small break.”

I am hustled out of the room.  The door closes.
I go and sit in the billows of steam in the steam room.  Hands reach out of the mist…

After I tire of the heat, (and some head that is only adequate) I make the tour of the halls again.  There is no sign of Juan.  That’s a good thing.  The gorgeous boy finds me in the dark area.  Once again he pulls me back to the room.  The other two are there.  I fuck the gorgeous boy.  I fuck the Daddy. 

“Break.  See you later.”  The Daddy is holding the door open.  I’ve been there for less than ten minutes.  I am tired of the lack of attention span---and I think I know what’s happening.  The gorgeous one pulls out the tell-tale stash from the far side of mattress too fast—before I’m out the door.  I’m not supposed to see it, but I do.  I won’t be back.

I fuck two random guys in the dark room. 
One shoots with my cock deep in his guts.

I sit alone in the dark area.  My cock needs relief.  I’ve been edging with all the sex I’ve had for too long.  But there is no one here to help.

A guy comes in.  For a second, he’s framed in the lit doorway.  He is a big bear of man.  Big, but not sloppy big.  He gets down on his knees in front of me.  He engulfs my cock in one gulp.  I reach down and fondle his nipples, playing with the hair on his chest.
The curtains part.  It’s Juan.  He watches the man give me head. 

The big man looks up, rather wistfully, into my eyes.  “Would you fuck me, Sir?” 
I nod.  He gets up and bends over, holding on to the wall.  I briefly kneel and spit on his hole.  I push against him.  He’s tight.  I push again and I’m in.  I hold still.  I can tell he’s struggling to relax.  I begin a slow fuck.  I see Juan stroking.  I so rarely see him hard anymore.  He has a long, uncut cock.  I turn the Bear away from the wall so he can suck Juan.

“I want to fuck him.” 
I look over at Juan.  I know he tops—just never around me.  I can’t wait to see him in action.  I pull out and watch Juan slide into the Bear’s hot ass.  He fucks with great authority—he owns that ass.  The Bear hesitates for a second, knowing my cock was in his ass, but then goes down on me hungrily.  I lean across the man and kiss Juan.  I can tell Juan is building for a cum shot.  We kiss hungrily.   He only breaks it as he shoots into the Bear.

“Oh, yeah.  Take it.”
I move around.  I clean Juan when he finally decides to pull out.  I lick up the cum that he’s pulled out of the Bear’s ass.  I push in—fucking in Juan’s jizz.

“Do you want another load?”
“Yes.  Yes, Sir.”

It takes me no time at all to mix my cum with Juan’s.
Juan cleans me, savoring our mixed jizz that is all over my wet dick.  He kisses me.  The Bear straightens up, leaning against the wall.  His legs are shaking.  We pull him into our kiss…

We go our separate ways in the morning—me to Michigan, Juan to Illinois.  I am tired, but Juan has arranged at least two hook-ups en route as he heads home.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Juan's Motel Sex Party

Indianapolis—November, 2013

 Juan and I slept late after our night at the bathhouse.  After a big breakfast, we wandered around downtown to find a good internet coffee bar so Juan could study and I could be online talking to potential tops for the evening’s gangbang.  I have always found that the guys you talk to just a few hours before an event actually show up as opposed to the guys who said they wanted to come a week ago.
Well, that little truism did not hold true for Indy.  We only had two of the eleven guys show up.  The good news is that they were the right two guys…

Juan is just finishing in the bathroom as our first guest knocks on the motel door.  I do a quick look around the room.  One bed is stripped of its bedspread so we can play on the top sheet.  The lamp shades are covered with red bandanas so the light is filtered and not glaring.  Lube is on the desk by the door and the table between the two beds.  A couple of extra towels are next to the computer where Raw Perverts is playing.  I open the door.

A man about my age steps in.  Russ has been the man who’s talked to me the most about the gangbang.  So much so, I was afraid it was all going to be a mental jerkoff for him.  He strips down, tossing his clothes on the one chair.  He’s in decent shape for his late 50’s.  His hair is cropped short and decidedly salt and pepper.  He’s lightly hairy all over.  And his larger than average cock is already starting to swell.
“You know,” Russ says, “that this is Indy.  Most of those guys on your party list won’t show up.”

“That’s true everywhere,” I counter, adjusting my cock in my stained, white jock.
“Yeah, but you got all the guys who like to see themselves on the invite list.  Makes them think they are in demand.”

There is no further discussion.  Juan steps out of the bathroom, in a jock and athletic socks.  He says hello and instantly falls to his knees in front of Russ.  It takes little encouragement to get him hard.  Russ starts talking dirty, telling Juan to suck his cock.  Within moments, Russ gets Juan on the bed and begins rimming.  I kneel next to Russ.  He groans at the taste of Juan’s wet hole.  I know I have the perfect top partner, when without prompting, he kisses me deeply, making sure that I can taste Juan’s hole right along with him.  I groan in the back of my throat—and spit into the new man’s mouth.  Russ spits it into Juan and pushes my spittle deep into our boy’s hole.

Russ stands and sticks his dick into Juan.  I jump up on the bed, and hold Juan’s legs for ease of fucking.  My balls are right in Juan’s mouth.  Russ fucks him hard.
“Flip him over.” 

I get up and help Juan get on all fours.  Russ is right back up him. 
I watch his cock pound Juan. My dick is back in Juan’s mouth.  When Russ slows, I get down on the floor.  He understands without being told.  He sticks it directly into my mouth.  I clean it.  I make sure I share it with Russ.  He swallows hungrily. 
It’s my turn up Juan.  I fuck him on all fours.  His ass is juicy and hot from all the attention. 

I fuck him on his back.  Russ cleans my cock, and then he dives into the still spread ass, slurping loudly, to taste what we’ve done to Juan’s hole.
When he comes up for air, he kisses Juan.  It works into a shared three-way kiss. 
When Juan wants to catch his breath, Russ asks to be throat fucked.  He lies on the bed, his head hanging over the edge.  I impale his cock with my dripping dick.  I just hold it there. 

Then I begin a slow fuck.  I wait for him to choke on it.  He never does.  I ride his throat like I would an experienced ass.  I pull up long strands of spittle.  We kiss—snowballing all his throat scum.
We go back to fucking and do the rotation again, this time with Juan riding us.

A knock on the door makes Juan pause, mid downward thrust.  I untangle from the knot of bodies on the bed and go answer it.  It’s a young man.  He’s built like he played football in high school.  He enters, slightly shyly.  I tell him where to strip.  His clothes go into a very neat pile on his tennis shoes.  I wonder how he’ll react to all this.  Juan gets up off Russ’ dick and gets on his knees in front of the newcomer.  (The footballer said ‘no’ to photos.)  He gets hard quickly.  Juan stands, backs onto the man’s erection and fucks himself on the new cock.  Slowly, they inch to closer to the bed, still attached, so Juan can lean on the foot of it.  I think the boy may blow in the first five minutes.  But he doesn’t.  He pulls out.

“I don’t wanna cum yet.”  He sits on the other bed.  Russ and I go to work on Juan.  We are showing off for the boy.  I eat Juan’s hole.  Russ fucks him.  I lick Russ’ cock.  I fuck him.  The young man beats harder as he watches his own personal porno playing just for him.  Russ takes over on Juan’s hole.  I go over and suck the watcher.  Behind me Russ is delivering a butt slapping fuck, grunting and swearing. 
Suddenly he stops vocalizing.  He’s cumming.  He shoots in Juan.  I go over and wait for him to pull out. 

I’m sure the young man has never seen a guy clean another man’s cock right from the hole.  He sits forward and watches me lick the cum off of it.  He leans in even closer as my face buries itself in Juan’s ass.
“God, that’s good,” I grunt out.  I turn to the young man.  “Fuck in his cum.  I left some for you.”

The young man gets up.  He pushes in roughly.  He builds to a fast fuck.  He empties his big balls into Juan.  I kneel next to him.
“You really want it?” he asks.

I nod.  He pulls out and sticks his slippery cock in my mouth.  I groan.  Russ kneels and we snow ball my cleanings back and forth.  The boy just stands there—entranced that we would be doing this with his cum.  His eyes are wide; his mouth open.  We have given him jack off material for at least a month.  All this makes Russ hard again.  He stands up and pushes into Juan.
The young man makes no move to get dressed.  He just watches Russ fuck. 

And cum.  Russ blows a second load into Juan. 

I snap a picture before licking up the cum that’s leaking out of Juan’s hole—and fucking the rest deep into Juan’s gut.
The young man washes and gets dressed.  He leaves.  All smiles.

The three of us are lying in a happy pile on the bed.  Juan asks the time.  I tell him. 
“I guess we are off to the bathhouse,” Juan grins. 

We had given the invited men a 90 minute window in which to arrive.  It’s been two hours.  I look at my dripping dick, fresh out of Juan’s butt.  “Clean this up,” I tell Russ.  “Those guys in the steam room don’t get to taste Juan’s ass.  At least, not this way.”
Russ happily takes me to the root as Juan kisses me…

(Next post---Back to the Bathhouse)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Halloween at the Bathhouse

Indianapolis—October 31, 2013

I got an e-mail from Juan (the bottom who loves to get his ass loaded and then share it with me) in the middle of October.  He had stopped by the playroom the month before where I’d stuck a devil’s dick of my frozen cum up him—then topped it off with a freshly made batch of swimmers. He wrote he was looking to get out of town for Halloween.  So was I.  He didn’t want to stay in Chicago, which would have been my first choice.  We settled on an equal drive for both of us—Indianapolis.  We agreed we’d go out to the bathhouse together on Halloween.  Then the next night we’d throw a gangbang in the motel.  I got to work on the ad for BBRT.
I arrived first on that Thursday.  I had reserved a room with two beds so I traveled without the sling or any of the fuck furniture.  I’d unpacked and got online to chat with potential breeders for Juan, while writing a blog post.  Juan arrived late and headed right into his cleaning routine.  It took him longer than usual, but a squeaky clean Juan and I hit the bathhouse just before midnight on Halloween night.  We got a small basket of treats from the receptionist as we checked in.  We went to our rooms to change, agreeing to meet in the common dark area, in search of the treats we really wanted…

The whole place is darker than usual.  It’s Blackout Night.  As I tour the place I realize I can see—but just.  Except for the steam room which is so black you don’t dare move.  I get out of there fast.  I make my way into the dark room.  It used to have a sling in the space, but now there are just a couple of benches against the wall.  I push through the curtains.  The place is packed.  So packed I stand still after taking about three steps into the space. 
The sounds make my cock stiffen.  There are the unmistakable sounds of sloppy blow jobs, of guys groaning, or an occasional swat on a fleshy ass.  I have hands on my chest, my ass, and my distending jock.  I move carefully around so my back is against the wall.  A faceless guy has my cock out and is trying to take it to the root.  A guy is twisting my right nipple.  I feel a guy push the cock sucker to one side, so the new one can lick my balls.

My eyes are adjusting to the lack of light.  It’s an older man on my nipple.  It’s a very young man on my balls and a leather-harnessed-40-something on my cock.  The sound of fucking is now louder than anything else.  I look in that direction.  It’s Juan, of course, bent over and holding onto one of the benches.  A big bear of a man is pumping away into Juan’s gorgeous, upturned ass.  The two kneeling in front of me, now share my cock.  The youngest man has too many teeth involved in working my dick, so I hold the harnessed guy in place and begin to fuck his throat.  He opens with a grunt and I can fuck five deep strokes before he gags.  I let him up for air, wondering if he wants more.  He gives me a pleading look from down there between my boots.  I slap his face with my stiffened cock.  I plunge back in.  He’s good.  He takes me a little longer this time before I let him pull off, gasping for air.
A tall man pulls my cocksucker onto his own dick.  I take the opportunity to move towards Juan.  The Bear thinks I must be his Daddy.  He pulls out.  I push right into Juan’s wet hole.  The Bear and I take turns on him.  We both love showing off to the men who form a ring around us.

“I want some of that dick, Sir.”  It’s the Harnessed Sub.  He bends over right next to Juan.  I pull out of Juan and push into the proffered ass.  The Bear goes back up Juan.  I am pumping hard into the Sub.  The Bear matches my rhythm.  At one point the Sub pull off me.  He’s not done, no; he just wants to taste his ass on my cock.  He slurps my cock loudly, then spins back around and impales himself back on me.  I look at the Bear.  I point to the ass in front of me, inquiring mutely if he wants to switch asses.  He slows, but instead asks Juan to go fuck in his room.  I whack the boy on his ass and fuck him harder.  He cleans me again when I finally pull out.  I go to the drinking fountain in the main hallway.  The Sub follows. 
“Please Sir, I drink piss, too.”  He’s kneeling behind me when I straighten up from the fountain.  Music to my ears.  I push into his mouth.  I let him suckle a piss stream right there.  I love the suction of his sucking and swallowing.  When I’m done, he thanks me and promises to find me later.  I never see him again.

An hour later.  I can’t find Juan.  I can only guess he’s having fun in a room somewhere with the door shut.  I’ve had random guys on my dick.  I have ventured (slowly) into the steam room and given a little head to someone I couldn’t see at all.  I go back into the dark area.  It seems pretty deserted.  No, I’m wrong.  There is shape I can just make out on the bench across from me.  We both stroke in silence. 

The man gets up and moves to me.  Once he’s closer, I can make out a tall, fairly buff man.  His towel is on his shoulder.  A bigger than average dick is pointing straight at me.  I take it into my mouth.  He lets me work the head and the piss slit before my lips work down the shaft.  He groans.  My hands find his generous, smooth ass cheeks.  I knead them as I suck. 
He pulls me off and kneels in front of me.  He swallows my cock.  I play with his dark hair.  Eventually, my hand trails down his back to his ass.  I really want to fuck this beauty.  He pulls off as soon as my finger grazes his pucker.  “I don’t get fucked,” he tells me.

“Can I eat it?”
He doesn’t answer.  He just stands up and puts one foot up on the bench next to me.  I get on the floor and bury my face in his ass crack.  I get in deep and hard with my tongue.  He’s stroking like crazy. 

“Oh, God that’s good.  Eat my hole.”
I do.  I pull the cheeks apart again.  I slurp and spit.

Eventually his cock is back in my mouth.  The man takes my hand and puts it right on his pucker.  I worm my index finger in—deeper and deeper.  The man groans.  I wonder if I’m going to fuck him after all.
There is a sound at the door.  The man shoots down my throat.  He has pulled away from me and has the towel around himself before the new man stumbles on us in the dark.

There is still no sign of Juan.  I am prowling the corridors.  An open door reveals a man jerking to the porn on his in room television.  He is perhaps 35, dark haired and has a little extra weight on his big frame.  He invites me in.  I have seen no one else around.  I go in.  He seems to want a blowjob.  I comply.  He tells me he’s a top—and to swallow that big dick.  It is six inches, if that.

“You’re really good,” he tells me. “I fuck guys with my big stick all the time.”
“Then I bet your ass doesn’t get much attention.”

“You know—those bottom guys don’t eat ass very often, do they?”

“Stand up and bend over.”  He does, his chest resting on the single bed frame.  I squat on the floor and bury my face in the wide cleft between his cheeks.  My tongue finds his pucker.  It gives way easily against my invading tongue.

“You do that really well,” he pants.  “It looks like you really like eating my ass,” he continues, referring to my rock hard dick.
I grunt assent.

“Put it up against my hole for a minute.”  I do.  He pushes back.  “Oh, my God!  I’ve never been fucked.  And you are so big.”  He is taking me way too easily for that statement to be true.  “Oh God, fuck me with that thing.”
I do.

Then his deception continues.  “I’ve never ridden a cock.  Can we try that?”
“Sure.”  I lie down on the bed.  His ass swallows me up instantly.  He bounces on me, jerking furiously.

In no time, he’s shooting all over my chest.  “Fuck, yes!  Fuck me with that raw cock.  Cum in my ass.  Fill me up.  ARGH!”
He pulls off me very fast.  “Wow, that’s a first.” 

I smile.  I have not shot at all. 
“Wow,” he says again.  “You made me do things I’ve never done before.”

I just nod.  Whatever story he needs to tell himself is fine with me.

Juan and I connect immediately in the dark area.  I ask how his night was.
“I was always busy,” he shrugs.  “But I didn’t get a single load.”

I can’t believe it.  He’s the one guy I know who can milk a load out of a stone.  “Let’s fix that and go home.”
Juan agrees and bends over.  A guy wanders in and jerks as he watches us fuck.

I shoot—with the load I’ve been working on for the last two and half hours.  Juan clenches and milks.  I clean up his hole with my tongue.
“Hey,” the guy watching us says, “You guys are real whores.”

We can’t help but laugh.