Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CLAW Day Three -- The Third Recon Party

Cleveland—April, 2014

Tonight is the last Recon party.  I am pumped.  Joe is being very adult and going to bed early as he has to leave at the crack of dawn—conceivable just a couple of hours after we’d be coming home.  I shower, dress and kiss Joe good night.

I check in and strip out of my flight suit down to my leather.  The warehouse is busy.  Both crosses are being used.  The sound of floggers fills the space.  There is a fisting demo up on the stage in the sling.  There is a Master tying intricate knot patterns on a willing victim on the bondage table.  And not much fucking.  Yet.

A few guys are standing around, hands on each other’s crotches.  I see a blow job happening near the empty sling in the darkest area.  I go to the piss area.  There are no guys who want piss, but three men who are looking to give.  I have an incredible moment of drinking three rounds of recycled beer.  It makes my cock, as always, rock hard.

I go back to the sling.  I fuck the man in the rubber suit from the night before.  I fuck him with that piss induced erection.  And then the young man from yesterday’s gangbang walks in.  He is looking great in a leather harness edged in white piping.  His ebony skin really shows it off in the dim light.  He has a dark jock framing his ass.  The rubber guy is out of the sling and GangBang Boy jumps in.  I push my tongue into him.  He tastes every bit as good as he did the day before.  I eat, stand and fuck.  The men filter in, look, get out their dicks and take turns on him.  He keeps telling me this is what he came for—he can’t believe it is happening.  Many of the men are the same as the night before.  Ginger Tats takes a turn up GBB.  Then I fuck him some more.  The tall blond I seeded last night is back and in full top mode.  He loves fucking GBB.  The man who lives to clean cock fresh from hole has a field day with us all working over GBB.  It makes him so hard he finally fucks him himself.

I take a break.  Army Hat is back.  Tonight he is dressed in a jock and combat boots with a Marine dress coat open revealing a harness.  The white billed cap completes the ensemble.  He is definitely the hottest man in the room.  And barely plays.  I see him get a little head…but never get to watch him fuck, much less get near his ass.  

One of the men who fed me piss taps me on the shoulder.  “I found a guy with some piss for you.  You want it?” 

I nod and we go to the shower area.  I take a decent piss load from a nervous young man who has never fed before.  At first, he can’t stay soft enough in my mouth and can’t piss hard.  Then it all comes gushing out and down my throat.  By the time we are done, he is hooked.  He finds me twice more during the night.
“I’ve never seen anyone take so much piss without missing a drop,” says my first feeder.  “I have another load.”  He hauls out his thick dick and is pissing the moment he’s in my mouth.

I fuck GBB with my piss induced boner.  He loves it of course.  When we break, he stretches and tells me he wants to give me some piss, too.  And does.  Right there at the sling.

We let the hot Blond use the sling.  He’s fucking a twink who looks like he stumbled into the wrong party.  “You want to try this?” he asks me.  “He’s really tight.”

The Blond pulls out, I push in.  It’s too much.  The twink asks me to stop.  Only then do I see his load on his chest.  The man who has been cleaning cock performs clean up on the twink’s chest, too.

I piss on some rubber guys.

I fuck GBB in the sling on the stage.  This time I have no audience at all.  It’s a chain rattling fuck.  I feel like I’m on the verge of cumming—but I can’t quite get there.  GBB boy obliging gives me more piss as payment for the fuck.


It’s late.  I’ve been here for over three hours.  It’s been a very fragmented night. All my play has been in short little bursts as opposed to the huge scenes of the night before.

The first pisser is back at my shoulder.  He has another load.  The hot Blond is in the shower too.  I had no idea he was a piss hound.  We both get down on our knees.  I get the first moment of the piss load.  I yellowball it into the Blond’s mouth.  He moans and swallows.  The stream redirects and the Blond shares what he gets with me.  We go on and on, back and forth, as our feeder has enough piss in him for three men.  When he runs out, the Blond and I kiss deeply.  We stay huddled together for a long time.

I find GBB on a fuck bench.  I tongue him, thinking I’ll get off and go home.

But my cock finally rebels.  He refuses to stand up one more time.  GBB tells me he has had the best time and we leave the few men left in the warehouse.

I go home, strip and crawl into bed.  A muscle arm grabs me and pulls me close to him.  I am spooned by Joe for what little remains of the night. 

It’s better than shooting that load.


  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend! Very hot men and parties. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. It was truly an amazing weekend. I felt like I got to do everything I wanted. It was also great to share it with a fuck-bud I care about.

  2. Great saga! I don't think I've ever heard the term "yellowball" but I'd love to try it. Thanks for sharing your adventures in Cleveland. I guess it's my New York-centric mentality, but who knew there was so much action in Cleveland.

    Paul, NYC

    1. Yellowball may be my own term....I'm not sure...but it is certainly an exact description of what we were doing.

      Now, Cleveland has an active gay population--with a very large, clean bathhouse in the city. But this event could not happen with the locals. Guys arrived from all over the world for it. It's not the size of IML yet, but it's growing every year. We were in four hotels this year--two of them exclusively leather men.

      And I'd be honored to yellowball with you...

  3. I also have to thank you for sharing your hot adventures. Good hot posts as always!
    Stan in NJ

    1. Thanks, Stan. I 'm glad if you thought I could capture some of the heat of this incredible weekend of leather and sex.