Friday, April 25, 2014

CLAW Day One--First Recon Party

Cleveland—April, 2014

We arrive at the playspace just after midnight.  I park the car across the street.  I grab my bag, open it and pull out the leash. 

“You still want this.?”  I ask. 
Joe nods.  “It will be hot to go in that way.”

I smile and attach it to the choke collar I had placed around his neck in our bedroom.  He is looking particularly hot tonight—jeans and boots with a wife beater over a yellow and black lace up jock.  I have on the Air Force flight suit to cover my chaps, harness and pouching yellow jock.
The party has been going on for an hour.  In previous years, the first hour of these events is not about play, it’s about guys standing around nervously, swigging their drink and maybe copping a feel.  We sign in, go up the stairs and strip down to our play clothes.  The cute coat check boy is happy to take our things.  I stuff lube and my new bottle of poppers into my waist band.  I grab his leash and lead Joe into the playspace.

We can hear a man moaning the moment we go through the curtained door.  Men are milling around in the center of the room.  Down the left side of the space are various booths.  The walls are of chicken wire so you can see in.  The first has a cross.  The sounds are coming from the second where a portly man in on the bondage table and has an entire forest of clothes pins attached to his scrotum, thighs, nipples and the tip of his cock.  In various booths there are slings, fuckbenches, and bleachers.  A watersports area and shower, along with brand new restrooms are at the end.  The right side of the room has a cross and then a sling on a raised platform which is where the porn guys will perform.
“This way.”  I lead Joe to the fuckbench closest to the piss area.  A man I recognize from previous years is getting the few guys who can manage piss play to cover him. I get Joe on the bench.  His ass juts out invitingly.  I kneel.  Two out of shape men arrive at the door to our booth.  They grope themselves as I begin to rim the sweet hole in front of me.  My cock lengthens, but I don’t fuck him.  Joe wants to wait a little.

The porn show starts.  Michael Brandon is working over a blindfolded sub.  We watch Michael use a riding crop on the man’s nipples, jutting ass and cock.  Soon the sub is put in the sling.  The room of 30 or so men are jerking as they watch him get fucked.  A muscle Daddy finds me and drops to his knees.  Joe watches as the guy takes me to the root.  A man in yellow designer shorts is standing behind Joe, grinding a semi hard cock and a pair of saline injected balls against Joe’s inviting ass.  Michael Brandon invites guys up to jerk off on the man in the sling.  I far prefer the man giving me head.  Especially when he stands up, spins around and inserts my raw cock into his warm hole.  I fuck in time with Michael.  Guys are evenly distributed between those watching the show on the stage and those watching the fucking next to them.  (Point of pride….I’m every bit as hung as Michael…)
Joe is hauled into the sling room by Yellow Shorts.  I fuck my guy a little more, than we both go to find Joe.  Joe is slinged and Yellow Shorts is grinding against him.  He steps out of the way when he sees my hard cock.   I kneel and taste Joe’s hole again.  I moan in the back of my throat.  I tongue him deeply, but not for long.  I want to kick this group into gear.  I stand up and say rather loudly “You want this raw cock up your ass?”

It’s all it takes for the crowd to surge into our cubicle.  I enter Joe’s wet hole and show off—pulling out in long strokes and plowing deep.  This turns on the guy I’ve been fucking.  He tells me “That looks so hot.”  He gets really hard and takes a turn topping. He pulls out and takes his wet cock to Joe’s shoulder.  Joe leans over to clean his cock—and the man fires a load onto Joe’s shoulder.  I mop it up and announce to the room that I am fucking the cum into my boy.  I do just that.
A ginger haired, heavily tatted man with a pa (who I recognize from the gangbang I threw for Jayson Park two years ago) bends over next to us as a man needs a hole right now.  We fuck in time to the music blaring.  The man cums deep in the Ginger Tats’ hole. 

“Here.” Ginger Tats has me step back.  He enters Joe, then bends over.  “Taste his load.”  Ah, he remembers me, too.  I eat the load out of his hole as he fucks Joe.  I stand and slide into his cum filled chute.  Ginger Tats stands still and I fuck him hard enough he’s still thrusting into the ass in front of him.
I pull out.  Ginger Tats pulls out.  I fuck my cum covered cock into Joe.  Ginger Tats and I kiss.

I man steps around.  He is average looking.  Until you look at his thick cock.  He asks permission to fuck.  I nod, as I push Ginger Tats to the floor.  He fucks Joe a long time.  I fuck Ginger Tats, with him bent over and holding onto Joe.  The man up Joe cums.  Silently.  I only know from a slight wrinkling of his brow.  And the jizz dripping to the floor.  I stop fucking and bend to clean his dripping cock.  I share a sloppy kiss with Ginger Tats and kneel to felch.

Why I am here.
I fuck the remains of the load deep into Joe.

Another spectator with a long thin cock looks eager.  I nod.  He slips up Joe and talks in low tones to him .  I bend Ginger Tats over, this time with him hanging onto the wire wall.  Joe is being caressed by many jerkers as the thin cocked man fucks him.  I plow Ginger Tats rather noisily.
I look over repeatedly. 

The fucker is holding perfectly still.  I glance at Joe’s face—he’s feeling every shot of the man’s explosion.  I wait. The man begins fucking in his own, copious load.  Then pulls out.  He had been watching.  He asks for me to clean him up.  I do.  Eagerly. I reverse felch the remains into Joe.
And suddenly there is no one in our room.

It’s after 2 and everyone has gone home.
Joe is beat.  We get dressed, get out of there and get  him some food.

I don’t get off—but it’s every bit as good to feel him in bed beside me for what remains of the night.

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