Sunday, April 27, 2014

CLAW Day Two--Second Recon Party

Cleveland—April, 2014

 Joe and I walk into the back entrance of the Flex Warehouse.  He goes on upstairs as I wait for Bob, my roommate from IML last year.  He lives in Cleveland and is coming to be a whore tonight.  He arrives, looking good with his trimmed beard and tanned good looks. We hand in our tickets and go up two flights of steel stairs.  You can feel the sexual heat tonight.  As we get out of our street clothes there is a definite feel of excitement and anticipation in the air.  We check our bags and we find Joe.  I perform a brief introduction and we all head to the darkest sling area to fuck.
The cubicle is packed with guys getting and giving head, but the sling is empty.  Bob gets into it.  I kneel and taste his ass, leaving gobs of spit in his hairy hole.  Joe is behind me, kneeling and giving head to a very handsome man.  I stand up and push into Bob.  He grunts and gets a cock put in his face.  I fuck slowly, long dicking him on every stroke.

I turn to Joe.  He’s bent over receiving a rough and fast fuck from the handsome man.  The top puts his arm around Joe’s throat and tightens.  Joe’s hand reaches to my shoulder to steady himself, but submits to the man who fucks him with stabbing thrusts.  I look back to Bob, he has a different dick in his mouth—the unmistakable PA of Ginger Tats.  I look to the tattooed man.  We grin at each other.  Pig brothers—always at the same trough.
The crowd surges.  I am still in Bob.  Joe is off in a corner making out with a sub in a full mask and fucking a man with a Mohawk.  To my left, Ginger Tats is taking a fuck from a man I can’t see.  He is holding onto and kissing a man in full rubber, who is also taking a fuck.  They kiss and moan into each other’s mouths.  I pick up the pace of my fuck, slamming into Bob. 

I let others fuck Bob:  GT, then an older guy who has cleans my cock each time I pull out of an ass, then a young Black kid.  I re-enter him after each of these men.  No one is looking to load—  it’s just the first half hour there.
I’m wrong.  There is a prolonged grunt of pleasure from the corner.  Joe has shot a load up the Mohawk guy.  The masked man suckles Joe’s dick clean. 

Bob takes a break to walk off having his legs in the air.  Mohawk jumps in.
“You want me to fuck in my boy’s load?” I ask him—and the room at large.  I taste his hole.  There is evidence of cum, but Joe shot it deep.  I put my cock into Mohawk to pull some out.  It’s a silky glide in. 

“God, you are big.” 
I just nod.

“Push it into my second hole.”
I push extra deep and do just that.  Mohawk’s eyes roll into the back of his head.  I fuck until he asks for a break.  I help him out and go looking for piss.

I find some.  The top who shared Bob would much rather have me drink from the tap than cover the cute man getting most of the loads showered over him.  I drink it down.  Forever.  He has an amazingly full bladder of sweet piss.  He’s impressed that I don’t waste any.  I stay on my haunches relishing the moment—and letting the Jungle Juice wear off.
A new top has arrived.  He’s tall, dark and wearing a leather army service cap.  Every man in the room wants to suck his cock.  I do, too.  But I wait to do it until he pulls out of Mohawk’s ass, his cock covered with the remnants of Joe’s cum.  He looks surprised, but pleased that I want it.   When I stand up, he hefts my cock appreciatively.

A Daddy brings a barely legal Latino boy into the room.  “Who wants to fuck him?”  He braces the boy up against the wall, making his ass jut out towards us.  The first man he chooses is one I can’t quite see.  The boy grunts loudly and whimpers as the man plows into him with no finesse.  The Daddy taps the first choice on the shoulder, as he says “Who’s next?”  He gestures to Army Cap.  Army gladly slips into the boy and gives him a great fuck.  The Daddy nods appreciatively.  Finally he says “All right, that’s enough.”
“You should let him have the biggest one,” Army says and points to me.  Daddy looks grudgingly at me and hefts my cock.  He thinks a long moment than says “Ok.”  I move around behind the boy.  The crowd is so thick I can barely get there.  I push in.  The boy groans and starts babbling.  I fuck him until Daddy decides the boy needs to be taken home.  They disappear, never to be seen again.

The room is now ablaze with finding a hole or a cock.  Everyone is busy.  Army grabs me by the cock.  He pushes back into the bent over Mohawk and guides my cock into his own ass.  I am stunned, but go with it.  I stand stock still and let Army do all the work:  fucking forward into Mohawk, impaling himself on me on each back stroke.  Eventually, I fuck Army hard enough that it drives him into Mohawk.  We only stop because we don’t want to come yet.

I give some piss to thin young man.  I cover his ass and cock, then lick it off.

I fuck Bob on the fuck bench that is on the stage.  He jerks himself hoping to get off and go home with the four loads he’s collected.  Others line up to fuck him.  We put on quite the show as the fuckers move from his ass to his mouth.
I lose track of how many other guys I fuck.

I occasionally catch sight of Joe.  He is constantly getting his dick sucked.
Army guy finds me.  “I want you to fuck me as I get off.”

I nod.  “Where?”
“A sling.  I want to see your face.”

The only one available is the sling on the stage.  I point.  He shrugs.  We mount the steps.  The chains rattle as he lies back into it.  It’s like the fire alarm has sounded.  Guys stop to watch us.  I kneel and eat his ass.  I don’t think anyone else has been up it.  My cock is rock hard.  I can’t quite believe my luck that this hot top wants me to fuck him. I use lots of lube and spit.  I enter him, slowly. 
“Fuck me, hard,” he grunts out as he man handles his own cock.  “Fuck me wide open.”  I accelerate into a chain rattling, hips slapping ass fuck.  It doesn’t take long until he shoots all over his hairy chest.  I lean over and lick it up.  He starts to get up.  I push him back down and reverse felch his load into his own hole.  He writhes and his hands beat on my shoulders.  When every last drop of  his load is up his open hole, I stand and help him up. 

“I just wanted you to go home with a load.”
He grins, hugs me and calls me a “dirty fucker” in the nicest possible tone.

His friend, a tall, built blond has been watching.  He grabs me as I go down the platform.  “You drink piss, right?”  When I say yes, he pushes me down right there.  He lets loose a huge flow down my throat.  When he finishes, he hauls me up by the armpits and kisses me to taste the salt brew.  “Do you want to breed me?” he asks as he pulls out of the kiss.
It’s late.  It’s time.  My cock has been feeling over worked.  I nod.  We troop back up to the sling. I lick his ass.  I stand to insert.  He has a tricky opening to negotiate.  But I make it in.  He’s so fucking tight, it’s over in a moment.  After all the holes I’ve been in, the tightest one draws the cum out of me in no time.  He grins, pleased with himself.  I help him up and we go down the steps.  Army Hat appears.  “You happy now?” he asks his friend.  The blond grins and pulls me into a wet kiss.  Then a third tongue shoves in.  The three of us remain like that for a long moment in the small hours of the morning.

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