Thursday, April 17, 2014

Piss Fuck

Detroit—February, 2014

I’d been home from Memphis for almost a week.  With the flurry of activity there (and the late nights) I had not even tried to hook up when I got home.  Which meant that I was now horny as fuck. 
But I had to go visit my Dad at his senior living facility—not look for a hook up.  The visit was mildly depressing.  The Alzheimer’s seemed to be progressing faster now—or maybe I was noticing more changes with being gone for over week.  And it was Valentine’s Day.  A day my late partner and I used to laugh at...but no more.

I left Dad and drove to a fast food parking lot.  I hauled out my computer.  I would be damned if I was going to be alone tonight.  I connected on the free wireless and logged onto BBRT.

My mood shifted.  The profile right under mine was a piss pig who’d been talking to me for months.  We’d never had the same times available to play.  I asked if he was looking for now.  It took him mere seconds to answer “yes.” Three exchanges later we were set—we’d play at his place in an hour so we could both tank up.

I found his home easily.  A little elfin man in a towel opened the door.  Mark was around my age.  His head was shaved.  His thin body was fit and hard.  The floor in front of the couch was covered with large white garbage bags and some plastic sheeting under those.  I got out of my clothes quickly.  His towel dropped.  He stroked himself to a semi hard as he watched me push and pull my balls and cock through my cock ring.  My bladder was full.  I pulled on the yellow jock.  I stuck my small lube bottle into the waistband.  Then the poppers.  I had to piss…

“You want this?” I ask him unnecessarily, grasping my swelling pouch.

He nods.

“Get on your knees.”

He does, right in the middle of the covered carpet.  I pull my cock out.  I am swelling with just the thought of pissing on this man—who’s wanted it for half a year.  I stand right in front of him.  His mouth opens.  He tries to take me in his mouth.  I pull it away.  Piss spurts—hitting him on the chin.  He opens his mouth again—craning forward, looking like a hungry baby bird.  I redirect it up to his mouth.  He gurgles in delight as he swallows me down.  Now I let the stream hit his nipples and bring it down to his swollen red cock.  He is beating his dick like mad.  I love the wet sound his hand makes as I cover his cock with the hot stream.

I will myself to stop the flow.  “All fours.” I bark out.  He falls forward.  I move around behind him.  I get down on my knees, reach forward and spread his cheeks apart.  I lean in—my tongue finds his hole.  He grunts into the bottle of poppers he has plastered to his nose.  I eat him out.  My cock is incredibly hard.  I straighten up and have my cock right against his hole.  It spurts more piss, coating his ass crack.  I am right back to eating and slurping the pale liquid from his hairy cleft.  I reach down, and one handed, grab the lube from my jock, flip open the cap and get a couple of drops on my rampant cock.  I plunge into him. 

“Oh, fuck.  Yes.”

He’s hot.  I want to just fucking pound him, but I start slowly.  I really do want to feel every inch of his ass clinging to my cock as I pull out.  I sink back in.  Inch by inch.  I can’t help myself.  I just rev it up and slam into his ass.

He’s breathless when I stop.  I help him up and we both grab water bottles.  “I need to piss,” he mutters more to himself than me.  I take another swig of water then kneel in front of him.  “You want to…” he says and trails off.

“Feed it to me.”

Mark puts the head of his soft cock in my mouth.  I can see the concentration on his face as I take a deep breath of my own poppers.  I get the cap on just in time.  His stream of piss starts slowly and builds.  I swallow.  At first easily.  Then it’s flowing in a rush, so much so I can barely keep up with the monumental flow.  He tastes great.  He’s hydrated and it’s a sweet, pale stream that is cascading down my throat.  I swallow and swallow.  His stream slows and sputters out.  I stand up.  I lean in for a kiss and yellowball a mouth full of piss into his mouth.  Mark groans like he’s just shot a load.

We spend a long time taking turns rimming each other.  Back and forth.  Then as a 69.

As soon as I need to piss again, I stop licking his wet ass and pull Mark up so he’s on all fours.  I push easily into his puffy hole.  He groans again and takes a hit of poppers.  I fuck for a moment.  Mid stroke, I stop.  I hold a moment then begin a very slow fuck.  And start to piss.  I don’t think he can feel it at first.

Then:  “Oh, my God.  Fuck me full of piss.”  I start to slam into him harder.  His ass is filling fast.  The temperature is soaring.  “That feels incredible.  Fuck that piss into me.”  I am still spurting piss into his hole.  Every back stroke pulls a little out of him.  “I feel so full.  Shit, that’s hot.” 

I fuck him hard.   

I stop for a moment and let my cock marinate in the piss.  I pull it out and bring it around to his mouth.  His eyes tell the tale—I have done one of those things he’s only dreamed about.  His mouth is all over my cock.  I pull it out and take it back to his dripping hole.  I push in.  Piss squirts out on me.  I am ready to load him up.

“You want some cum now?”

“Fuck, yes.  Knock me up.”

I slow and then speed up to a punishing fuck.  My wet hips slap his wetter butt cheeks.   The sound turns us both on.  He’s playing with his soft cock.  

I gasp.

And shoot.

I grind my load deep into his overflowing ass.

I pull out.
Spent and wet. 

And happy…


  1. Hey FP,

    Great story -- what a lucky guy -- actually both of you are lucky guys. If you ever come to NYC, I'll be glad to drink a piss load from you. Woof!

    Paul, NYC

  2. Thanks, Paul. We'd talked enough during the months before meeting, we knew just what the other needed from us, so it was a really great time...