Wednesday, April 2, 2014

His Master's Load

Memphis—February, 2014

The next day, I was online during my lunch break.  A man hit me up.  He loved the picture of my cock.  “I want you to fuck me,” he wrote.  I looked at his pictures.  They showed a well preserved man of about my age.  There was the requisite butt shot bent over a bed.  A dick shot in the bathroom mirror.  And a face shot.  His head was shaved.  He sported a tightly cropped goatee.  He smirked at the camera in a way that appealed to me.  I told him I was not able to play until late night—would he be available then?  “Yes,” he wrote back, “if my Master will let me.” 

“Are you allowed to play?” I asked.
“Yes,” he replied, “if I ask first."

“Please ask him.”
“Oh, I will.  He’s fucking me after dinner.”

“Okay,” I told him.  “Let’s do this.  If he’s ok with it, bring me his load in your ass.”
“That’s hot,” he typed back.  “I will be there at 11:00 fully loaded.”    

He’s late.  It’s 11:05. 

11:07  A knock.
I open the door.

“I’m sorry.  We had a marathon session.”  He comes in and takes off his jacket, tossing it on the sleeping bed.  He sits on the corner of it and starts removing his shoes.  “He fucked me for three hours straight.”
“Really…”  I remove my pants and add them to the pile of clothes collecting on the made bed.

“Yeah, my holes kind of sore.  Go easy.”
Brady is now naked.  He smiles and gets on all fours on the bed that is obviously prepped for play.  His ass is right on the edge of the bed.  He knows just what I want.  To sink my tongue in there…

I kneel behind him.  The sight of ass like that never ceases to arouse me.  The smell of sex still clings to him.  I lean forward, spreading his cheeks apart slightly.  His hole is puffy and used.  I look at it, then lean in until my tongue connects with his pucker.  He jumps like I gave him a shock.  My tongue goes into him.  Deep.  His hole is moist.  I can taste his Master’s load right there.  Salty and slightly bitter.  A smoker is my guess.  I moan in the back of my throat and go in again.  I’m deeper this time.  Brady pushes slightly and lets me have more cum on my tongue.  I stand up, lean over him and cock his head towards me.  I spit it right into his mouth.  He gasps and swallows.  I can see the ‘thank you’ in his eyes.
I eat more.  I keep it this time.  I swallow it hungrily.  My cock is hurting, it’s so hard.  I stand up and push just the head into his puffy hole.

“Argh!”  He bites down on his wrist, cutting off the sound. 
I don’t move.  I just let my dick head marinate in his Master’s load.

I inch in.  Inch after inch.  I hold after every one of those inches.  The heat from his ass is palpable.  I move again.  I’m buried to the hilt.  I hold.
Brady pants.  When his breath slows, he says two words.  “Fuck me.”

But I don’t.  I pull my cock out just as slowly as I went in.  The flared head brings a huge glob of semen.  I lean over him and lick it up.  I lick his hairless ass until there is no trace of jism.  My cock is drooling its own precum.  I smear it down his ass crack.
I hold my cock against his puffy, red hole.  Once again I work my rigid cock into him.  Almost as slowly.  But with a steady drive.  I hold, my cock hitting bottom.

“Please,” he whispers.  “Fuck me.  In his load.”
And I do…


  1. Fuck, that's hot. Love the playfulness and that picture in my head of you using your cock to draw out the load... My cock aches...

    1. I just love fucking in jism. And it was a great "head space" for him---another dom fucking in his Master's load....

  2. YOU are the fucking master! Your adventures never fail to get me hard. Thanks for sharing. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. Thanks...I love making you hard....and if it's dripping, so much the better.....