Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Muscle Hole

Columbus, OH—February, 2014

I mentioned him briefly.  He was the boy I got off in after the terrific fisting session I had in the middle of December at Steamworks in Chicago.  I think I just called him the Hairy One.  And he is, below the waist.  He conceivably has the hairiest ass I have ever fucked---the kind of long silky hair I want to braid with my tongue. 
We wrote each other after that meet.  He typed:  I want more of what I briefly had the experience of at Steamworks... and more. I want to feel your hand inside my hole. When is good with you?”

February was my month of traveling for work.  I had just been in Memphis for too many days.  And now I was gearing up for the next trip to St Louis.  But I wanted more, too.  So I went to his home in Columbus on my one free weekend.
His playroom was in the basement.  He had a sling attached to the rafters.  I’d brought the rimseat, for I needed that hairy ass on my face.  It was cool down there.  No, it was cold.  But we warmed it up fast…

I am kneeling in front of that hairy, hairy ass.  I sit back on my heels and just look at Marco in the sling.  His ass is giving off heat; he is, after all, fresh from the shower.  The hair is still slightly damp.  The drops glisten in the light from the single bulb lighting the scene.  Music fills the room.  One of those discs of music to fuck by.  I linger another moment. Looking.  Enjoying the anticipation.
I dive in.  The hair clings to my face.  Marco groans.  He has clamped his ass shut.  My tongue pries him open.  He flowers open when he’s ready.  My tongue plunges deep into him.  My cock erects at the taste and heat of his hole.  Marco reaches down and pulls his cheeks apart even more.  I go deeper yet. 

I feel totally at home, my face plastered against his butt.  I stay there a long time.
Eventually, I rear up and fuck him.  Again he shows his muscle control.  He clamps down on my cock until it’s the tightest hole I’ve ever fucked.  Then he relaxes his anal grip and lets me slide into him. I fuck two or three strokes and he clamps again. 

“Jesus,” I bark.  It feels incredible.  His silky canal is grasping at every millimeter of my cock.  He relaxes again.  I fuck him hard.  His cock never ceases to drool into an ever growing puddle of pre-cum.  I finally mop it up with my right hand and spread it over my cock then push back into his hole.
“That’s so hot…” he mutters under his breath.  Then he closes his eyes and concentrates on milking my dick.

I pause in my assault of his ass.  I grab the egg-headed dildo out of my bag.  I give it a quick lube work it into Marco.  His eyes are still closed, so he’s not sure what I have added.  I push it down and work my cock in along the top of it.  Suddenly, Marco is very full.  He moans.  I love how tight I have made him.  He tries to tighten down on me, but the toy prevents him.  I double fuck him until I have to stop—thinking I might get off.
We try the rimseat.  I love how wet his hole is on my face, but the floor, even with the towel I brought for me to lie on, is too cold.

We go back to the sling.  I pull out the largest toy I own.  Marco takes it easily.  I add a finger around the thick edges of it, continuing the stretch.  Then a second one.
“I want that hand.”

I give him my cock instead.  I fuck him hard as I pull on a pair of black, nitrile gloves.  The J-lube is right there.  I grease up—my cock still pumping into him.  I pause and work my left hand fingers into his hole, wrapping them around my cock.  I pull my cock out and my fist is all but sucked into his ass.  He clamps down on my wrist.  I pull out slightly and open my fingers.  I push back in.   I pull out and repeat with my right hand. 
Slowly.  And deliberately.  His hole is flexing and telling me when to slow, when to go deeper. 

His ass is amazingly talented.
I go back to my cock.  His hole is just as tight as when I started.  Then he opens it and I add all four fingers of my left hand.  I pull out my left hand fingers and add my right. 

Back to the left. 
Then I pull out my cock and let my left hand slip into him.

I am now alternating hands.  Accelerating the speed.
I slow.  My left hand is still in him.  I work the right in alongside with it.  My fingers intertwine deep in his guts. 

We pause.  Marco tells me he has had several full body orgasms.
When we go back, it’s all about depth.  I am seated.  My right hand just crawls up him, ever so slowly.  Feeling for each turn of his canal.  I am halfway to the elbow.  I end with the side of my face on his stomach, feeling my hand work ever deeper into his gut.  He touches my ear—holding me in place.  We are as connected as two people can be.  His body shudders out another ass induced orgasm.

I am back to my cock.  And a hand.  After all the ass play, Marco can still grip my cock and wrist.  I work my hand out.  I think I’m blowing my load.  He clamps down.  I shoot into his constricting hole…

We shower together after.  Having someone wash my back is almost as good as the sex.

We sleep together in his massive king sized bed.  We don’t need all that room…

On Sunday, we add his toys into the play.  Those toys dwarf any of mine.

And we do it all over again…


  1. You are a master... and a master story teller. Thanks for the great late night reads. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. Master is always a good word to use around me...Thanks.

  2. It is always nice to find a well trained hole! Hot story!

    1. I would love to share this guy with you. His hole is amazingly talented.