Monday, April 7, 2014

The Hot One

Memphis—February, 2014

My string of luck continued.  The next night, I corresponded with the hottest man of the trip.  His profile picture showed a thoroughly worked out chest with an extensive tribal design that started on his shoulder and swooped around and down his side and vaguely pointed at his crotch.  I could only assume it wrapped around his back as well.  His head was shaved.  His tanned face showed strong cheek bones accented by a thin, stylized goatee.  He gave his age as 38—and it could have been that or anything up to 45.  He looked like he would have fit right in with the models on any Raging Stallion video.
He “smiled” at me-with that stupid I-can’t-think-of-anything-to-say feature of most hook-up sites.

We talked.  He wanted to get fucked—but there was a caveat. 
“What?” I asked.

“My partner would like to come too.  Is that ok with you?”
“Of course.”  We set the time and I told him my room number.

They were late—but they did send me a text to say clean out had run long.  The knock on the door came just as I was tying my left boot.  I adjusted my swelling cock in my jock and looked through the spy hole.

It’s him.  You can’t disguise that body even with a heavy jacket.  He steps in with a ‘hi’ and a hug.  His partner comes around the corner.  He’s big.  Not sloppy, but hardly trim.  I guess about my age.  I assume that he buys the gym membership for his partner.  He certainly doesn’t have one for himself.  We shake hands. 

“I like to watch my boy get worked over,” the older man announces as he drops his pants.  So much for my fantasy of sharing his hole.  I turn to the hot one.  He’s already naked but for a blue jock.  He’s truly stunning.  He makes a beeline for the floor in front of me where he kneels and starts mouthing the pouch of my jock.
My cock is soon out and buried to the hilt.  The partner finishes stripping, kneading a mound of balls and cock flesh.  He flops down on the far side of the fuck bed.

My cock is hard and dripping.  I really want it up this hot hole.  I help the hot one up and lead him to the bed.  “Bend.”  He places his hands on the mattress, his feet spread apart.  I kneel and get the first taste of his hole. 

I burrow in.  He’s trimmed the hair in his ass crack, but not annoyingly.  I wet his pucker, pushing deep with each stroke of my tongue.  I leave him wet and dripping. 

I stand.
“Fuck him hard.”

I push in.  The hot one groans and tells me to pound his hole.  I start fucking.  Roughly.  Holding him down on the bed by the neck.  The boyfriend gets a glimmer of an erection.   I pound the hot one’s ass until the frame of the bed starts squeaking.
I pause.  “Up on all fours,” I tell him.  He gets his legs under him, ready for the next assault of his worked out butt.  I take it.  I own it for these few minutes.

Another moment of involvement from the partner:  I pull out of the hot one and he leans across to lick my cock.  “I love the taste of his ass,” he murmurs. 
But he does nothing else for the rest of the fuck but knead his petite cock.  And I don’t care. 

I have the hot one ride me.  He strips off the jock and tosses it on the floor before he settles down on my dick.  I want to look up and see that magnificent body impaling himself on the column of my cock.  I want to see his eyes roll back into his head as he bounces.  I want to see his decent sized cock flop in rhythm to the fuck.  See the muscles of his pecs tense.  Watch his face turn red as the poppers hit.  Feel the steady drip of precum falling on my flat stomach as he rides me.
But I can’t cum this way.

They were late.  It has to be short and sweet tonight.
“Back on all fours.”  But I’m fully on the bed, kneeling behind him.  The hot one’s head is buried in the pillow after a huge hit of poppers.  I enter him roughly.

“You want this load?”
He grunts an affirmative into the pillow.

But I want to hear the words.  I pull his head up.  “What did you say?”
“Breed me.  Please.”

“Breed him good,” I hear from the man on the side of the bed.
I pull all the out and sink it into him.


Three—I let fly.  My cum pumps deep.  I bark out my orgasm.  It’s loud.  My head hits the pillow beside his. 

I let my cock drain into his ass.  I don’t want to move.  But the Boyfriend is stirring and ready to dress and go.  They thank me profusely and leave.
Only then do I see it.  There is huge puddle of jizz that I fucked out of the hot one pooling on the expensive sheets…


  1. You stud... Love it when that happens (fucking a load out of a bottom, that is)

  2. Isn't it great? It makes you feel really good about the fuck...