Friday, July 11, 2014

"Call Me Anything You Want" Part Two

Ann Arbor—March, 2014

Continued from the last post

“Now eat my ass.”  I sit on the rimseat and let his thick tongue lick at my pucker.  He groans as he works deeper.  His passion makes me groan, too.

A knock at the door.

I stand.  “What the fuck…?”

I look down at him.  Questioningly.

“It must be my Master…”

I think back—the boy had asked once if I like playing with other tops.  Did he—

The knock is repeated.

“Get up and on the bed.”  I put the bar back in place.  And the blindfold.

And answer the door.

There stands a fuck bud I haven’t played with in almost seven years.  He’s shorter than I am, with a similar build and a hairier chest.  I know that over seven inches of cock are in that jock.  A cock with a severe downward bend.

Butch steps in.  He takes one look at the bed and says “It looks like you knew how to put this boy in his place.”  He strips down fast to a black jock.  “Fuck him for me—that’ll get me hard.”

I enter the boy.  He grunts.  I watch Butch’s cock harden.  He has a leather cockring on that divides his balls.  He strokes as I fuck.

“My turn.”

I pull out and Butch moves around to the foot of the bed.  I grab the camera.

He fucks him.  The sound of his hips slamming the Black bubble butt fill the room.  I take another pic as he pulls out.

“You’re turn.”

Butch moves away.

“Make him clean your cock.  This boy likes it straight from his ass.”

Butch straddles his face.  Lowering his cock into the opened mouth.  I wait until he has a mouthful before I shove in.

“Don’t bite.”  Butch cuffs him along the side of the head.  “Open and cover those teeth.”

For the next hour we take turns on the boy’s holes.  Butch and I have done some memorable double fucks—as his hooked cock can stay in place as I slide my bigger one alongside it.  We both agree this boy is too tight.  We just hold him in place and rotate—keeping both his holes filled.  Sometimes we praise him.  More often we call him names.  This makes him work that much harder.

“On your knees.”  I roll him over.  We get the boy on all fours.  Butch and I stand side by side. I fuck into the Black ass for two strokes or so.  I pull it out and Butch goes up him.  He pumps three or four than rips it out.  I push in again.  “Feel the difference, boy?”  He grunts into the bedspread.  “We’re taking turns.”  The swift strokes in and pull out are driving him crazy.  He’s whimpering.  We ignore him and keep the rhythm going.

The boy tries again.  “Please….”

I look at Butch.  He nods and we stop.  We both flop down on the bed on either side of the quivering mass of Black fuck flesh.  I pull off the blindfold.  He squints into the dim light of the room having had no light at all for so long.

“Ride my cock.”  Butch spreads his legs. 

The boy mounts him.  I snap a picture.

Then I lean in and lick those balls.  I taste the leather, the sweat and a whole lot of ass juice.  I find it hard to stop…

We need to get off and let the boy go home to his vanilla boyfriend.

“We are sending you home full,” Butch tells him, his lips close to the boy’s ear.  “Come on, fag, get on all fours.”

He does.  I let Butch go first.

He blasts deep.

I am so excited about fucking in cum, I don’t even take time to clean Butch’s cock.  I just push in the moment Butch pulls out.  “Fuck!  I’m fucking his seed deeper.”

I pummel his dark ass.

“You want it?”

“Please, Sir.  Breed this Black Bitch.”

My cum shoots. 

And mixes.

Deep in his hole.

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