Sunday, July 6, 2014

Oceans of Cum

My Playroom—March, 2014

It had to happen. 

With my delay in writing things up, I have come to a hook up about which I remember next to nothing.  My notes read:  FF bear off Asspig from OH….safe but ok. 


It took a moment for me to even think who he was.  I eventually found his profile.  A barrel chested man in his late 40’s, very hairy and he had a hole that needed a lot of attention.  I found that he wrote me afterwards saying that he had a great time.  Well, the only thing I do remember about the encounter was that with squeezing my hard cock into a Magnum, I felt next to nothing as we fucked.  So I switched to my hand up his ass very fast.  Which I think is what he really wanted anyway…

Near Home--March, 2014

By the weekend, with no one online, I was at the bookstore closest to my home.  This Saturday night was particularly sparse for anyone I was interested in.  I did watch a straight man whore out his girlfriend for a time, but any men I wanted to play with were in short supply.

I finally ended up back in the gay cinema, when the cashier switched the movie from a sexually dull, just going-through-the-motions flick with condomed young men to a European bareback video. 

I pull out my cock.  Again.  I stroke idly.  I am alone in the partitioned room.  The action on the television is good.  The camera revels in long strands of pre-cum and spit on puckered holes.

The door opens.  A young man I’d seen watching the couple comes in.  He sits across from me.  He is, at the most, 28, his hair short and neat, dressed in jeans and a red t-shirt.  His white running shoes catch the light from the television screen.  He glances at me.  After a brief look at my cock, he directs his attention to the screen and to kneading the bulge in his upscale jeans.

We watch in silence.  My cock is pre-cumming enough that it becomes the only noise in the theatre as I stroke.  And the sound of his zipper.  Down it comes.  He pulls out a very respectable 7+ incher.  It’s thin, and I think uncut, but it’s hard to tell with the lack of light.

He glances over at me.  To make sure I’m looking.  No eye contact at all—then he re-focuses on the screen.

We both stroke openly.  I occasionally check him out, but he’s of an age I’d never make the first move.  If he’s interested in Daddy, he needs to do that.  He checks out my cock every few minutes.  I stop stroking each time, gripping it by my balls and showing him the entire length and girth.

No move.

No eye contact.

The door opens.  A man I’ve played with in the playroom and here at the theatre enters.  He smiles and sits next to me in the row of chairs.  He’s a good ten years younger than me.  I sigh as I realize that it’s likely more like 15 years younger than me.  He’s trim, only slightly hairy and very pale, as I remember him without the shorts and tee he’s wearing now.  My bud, Josh, wastes no time in pulling out his regulation sized cock.

We all stroke, watching the video.

In no time, Josh sinks to the floor and takes the length of me down his throat.  I sigh.  Loud enough for the young man to turn and look at us.  He does just that.  The screen is forgotten.  He wants to watch the live sex show.  I slow Josh down a little on his deep throat routine.  He becomes aware he’s being watched, but he seems to kind of like it.   I look at the young man.  I nod to the chair just vacated by Josh—inviting him closer to the proceedings.  He stays where he is, focusing his attention on my cock and Josh’s mouth.

“You wanna get fucked?”  My low voice seems incredibly loud in the room.  Josh doesn’t answer me, he just stands up and leans on the chair in front of us, his clothed ass arching in my direction. 

The boy jerks faster.

I reach around and undo Josh’s shorts.  I pull them down.  And the underwear.  His naked butt cheeks are full and white.  I sink to my knees and begin tonguing his asshole.  I hear Josh moan.  I glance over at the voyeur.  He’s loving this—his hand is moving at top speed up and down his cock.  When he notices me looking at him, he makes a feeble effort to look at the screen, but he’s back to us before I sink my tongue back into Josh.

I stand up.  I make sure the Young Man sees the length of my cock.  How red the tip is.  How excited it is.  How the pre-cum is pooling on the top of Josh’s ass crack. 

I make a show of covering my cock with that pre-cum.  When it’s slick, I push into Josh.  He grunts, but takes me easily. 

The boy stands up.  He pulls the front of his red T-shirt up and over his head, so that it cradles the back of his neck.  The boy is ripped.  Hours at the gym for the six pack he is showing off.

For a moment, I think he’s coming over to stick his dick in Josh’s mouth.  The Young Man takes one step towards us and shoots.  Jets and jets of sperm land on the floor between us.  Oceans of cum cover the tile.  I keep fucking, nodding at the Young Man as he wraps a paper towel around his cock and shoves it back in his jeans and takes off.

I look down at the waste of cum.

It makes me fuck Josh harder.

I know that my cum won’t be wasted.


  1. Very hot, bud. Just discovered your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I'm glad you liked it. And thank you for speaking up. There is lots to read here--over 400 now---I hadn't realized I'd written up so many...

  2. I always love your bookstore posts. This one was short and hot!

    1. I thought you might like this one....I'm glad you did.