Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weekend With Marco

My Playroom—March, 2014

My next visitor to the playroom made me totally forget about Mr. I-Want-You-to-Clean-Me-Out.  I ended the month having a long weekend with Marco.    I wrote about him in ‘Muscle Hole.’  That post was all about a shorter weekend when I went to his home in Ohio and had a really great time together—and I don’t mean just the sex.  March was our second time with just the two of us.  We made the most of it.  We fucked and fisted on Friday night when he arrived.  We played twice on Saturday and once again before he went home on Sunday.  We used all the fuck furniture in the playroom, all my toys and all the toys he brought before we moved to my hand in his hole.  We always ended in the shower together to get all that extra lube off of us.  And best, we slept together in the playroom bed:  entwined, sated and totally comfortable together.

Here are a few moments from the weekend:

That ass.

It’s not just pretty to look at, but it’s talented.  It can grasp my cock, my hand.  Even my tongue.  And it can take anything I can dish out.  Here is that hairy hole taking a series of toys. 

The long string of balls totally disappears. 

My size 11 boot is a good point of reference.

I go back to my cock in him.  For a moment I can feel the stretch I have done on his hole.  But he’s in control, not me.  He tightens down and it’s back to the same hot hole with which I began.

I eat him again.  I love that the moment my tongue enters him he is hard again.

 More toys.  He squeezes down and pushes the dildo out of his ass.  I just manage to catch it with my slippery hands.

The speculum comes out.  I crank him open.  My index finger curls up and plays with his prostate.  Marco is a copious precummer.  The stimulation makes his cock drool like crazy.  There is a steady drip to the padded floor below.  My free hand catches some in mid air.  I bring it to my mouth to taste him.  Sweet and viscid.  I catch a little more with my left hand as I tickle his prostate with my right.  These drippings I finger up his ass.

We transfer to the sling.

I rim his hairy hole for a long time.

My cock re-enters him.  He feels totally different now that he’s on his back.

I fuck him to the point of cumming.  If I go another three strokes I know I’ll be over the edge.  I will myself to stop.  I do.  I just let my cock rest in him.  I begin a long withdrawal.  He gives me a hard squeeze with his ass as I exit.

I kneel.  He thinks I’m going to taste his hole again, but I just do a quick lick and let my right index finger push into him.  Then two fingers.  Three. 

My right hand begins to push in—I stop at the bridge and slather on more Crisco.  He snaps his stretched hole around my wrist in no time.  Hard.  I hold for a moment, and give my fist a quarter of a turn.  I love the throaty groan he gives.  And the fact that I just sent him to the popper bottle again.  I twist back carefully to my original position.  I turn again.  He whimpers in an encouraging way. 

“Open your hand,” he murmurs.

I make a slight move to pull out, but it’s just enough to let me carefully uncurl my fingers.  They begin a slow crawl up deeper into his gut.  I touch my own cock with my left hand.  I pull back from my dick—I am so close to blowing my load.  My right hand moves another millimeter.  Marco is huffing poppers and grabbing at his hardening cock.  I press forward slightly.

That’s all it takes.  Marco explodes onto his hairy stomach.  The contractions of his orgasm are like a mighty sneeze and push my hand out of his ass.  My left hand scoops up his cum and I slap it on my dick.

“Fuck you…with your cum…” I mumble.

I get my cum-covered cock into his ass.

Two or three strokes and my own seed mixes with his.

I fall forward.  We are chest to chest.  Still attached cock and ass.  His arms hold me in place.

And his hand traces a mindless pattern through the slight stubble on my shaven head.


  1. That is one very hot hairy ass. Great story and pics and left me with a raging hard-on.

    1. He would love us together...I am sure we will go to Chicago together again--and hopefully include you. (I hope you put that raging hard-on to good use....)