Thursday, July 3, 2014

Using Bill

Northern Indiana—March, 2014

Sometime in the course of fucking the Otter, Bill had whispered in my ear that he wanted some of my cock. But not that night.  I nodded and slipped into the hole at hand.

Next day I got a text.  When could I meet?  Bill wanted a session where he would not be in control.  This made me hard just thinking about it.  Taking this nasty pig top to places he usually forces others to go sounded like a great evening.  We agreed on a day.

I drove the back roads to Northern Indiana this time.  Bill was looking his hottest:  a work built body, tattoos that enhanced it, buzzed hair and a highly groomed goatee and chinstrap.  He was wearing nothing but a pair of tight Levi’s that showed an ample bulge.

The partner was out for the night.  Their sling was still in the living room.  The dogs were just as noisy, and happy to see me.  They were quickly banished to the bedroom.  Moments later, he came out of the bedroom door naked.  And Ready.

“Kneel.”  I point to the floor right in front of me.  I have used his absence to get naked but for a piss flavored jock and my combat boots.  He leans in to tongue my jock.  I stop him.  “Your wrist.”  I touch his left shoulder again.  He holds up his hand.  I place the leather restraint around it.  And buckle it securely.  And then the right.  His hands go behind his back.  I hook the right and left together.  Only then do I grind my piss-stained jock into his face.  “Now lick it and get me hard.”  My voice is low.  Intense.  Meant for just his ears.

He tongues the fabric; he chews on it.  A testicle slips out.  He lovingly slathers it with spit.  I reach down and pull the other out.  I hold them together and push them into his open mouth.  My cock is stiffening—actually hurting a little being contained in that damp jock. I pull it out.  And slap him across the face with it its meaty hardness.  “Suck me.”  He engulfs every inch.  “Get it wet for that hot hole of yours.”  He chokes on my cock.  I pull out to let him recover a little, then fuck his face hole.  Fast and shallow.  Then I push in slowly.  All. The. Way. In.  I hold it there until he chokes.  Tears spring up in his eyes.  I pull out, pull his head back and spit in his face.

I look down. I must be doing what he wants for his cock is the largest I’ve ever seen it.  And dripping.  I unfasten his wrists and get him up.  “Sling.”   Once in, I fasten his wrist to the chains by his head.  I add ankle restraints on his legs.  I clip them to the chains.  I hunker down and taste his hole.  His ass is moist and ready.  I dig my tongue deep, then stand up and spit into his mouth.  “It’s time to fuck.”  My cock pushes into him. All at once.

“Easy…” he grunts.  And then regrets it.  I pull out and slam back into him, treating him just like I have watched him treat our mutual boys.  He grunts again.  And takes it.  And even manages a “Thank you, Sir.” 

I fuck him for a long time.  When I have had enough for the moment, I pull out.  I walk down the side of the sling, proffering my obscenely wet cock to him, straight from his ass.  “Clean it up.”  Bill slurps away noisily.  I spit in his mouth again.  This time there is a clear “Thank you, Sir!”

I pull out my homemade spreader bar.  I hook it to the D rings on the two ankle restraints.  “Now hold the pipe,” I tell him. “I want your ass higher.”  The blindfold comes out of my bag next.  I push it into place.  “Now just relax.  He looks great all trussed into place. 

I add the egg shaped dildo.  It slides in rather easily after my cock.  I can see in his face when the head of it hits home.  I fuck him with it.  I add my cock alongside it and double fuck him. This makes his hole go all puffy.

I pull out, leaving the dildo in place.  Again I have him clean my cock.

And now I’m all over him.  I am cleaning his exposed pits.  Chewing on his nipples.  Or twisting them.  I fuck him briefly.  I spit on his hole.  I spit on his nipples and work it in.  I pinch his cheeks to make his mouth open and spit in it again.

I pull the dildo out, and shove it into his mouth.  Bill grunts and holds onto the spreader bar as I fuck his wide open ass.  I only stop to catch my breath.

And I remember another toy in my bag.

I spread a towel on the floor.  “Out you come.”   I remove the dildo, undo the various fasteners, but leave the restraints on his wrists and ankles.  “All fours.”  He’s a little wobbly, but makes it.  I grab a latex coated balls-on-a-string set. There are 5 of them.  The first pops in with ease.  Then another and another.  The fourth takes work.  But I get it lubed and planted.

I pull them out slowly.  Each emerges from his ass with a sigh from Bill.

I pull the last one out and plunge my cock into his winking hole. 

“Sir.  The time.  He’ll be home in ten minutes.”

“Then it’s breeding time.”  I pull out and stand up.  “Get back in the sling.”

I look at the swollen lips of his ass. 



I grin and push in one last time.


  1. Hot story FP! Great pics as well. I like the balls on a string set too. Funny we both wrote stories about Bill on our blogs this week although he was used different ways!

    1. I thought that too, as I read yours. Here's to versatile men!!