Saturday, August 23, 2014


My Playroom—May, 2014

He was a business visitor to my side of the state.  In his first message to me on BBRT, he made it clear he loved sex, that he was not a sub and that he wanted to indulge as a versatile for piss play.  When I told him that sounded great, he replied:  “I just think you’ll fuck me harder if I give you some piss to drink.”  Damn.  He knew me in less than three email exchanges.

Alec was about 6’ tall.  In his pictures, his chest was lightly haired.  His dark blond hair was cropped close.  It was a handsome enough face, but my eye was drawn to a picture of his ass:  full, pale and all but hairless.  I couldn’t wait to get him on the fuckbench.

I open the door, a bathrobe covering my jock.  He’s right on time.  Maybe even early.  His first words are:  “I have to piss right now.”  I point upstairs.  He bounds up them, unbuttoning his shirt as he goes.  His pants are open and he’s digging his cock out of his AussieBum jockstrap as I ditch the bathrobe and kneel in front of him on the padded floor.  Alec just manages to get it in my mouth before he is gushing a clear stream of piss down my throat.  I gurgle appreciatively and swallow as fast as I can.

When I have the last drop, he grins.  “Oh, and hello.”  He pulls me up and kisses me.  Deep and long.  It’s going to be a good night. Alec finishes getting out of his clothes and gets them into the chest of drawers.  He climbs up on the fuck bench, taking a hit of poppers.  I kneel and taste his hole.  He’s cleaned and showered at the hotel and I can taste the rather floral soap around his hole.  I stand up and give him some of his piss back, letting it sluice down his ass crack.  I kneel.  Much better.  Now it tastes like a man’s hole should.

“Damn, that felt good.  Hose me down whenever you want.”  Then he grunts as I poke as deeply into him as I can.  “Fuck, yes.  Fuck me with your tongue.”  I do.  I work his hole wider. 

“You want this raw cock up you?”

“That’s what I’ve thought about all day.  Give it to me.”

I stand up and push in. He’s tight, but open.  I don’t stop until my untrimmed pubes are brushing his ass cheeks.  I pause.  I listen to his breathing change.  And then I start working out.  Slowly.  So slowly.  When all I really want to do is pull it out and slam into him.  But I don’t.  I fuck slowly and steadily.  I wait for him to tell me to “Fuck me harder!”

And I do.


We move to the bed.  He rides me like a champ.  His cock is hard and poking out of his AussieBum jock.  I like watching it as he impales himself on my cock.


Working for a cum that is still hours away.

We move to the sling.  I take a few pics. 

With his face still covered, I work his nips with my fingers.  My fingernails.  With my tongue. I coat them with some piss and slurp it off noisily.  As always, the piss makes me rock hard.  I fuck him, making the sling stand shake.

When I feel I might be close, I pull out.  “I want to taste your hole again.  But over there.”  I point to the rimseat.  I help Alec get out and over.  I get under the seat and take a hit of Jungle Juice Platinum.  Alec straddles the seat.  All I can see is this gorgeous ass slowly lowering towards me.  It blocks out the light as my tongue connects with his hole.

“Ohhh…”  Alec squirms in delight.  “That is so good.  So deep…”

I can’t talk.  My mouth is full of freshly fucked ass.  I lick and swallow his slick ass lube.

I work his hole for a long time.  Then I get to that moment of almost claustrophobic panic.  I need to get up.  I tap his under thighs.

“It’s no fair,” he says as he rises.  “You’re doing all the ass eating.  I want yours.”


“Start with the sling.  We’ll work up to the seat.”

I get in the sling.  It has been awhile since anyone has eaten my hole.  I look up.  It’s my playroom, but I always forget there is a mirror above the sling.  I watch Alec kneel, take a hit of his poppers and dive into my hairy ass crack. 

And, Jesus, he’s good.  I take a hit, too.  Having my ass eaten while on poppers always makes me talk dirty.  I blather on as he tongue fucks me, only stopping when he stops licking to take another hit of poppers.  My cock is raging and dripping precum.  I swab some off  with my fingers and smear it on my hole.  Alec likes this.  He dives back in, grunting his appreciation.

Alec finally stops and stands up.  “You’re cock is huge.  You need to fuck me right now.”

I swing out.  He swings in.  I’m up him in a heartbeat.   I fuck him to the point I’m sure I’m going to blow. 

Alec senses it.  “Wait.  I want you on the rimseat first.”  I slow down and pull out. 

When he gets positioned, I sit ever so slowly.  “Give me that hairy ass, man.  You taste so…” And my ass silences him.  He goes deep on the first lick.  His cock swells—and pokes out of his jock again.  He reaches down and jerks himself as he eats me out as hungrily and as I ate him.  

I try to shoot some piss across his torso—but my cock is in over drive.  It wants to dump a load.  As good as the ass eat is, I want to blow my load in his ass, not across his chest.

I stand up.  “On the bench.”  I open the rimseat and step aside.  He senses my urgency.  He’s up and in place.  I slide into his wet hole.  I pump a few times…

“Pull it out and cover me,” he pants.  It’s all I can do to not blow inside him, but I pull out.  Just.  I erupt all over his crack.  And those gorgeous globes of ass flesh.  Alec shakes.  I’m pretty sure his hard cock is spewing on the mat under the bench.

It’s only after he’s rinsed off and gone back to his hotel that I find his AussieBum jockstrap hanging on the shower rod.  I take it upstairs and use it to mop up his cum from under the bench.


  1. I don't understand why ANYONE would not want you to shoot your load as DEEP inside them as possible, but a fucking HOT read. Thanks

    1. It took me by surprise, too. It wasn't something we had talked about one way or the other. But if it is, say, one of the limits he set with a boyfriend so they could play outside of their bedroom, I'll go along with it--for all the other fun we had...