Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Fill Up Your Fag...and Let It Flow"

My Playroom—May, 2014

Back in January, I’d started talking to a pig from a neighboring state.  We chatted a little each month.  At the top of May I got this exchange:

WSGuy:  How’s it hanging stud?

FP:  I’m good…and it’s hanging a little to the left and slightly tumescent…

WSGuy:  Love to see, feel and taste it.  Especially in a swollen state!

FP:  Suck it, swallow the piss, suck some more…

WSGuy:  You bet.  Won’t waste a drop of anything your big cock offers.

FP:  Great.  You might have to kiss me after each kind of load…

WSGuy:  Happy to share the treats.  Hope the world is treating you well, stud.  Headed thru your way Mother’s Day weekend.

FP:  That could be fun.

WSGuy:  Will have top BF with me.

FP:  That’s great by me—I love working with another top.  I have no plans that weekend currently.  I have a playroom for the three of us to piss in.

WSGuy:  He’s a bit pee shy but loves watching.  He’s also got great endurance.  Maybe a wet session Friday night?

FP:  Perfect.

WSGuy:  You can really piss with a hard on?  Love to feel it piss when it’s down my throat.

FP:  Sure.

WSGuy:  The BF really enjoyed your pics on here.  Thought it looked like a great cock for me to swallow.

FP:  Hot…I’m very oral, too, on top of all the ass play.  Just nothing but a tongue goes up my ass.

WSGuy:  Partner is the same way.  And he is quite a voyeur.  Anything special you wanna do to me?

FP:  Nothing set in stone.  I like to sort of see what develops as we play.  I have a ton of interests…So anything you guys like, I likely will, too.

WSGuy:  Great.  BF is a bit more vanilla but loves to watch me get used and help out, to be sure.  I bet it’ll be fun exploring.

FP:  If I know you love piss, we’re set.  I’m very piss driven.  I will tank up (even if I’m up all night later).  I love to feed.   I love to pull out while fucking and cover you in the sling, love to piss fuck.  (I have also used condoms for piss fucking—it becomes like a huge inflatable dildo…)

WSGuy:  Tank up, man.  I wanna see how much I can take.  I pester BF and follow him around to the bathroom when we are beer drinking.  Will be fun to have an aggressive pisser.

FP:  That’s me.  Do you feed piss as well?

SWGuy:  Yes, if you like.  Can be shy to start.  But I’ll do my best if you want it.

FP:  Nothing makes me harder…but not required.

WSGuy:  Can’t wait to see you piss with a hard on up close.  Be fun to recycle our piss.

FP:  Great.  I will gladly swallow it down.  I’ll be pissing hard after the first few minutes…

WSGuy:  Do you like to be rimmed while you piss?

FP:  Yeah---and I hope you do, too.

WSGuy:  I like to get any of my holes worked.  Can’t wait to be stuffed at both ends at once.  Been a long time.

FP:  Hot.

WSGuy:  You bet!  Just fill up your fag…and let it flow.

FP:  It will be a pleasure.

WSGuy:  And I know BF is hot to see me used by another hung top.

FP:  What do you want me to wear?  Jock and boots?

WSGuy:  I know we’ll have jocks and boots.  BF has a HUGE boot fetish.  He likes tall boots.

FP:  Perfect.  I have a “flavorful” jock for your hungry mouth.

WSGuy:  Yes!  I will have a five day load to shoot.  Hope you can push my limits.

FP:  I like a challenge.

WSGuy:  Turn this piglet into a hog.

FP:  You just named my mission in life…

And we exchanged names, an address and phone numbers.

Ernest looked to be about my age, in great shape and sported a chinstrap beard as dark as the short hair on his head.  I liked the look of his partner, too, as I met them at the door.  A little younger than Ernest, sporting rather bookish eyewear and a big bulge in his jeans.  We hugged and trooped upstairs.  And amazingly the play was almost just as we had talked about.

Ernest is on his knees and takes my first load of piss down his throat.  The BF, in about the tallest boots I’ve ever seen in person, stands to one side and strokes a thick cock.  The swallowing triggers Ernest’s need to piss.  I kneel.  And after a minute of adjustment, I’m rewarded with a huge flow into my guts.

“Up here.”  I nod towards the fuck bench.  Ernest climbs up.  I stay on my knees and sink my face into his hole.  Perfect.  Tight and hairy. 

I eat him until I have to piss again.  I stand up and spray his white ass cheeks.  The BF, drooling cock in hand, moves around to my side to get a better look.  I lick it off Ernest’s back and ass crack.  The BF sticks his cock in his partner’s mouth.  I stand up and look at the BF.

“Do you want me to fuck him?” 

He nods.  No words.  But it excites him enough that he pulls out of Ernest’s mouth so as not to shoot.  His eyes never leave my cock splitting his partner in two.  Finally, the BF sticks his dick back into Ernest’s mouth.  We pump in rhythm into the man on the fuck bench.

I nod at the BF.  He understands and we rotate around the bench.  Ernest pauses for just a second before he takes my cock, directly from his ass, into his mouth.  But he does.  And loves it.  He slobbers noisily.

It’s my turn to watch a big dick go into an ass.  But I’m already fucking the throat in front of me.  I remember the comment about pissing with a hard on into his throat.  I slow a moment, than give him the piss he wants.  Deep.  By passing the tongue.  He sputters like he might gag, but he doesn’t.

“Good boy,” I tell him as I pat the damp hair on his head.  He mumbles what I take for a ‘thank you’ around the dick in his mouth.

“Switch.”  It’s the BF giving the command.  I’m surprised and pleased.  “Here, right from your ass…” he tells Ernest.  But this time Ernest is hungry for it.  No hesitation at all.


Round and round the fuckbench we go.  I think it’s the third time I’m in his mouth when it happens.  The BF is now pounding his partner’s ass.  The sound fills the room.  I actually wonder if I need to close the window.

And suddenly Ernest shoots.  Handsfree.  All over the padded floor beneath the bench.  He arches up, pulling off both the cocks in him. 

And that’s it.  I’d been warned he’s a once and done.  The BF will get off later.  I don’t try.

The next Monday:

WSGuy:  Hello!

FP:  Hey!  So did you have fun?

WSGuy:  Absolutely.  I should know better than to let my BF get me from behind.  It pops me every time.

FP:  It was hot to see you go over the edge.

WSGUY:  The BF sure did enjoy watching your big cock disappear in me…A lot!  I wish we had gotten to do more—but I can’t go on after I cum.

FP:  It will just give us a good reason to meet again…

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