Sunday, August 10, 2014

David Gets Filled

Chicago—April, 2014

Three group events happened back to back.  The first was the piss party.  My F-bud David, the hot Hebraic piss boy from the East Coast, was to be in town visiting his family.  He would meet me at the party for some piss in his hole and then wanted to do Steamworks afterwards for some cum in his hole. And the next day Ryan wanted me at his house for a small group.  Of course, I said yes to all of them.

Here are moments from the first two:

I arrive 30 minutes before the piss party starts.  I am alone; Ryan has concert tickets.  I have brought the sling.  The organizers think it could be an asset to the party.  It’s odd seeing the back bar with all the lights blazing as the staff set up the place.  I drag the duffle bag to the back corner by the oversized television screen.  There is just enough room to set it up.  I make a note not to fuck too hard and get the sling swinging—and drive the bottoms head into the cinder block wall.  I put away the bag and get undressed.  The lights switch off.  It’s dark now.  I have to grope for my clothes to get them together.  My eyes have adjusted by the time I get my bag checked and my water bottle filled.

I have done a good job hydrating on the drive in.  I have to piss.  I look at the arrivals in various states of undress.  No one is ready to take this load.  Damn.  I don’t want to waste it.  Wait.  There.  All but under my sling is the pig I need.  He will stay on his knees all night.  He guzzles piss from anyone who will feed him.  I often use him for my first unloading, when I am not sure how strong my piss will be—as this man doesn’t care.  He just wants anything that comes out of a cock.  I saunter over.  I tilt his head back—his mouth falls open.  His eyes plead with me to use him.  I haul out my cock.  It falls heavily onto his chin.  He cranes around, trying to get it into his mouth.  I don’t let him.  I grab it.  It’s swollen but not hard.  The piss starts almost instantly.  I aim for his open mouth.  He swallows and gurgles rather nosily. I direct some at his pierced nipples and bring the stream back up to his mouth.  After a moment of that, I push his head forward and let the pale yellow stream splash down his back and into his ass crack.  I’m back in his mouth now—holding my cock just out of his reach.  As the piss slows, I relent and let him suck me to full hardness.

Bryant, in his red swim trunks, emerges from the group around the blow-up pool.  Last month we’d played at the party—and then he’d topped at the motel orgy afterwards.  He’s young, cute, has a trim body and an ass I can’t get enough of.  His eyes widen at the sight of the sling.

“You brought it.”

“I did.”

“First one in.”  He jumps up and gets his legs up on the chains. 

I kneel to lick his hole. 

It’s a great warm up fuck. 

I wish I was ready to piss, but I’m not.  I take a swig from my bottle.

David arrives.  All eyes are on him as he checks his bag.  He spots me and comes directly to me.  We kiss.  He’s looking hot in his yellow singlet with the ass and crotch cut out. 

“Want a drink?”

I just nod and kneel before him.  He’s been drinking something with a high sugar content.  I feel like I’m drinking soda from his thick, cut cock not piss.  He doesn’t try to help me modulate flow—he lets it all out in one huge gush.  I manage.  I don’t let any spill out of my mouth.  He pulls his cock out of me and pulls me up.  His tongue replaces his cock in my mouth.  Now I let myself be sloppy.  Spit and remnants of piss fleck both our chests before we’re done.

“Fuck me.”  David gets up in the sling, in one easy move.

I kneel and eat his hole.  I think about pissing on it, but I save it.  I know he likes it deep inside him.  I stand up and enter him.  I fuck.  Guys crowd around.  Two of them unload on David’s singlet and cock as I fuck.  The wet slapping sound draws more spectators.  Others piss on us as I plow into him.

“I have some for you.”  I slow my pumping and hold still.  My cock head gets bigger.  My piss gushes into him.  I have so much more than I thought.  I pour it all into his ass.  His eyes get bigger as his gut fills.  When I’m finally done—I fuck it into him.  I am still erect and ready.  I fuck him hard.  I fuck him until he begs me to stop.  I fuck him until he tells me he’ll cum if I don’t stop.  Reluctantly I slow down.  I have fucked the piss so deep into him, there is not a drop as I pull out of his puffy hole.


Four hours later we are at Steamworks in the public sling.  I am fucking David, showing off, hoping for others who’d like to fuck him, too.

Many gawk.  More feel up the front of their towels.  Some even drop the towel and show us their cocks, but no one seems to be top enough to fuck.

Until he walks in. 

My opposite. 

He’s short.  I’m tall.

He’s Black.  I’m White.

He’s young.  I’m old—at least in front of this late 20’s stud.

His cock is a beer can.  Thick as fuck.  I’m long and look thin next to him.

He tosses his towel into the corner the moment he sees us.  I let him go right up David’s spread ass.  David starts moaning louder.  Guys ring around us.  My opposite number understands sharing a hole.  He pulls out after just a few strokes and lets me back in.

Back and forth.





David’s breathing has become fast and hard.  His cock has hardened.  His eyes are riveted on the two men taking turns on his ass.  I can’t imagine what he’s feeling.  How deep I go—and then in the next moment how wide the stretch is.

But we keep at it.

Back and forth.



Pounding the hell out of him.

It’s my opposite’s turn.  He thrusts in.  Roughly.  David grunts and shoots a pool of cum on his singlet.  This convulses the top into firing a load into David.  I kneel.  The top keeps bucking into David.  When he finally notices me down there, he grins.  He pulls his dripping beer can out ever so slowly. 

He knows where I want it.  He pushes into my mouth.  My tongue pulls back the foreskin.  He’s still dripping as he gingerly fucks my face for a few strokes.  He reaches down and catches a large drip of cum draining from David’s ass.  He pulls his sensitive cock out and shoves his finger in.

“Clean my finger.”  I do.  When he pulls it out he turns me enough so I am looking right into David’s dripping hole.  “Now eat him out, you dirty fucker.  Every drop.”

He doesn’t have to tell me twice.  Or hold my head in place.

But he does.


  1. Just wanted to say thks for the blog I really get off on it, You're like a dream thats yet to cum true.
    Bigtoyrider @ yahoo

    1. Thanks for speaking up. I'm glad you enjoy it. It is fun to re-live a scene like this one.

  2. What a magnificent fucker! No one can compare. And that's why all they do is stare. Shine on you crazy diamond. - uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

    1. I never know quite how to respond to your high praise. A simple "thank you" will have to suffice....