Saturday, August 30, 2014

His First Fist

My Playroom—May, 2014

A few posts back, I talked about the fisting party I attended, where I ended up jerking off inside a particularly hot ass.  There was one man I watched all night.  He was the most in demand top there.  I can’t remember how many holes his gloved hands invaded.  He always used the sling in the corner of that basement play area.  The sling was in shadow, but the light bulb caught some reflection off his shaved head, giving him a kind of glow.  He was my age, and almost as tall as me, though he had more meat on his bones—all nicely worked out.  He seemed to be fairly hairless above the waist, but had a slightly furred butt that was enhanced by the jock he wore. 

Before the event, he had written me on the hook-up site saying that he wanted to talk to me at the party—and he would have a load of piss for me.  Neither happened.  He was way too busy—and then went abruptly to bed, in the guest room, with a bad back from how he was hunching over the men he’d been working on.

A month later, after some lengthy chat, he was in my playroom.  I’d been elected to open his hole.  Roger wanted to be more versatile.  He told me that no one had been past the knuckles.  He thought I might be able to do it for him.  He also told me he’d just started PrEP last month and wanted a cum load and a piss load shot up his ass.  How could I say no to that?

Roger is on the fuck bench.  His white ass contrasts beautifully with the black bench.  He has just given me a massive gut full of piss.  My already primed bladder is full and ready.  Drinking him down has made me rampant.  I love the look of my flushed cock resting against his ass cheeks.  I want to shove it right into him.  But I don’t.  I kneel and prep that ass with my tongue. 

Roger groans and says rather hoarsely, “That feels so good.”

My cock spits up pre-cum from the sound of the need in his voice.  And from the idea I’m about to do things to him that no one has done to him before. I smear my ooze over my cockhead, with my free hand as I continue to tongue him.

I can’t wait any longer.  I need to fuck him.  I push my cock head into him.

Roger grunts.  His ass resists for a second, but then I start to inch forward with just the slightest push.

He bucks back.  And I am in him to the hilt.

“That raw cock is so deep in me.”

“Feel good?”  I am holding motionless.  I can feel his gut work to accommodate me.

“Oh, yeah….

I pull out.  Slowly.  Letting him feel every millimeter of flesh exiting his ass.  I keep going until just the head remains in place. 


I push forward.  His ass is ready.  I slide home with little resistance.  Just the good kind.  Where you can feel the walls of his ass cling to my cock.

“FUCK me.”  It’s a command.  I don’t hold back, I accelerate into a jack hammering fuck.  My hips pummel his suddenly pink ass cheeks.

I stop.  And stand stock still. 

“Aw, fuck me, man.”

“Wait,” is all I say. 

He groans the moment he feels the first burst of piss deep in his gut.

“No one has ever done that.” 

I grunt at him.

“That feels so hot,” he moans. 

That’s an understatement.  His ass is on fire with the hot liquid.  I am suddenly bucking into him.  Still pissing.  Fucking him hard.  I pull all the way out; just long enough to douse the exterior of his hole.  Roger makes a sound of sheer pleasure.  I push back into him.  The piss flow is slowing. I fuck into the liquid in his gut.  I push deep.  I am pushing into his second sphincter.  It opens—just enough to drain some piss deeper into his body.  He groans again.

I settle down into a hard and fast fuck.

I fuck until he asks for a break.


He’s in the sling now.  We fuck here, too.  I take a picture of his hole.

There is a just a single drop of pre-cum clinging to the hair in his crack.

I know if my hand is going in there, I need to stretch him open.  I opt for the speculum.  I grease the prongs and slip it in.  I crank and crank.  I run my finger in and out of his hole—flesh on top and bottom and metal on the sides.  I crank some more.  “Good?”

“Oh, yeah.”

I snap a picture.

I lean over and suck his cock a little, taking the limp dick into my mouth.  When he starts to harden, I piss on his cock and clean it off with my tongue.

The speculum is cranked shut and replaced with my gloved hand.  The black nitrile glove looks hot going into him.  I grease liberally.

And yes.  In surprisingly little time his hole snaps around my wrist.  I’m home.  Repeatedly.  With both the left hand and then the right.

And Roger is ecstatic. 

“Can you still take a fucking?” I ask, as I ease my hand out.

“Breed me, stud.”

I don’t need a better invitation.  I slip into him again.  His hole is greasier than before.  I am more than ready to get off.  I feel my balls tighten up.

I explode.  Into a hole where no one has shot before.  The idea makes me spurt longer and stronger into his spasming hole.  I push my jizz into him as deeply as I can.

I pull out.  I lick up any of the cum that came out with me.

I take this picture of his cleaned up hole. 

Only now do I see I missed some down below.

If you look back at the party post, you may have been surprised that I did not play with the host.  It’s something I almost invariably make sure I do.  The good news is that the host was so busy with others that night that he had no time for me.  To remedy that, he visited the playroom just a few days after Roger.   And I did everything to his big ginger-haired ass that I did for Roger…just faster and deeper….


  1. Fuck that's a lots of cum! A feast and I can't tell which is the main course and which is a side, cause that fuzzy ass is hot as hell.

    1. I was looking at the drips on his ass...but I think you are looking at a reflection of a towel in the mirror--that mound is not my ejaculate.

      You'd love this ass....