Friday, August 8, 2014

Dean Visits the Playroom

My Playroom—April, 2014

My busy summer months were approaching and even April and May can be hectic what with attending both CLAW and IML.  Dean, the good looking top who likes to bottom for me, also goes to the leather events—but often in a capacity where he doesn’t get much play time once he’s there.  We both wanted a session before those long weekends and before I would barely be able to play at all in the summer.  It was hard to schedule, but I got him to the playroom one morning before he was due in for a meeting.

And here is Dean, fresh from the shower, and ass up on my fuckbench. 

“This is nice.  It puts my wooden one to shame.” 

I don’t answer him; I just push my face into his crack. 

“Eat my hole out,” he moans into the padded chest support.
I spend long minutes sucking and kissing his ass.  Drilling him deep with my tongue.  Spitting into his seldom used fuck tunnel.

Dean is panting as I stand up and my cock zeroes in on his hole.  He always has trouble taking me at first.  But not today.  My big flared head goes in easily.

“You know,” he pants, “I’m on PrEP now.  If you want to finally seed me.”

Oh, Jesus.  I have to stand stock still.  I could shoot with those very words.  I reach down and twist my balls.  Hard.  My cock stays erect but forgets it was on the edge of spewing a load into this man’s guts.  To make sure, I pull out and tongue him some more.  I mention I can taste my precum in there.

“Stick that big dick back in me, Sir.”

I stand.  I push gently.  His hole is so ready for me.  I have half my length in him before I notice.  I stop for a moment, then slide all the way home.  Dean grunts appreciatively. 

“Is that what you drove all the way here for?” I ask.  I know the answer.  It is just for this, of course, but also for a connection we both love.

Dean nods mutely.

I fuck a few strokes.  All the way out.  All the way in.  His cock, while not hard, is drooling onto the rubber mat below.  I catch some of his precum with my left hand and smear it on the shaft of cock.  I fuck it into him.  I tell him what I’ve done.  And that I now want to taste his ass again.

I kneel.  And get lost in the heat of his hole.


We’ve moved to the sling. 

He’s blindfolded.  The leather covers a third of his handsome face, but I want him to concentrate on how his hole feels.   I have been going back and forth a lot.  Eat.  Fuck.  Eat.  Fuck.  Eat.  Spit.  Fuck.   
I want to go deeper.  I unbuckle the left leg stirrup from its standard position and fasten it behind his head.  The same with his right. 

“Shit, I that feels hot.  You’ve never done that before.” 

I grunt and slap my cock on his ass crack.  Piss erupts and coats the cleft between his cheeks.  Dean moans.  I go to work cleaning him up with my tongue.  He is barely damp after I finish.  My cock is at its biggest.  I plow into him.  I fuck him hard.  I am going so much deeper with his legs higher and his ass tilted.

And then I’m too deep. 

We stop and clean up.  But more clean-out is not helping—his ass is now off limits.  His breeding is put on hold for another day.

We are on the bed.  We revel in the change of back to basics.  We are both excellent cock suckers.  He starts, between my legs, taking most of my cock deep into his throat.  He can read me.  I direct him grunts and sighs as to what feels the best, how fast to go and when the suction is just right.  I love watching my big dick disappear into that handsome face.

We reverse.

I go down on him—but he pulls me off.

We lie side by side and kiss.  Deeply.  Then he’s back between my legs.  This makes his cock rage.  It’s red and swollen.

“May I cum on your chest, Sir.”

“No,” I rasp out, “my mouth.”  He gets it close to my face, straddling my chest.  And I am suddenly covered in cum—some landing in my mouth, but most on my beard…


Dean is off to his meeting.  I’m washing up downstairs.  I look in the mirror.  I look at the cum in my beard.  I decide to splash just enough water on it to get rid of the matted hair.  I want to smell him the rest of the day.

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