Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Five Pigs in Pictures

South Bend—April, 2014

(Immediately after the last post.)

I slept for a bit at Steamworks.  I’d done four hours of piss play and fucking at the piss party then almost as much at the bathhouse.  My body told me it had to rest.  Despite the giggling in the hall, the pounding music and the noisy rutting next door, I drifted off fairly fast.

I awoke in time to get out before I had to renew.  I drove to Ryan’s house, met Alejandro (who was watching a movie with Ryan) and fell into Ryan’s bed.  They would wake me before the others arrived.  I must have slept soundly for I never heard the fucking happening upstairs.  Only later did I learn Ale had left a huge load up Ryan.

They woke me—all smiles.  We set up the sling next to the double bed just before the last two arrived.
Ryan had invited three men, all of whom happened to be Hispanic.  Alejandro—25ish, short, cute and worked out.  When I said hello to him earlier, I couldn’t help but notice how his jeans clung to his hot looking ass.  Miguel and Luis have shown up in these pages before.  They are both in their mid-40’s.  Miguel is one of the most voracious bottoms I’ve met.  Luis has a great cock that keeps his boy happy between the times when he whores him out.

Ok.  I’ll admit it.  I was tired enough, that I don’t remember any kind of blow by blow of how this went down.  Ryan has it all down on his blog “Spreading My Legs” in four installments.  I know he’s right—for it is documented with four times the number of pictures he has kindly allowed me to use here.  All I remember is:
A constant back and forth between available holes. 
Everyone wanting to suck a cock pulled from the latest ass. 
Five creative guys twisting into any and every position to have great sex.

So here’s a photo essay of pigs in heat.

I do remember this moment quite distinctly.  Luis was fucking Miguel.  I warmed up in Miguel’s mouth.   And we went right into the side by side fucking. 
  I love watching other men fuck.

And we switched asses.  I also love watching bottom's kiss as we drive into them.

Fucking Ale.

Ale riding me.

Miguel's turn to sit on me.

Ale and I clean up Luis--fresh from someone's hole.

Rimming Ale before I dive back in.

Miguel sling fucked.

Heaven.  For all concerned.

Getting ready to shoot.

That's my cum.  I felched it, of course.


  1. Wow! Great pics! The side by side fucking is so damn hot! I love kissing the other one while getting plowed from behind by some Tops. Having other guys coming over shoving their cocks in your mouth is over the top too. (pardon the pun) Thanks again FP!

    1. I"m glad you enjoyed them. I certainly enjoyed it all over again as I posted them. Ryan took enough pictures to create a full documentary...

  2. That was a fun afternoon. I think the bottom boys really enjoyed getting their holes stretched by the big dicks in the room! We will have to do it again this fall...

    1. It was a fun---and you documented so much of the action. I hope my readers followed the link and found the dozens of pictures you posted for your blog.