Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sex Party--Young Ass in the Dark Area

Northwest Indiana—August, 2014

Immediately after the last post.

Having got the older bottom off with a DP (which actually felt good as opposed to some sort of gymnastic feat) I go and sit on the couch in the living room.  Harley, the top who looks like he should be a biker, goes down to have a drink at the bar in the basement.  I take a slug from my water bottle and watch the young men on the screen fuck on a blanket in a field of tall grass.  I am soon joined by two persistent cock suckers.  We all take turns on each other, each of us reveling in going back and forth between two cocks or taking two in our mouths at the same time. 

Others join.  Instead of continuing the growing group of cock suckers on the couch and floor, I go downstairs to see what is happening.  The group at the bar has thinned.  I go on around to the dark area.  Harley is there, holding a young woman from behind.  I look again.  It is actually a very young cross dresser with long hair in a summer sun dress.  A drunk daddy is on his knees, pulling the dress up.  He tries to suck the smallish cock he finds in the pink panties, but his balance is bad and he falls over.  Harley rolls his eyes and pulls the young man back to sofa in the far corner.  I follow.  The dress is bunched around the head and raised arms of the young man.  Harley and I attack his nipples.  Harley pulls down the panties and sucks the small, but hard cock. I work the dress the rest of the way off.  Harley flips the kid onto his stomach and begins eating his ass.  I work around to line up my cock with the CD’s face.

“Feed me that big dick.”

I do.

“You get fucked?” Harley wants to know.

“I will with you two.”

Harley motions me around to taste the hole.  We change places.

Harley pulls out and suits up.  He moves around and lines his cock up with the now sopping wet hole.  I pour some lube on the condomed dick.  Harley slide in without much resistance, just a grunt from the young man.  I hold on to him and stroke his back. 

Harley pulls out.  I find a Magnum in my boot.  I start to rip it open.

“Why are you fucking me with those things?  I want you up my ass raw.”

I grin at Harley.  “Get on your knees,” I tell the young man.  He does, holding on to the back of the couch and pointing his young ass right at me.  I spit on his hole and push in. 

Tight.  Oh, my God, he’s tight.  I have to stop.  He takes matters into his own hands and pushes back on me.  I grunt.  And twist my balls so I don’t shoot right there.  I fuck the man on the couch.  Harley gets head from some bystander. 

Harley spells me.  The bystander is thrilled my cock is right from the young hole.

We toss the young CD on the floor and fuck him there so we can spit roast him. 

We reverse.

A small group is forming in the dark area.  There is the oral bystander on one side and two college boys—one white and one black—both in designer underwear on the other.  These two fondle each other through the fabric of their briefs.  The host looks in, too.  And stays.

It’s like an imaginary switch is thrown.  One moment it’s just the three of us playing with four onlookers.  The next moment we are a mass of fucking and cock sucking.  I am still up the young CD when I get the black cock shoved in my mouth.  I get him nice and wet for the CD’s ass. 

I crawl away and pull down the other college kid’s briefs.  I suck his thick, hard cock.  But not for long.  He turns and pulls my face into his delightfully hairy cleft and grinds his hole back on my tongue.

Tongues, holes, cocks and mouths are everywhere.  I worm my tongue into this college kid as someone squirms under me to suck my cock.  Whoever it is gets me good and wet for the college ass in my face.

I fuck that hairy cleft.

Harley fucks him, too.

The Black college guy fucks him.

But we always keep a cock in the young CD.

I don’t know what ass Harley breeds. 

I have too many to choose from.  And that thought makes me erupt all over the Black college guy’s chest. 

Tongues lick both of us clean and I close my eyes and revel in the naked flesh on all sides of me.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sex Party--the DP

Northwest Indiana—August, 2014

I’d been there before.  But it had been a while since I attended one of his monthly parties.  The host opens his home once a month to a large group of men.  His split level home makes for a great play space.  When I arrived, about an hour after the start time, I followed the direction of the sign on the door:  “Walk In and Strip.”   I did just that in the living room.  Across the way there was a handy couch in front of a television playing porn, but no one was there watching.  I went downstairs.  There was a crowd of men standing around the bar, ignoring the guys sucking each other on the hide-a-bed nearby.  I said hello and continued scouting out the set up.  I passed the two hole gloryhole set up under the stairs.  Tuning a corner, I found several overstuffed couches for play and big screen porn watching.  Behind that, was an open area that seemed to function as a dark(er) room.  No one was there either.  I went back upstairs. 

There was another hide-a-bed near the head of the stairs, this one empty.  I saw a number of men out on the enclosed patio smoking the air blue.  I waved to the host in the kitchen where he had all sorts of food set out.  I went down the hall to the guest room.  Bingo.  There were three men fucking on the bed.

I have had the bottom before.  He is a slight, rather short man, about my age, with some grey in his hair and with one nipple pierced.  He is astride a much younger man.  This man, sprawled on the bed, is rather cubbish in build and hairy in all the right places.  He has a very full and long goatee.  He looks like he parked his Harley outside.  He also has a long and thin cock.  There is a young man standing on the bed, one leg on either side of Harley.  His cock is either in the mouth of the bottom—or slapping at the bottom’s face. 

I stand to the side, get my cock out of my jock and start to stroke it.  I take a long pull on the bottle of water I have brought with me.  I set it down on the night stand.  The young man looks at my cock.  He steps carefully off the bed, leaving the others still fucking.

“Let me help you with that.”  The young man kneels in front of me and sucks me to full hardness in a matter of moments.  “Now go fuck that whore,” he tells me as he gets up and leaves the room.  I look at the cock entering the man.  There’s no condom on it…though those supplies are littered around the house.  I crawl between the top’s legs and lick the underside of the shaft as he fucks.  He groans, deep in the back of his throat.

“Bring that big dick up here and put it in my mouth,” the bottom tells me.  It’s my turn to stand stride the top’s chest and feed my cock into the man bouncing on his dick.

“Now that’s a cock!”  It’s the top speaking, staring straight up at the column of flesh I’m feeding the cock whore.   “Get off me,” he tells the bottom, “and let me see that monster fuck you.”

I step down and the bottom pulls off the cock in him.  He moves over, on all fours and lines himself up with me.  Harley stays right where he was, stroking and watching the two of us.  I kneel for a moment and taste the hole presented to me.  I love how wet it is on my tongue.  I don’t think he has a load in him, but I can definitely taste Harley’s precum.  I stand up.  My cock pushes into him.  Easily.  Like it was made for me.  Harley has opened him well.  My pubes are grinding against him on the first entry. 

The host walks in.  “You waste no time.”  He smiles at me.  “Fuck him hard.  Let me hear you.”  I don’t need much encouragement.  I pull most of the way out and start a hard driving fuck.  My hips smack his upturned ass enough to create a good slapping sound.

It draws a crowd for about 10 seconds.  “You dirty boys,” says some queenie young man in the doorway to the amusement of his two friends.  Then they go back to the free booze downstairs.  I fuck him noisily, locking eyes with the other top.  His hand moves faster over his cock. 

“Why don’t you take a turn?”

Harley nods and rolls off the bed.  He comes around and plugs the hole I just pulled out of.  I move around in front of the bottom and stick my wet dick in his mouth.  He cleans me thoroughly.  The thrusts from the other top push the bottom down the length of my cock.  Harley eventually stops fucking and indicates it’s my turn. 

I go back to fucking—he gets his cock cleaned.

We rotate again.

“I wish I could take both of you,” the bottom says rather wistfully, collapsing in a heap on the bed.  I just look at Harley.  He nods. 

I sprawl on the bed.  “Sit on me,” I tell the willing man.  He rides me wiling, not quite comprehending that we are about to try a DP.  I pull him down, so his chest is flat with mine.  My cock is still in his hole.  Harley moves behind us.  His cockhead presses against my shaft.

“Oh, my God….” trills the bottom.

Harley stabs at his hole again.  With a little pressure he slides right up the underside of my shaft and into the bottom’s stretched hole.

“Fuck!” shouts the bottom.

I grunt in concentration and Harley just holds in place.  Then he moves.  Just.  With the two cocks smashed together it feels wonderful and like he made a much bigger thrust.  He tries a little more—making sure he doesn’t pull out too far.  It’s one of the best DP’s I’ve done.  Our cocks fit together perfectly in this willing hole.  Harley keeps pumping.  I play anchor and hold still.

“Oh, my God!  I’ve never been so full.”  the bottom pants.  “I’ve dreamed…oh, shit.  Fuck me!!”

The bottom’s soft cock is spurting.  He is covering me with cum.  Harley just keeps fucking into him.  Finally the bottom asks us to stop.  We both pull out and the bottom collapses.

“That was incredible,” he sighs.

I grin and reach for a towel.  Harley stands and waits for me to finish mopping up before he says “Here” and sticks his ass slick cock in my mouth. 

We share hole the rest of the night…

Next time—Young ass in the dark room…

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Cell Phone and the Straight Guy

Near Home—July, August, 2014

I had two other odd encounters in July and August that I thought were worth sharing.

WARNING:  This first story is about a woman and a number of men.  It’s not heavy sex—but some.  If that is something you cannot read about, skip to the second part that starts at the big Roman numeral II.

I.                   July
I am in the straight movie theatre at the bookstore near me.  The traffic of men has been restless.  I have seen many guys come through---but no one stays.  They linger at the door, but since no one else has started to play they don’t stay to watch or join in.  My cock is out—but even that is not pulling anyone of interest to it.  The guys seem to be truly straight.

Fifteen minutes later, three guys come in and sit along the wall opposite me.  Two I’ve never seen before.  One looks familiar.  I try to place him—yup, it’s the Jerker—the guy we covered in cum last week.  They all look at the screen, squeezing the mounds of cock hidden in their pants.

The door opens.  All eyes watch as a woman in her mid-forties walks in.  She is extremely well put together, nothing like so many of the women who come here to pleasure their boyfriends (and others) in public.  Her dark blond hair is cut short.  Her expensive looking blouse is an ocean blue, 
unbuttoned at the neck.  It is tucked into a tight denim skirt.  She has a small waist and she knows it—a large metallic belt shines in the light from the television screen.  She selects a chair on my side, leaving one chair between us.  She rummages in her large purse.  She removes a scarf and something I can’t quite see.

The guys across the way are now groping themselves openly, though no one has unzipped their fly.  Even my cock was half-hid on her way past me.  The woman proceeds to tie the scarf around her eyes.  The blindfold in place, she touches a button on the phone in her lap.

“I have the scarf on,” she says softly into the phone.  “I can’t see anything.”

The boys unzip and haul out their dicks.

“I should what?”  She pauses, making sure she heard her instructions correctly.  “All right.”  The phone goes into her lap.  She unbuttons her blouse and pulls it off.  She folds it and then she gropes for the bag, finds it and puts the blouse inside.  She is left in a sheer black brassiere.  “The blouse is off.”  She pauses again as she gets further instructions.  This time the phone stays at her left ear.  Her right hand fondles her breast.  “No,” she whispers.  “There are men here, but no one has touched me yet.”

All four of us are openly stroking now—but she can’t see any of us.

The woman gets instructions to remove her bra.  Down goes the phone.  She struggles for a moment but frees herself of the garment.  It drops on the bag.  The first of the men has risen.  He moves over and starts to fondle her.

She sighs into the phone.  “I have hands all over my breasts.”  The man guides her free hand to his dick.  She tells her husband/boyfriend, “I have the first cock in my hand.”  She stokes it freely, the other hand holding the phone getting her instructions.  “You want me to?” she asks the unseen man.  He must tell her yes, for she guides the cock into her mouth.  The guy getting sucked has no self-control at all.  He pulls out and shoots a load all over her shoulder.  She reports this on the phone as he zips up and leaves.

The Jerker and I stand up.  We smile at each other, but he’s all Hetro swagger today.  He places her hand on his seven inches.  “I have another cock in my hand.  It’s bigger.”  He guides it into her mouth.  He lets her stroke and lick at it for a bit.  He reaches under her skirt.  “May I spread my legs?” she asks her phone partner.  She does, so we know what he answered.  “I didn’t wear panties, just like you said.”  The Jerker fingers her for a moment then kneels and proceeds to eat her out.  I brush my cock against her shoulder.  “I have a big one to suck,” she announces.  And does.  Though her mouth is not really big enough.  The third guy comes over.  This must be what she and the man on the phone crave.  She tells him there is another dick and she is allowed to put the phone down and suck the new arrival—all while the Jerker is busy with his mouth below. 

My Dom instincts kick in.  I guide her head back and forth between my cock and the smaller one on her left.  I massage the load she took into her breasts.  The phone must be on the speaker setting for I can hear the man on the other end breathing heavily—matching her noisy slurping sounds.

And just as fast it’s over.  The Jerker has latexed up, thinking he would slide into her.  As he starts to enter her, she springs away like his cock is an electrode.  The blindfold is off in a single movement.  “I need to go.”  She grabs her clothes as we all back off.  She doesn’t worry about the bra, but just throws on the blouse—and all but runs out of the room to her man waiting in the parking lot.  She’s fulfilled a fantasy, whether it is hers or the unseen man’s or both, I can’t tell.

In penance for making it end too soon, I make the Jerker suck me off. 

I cum in his mouth.  On purpose.

II.                 August
The next time I go to the bookstore, is a lonely Sunday afternoon.  Work is winding down, and I want to try another time of day.  I’ve lucked out before on a Sunday, but the pickings are slim today.  The only man around is someone who looks like a recent college grad.  He has the local university’s jersey on, but I am fairly sure he never played.  He’s too slight for football.  His ginger hair is the first thing I see when I walk into the room.  His pale skin glows in the light from the screen.  The jersey is tucked into a pair of jeans that has a huge bulge.  It’s obvious he’s been here for a while enjoying the particularly nasty porn that is playing on the straight side.  Every scene in the video has two guys on one girl, and all holes are used. 

He is sitting along the right wall.  I sit on the couch on the back wall.  He glances at me, acknowledging that I’m there.  He gives a grunt and a sharp squeeze to his crotch every time the girl is forced to lick the cock straight from her ass.

He breaks the silence.  “She can really take it, can’t she.”

I agree.  I undo my pants and my cock springs out.  I jerk it.  He stays focused on the screen.  Another sigh and squeeze.  He glances at me.  “Jesus, man.  That is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.”

“Thanks—but there’s a bigger one right there on the screen.”

“I mean in person.”  Then he gets all flustered and looks away.  “Not that I’ve seen many guys hard.  I like girls.”  He looks right at me on the last word.

“So it seems,” I say, gesturing to the obscene mound in his jeans.

He relaxes and watches the girl get DP-ed.

“Why don’t you get more comfortable?” I ask.  “That mound looks like it has to hurt.”

“It does, kinda, but I don’t want a lot of guys to see me.”

“No one’s here.  No one has come in since I got here.”

“I don’t think I better.  I need to save it for my girlfriend.”

“Well, it’s not going to bother me.”  There’s an understatement.

We watch in silence.  The girl on the screen is, to my surprise, cream-pied.  The sperm dripping from both holes really gets him going. 

“I have to.”  He stands up and undoes his jeans.  The white Jockey’s are swollen into a luscious looking mound. 

“Come sit back here,” I suggest, ever helpful.  “You’ll have more recovery time if the door opens.”

He nods and shuffles over to sit beside me, on my left.  He pulls the waistband down of his underwear.  A beautiful curved dick, with a fiery red bush is on display.  I try not to look at him too much.  I really want to suck that cock. 

We beat in unison.  I offer him lube.  He accepts.

“You know,” he says, “I’ve never touched another guys cock when it’s hard.”



“Well go ahead.  I don’t care.  I’ve even let the gay guys here suck it.”


“Yeah.”  I trot out the old chestnut.  “Guys give better head.” 

He thinks about that for a long time.  “Really?”

“Sure they know what feels good on their own dick.”

“Yeah.”  He looks at my cock.  “That makes sense.”

We stroke and watch a new girl with two new men up on the screen.

A long moment.  Tension is beginning to build between us.

He breaks the silence.  “Can I?”


“Touch it.”

I look at him.  “Sure.  I don’t mind.”

I expect him to reach over and do it.  But he stands up.  He bends to gets something out of the pocket of the jeans crumpled on the floor.  He snaps it in place as he sits back down.


He has put on a latex glove on his right hand.  He reaches for me.  “I have to be careful with the girlfriend.”  There is not enough lube in the world to make a latexed hand  jerking me feel good.  “Damn that’s thick,” he mumbles. 

And he shoots uncontrollably all over that jersey. 

Explain that to the girlfriend.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Cum On Me"

Near Home—July, 2014

Another Friday—another night for one of my summer escapes.  I could find no one online within an hour’s drive, so once again I ended up at the bookstore. 

It’s slow.  The gay film is horrid—Euro teenagers barely able to get hard and stay in the condoms they wear.  I flee to the straight theatre.  At least here the men on the screen are bare, even if doing rather vanilla sex.  I sit along the side wall.  I unbuckle, unbutton and pull myself out of my jeans.  The one man in the place seems uninterested in either me or the action on the screen—rather like he was waiting for a bus. He leaves within 15 minutes.  I am alone and my erection starts to flag.

The door opens.  Right on cue, my cock stiffens up, ready to show off.  A fairly good looking guy of about 35 or so comes in.  He sits on the same side, leaving the regulation one chair between us.  He’s in khaki cargo shorts and a bright orange t-shirt.  His sandals are old and worn.  He watches the screen and kneads himself through his shorts.  In moments, he’s unbuttoning and stroking a very respectable cock.  I watch him and the screen.  Soon his shirt is pulled up so it’s behind his neck, showing off a thickly furred chest.  You can still see the definition of his pecs through the tangled hair. I concentrate on the movement of his bicep as he jerks himself.

And he is beginning to throw me glances.  Brief.  Heavy lidded. 

I splay my legs, reach for my water bottle and show off my cock to him by taking my hand away from it.  I take a long drink.  I put the bottle on the floor between my legs.  I reach again for my drooling cock.

“Jerk off on me.”

His voice is a hushed whisper.  I stand up and walk over to him.  My cock slaps his bare shoulder.  I stroke.  His eyes are glued to my dick and hand.  His own hand is working his dick faster and faster.
The door opens.  I don’t move.  A large man sits in the chair I had been in.  He opens both his shirt and his pants.  His nipples are pierced and his cock is tiny.  But the younger man is fascinated.  He kicks off his pants and tosses them under his chair.  I move around to the other side of him, so the new arrival has a better view.

“Cum on me,” he asks the big guy.

The new man is hard and stands right up.  He comes to the Jerker’s side.  Now the young man in the chair can’t decide where to look— he has cock at both shoulders.  I slap my cock on his shoulder again.  The big guy wipes his cock head on the forearm of the stroker.  I watch, amazed, as the younger man leans over and takes the big man’s small dick in his mouth.  The guy starts twisting his nipple rings as he thrusts into the Jerker.  The Jerker pulls off just in time to let the guy’s load coat his hairy chest.  Nipple Rings sighs, shakes his cock on the guy and sits back down, jerking his spent dick.

The door opens.  A bearded guy (late 30’s, very hairy) comes in.  He recognizes the guy in the chair, now with a load glinting on his chest.  He opens his shorts and takes out a long thin dick.  He’s hard and moves right into place on the vacant side of the Jerker.  The Jerker sucks him, too.  I need him on my cock, dammit, but I move around and wonder if I can suck the Jerker.  He jumps when he feels me between his legs.  He holds tightly onto his dick, but lets me lick his big, hairy balls.

Meanwhile the bearded guy is getting head—head that’s good enough for the second load to be shooting out across the Jerker’s chest.

Nipple Rings wants more.  He is back in the Jerker’s mouth the moment the bearded guy is out the door.  I lick at his tightening balls. 

The door opens.  I look around.  A middle age Hispanic man I often see here, either fucking women or getting head from men, comes towards the man in the chair.  I stand up.  Nipple Rings goes down.  He pays no attention to the iron fist wrapped around the Jerker’s dick.  He pries it loose and swallows him down.  The Hispanic man is hard and at the Jerker’s other shoulder.  I watch the younger man’s mouth open and take the brown dick.  The Hispanic sighs, grins at me and, after a long suck, pushes the Jerker’s mouth in my direction.  Finally, whatever line he wouldn’t cross has been trodden into dust.  He takes me in his mouth.

I use him now.  I pump deeply into his mouth.  He gags.  Way too easily.  Maybe that was it—he can’t deep throat big dick.  I push him back on to the only slightly above average Hispanic cock.

“You want a load?”

“All over me.  Cover me with cum,” the Jerker mutters.

Nipple Rings still has the Jerker’s cock deep in his throat.

The Hispanic steps back and shoots a huge load all over the Jerker.

The door opens again before the cum shot is over.  The Hispanic moves away and mops up in a corner, revealing the two new comers.  Josh, the one man I trust to be cleaned out at the bookstore, and a college kid.  I wouldn’t mind moving to Josh’s ass, but he likes the look of all the loads clinging to the furry chest.  Josh gets out his cock and beats it off, letting the Jerker occasionally lick it.  The college kid takes out his dick, but doesn’t want to get too close to the big guy on the floor.  He walks a wide circle around him and brings his hardening cock to where I am standing on the far side.  He kneels and sucks me.  He’s not good.  I put up with it for a moment, until his teeth hit my flared cock head once too often.    I pull him up.  I kneel and suck the kid.  I hear Josh grunt.  He must be shooting on the Jerker.  The college kid is watching the action and Josh’s cum shot trigger’s his own.  My mouth is awash with his cum.  He pulls his cock out the second the last spurt has shot.
I stand up.  The Jerker looks up at me expectantly.

I stroke my cock—now not letting him touch it.

I look in the Jerker’s eyes.  And lean over and spit the massive load the kid shot in my mouth onto the Jerker’s hairy chest.  This makes him rip his cock out of Nipple Rings’ mouth.  He shoots a load mingling with all the others.

I step in and add my own to the mix of glistening cum on his chest and pubes.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fucking In the Big Chair

Detroit—June, 2014

It’s a suburb of Detroit that I have never tricked in, but I find the house easily.  Rain is just beginning to spatter the street as I park my car.  I cross the street and knock.  The sunny drive into the city has turned to a grey and nasty cloudburst by the time the host opens the door.

“I told Mikey I heard the doorbell, but he said you couldn’t possibly be here yet.”

“I’m on time, aren’t I?” I ask as I hug our host.  He’s been through a lot lately—and the troubles have etched themselves on his face.  I follow our host up some steep steps and around the clutter on the landing.

“Oh, yeah.  Mikey is just finishing up in the shower.”

The chair is set up. 

Mikey emerges naked, steamy and slightly wet.

We chat.

I strip.

We take some pictures of Mikey in the fuck chair.

I put the camera down and walk to the chair.  I kneel and work my tongue into Mikey’s ass.  The host sits in a regular chair opposite, opens his robe and strokes.  Soon he walks over to chew on Mikey’s nipples.  I use this as my cue to stand up and fuck Mikey.  I love watching his face as I enter him.  I can chart how deep in him I am by watching his eyes. I fuck until our host is hard.

The host spells me up Mikey’s ass.  It’s my turn to work nipples.

The men switch.  The host wants our dicks up him.  Mikey goes first.  They have ben fuck buddies for years.  He knows exactly what drives the host crazy.  I watch and take note—and take my turn.
The host tells me he needs a break.

“Do you want to eat my ass?” I ask Mikey.

“Whatever you want, Daddy Man.”

I take my turn in the chair.  I am surprised at how comfortable it is.  Then I just close my eyes and revel in the slow, wet licking of my balls, my ass cheeks and my hole.  I look over at the regular chair where the host sits—he’s asleep, mid-stroke.

I look down at Mikey, questioningly. 


He goes back to his deep rimming as I take a hit of poppers.  I lean back and  let Mikey take control of my ass.

Mikey and I change places.  I spend more time eating his hole.  Our pace has slowed since it’s now all about just the two of us.  I stand.  I slip into him.  Literally.  One long glide into his well fucked chute.

He groans softly in the back of his throat.  Our eyes are locked on each other again.  I am doing slow pull outs and slower thrusts. It is making him pant.  I reach a point where I have to fuck him hard.  I am amazed the sound of my hips slapping on Mikey’s upturned butt doesn’t wake our host up.  But it doesn’t. 

“You make me feel so good…”

This make me fuck him even harder.  Suddenly, I am over the edge—long before I want to be.  I am spewing my cum into him.  Deep.  And there is a lot of it.  I keep shooting and shooting.  I bend down.  Our lips meet. 

We kiss for a long time.

And he’s milking my dick the whole time.  I am marinating in his hole.  He squeezes me—clamping down with that talented ass—getting every drop of seed out of my balls.

We don’t disturb the sleeping host.  We just hold on to each other and whisper exactly what we are feeling into the other’s ear.

And the pictures.......

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Big Chair

Detroit—June, 2014

At the end of the month, Mikey (the Breeder’s older brother) and I connected.  We were both up for just the two of us—but then it morphed into having a third who would host.  I knew this other versatile guy, but hadn’t seen him in a long time, so I was fine with being inclusive.

I will be writing this is two parts—for our host had a piece of equipment like I’d never seen.  You all know (if you’ve read more than a post or two) that I love equipment that helps to make it a better fuck.  Slings, fuck benches, rimseats, crosses, are great ways to facilitate great sex—but they can be expensive and many people don’t have the room for the big furniture that helps make a bottom comfortable.  Well, the host had something that we all can afford:  a big collapsible chair.

Now I’ve seen this design of lawn chair for years, in the size of a regular chair.  This one’s back was 6 foot high and with a very roomy seat. The arms were the perfect spread to support the bottom’s legs.  Let Mikey demonstrate for you….

Mikey is 5’ 7” for a size comparison.  But my 6’ 3” frame was comfortable in it also as Mikey spent quite some time rimming my ass.

It was set up in about 30 seconds—faster than I could get out of my clothes.  It withstood a vigorous fucking with no wobbling.  The arms had cup holders where we stashed lube and poppers instead of extra large Mountain Dews. 

I was skeptical at first, I’ll admit, but it worked very well—and it is within almost anyone’s budget.

I love creative pigs…

And tomorrow I’ll write about what I did in it—as I’m late for driving into the piss party.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Graduation Present

The Next Town Over—June, 2014

The summer did have a couple of highlights.  This was one.  Though it still merits the “odd” tag.

Cam has appeared in these posts before.  He is the local top (who lives in a town nearby that is even smaller than mine.)  He often hosts motel parties in slightly larger cities.  Just as often, at least lately, he calls me if there is man he wants me to share at one of the two bookstores.  Rarely, we meet at his house when his wife is away.  I was checking the emails on the vanilla hook-up site when I got a message from him.

“I know you’re busy, but can you come over tonight?”

I thought about my blue balls over these last weeks.  Work was still hell, but I would just be traveling a few miles to his house, not the trek I usually have to make to one of the major cities.   “I can—but not until after 8pm.  What’s happening?”

“I want you to give this boy I’ve been playing with, his graduation present.”

“Really?  Is he LEGAL?”

“Yup.  I made him show me his license.  His dream is to be sandwiched by two daddies.”

“I’ll get there as fast after 8 o’clock as I can.”


I knock lightly.  I wait.  No response.  That means Cam is busy fucking.  I just go in.  The house is small and dark except for a light from the television in the living room.  The house has far too much stuff in it—most of it plastic and with the name of the vacation place where it was bought emblazoned across it.  It is fine by me that it’s dark and I can’t see.  I go towards the light.  1990’s porn is playing on the television, the music on the soundtrack fills the room with an occasional grunt and groan from the over groomed men on the screen.  I use the chair I always use to dump my clothes.  Naked, I go around the corner to the spare bedroom.  The door is wide open.

I can hear a real grunt now.  It’s Cam.  But I can’t see a damn thing in the windowless room.  I stand at the end of the bed.  Just the idea of this scene has got me hard.  As my eyes adjust, I see Cam on his back, propped up on the pillows, his legs splayed.  The boy is on all fours between them, nursing Cam’s cock in his mouth.  The young man has a footballer’s build.  (From one of the local high school teams, I find out later.)  His hair is cropped close.  He has that first-flush-of-pride chinstrap scruff on his face that is grown by so many young men.  His cock is hard—rather average in size, but rock hard and dripping onto the bedspread.  I watch, sitting on the side of the bed.  The boy’s hand reaches out for me—not looking in my direction at all.  On the third try, he connects with my dick.  He tries to stroke it, keep his balance and suck Cam.  The older man stops him and pushes his head in my direction. 

The boy’s mouth engulfs my cock. 

“Urgh.”  I grunt.  He’s all teeth and speed.  I put up with it for a moment, then pull away and get behind him.  His full ass needs to be played with.  I sink my tongue into him.  Deep and hard.  He grunts in pleasure.  I’m sure he’s never been tongued as deeply as I’m reaming him.

“Get him good and wet,” Cam tells me, “so I fuck him.”

I eat the boy out until Cam moves around, fisting his cock.  I spit on it for him and move away so he can fuck the boy.  I watch the young man’s face as Cam enters.  He wants it so much, but he can’t relax and take it.  And then, as Cam holds in place, fully inserted, I watch the pain give way to waves of pleasure.  Now, there is a look of sheer rut on his face.  When he sees me looking at him, he buries his face in the pillow.  Cam is fucking him incredibly slowly.  The boy is moaning—chewing on the pillow case.  I stroke his thick neck.

Cam spends a long time opening him up—a good thing if he truly wants me in him next.  Eventually, Cam slaps his ass.  “I think he’s ready for the big boy.”  I move around behind him.  I add lots of lube.  My cock is lined up.  I inch in.  He takes the cock head, but with a grunt of pain. 

“You want more?”

“Yeah,” he grunts through the pillow case.  “Split me with that big log.”  I sigh under my breath—he’s been listening to Cam’s porn.

But I keep inching in.  More and more.  Cam moves around and lifts his head out of the pillow.  The boy takes the proffered cock, mostly to distract him from the one invading his ass.  I look down at my cock going into this young man—the youngest man I’ve ever fucked since I was just starting out sexually.  As that thought sinks in, the boy’s ass opens and I hit home.  He grunts around Cam’s cock.  I stay buried, not moving at all, for a long time.

“Go ahead and fuck him.”  Cam reaches across him and slaps the upturned butt.  I begin a slow acceleration.  The boy’s breathing changes.  It’s labored now, in the good way.  His breath is rasping—on each thrust.

When I finally pull out, to let Cam back in, I look down at my cock, sigh, and head to the bathroom.  Cam trots in after me.  “I was afraid of that.”  He roots around in a cabinet to my right as I soap up.  He pulls out an enema bottle.

There is an intermission of 30 minutes, where I watch 90’s porn, as Cam teaches him to clean out.


We are in the living room now.  He’s emerged from the shower pink and glowing.

“Sorry about that,” he mumbles as he kneels in front of me.

“But you learned something.  Right?”

He nods and goes down on me.  He’s all teeth again—even at this better angle.

“Here.”  I stand up.  “Sit down there.”  I kneel in front of him.  His cock is hard.  I graze it with my teeth.  He flinches.  I show him how I can wrap my lips over my teeth.  I use my tongue to swab the head.  I show him different kinds of suction.  I leave him panting.  Cam comes back with a cold drink in his hand.  He watches and sits in the chair opposite.  “Now show him what you just learned,” I tell the footballer.  The boy gets up and goes down on Cam. 

Cam grins at me.  “That is so much better.”  He rubs behind the boy’s ears, as if he were a big dog.  The boy crawls over between my legs, eager to show off that he’s a willing pupil. 

And he’s good.  He still has trouble with deep throating me, but he’s now giving a good blow job.


We have been tagging the boy for over an hour, out in the living room.  I have to get home.  I pull out of his ass and let Cam go up the now well-stretched ass.

“Where do you want my load?” I ask him.

“All over my face.”  He rears up—pulling Cam out of his ass.  I move in and jerk the load onto his upturned face.  It runs down his nose, clinging to the scruff on his face.  He opens his mouth to get the last spurt of cum.  He cleans my cock head, and shyly smiles—asking to do it all again soon.
I grin and give him my email address.


The young man wrote me the next day.  “I love your cock.  Fuck me tonight.” 

I couldn’t of course, with my awful work load.  By the end of the next week I could.  I wrote Cam to ask about the boy—and to see if we all had time.

“He’s not playing with me anymore,” Cam wrote back.  “He got his first girlfriend and says fucking her is better.”

I just hope he teaches her how to give better head…

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Color Me Blue

Near Home—May/June, 2014

My next play centered around IML.  I hope you all read the day by day reporting of my sexual exploits with all those leather men from around the world.  (If you didn’t, the first of the seven posts is right here.)

When I came back from Chicago I didn’t want to play--which was a good thing, as my work schedule increased to the point where I really couldn’t have sex even if I’d wanted to do so.  I finally worked out a schedule so I could escape one night a week to the closest adult bookstore.  Maybe it was because I was forced into just one night of fun, but much of my summer play was awful, funny or odd. 

The first time I ventured out I had remarkable good luck at the beginning of the evening.  I got four loads down my throat from three different guys.  They were all rather dark and anonymous.  I haven’t a clue what any of them looked like.  The only note I made was about the guy after those three.  He was tall and skinny and dressed in shorts and a t-shirt—and he’d been in them for several days from the look and smell of them.  He wanted to suck my cock.  I said no thank you.  He offered again.  I said no.  Now he offered to suck my dick, if I would drive him home.  Repeatedly.  On and on.  “Will you take me home?  I’ll suck your dick if you will.”  He drove the one other occupant of the theatre out the door.  It got to the point I finally had to flee and lock myself in the rest room.  When I emerged, a large piss load lighter, it seemed like he had emptied the entire complex.  There was not a man in sight.  I went home blue balled.


The next week started out well, too. 

I am on my knees sucking the big cock of the man with 666 tattooed on his shoulder.  (You can read the first encounter with him here.).  He’s holding my ears and fucking my mouth.  Hard.  The door opens.  A very hot young Hispanic guy comes in.  He stops dead, one hand on the door knob and one hand kneading his crotch.  He can’t take his eyes off of us.  We stop.  We turn our attention to him.  The young man pulls down his pants.  Mr. 666 bends over and sucks his cock.  I get behind the college kid and start eating his cute, brown butt.  He arches his back and grinds his hole onto my tongue.

“Fuck me, Papi.”

Mr. 666 stands.  I push into the hottest man I’ve seen at the bookstore in months.  His ass is hot, his full butt looks magnificent surrounding my cock.  Mr. 666 is in his mouth now.  We are spit roasting him, pumping in perfect time with each other.  Two more men come in and get their cocks out.  The three of them rotate in the boy’s mouth as I fuck.

And then it becomes clear there has been no clean out for this guy.  My cock is not covered, but caked with it.  The stench is over whelming and sends all the players scurrying away.  I wrap my dick in paper towel and head to the restroom.  But I can’t get the smell off of me with the cheap liquid soap.  I have to go home. And shower and shower.  Blue balled.


The next week I am so horned.  I have not jacked off, knowing things have to get better.  I have a massive load for someone.  I drive my 45 minutes in a blur of visions of what I might get to do. ..

I arrive to an empty parking lot.  The bookstore is closed.  There is no power anywhere in this part of the city. 

Blue balled before I could even get it up.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Motel "Three" Way

Kalamazoo—May, 2014

I wasn’t planning on playing.  After all, IML was almost here—I was fine with saving my loads for Chicago and the leather men congregating there at the end of the week.  But sometimes you get what looks like the right invite:

“I am looking for another top to fuck a bud of mine…”

I chatted with the top.  He said all the right things.  He wanted to watch my big dick work this guy over.  He loved taking turns with other tops.  He liked to lick a dick pulled out of his buddy’s ass.  The picture of the bottom was good—a guy just moving into his middle years.  Maybe 5’8” and trim.  A furry butt and chest.  The top had just a dick pic, but I didn’t need to see much more. He told me the name of a motel that wasn’t too far away.

“And, I might,” he concluded, “want that hunk of sausage up my own ass while I’m fucking him.”
Oh, damn.  My cock stirred and made me type that I just needed the time and the room number…

I find the motel easily.  It’s a mid-priced one—no outside access to the individual rooms.  I take a deep breath and walk through the lobby as if I know exactly where the elevators are located.  And it seems I do.  They are right there.  I go up, find the room and knock on the laminate door.  I wait.  And wait.  I have that moment of “they set me up” butterflies.  Then the bottom is there and opening the door.  He’s fully naked and looks even better in person than his more than adequate pictures suggested.  He smiles, says his name is Jeremy and leads me into the room. 

The top is naked and sprawled on the only couch in the room.  And he takes up most of it.  He is stroking a very soft cock, watching me as I sit on the bed and untie my boots.  I just strip down to my socks.  The top indicates Jeremy should get back to work on him.  Jeremy gets on all fours and crawls between the spread fleshy thighs splayed in front of him.  This leaves his hairy butt for me.  I’m fine with that.  I get down on the carpet and sink my face into the deep cleft between his cheeks.  I hear an intake of breath from Jeremy as I prod him deeply with my tongue.  I hope the top might reach down and spread the ass for me, but no such luck.  I manage quite nicely on my own.  I lube my dick as I relish the hairiness of his hole.  I am more than ready to fuck.

I come up for air.  Jeremy is still working the top’s cock which is showing no signs of erecting.  I don’t wait to be asked.  I just position myself and push into Jeremy.  He grunts, but takes me in one smooth entry.  I start fucking him at a steady, quick tempo almost instantly.  I increase the thrust enough that I am pushing Jeremy onto the top’s cock with each thrust.

And to no avail.  Watching me fuck doesn’t get him hard either.

My knees have had enough of the carpet.  “Up on the bed.  On your back.” 

Jeremy is happy to obey.  The top just sits there.

“You could come over and hold his legs and get your dick in his mouth.”  Ever the director. 

The top comes over and does just that.  Jeremy is right at the edge of the bed.  I sink into the hairy hole from a standing position.  I go deeper than on the floor.  Jeremy is panting around the limp dick hanging into his mouth.  He tries to suck it, and then just gives up.  At about the same time, the top hands me the ankles of the boy and flops down across the pillows of the bed.  I fuck until I want to change position.  I pull out and offer my cock to the top to suck—right out of Jeremy’s ass as he mentioned.  He perks up for a moment.  He sucks me to clean off the ass juice.  But he’s all teeth.  I can’t take it for long.  Instead, I pull out of his mouth and thrust it into Jeremy’s.  He’s good.  And eager.  He sucks me to the root.

I fuck him on all fours on the bed, facing the top—who now makes no move other than groping himself.

“Sir, I need to piss.  Can we stop for a minute?”

I pull out.  I consider for a moment, then “You going to waste it?”

Jeremy just looks at me.  It takes a moment, but he gets it.  A nasty little gleam is in his eye.  “You want me to piss in your mouth?”

I nod.  I kneel before him.  I look up at his face. It is a great mixture of lust and apprehension.  He sticks his soft cock in my mouth.  I’m good.  My tongue doesn’t touch him.  I wait.  But not for long.  It just bursts from his cockhead.  No slow build.  He just empties into my stomach his load of sweet (some sort of soda) piss.  My cock, already hard, grows harder and redder as I swallow it all down. 

“That is wild,” Jeremy says to no one in particular.  “It feels really good, too.”

The moment he is done, I push him back on the bed, and fuck him on his back, with Jeremy pulling his knees up around his ears.

The top is unmoved by any of this.

Well, I’ll be damned if I’m going to stop now and try to get this sloth interested—or give him my cock up his ass—which I guess is his true reason for inviting me.

“Flip over for me again.”

Jeremy does so.  On all fours.  Right by the end of the bed.  He ignores the other guy now, too, who makes no move to insert himself into play. 

I fuck him hard.

Finally I relent.  “Lie down here, on your back, head by the foot of the bed,” I tell the top.  He does, likely thinking I’m going to fuck his throat.  “Now straddle him.”  I get Jeremy on all fours, so his butt is just over the big man’s head.  The top has a perfect view of my entering Jeremy.  He’s motionless as first, but soon he is licking as my balls and the shaft on the backstroke. 

The sounds in the room are all about sex:  the smack of flesh on flesh as my hips fuck into his ass; the moist sound of his hole taking my cock; my breath starting to pant; Jeremy groaning— his face in the ball sack of the man under him; the hiss of breath from the other top as he inhales the smell of my cock and Jeremy’s ass; the smacking of his lips as he tastes my cock covered in the ass slime.

This will do it for me. 

And it does. 

I shoot.

I want to just hold in place and unload, but I keep pumping—so I pull load out of Jeremy’s hole and let it drip onto the top’s upturned face…