Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Motel "Three" Way

Kalamazoo—May, 2014

I wasn’t planning on playing.  After all, IML was almost here—I was fine with saving my loads for Chicago and the leather men congregating there at the end of the week.  But sometimes you get what looks like the right invite:

“I am looking for another top to fuck a bud of mine…”

I chatted with the top.  He said all the right things.  He wanted to watch my big dick work this guy over.  He loved taking turns with other tops.  He liked to lick a dick pulled out of his buddy’s ass.  The picture of the bottom was good—a guy just moving into his middle years.  Maybe 5’8” and trim.  A furry butt and chest.  The top had just a dick pic, but I didn’t need to see much more. He told me the name of a motel that wasn’t too far away.

“And, I might,” he concluded, “want that hunk of sausage up my own ass while I’m fucking him.”
Oh, damn.  My cock stirred and made me type that I just needed the time and the room number…

I find the motel easily.  It’s a mid-priced one—no outside access to the individual rooms.  I take a deep breath and walk through the lobby as if I know exactly where the elevators are located.  And it seems I do.  They are right there.  I go up, find the room and knock on the laminate door.  I wait.  And wait.  I have that moment of “they set me up” butterflies.  Then the bottom is there and opening the door.  He’s fully naked and looks even better in person than his more than adequate pictures suggested.  He smiles, says his name is Jeremy and leads me into the room. 

The top is naked and sprawled on the only couch in the room.  And he takes up most of it.  He is stroking a very soft cock, watching me as I sit on the bed and untie my boots.  I just strip down to my socks.  The top indicates Jeremy should get back to work on him.  Jeremy gets on all fours and crawls between the spread fleshy thighs splayed in front of him.  This leaves his hairy butt for me.  I’m fine with that.  I get down on the carpet and sink my face into the deep cleft between his cheeks.  I hear an intake of breath from Jeremy as I prod him deeply with my tongue.  I hope the top might reach down and spread the ass for me, but no such luck.  I manage quite nicely on my own.  I lube my dick as I relish the hairiness of his hole.  I am more than ready to fuck.

I come up for air.  Jeremy is still working the top’s cock which is showing no signs of erecting.  I don’t wait to be asked.  I just position myself and push into Jeremy.  He grunts, but takes me in one smooth entry.  I start fucking him at a steady, quick tempo almost instantly.  I increase the thrust enough that I am pushing Jeremy onto the top’s cock with each thrust.

And to no avail.  Watching me fuck doesn’t get him hard either.

My knees have had enough of the carpet.  “Up on the bed.  On your back.” 

Jeremy is happy to obey.  The top just sits there.

“You could come over and hold his legs and get your dick in his mouth.”  Ever the director. 

The top comes over and does just that.  Jeremy is right at the edge of the bed.  I sink into the hairy hole from a standing position.  I go deeper than on the floor.  Jeremy is panting around the limp dick hanging into his mouth.  He tries to suck it, and then just gives up.  At about the same time, the top hands me the ankles of the boy and flops down across the pillows of the bed.  I fuck until I want to change position.  I pull out and offer my cock to the top to suck—right out of Jeremy’s ass as he mentioned.  He perks up for a moment.  He sucks me to clean off the ass juice.  But he’s all teeth.  I can’t take it for long.  Instead, I pull out of his mouth and thrust it into Jeremy’s.  He’s good.  And eager.  He sucks me to the root.

I fuck him on all fours on the bed, facing the top—who now makes no move other than groping himself.

“Sir, I need to piss.  Can we stop for a minute?”

I pull out.  I consider for a moment, then “You going to waste it?”

Jeremy just looks at me.  It takes a moment, but he gets it.  A nasty little gleam is in his eye.  “You want me to piss in your mouth?”

I nod.  I kneel before him.  I look up at his face. It is a great mixture of lust and apprehension.  He sticks his soft cock in my mouth.  I’m good.  My tongue doesn’t touch him.  I wait.  But not for long.  It just bursts from his cockhead.  No slow build.  He just empties into my stomach his load of sweet (some sort of soda) piss.  My cock, already hard, grows harder and redder as I swallow it all down. 

“That is wild,” Jeremy says to no one in particular.  “It feels really good, too.”

The moment he is done, I push him back on the bed, and fuck him on his back, with Jeremy pulling his knees up around his ears.

The top is unmoved by any of this.

Well, I’ll be damned if I’m going to stop now and try to get this sloth interested—or give him my cock up his ass—which I guess is his true reason for inviting me.

“Flip over for me again.”

Jeremy does so.  On all fours.  Right by the end of the bed.  He ignores the other guy now, too, who makes no move to insert himself into play. 

I fuck him hard.

Finally I relent.  “Lie down here, on your back, head by the foot of the bed,” I tell the top.  He does, likely thinking I’m going to fuck his throat.  “Now straddle him.”  I get Jeremy on all fours, so his butt is just over the big man’s head.  The top has a perfect view of my entering Jeremy.  He’s motionless as first, but soon he is licking as my balls and the shaft on the backstroke. 

The sounds in the room are all about sex:  the smack of flesh on flesh as my hips fuck into his ass; the moist sound of his hole taking my cock; my breath starting to pant; Jeremy groaning— his face in the ball sack of the man under him; the hiss of breath from the other top as he inhales the smell of my cock and Jeremy’s ass; the smacking of his lips as he tastes my cock covered in the ass slime.

This will do it for me. 

And it does. 

I shoot.

I want to just hold in place and unload, but I keep pumping—so I pull load out of Jeremy’s hole and let it drip onto the top’s upturned face…

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