Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Cell Phone and the Straight Guy

Near Home—July, August, 2014

I had two other odd encounters in July and August that I thought were worth sharing.

WARNING:  This first story is about a woman and a number of men.  It’s not heavy sex—but some.  If that is something you cannot read about, skip to the second part that starts at the big Roman numeral II.

I.                   July
I am in the straight movie theatre at the bookstore near me.  The traffic of men has been restless.  I have seen many guys come through---but no one stays.  They linger at the door, but since no one else has started to play they don’t stay to watch or join in.  My cock is out—but even that is not pulling anyone of interest to it.  The guys seem to be truly straight.

Fifteen minutes later, three guys come in and sit along the wall opposite me.  Two I’ve never seen before.  One looks familiar.  I try to place him—yup, it’s the Jerker—the guy we covered in cum last week.  They all look at the screen, squeezing the mounds of cock hidden in their pants.

The door opens.  All eyes watch as a woman in her mid-forties walks in.  She is extremely well put together, nothing like so many of the women who come here to pleasure their boyfriends (and others) in public.  Her dark blond hair is cut short.  Her expensive looking blouse is an ocean blue, 
unbuttoned at the neck.  It is tucked into a tight denim skirt.  She has a small waist and she knows it—a large metallic belt shines in the light from the television screen.  She selects a chair on my side, leaving one chair between us.  She rummages in her large purse.  She removes a scarf and something I can’t quite see.

The guys across the way are now groping themselves openly, though no one has unzipped their fly.  Even my cock was half-hid on her way past me.  The woman proceeds to tie the scarf around her eyes.  The blindfold in place, she touches a button on the phone in her lap.

“I have the scarf on,” she says softly into the phone.  “I can’t see anything.”

The boys unzip and haul out their dicks.

“I should what?”  She pauses, making sure she heard her instructions correctly.  “All right.”  The phone goes into her lap.  She unbuttons her blouse and pulls it off.  She folds it and then she gropes for the bag, finds it and puts the blouse inside.  She is left in a sheer black brassiere.  “The blouse is off.”  She pauses again as she gets further instructions.  This time the phone stays at her left ear.  Her right hand fondles her breast.  “No,” she whispers.  “There are men here, but no one has touched me yet.”

All four of us are openly stroking now—but she can’t see any of us.

The woman gets instructions to remove her bra.  Down goes the phone.  She struggles for a moment but frees herself of the garment.  It drops on the bag.  The first of the men has risen.  He moves over and starts to fondle her.

She sighs into the phone.  “I have hands all over my breasts.”  The man guides her free hand to his dick.  She tells her husband/boyfriend, “I have the first cock in my hand.”  She stokes it freely, the other hand holding the phone getting her instructions.  “You want me to?” she asks the unseen man.  He must tell her yes, for she guides the cock into her mouth.  The guy getting sucked has no self-control at all.  He pulls out and shoots a load all over her shoulder.  She reports this on the phone as he zips up and leaves.

The Jerker and I stand up.  We smile at each other, but he’s all Hetro swagger today.  He places her hand on his seven inches.  “I have another cock in my hand.  It’s bigger.”  He guides it into her mouth.  He lets her stroke and lick at it for a bit.  He reaches under her skirt.  “May I spread my legs?” she asks her phone partner.  She does, so we know what he answered.  “I didn’t wear panties, just like you said.”  The Jerker fingers her for a moment then kneels and proceeds to eat her out.  I brush my cock against her shoulder.  “I have a big one to suck,” she announces.  And does.  Though her mouth is not really big enough.  The third guy comes over.  This must be what she and the man on the phone crave.  She tells him there is another dick and she is allowed to put the phone down and suck the new arrival—all while the Jerker is busy with his mouth below. 

My Dom instincts kick in.  I guide her head back and forth between my cock and the smaller one on her left.  I massage the load she took into her breasts.  The phone must be on the speaker setting for I can hear the man on the other end breathing heavily—matching her noisy slurping sounds.

And just as fast it’s over.  The Jerker has latexed up, thinking he would slide into her.  As he starts to enter her, she springs away like his cock is an electrode.  The blindfold is off in a single movement.  “I need to go.”  She grabs her clothes as we all back off.  She doesn’t worry about the bra, but just throws on the blouse—and all but runs out of the room to her man waiting in the parking lot.  She’s fulfilled a fantasy, whether it is hers or the unseen man’s or both, I can’t tell.

In penance for making it end too soon, I make the Jerker suck me off. 

I cum in his mouth.  On purpose.

II.                 August
The next time I go to the bookstore, is a lonely Sunday afternoon.  Work is winding down, and I want to try another time of day.  I’ve lucked out before on a Sunday, but the pickings are slim today.  The only man around is someone who looks like a recent college grad.  He has the local university’s jersey on, but I am fairly sure he never played.  He’s too slight for football.  His ginger hair is the first thing I see when I walk into the room.  His pale skin glows in the light from the screen.  The jersey is tucked into a pair of jeans that has a huge bulge.  It’s obvious he’s been here for a while enjoying the particularly nasty porn that is playing on the straight side.  Every scene in the video has two guys on one girl, and all holes are used. 

He is sitting along the right wall.  I sit on the couch on the back wall.  He glances at me, acknowledging that I’m there.  He gives a grunt and a sharp squeeze to his crotch every time the girl is forced to lick the cock straight from her ass.

He breaks the silence.  “She can really take it, can’t she.”

I agree.  I undo my pants and my cock springs out.  I jerk it.  He stays focused on the screen.  Another sigh and squeeze.  He glances at me.  “Jesus, man.  That is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.”

“Thanks—but there’s a bigger one right there on the screen.”

“I mean in person.”  Then he gets all flustered and looks away.  “Not that I’ve seen many guys hard.  I like girls.”  He looks right at me on the last word.

“So it seems,” I say, gesturing to the obscene mound in his jeans.

He relaxes and watches the girl get DP-ed.

“Why don’t you get more comfortable?” I ask.  “That mound looks like it has to hurt.”

“It does, kinda, but I don’t want a lot of guys to see me.”

“No one’s here.  No one has come in since I got here.”

“I don’t think I better.  I need to save it for my girlfriend.”

“Well, it’s not going to bother me.”  There’s an understatement.

We watch in silence.  The girl on the screen is, to my surprise, cream-pied.  The sperm dripping from both holes really gets him going. 

“I have to.”  He stands up and undoes his jeans.  The white Jockey’s are swollen into a luscious looking mound. 

“Come sit back here,” I suggest, ever helpful.  “You’ll have more recovery time if the door opens.”

He nods and shuffles over to sit beside me, on my left.  He pulls the waistband down of his underwear.  A beautiful curved dick, with a fiery red bush is on display.  I try not to look at him too much.  I really want to suck that cock. 

We beat in unison.  I offer him lube.  He accepts.

“You know,” he says, “I’ve never touched another guys cock when it’s hard.”



“Well go ahead.  I don’t care.  I’ve even let the gay guys here suck it.”


“Yeah.”  I trot out the old chestnut.  “Guys give better head.” 

He thinks about that for a long time.  “Really?”

“Sure they know what feels good on their own dick.”

“Yeah.”  He looks at my cock.  “That makes sense.”

We stroke and watch a new girl with two new men up on the screen.

A long moment.  Tension is beginning to build between us.

He breaks the silence.  “Can I?”


“Touch it.”

I look at him.  “Sure.  I don’t mind.”

I expect him to reach over and do it.  But he stands up.  He bends to gets something out of the pocket of the jeans crumpled on the floor.  He snaps it in place as he sits back down.


He has put on a latex glove on his right hand.  He reaches for me.  “I have to be careful with the girlfriend.”  There is not enough lube in the world to make a latexed hand  jerking me feel good.  “Damn that’s thick,” he mumbles. 

And he shoots uncontrollably all over that jersey. 

Explain that to the girlfriend.


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    1. Thanks--that means a lot coming from a really good porn reporter. You've always had a unique and telling style yourself...

  2. What was that song the Doors used to sing? "People are strange when you're a stranger......"
    Another great post!

    1. Wouldn't life be boring if we were all alike?? I'm glad you liked it...

  3. "I cum in his mouth. On purpose."
    Now that's what I'm talking about...

    1. Well, I'd been so solicitous with him the time before---and it didn't seem to help....