Thursday, September 18, 2014

"Cum On Me"

Near Home—July, 2014

Another Friday—another night for one of my summer escapes.  I could find no one online within an hour’s drive, so once again I ended up at the bookstore. 

It’s slow.  The gay film is horrid—Euro teenagers barely able to get hard and stay in the condoms they wear.  I flee to the straight theatre.  At least here the men on the screen are bare, even if doing rather vanilla sex.  I sit along the side wall.  I unbuckle, unbutton and pull myself out of my jeans.  The one man in the place seems uninterested in either me or the action on the screen—rather like he was waiting for a bus. He leaves within 15 minutes.  I am alone and my erection starts to flag.

The door opens.  Right on cue, my cock stiffens up, ready to show off.  A fairly good looking guy of about 35 or so comes in.  He sits on the same side, leaving the regulation one chair between us.  He’s in khaki cargo shorts and a bright orange t-shirt.  His sandals are old and worn.  He watches the screen and kneads himself through his shorts.  In moments, he’s unbuttoning and stroking a very respectable cock.  I watch him and the screen.  Soon his shirt is pulled up so it’s behind his neck, showing off a thickly furred chest.  You can still see the definition of his pecs through the tangled hair. I concentrate on the movement of his bicep as he jerks himself.

And he is beginning to throw me glances.  Brief.  Heavy lidded. 

I splay my legs, reach for my water bottle and show off my cock to him by taking my hand away from it.  I take a long drink.  I put the bottle on the floor between my legs.  I reach again for my drooling cock.

“Jerk off on me.”

His voice is a hushed whisper.  I stand up and walk over to him.  My cock slaps his bare shoulder.  I stroke.  His eyes are glued to my dick and hand.  His own hand is working his dick faster and faster.
The door opens.  I don’t move.  A large man sits in the chair I had been in.  He opens both his shirt and his pants.  His nipples are pierced and his cock is tiny.  But the younger man is fascinated.  He kicks off his pants and tosses them under his chair.  I move around to the other side of him, so the new arrival has a better view.

“Cum on me,” he asks the big guy.

The new man is hard and stands right up.  He comes to the Jerker’s side.  Now the young man in the chair can’t decide where to look— he has cock at both shoulders.  I slap my cock on his shoulder again.  The big guy wipes his cock head on the forearm of the stroker.  I watch, amazed, as the younger man leans over and takes the big man’s small dick in his mouth.  The guy starts twisting his nipple rings as he thrusts into the Jerker.  The Jerker pulls off just in time to let the guy’s load coat his hairy chest.  Nipple Rings sighs, shakes his cock on the guy and sits back down, jerking his spent dick.

The door opens.  A bearded guy (late 30’s, very hairy) comes in.  He recognizes the guy in the chair, now with a load glinting on his chest.  He opens his shorts and takes out a long thin dick.  He’s hard and moves right into place on the vacant side of the Jerker.  The Jerker sucks him, too.  I need him on my cock, dammit, but I move around and wonder if I can suck the Jerker.  He jumps when he feels me between his legs.  He holds tightly onto his dick, but lets me lick his big, hairy balls.

Meanwhile the bearded guy is getting head—head that’s good enough for the second load to be shooting out across the Jerker’s chest.

Nipple Rings wants more.  He is back in the Jerker’s mouth the moment the bearded guy is out the door.  I lick at his tightening balls. 

The door opens.  I look around.  A middle age Hispanic man I often see here, either fucking women or getting head from men, comes towards the man in the chair.  I stand up.  Nipple Rings goes down.  He pays no attention to the iron fist wrapped around the Jerker’s dick.  He pries it loose and swallows him down.  The Hispanic man is hard and at the Jerker’s other shoulder.  I watch the younger man’s mouth open and take the brown dick.  The Hispanic sighs, grins at me and, after a long suck, pushes the Jerker’s mouth in my direction.  Finally, whatever line he wouldn’t cross has been trodden into dust.  He takes me in his mouth.

I use him now.  I pump deeply into his mouth.  He gags.  Way too easily.  Maybe that was it—he can’t deep throat big dick.  I push him back on to the only slightly above average Hispanic cock.

“You want a load?”

“All over me.  Cover me with cum,” the Jerker mutters.

Nipple Rings still has the Jerker’s cock deep in his throat.

The Hispanic steps back and shoots a huge load all over the Jerker.

The door opens again before the cum shot is over.  The Hispanic moves away and mops up in a corner, revealing the two new comers.  Josh, the one man I trust to be cleaned out at the bookstore, and a college kid.  I wouldn’t mind moving to Josh’s ass, but he likes the look of all the loads clinging to the furry chest.  Josh gets out his cock and beats it off, letting the Jerker occasionally lick it.  The college kid takes out his dick, but doesn’t want to get too close to the big guy on the floor.  He walks a wide circle around him and brings his hardening cock to where I am standing on the far side.  He kneels and sucks me.  He’s not good.  I put up with it for a moment, until his teeth hit my flared cock head once too often.    I pull him up.  I kneel and suck the kid.  I hear Josh grunt.  He must be shooting on the Jerker.  The college kid is watching the action and Josh’s cum shot trigger’s his own.  My mouth is awash with his cum.  He pulls his cock out the second the last spurt has shot.
I stand up.  The Jerker looks up at me expectantly.

I stroke my cock—now not letting him touch it.

I look in the Jerker’s eyes.  And lean over and spit the massive load the kid shot in my mouth onto the Jerker’s hairy chest.  This makes him rip his cock out of Nipple Rings’ mouth.  He shoots a load mingling with all the others.

I step in and add my own to the mix of glistening cum on his chest and pubes.


  1. So damn hot! Like I've said before I just LOVE your bookstore "escapes."
    Another good one. Thanks!

    1. I thought of you as I hit the Post button. I'm glad you enjoyed it...

  2. Hairy guy needs a tongue bath to get him clean... Oh, I suppose I can help out...

    1. I wanted to do that myself...but he was already mopping up before I could offer.

    2. Doesn't he know that there are cum-starved people in this world? What a waste! :-)

      I usually don't think of you as a guy that "offers" but I also think of you as well-versed in non-verbal communication to know when an offer before action is prudent...

    3. You are correct -- it's the latter. I watch a lot of body language. Especially with this guy--who I happen to know is truly I'm very careful of his limits...