Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sex Party--the DP

Northwest Indiana—August, 2014

I’d been there before.  But it had been a while since I attended one of his monthly parties.  The host opens his home once a month to a large group of men.  His split level home makes for a great play space.  When I arrived, about an hour after the start time, I followed the direction of the sign on the door:  “Walk In and Strip.”   I did just that in the living room.  Across the way there was a handy couch in front of a television playing porn, but no one was there watching.  I went downstairs.  There was a crowd of men standing around the bar, ignoring the guys sucking each other on the hide-a-bed nearby.  I said hello and continued scouting out the set up.  I passed the two hole gloryhole set up under the stairs.  Tuning a corner, I found several overstuffed couches for play and big screen porn watching.  Behind that, was an open area that seemed to function as a dark(er) room.  No one was there either.  I went back upstairs. 

There was another hide-a-bed near the head of the stairs, this one empty.  I saw a number of men out on the enclosed patio smoking the air blue.  I waved to the host in the kitchen where he had all sorts of food set out.  I went down the hall to the guest room.  Bingo.  There were three men fucking on the bed.

I have had the bottom before.  He is a slight, rather short man, about my age, with some grey in his hair and with one nipple pierced.  He is astride a much younger man.  This man, sprawled on the bed, is rather cubbish in build and hairy in all the right places.  He has a very full and long goatee.  He looks like he parked his Harley outside.  He also has a long and thin cock.  There is a young man standing on the bed, one leg on either side of Harley.  His cock is either in the mouth of the bottom—or slapping at the bottom’s face. 

I stand to the side, get my cock out of my jock and start to stroke it.  I take a long pull on the bottle of water I have brought with me.  I set it down on the night stand.  The young man looks at my cock.  He steps carefully off the bed, leaving the others still fucking.

“Let me help you with that.”  The young man kneels in front of me and sucks me to full hardness in a matter of moments.  “Now go fuck that whore,” he tells me as he gets up and leaves the room.  I look at the cock entering the man.  There’s no condom on it…though those supplies are littered around the house.  I crawl between the top’s legs and lick the underside of the shaft as he fucks.  He groans, deep in the back of his throat.

“Bring that big dick up here and put it in my mouth,” the bottom tells me.  It’s my turn to stand stride the top’s chest and feed my cock into the man bouncing on his dick.

“Now that’s a cock!”  It’s the top speaking, staring straight up at the column of flesh I’m feeding the cock whore.   “Get off me,” he tells the bottom, “and let me see that monster fuck you.”

I step down and the bottom pulls off the cock in him.  He moves over, on all fours and lines himself up with me.  Harley stays right where he was, stroking and watching the two of us.  I kneel for a moment and taste the hole presented to me.  I love how wet it is on my tongue.  I don’t think he has a load in him, but I can definitely taste Harley’s precum.  I stand up.  My cock pushes into him.  Easily.  Like it was made for me.  Harley has opened him well.  My pubes are grinding against him on the first entry. 

The host walks in.  “You waste no time.”  He smiles at me.  “Fuck him hard.  Let me hear you.”  I don’t need much encouragement.  I pull most of the way out and start a hard driving fuck.  My hips smack his upturned ass enough to create a good slapping sound.

It draws a crowd for about 10 seconds.  “You dirty boys,” says some queenie young man in the doorway to the amusement of his two friends.  Then they go back to the free booze downstairs.  I fuck him noisily, locking eyes with the other top.  His hand moves faster over his cock. 

“Why don’t you take a turn?”

Harley nods and rolls off the bed.  He comes around and plugs the hole I just pulled out of.  I move around in front of the bottom and stick my wet dick in his mouth.  He cleans me thoroughly.  The thrusts from the other top push the bottom down the length of my cock.  Harley eventually stops fucking and indicates it’s my turn. 

I go back to fucking—he gets his cock cleaned.

We rotate again.

“I wish I could take both of you,” the bottom says rather wistfully, collapsing in a heap on the bed.  I just look at Harley.  He nods. 

I sprawl on the bed.  “Sit on me,” I tell the willing man.  He rides me wiling, not quite comprehending that we are about to try a DP.  I pull him down, so his chest is flat with mine.  My cock is still in his hole.  Harley moves behind us.  His cockhead presses against my shaft.

“Oh, my God….” trills the bottom.

Harley stabs at his hole again.  With a little pressure he slides right up the underside of my shaft and into the bottom’s stretched hole.

“Fuck!” shouts the bottom.

I grunt in concentration and Harley just holds in place.  Then he moves.  Just.  With the two cocks smashed together it feels wonderful and like he made a much bigger thrust.  He tries a little more—making sure he doesn’t pull out too far.  It’s one of the best DP’s I’ve done.  Our cocks fit together perfectly in this willing hole.  Harley keeps pumping.  I play anchor and hold still.

“Oh, my God!  I’ve never been so full.”  the bottom pants.  “I’ve dreamed…oh, shit.  Fuck me!!”

The bottom’s soft cock is spurting.  He is covering me with cum.  Harley just keeps fucking into him.  Finally the bottom asks us to stop.  We both pull out and the bottom collapses.

“That was incredible,” he sighs.

I grin and reach for a towel.  Harley stands and waits for me to finish mopping up before he says “Here” and sticks his ass slick cock in my mouth. 

We share hole the rest of the night…

Next time—Young ass in the dark room…


  1. Sounds like a hot time...I am planning on going to the next party there!

    1. You would have enjoyed watching this one....and would have wanted to fuck the guy in the dark room. (I'm working on that part right now...)