Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Two Exploits at the Bookstore: An Audition and A Surprising Sub

Near Home---December, 2014

I started the month of December with two separate visits to the bookstore.  The moment snow falls in Michigan, guys seem to be wary of heading to my playroom.

The first was an afternoon session.  I hadn’t been there for that “getting out of work and getting off before I go home” crowd in what seemed like forever.  It was good to see a new crop of faces.  I was looking for one in particular.  A new arrival to the area had spotted me on the vanilla hook up site.  He made it very clear, after he’d asked what my fetishes were, that he really wanted to meet.  But we couldn’t work out a day to get him as far as the playroom—so we decided to have “an audition” in the gay theatre.

I buy my ticket and head to the bathroom to piss.  No use for it here.  When I step out, there is Myles, buying his ticket, his winter coat slung over his shoulder.  He’s slightly younger than I, but not by much.  Work has kept him toned—you can tell by his tight t-shirt.  He smiles as he recognizes me.  I nod and go into the gay theatre.  Four guys are sitting around watching the video.  One has the fly of his pants splayed wide and is openly stroking.  Two others are glancing at him and kneading their crotches.  One other must have his fly open but his hand totally obscures what must be a very tiny cock.  I move to a chair on the side and unbutton, pulling the mound of my jock out. 

One guy immediately unzips and pulls out his dick.  Myles walks in and sits next to me.  He pulls off his snow boots and drops his pants.  The other guy, who has yet to pull out his cock, does so now.  I work mine out of the pouch.  I like the way it swings heavy—waiting for service.  Without a word, I turn to Myles and point to the floor between my legs.  He slithers to place and starts giving me some impressive head.

The idea that I haven’t even spoken to Myles, but just expected his cock worship, inspires the jerkers.  The two late reveals reach over and begin stroking the other’s cock.  I manipulate Myles’ head, shamelessly showing off.

“Get it good and wet for your ass.”

My words cause the man with the minute dick to squirt into the handkerchief I have only just noticed in his hand.  He leaves—as I pull Myles up and gesture to him to bend over the chair where he left his pants.  I kneel behind him and stick my tongue up his ass.  Myles let out the sexiest sounding moan.  The mutual jerkers speed up.  One after the other, they stand up and spill their seed on the ground—finishing themselves off with their own hands.

They clean up and leave as I stand up.  “You want this bare cock up your married hole, right?”

Myles nods.  I insert.  He is wet from my tonguing and I slip home easily.  He grunts and takes me like a trooper.  The man in the back corner is watching us now, not the movie.  I make a show of pulling out and slapping my cock on his upturned butt. 

I insert again.  This time I fuck him hard.  It sounds particularly loud in the small room.

I fuck him until he can’t stay bent over any longer.

I sit back down.  He rides my cock, never taking his eyes off the buy in the corner.  When his legs can’t take that position any longer, he asks me quietly if he can go suck the cock in the corner.  I nod, thinking I will take him from behind as he does it. 

But the guy has seen too much, he shoots almost the moment that Myles kneels in front of him.

We fuck a little more, but Myles is pretty uncomfortable being bent over, with one knee up on the chair. 

We agree we want to do more, but in the comfort of my home.  We both go off to find new men.

The audition is a success.


I liked the afternoon time so much, I went back again.  This time I was in the straight side.  I had my cock out and was stroking—the only man in the room.  A good looking, rather distinguished and slim man came in and sat next to me.

“Sorry,” he whispers. “But…but do you write that blog?”

I nod.

“It’s so hot.  Love it.”


“I want to be a sub like those guys you write about.”

“Then get on your knees.”  I point to the floor between my legs.  He hesitates.  And then gets down and takes my cock into his mouth.  Once again, I am treated to some excellent head.

I am pretty vocal with him.  “Now, my balls.  Come on; get your tongue all over them.”  I pull my cock towards my stomach.  “Try to get your tongue between my cock ring and my balls.”  He does.  It’s my secret spot.  Hard before—now I’m rampant.  He has undone his pants.  His hard cock is being fisted in one hand as he balances the other on my leg.  Soon I let him get up to stretch.

“Show me your ass.”

“I don’t get fucked,” he says, truly worried.

“That’s fine; just show me your ass.”

He drops trou and bends, showing me a shapely butt.  I stand up and stroke his downy cheeks.  A shiver runs through him.  I pull him up and push him down to his knees.   I hold his head by the ears and proceed to fuck his face.

The door opens.  He makes to get up, but I push him back into place hissing “Stay.”

The man who has walked in, comes right over to us and unzips.  I pull the Blog Reader off my cock.  “Get him hard.”  And push him onto the newcomer’s lengthening dick.  For half a second I can see him fight with himself—but he gives in the moment the newcomer groans.

I spend the next few moments directing his ovaled mouth back and forth between our dicks.  If I needed any proof I’m doing what he needs, his hard dick can’t lie.  It is amazingly red and wet.  His hand either jerks it violently or he touches it not at all as he’s so close to cumming.  The door opens again.  Our extra man pulls his pants shut and leaves, doing them up, suddenly embarrassed.  The new man is an older Black man I know by sight.  He sits on the opposite wall and watches the movie.  But I catch him looking surreptitiously at my cock sucker.   And often enough that he pulls his cock out.

I’ve sat down, never letting my man go.

Finally the Blog Reader pulls off me.  “May I suck him?”

I nod.

The Reader crawls across the floor.  I worry that the man won’t go for it, but he does.  The Reader gulps him down.

The door opens.  Two guys come in.  Almost instantly it buzzes again and two more enter.  My Reader panics and is gone.  Followed, moments later, by the Black man. 

I sit back and stroke…


I never saw him again that day.  Or since.  I got off in somebody’s mouth that afternoon, but I wanted so much to give the Reader a taste of the cum he’s read so much about…

Monday, January 26, 2015

An Element of Surprise

My Playroom—November, 2014

I had a very busy November.  I got to play a lot.  On top of all the entries here, there were two trips to the bookstore that I am not going to write about.  I only noted load counts—(Four and Two for those who need to know)—and nothing about the men I took them from.  And I have no clue now.  This is one of the reasons I need to be writing about the sex I have faster after the fact.

There was also a man who visited my playroom mid-month.  He came from quite a distance.  He had met me at a group sex party and wanted more.  Unfortunately, his body would not help him out.  He could not stay clean, and I’m not going to write about it.   We had as much fun as we could.  But I don’t need to spend a 1000 words in writing it up.

So I was glad that Kerry was coming to the house at the end of the same week.  He was the man I met and wrote about in “Wet Inside and Out.”   I also learned that day that I play with his boyfriend, but never together.  Last time I described him saying:  “Kerry could be anywhere from 38 to 48.  He is a self-proclaimed bear, but really only because he has lots of hair all over and a broad chest.  He carries some extra weight on his 6 foot frame, but it’s anything but sloppy.  The hair is sort of blondish red.  An elaborate tattoo of Celtic design is…on the small of his back.”  And I see no reason to change it.

We were both online that morning, on one of the hook up sites.  So instead of getting him to text me as he departed, we took care of it right there.  I had almost an hour until he arrived.  The play room was set up—I just had to start the porn when he got there.  As I had a number of conversations going, I sat with another mug of tea and typed and typed…

Kerry is on the fuck bench.  He is panting, coming down from a huge hit of poppers and a loud, gut-stretching fuck.  His piss soaked butt cheeks are red from where my hips pounded against him.  I have rimmed him, pissed his crack and fucked him hard.  I bring my wet cock to his mouth.  He hungrily devours it, leaving me clean of any precum and ass juice as I pull away from his constantly moving tongue.

“Damn, that was hot,” he says as his breathing returns to normal.

“Let’s get you in the sling.”

“Yes, Sir!”  He says it with affection— as an equal, not remotely as a sub.

I get his booted feet into the leg stirrups.

“I want you to totally check out,” I tell him, taking the leather blindfold off the sling stand pole.  I help adjust it around the back of his head.  “I want you to be in control of your poppers, but keep your hands holding the sling chains above your head when you aren’t using them.  I want access to your mouth and pits.” 

Kerry grins.  He’s sure I am going to piss on his pits and clean them up like I did last time.  So I piss on his ass crack again.  I lap it up.  It makes Kerry squirm in pleasure.  I stand and quickly slip my cock into his ass.  After the full assault I gave his ass on the fuck bench, I am fucking him now with gentle, slow strokes.  And talking.

“You like my cock in you, don’t you?  You like that fat dick opening up your hole.  I am going to fuck you so hard.  Now take a hit.”  He does.  “You like my dick in you?  Tell me.”

Kerry opens his mouth to say something and a long, thin cock goes into it instead.  I have been talking to cover the sound of two naked men walking into the playroom.  The taller has slapped his cock into Kerry’s mouth.  Kerry looks confused.  And then I can see him work it out—I’m still fucking him so…He re-doubles his work on the new cock in his mouth.  The third man starts running his hands over the wet hair on Kerry’s chest.

I have found a fuck bud online earlier.  They have stripped down in the lower level and tip toed into the playroom.  Kerry is back to panting, but it’s not brought on by poppers.  I pull out and let the guy currently getting head come around and fuck Kerry.  The other man is too short to use Kerry’s mouth easily.  He pulls Kerry’s dick out of the jock and sucks him into semi-hardness.  Top 1 is balls deep and beginning to fuck.

“I like your whore,” he tells me.

I fondle the cocksucker’s ass.  He’s short and nicely put together.  If Kerry hadn’t been here, this is the ass I’d be doing right now.  But I am good—it’s Kerry’s day to be the only bottom.  And I want to see if this bottom really is versatile.

“Your turn.”  Top 1 pulls out.  He’s tall and thin.  His cock reflects him, long and thin.  And cut.  And shiny with ass juice.  I take care of that as the smaller man moves around to the end of the sling.  He has to stand on his toes, but he’s in and pumping hard in no time.  Top 1 is looking in admiration—I don’t think he’s ever seen his boy in this role.

“I’m going to cum, if I’m not careful.”  The short guy pulls out and I go back into Kerry.

“Three dicks,” I tell him.  As if he didn’t know.  We are all hung so individually, he can always tell who is up him.  Kerry has leaned halfway out of the sling, in order to get more of Top 1 in his mouth.  The smaller guy is back to sucking Kerry’s cock.

We do another rotation:  Me, Top 1, The short guy.

But this time the short guy blows his load in Kerry.  He shakes and convulses.  When he finally pulls out, Top 1 is right there to push his cock through the load left behind.

“I’ll fuck that deeper,” he says to no one in particular.

I have led the smaller guy over by the fuck bench.  I clean his cock of what remains of his load.  I hold it in my mouth.  I move to Kerry, push his chin down with my hand and dribble the mixture of cum and spit into his mouth.  Kerry’s cock emits a huge dollop of precum as he recognizes just what I’m doing.  I scoop his precum up and make him clean my fingers.

“Snow balling is so hot,” Top 1 grunts out. 

And that image sends him over the edge.  He grabs Kerry’s hips and pulls him onto his exploding cock.

“Shit!”  Kerry moans.  “That feels so hot…”

Top 1 finally stops shooting.  He stays in place.  “Let ever drop go in there,” he grins.

Kerry reaches up to remove the blindfold.

“No.”  I bark. “I don’t want you to see who bred you.”

“Yes, Sir.”  And this time he’s the perfect sub in his intonation.

Top 1 laughs and pulls out.  He can barely stand letting me clean his cock—it’s such exquisite agony.  But he does.

“Thanks, guys. Now I’m gonna push both loads really deep.”

The two spent men watch in fascination as my now extremely red and engorged cock pushes into Kerry’s creamy ass.  It’s so wet, so smooth, so hot.  Eventually the guys leave the room, as quietly as they came.

I fuck.  Slow.  Deep and hold it in place on every stroke.

I pull out.  I move to Kerry’s side.  My dripping cock smacks his half opened mouth.  With a gasp, he cleans my cock.  I take the blindfold off.

“Now, we are going to get you up.  And you are going to sit on the rim seat and feed me.”

I settle under the seat.  Kerry sits down.  His hole is awash with sticky white jizz.  My tongue flicks out.  I swallow it down. 

“Don’t worry—I’ll save enough to fuck in—so you’ll get my load.”

“Two fucking loads…” Kerry murmurs.  “I’ve never, never done this.”

I grunt in acknowledgement.

Gravity starts to work. 

And the feast begins…

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Motel Party -- Sandwiched

Northern Indiana—November, 2014

In the entry ‘MotelParty—An Unexpected Felch’ I mentioned that the host, my friend Cam, had such a good time, that he threw another gathering just two weeks later.  He decided on a new city to attract new men.  I was the only common denominator. This time we were in a slightly more upscale motel room.  The two double beds were constantly busy.  In the three to four hours I was there, I think about nine men came to get their rocks off.  Here are several moments from that day—where I helped many of the participants achieve their goal…

I am sprawled, naked but for my jock, getting sporadic head.  I am watching Cam, over on the bed nearest the door, where he rims a hot Hispanic young man.  I push my man’s head down on my cock.  He wants to stay just working my head—when he’s not checking his phone.  I need my whole shaft worked.  I look over.  Cam is reared up and tying to insert.  The young man rolls away as he feels Cam’s rampant cock poke at his ass.  I tell my cock sucker—a man who was once handsome—to lick my balls.

I look at Cam again.  He’s convinced the Hispanic to take his bare cock.   The young guy, getting fucked on his back, jerks his own cock furiously.  I am sure I will never get to sample that ass—he will cum any second now and leave.

My cocksucker is still distracted.  Then it hits me.  He’s high.

The young man shoots.  He is dressed and out the door instantly.  I suggest the high cocksucker leave as well.  He does, leaving a couple articles of clothing behind.


A bottom who I’ve fucked before shows up.  He’s mid 30’s, with dark blond hair which is just beginning to thin.  His face has the requisite stubble.  His barrel chest has little hair, but he’s a forest below the waist.  He carries some extra weight—but it makes for a great mound of ass.  I fall in, eating Brandon’s butt as he sucks on Cam’s cock.  On the other bed, two men are 69-ing—lost in each other and paying us no heed.

Cam and I change positions.  I have gotten Brandon’s hole wet enough for Cam’s spit slicked cock to slide in.  He fucks him slowly—relishing the tight hole I know this man possesses.  I don’t have to guide Brandon—he is constantly slurping on my cock.  He is taking full advantage of being spit roasted.

“You need to fuck him.  His hole is so tight.”

Cam and I change again.  Brandon has no issues with ass to mouth—he can’t wait to clean Cam’s cock.  I taste the ass Cam was just fucking.  The texture of the hole now feels totally different.  It makes my cock spit up a huge dollop of pre-cum.  I wipe that on Brandon’s hole, too.  I stand up.  My cock head starts in, but Brandon tenses.  Cam grabs poppers off the bed and feeds them to the bottom.  Magically, my cock glides in as he relaxes.  I hold stock still.  Only when Brandon looks at me over his shoulder do I begin the first of countless fucks I throw him that day.


Brandon is feeling really proud—and he should.  He has become the only bottom.  Four guys have fucked him.  The third one gave him a load—which has made another man (who usually bottoms) stiffen up and fuck Brandon’s load slick ass.  He grunts out a second load into Brandon as I answer the door. 

I let in the hunk of the party.  He’s a tall, incredibly built, African-American.  When he strips down his large dick springs out of his white shorts.  Every man in the room wants to go down on him.  And he lets everybody do just that.  When it’s my turn, I note that my cock may be longer, but his is thicker.  Throw-your-jaw-out thicker.

And the new arrival can’t wait to get into Brandon’s ass.  The moment I pull off his dick, he is feeling up Brandon’s hole.  He’s up him in no time.  Brandon huffs poppers again and the big, black cock glides into him.

“I’m gonna cum too fast,” the BBC pulls out of Brandon.  I offer to clean his dick.  I do.  The mix of cum from the hole is amazing.  And that’s when BBC grabs my cock.  “Nice,” he sighs, hefting it.  “Let me suck it.”  We spend a long time, me fucking his mouth and Brandon sucking the cock that has just been up him.  BBC squirms around, so his mouth is next to my ear.  “You fuck with that?”

I nod.

“Show me.”  He pulls Brandon off his cock and tells him to get on all fours. 

I push into the well fucked hole.  I plow him.  Hard.  Showing off.  I want BBC to whisper in my ear that he wants me to fuck him. 

He does one better:  “I want you to fuck me while I’m fucking,” he announces to the room in general. 

I slow down and pull out.  BBC pulls Brandon to the side of the bed.  He stands on the floor and enters Brandon roughly.  He fucks a little, then bends over Brandon’s back in an open invitation for me to open his hole.  I surprise him with my tongue first.  This makes him fuck Brandon with long, slow strokes, grinding his ass into my face on the back strokes.  I tongue and spit, lubing my cock as I stroke it.  I stand up.  BBC pauses and bends.  My head plays on his hole for a moment and then I push into this top’s ass. 

BBC does all the work—I stand stock still—Brandon gets fucked as BBC presses forward—and he fucks himself on me as he pulls out of Brandon’s ass.  It’s the perfect fuck machine.  I want a video camera.  No one else is fucking—they are all watching us.

Amazingly, Brandon pulls away first.  I stop fucking BBC.  We re-position—this time Brandon on his back, BBC sliding into him on the bed.  I have to scramble up on the bed, too, to insert into BBC.

“I want you to seed this Black ass.”

This makes me want to start thrusting, but I let him control the scene.

“I’m gonna seed this boy—and I want you to breed me.”

But Brandon’ legs are cramping and he rolls out of it.  He grabs the big cock, not realizing how close BBC is to cumming.  It spurts a huge load all over him.  I am pushed out of BBC’s ass with the spasms of his orgasm.  Once he’s shot, He can’t take me in him again.

BBC promises to look me up on the hook up site.  And leaves. 

It takes another hour—but eventually I shoot my load in Brandon.


BBC never did follow through with me online.  But the good news is that Cam is throwing a party at the end of January.  BBC wrote Cam and asked if I would be there. 

For some reason, I think I’ll go…

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Vanishing Act

My Playrooom--November, 2014

It started with his picture.  But doesn’t it always?  When a new name flashed in my inbox, I looked at his profile first.  In one word:  Hot.  It showed a broad chest with the head obscured by the smart phone taking the picture.  It was the chest I would love to have—worked out and sculpted.  The blond/reddish hair was trimmed tight to the skin to show off the definition, but with enough hair there to still be furry.  He was 32.  And writing to me.  There was only the one picture.  That worried me, as I clicked back to the message.

It was brief:  “I have a piss fantasy.  But I’m a piss virgin.  Can u help?”

I wrote back I could. 

He didn’t need specific things to happen, so much as just have a totally wet experience.


We set times. 

I waited for him to cancel, but he was at my door 30 minutes early.  I didn’t even have the bladder as full as I wanted.  But off we went to the playroom.

I watch him undress.  The rest of him is just as hot—short cropped blond hair, a cute smile, good legs leading to a rounded, almost hairless, butt.  His cock is sticking out of some sort of designer jockstrap.

“I’ve been hard for the last 10 minutes,” he says.  He gets right to his knees and buries his face in my yellow jock from the piss party.  He inhales and beats his meat.  “You are a fucking pig.”  He mouths the stained fabric.  His spit freshens the dried piss.  He gurgles and swallows noisily.  I want to piss his mouth, but I’m concerned my piss isn’t clear yet.  I just let him suck my cock.  He is more enthusiastic than talented.  But looking down on that hot body gets me hard with no problem.

“Up on the bench.”

He scrambles up.  (I am never told his name.)  That glorious ass is spread in front of me.  I slap it with my spit slick cock and swipe it down his ass crack.  My piss rushes out, hosing his crack. 

“Fuck that’s hot.”

I kneel and start tonguing my piss off him.

“You pig.”  He opens his poppers.  “You fuckin’ pig.”

My piss has vanished.  What little hair on his ass now just looks damp.  I stand and push my cock against his wet hole.

“Fuck me bare.”  He grinds his ass back at me.  Another inch vanishes.  “Fuck me raw with that big dick.”

I push into him until my entire cock has vanished up his grasping hole.  I stay in place.  I let him fuck himself on my thick cock.  He is calling me a pig again.  And a dirty barebacker.

 My hand comes down on his wet ass.  It sounds harder than it is.  Now I’m fucking.  Fucking him hard.  Showing him Daddy is in charge now.

I pull out.  A short blast of piss on his fucked hole.  I lean down and taste.  It’s clear.  I walk to the head of the bench, holding my dick at the base.  It slaps his jaw.

“Suck my dick.” 

He’s all over it.  My cock vanishes down his throat.  I pull back so just the head is inside.  And then I give it to him—the first blast of piss in his mouth.  His eyes widen but he takes it like a champ.  He swallows and swallows.  When there is no more, I pull out of his mouth and wipe it across his upper lip.

“That was…” he gropes for the right, ecstatic word.  He never finds it for I’m back up his ass, using his spittle for lube.


We’ve done the bench. 

He has drunk my second load on his knees.

I have sprayed some on his ass crack before we’ve used the rimseat.

Now he’s in the sling.  I am fucking.   Fucking and drinking my Gatorade.  Mid fuck, I pull out and send a perfect arc across that beautiful chest and into his open mouth.  We stay connected like that for a moment, than the volume slows and I am covering his perfect chest, his perfect abs and his crotch.  Two flicks of my fist around my cock and I’m back to hard enough to plow back into him.

“You are the dirtiest fucker I know,” he rasps out, his eyes aglow.  I’m giving him exactly what he has dreamed about.  He is mopping my piss off his chest with the flat of his hand and sucking his fingers.

I keep plowing.

“Oh, fuck.” 

I think he’s coming.  But, no.  He’s pissing.  I’m fucking the piss out of him.  His arc is as big as mine—and it lands in his mouth again.  He hoses himself completely, wallowing in the fact he can piss anywhere in the sling area.  I bend over and suckle the last of his piss out of his dick.  I swallow some and spit the rest on his hole.  I go back to fucking.

“You want my cum?”  I ask him.

“Shoot it on me.”

Why did I ask?  I should have just bred him.  I fuck.  I lean over and taste his piss soaked ass.
I’m ready.  I step to the side and send a geyser of cum over his chest.  One of his hands is frantically jerking himself.  The other is mopping up a mixture of our mingled piss and my cum.  He smears it onto his face, his tongue out, lapping at his hand each time he brings it to his head.  My cum vanishes.  And it’s his turn.  He covers his abs.  I bend and lick him clean.  It all vanishes down my throat.


He showers and heads out the door.  He tells me it was everything he’s dreamt about and can’t wait to do it again.

I get online to write him a thank you note. 

His profile has vanished.  Never to be seen again. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Flogging, Fucking and Fisting at the Farmhouse

Amish Country, Indiana—November, 2014

It was only a few hours after I came home from the ‘home invasion and rape’ I wrote about in “ForcedEntry” that I got a text from the ‘victim.’  He had wheedled my name and number out of Bill.  Not that I minded.  He was hot enough—and seemed to be into about everything that I enjoyed doing to a man.  I asked what he was looking for and his answer came back swiftly:  “Anything you want to do to me.”  And he also gave me a BBRT profile name.  I signed in and looked him up.  There was not a single box of his “into” list that was not checked. 

We set up a time. 

I’m in the basement of the farmhouse.  There is a naked bulb to light the stairs down and another in the ceiling near where he has hung a sling from the rafters.  A set of chains, about 6 feet apart hang under the light bulb.  And there he is, kneeling, head on his knees, ready to submit.  I strip down quickly, leaving on my dirtiest jock.  I re-lace my boots. 

He has barely stirred.  He’s aware I’m there.  I saw him fight the urge to look up as I clumped down the wooden steps.  I glance around.  He’s put out a cooler with Gatorade.  There is a rickety table with a plethora of sex toys—mostly large dildos.  There is a folding chair near him on the bare concrete floor. I dig into my bag and pull out the wrist and ankle restraints and the spreader bar.  I pull the chair up in front of his bent form. 

“Give me your arm.  And put your head in my lap.”  He moves, not looking at me, but raises himself enough to bury his face in my piss stained jock pouch and give me his arm as commanded.  I fasten the restraint.  I ask for his left.  I fasten that one in place, too.  I push his face into my crotch.  His breath is ragged now; he finds this jock that goes to the piss parties intoxicating.  I pull him up by the hair.  I look him full in the face for the first time.  He’s handsome enough.  A little older than I thought from when I first used him.  He’s wearing nothing but a well-worn white jock.  And a look of total submission.

I spit on his face.

“Sir, Thank you, Sir.”

I get up, leaving him supporting himself on the chair.  I quickly fasten the restraints on his ankles.  Moments later he is clipped in place from the hanging chains—his body forming an X with his arms fastened to the chains and the spreader bar pushing his ankles apart.

I pick up the flogger he has left on the bed of the sling for me.  It’s been awhile—but my training floods back.  I find the right distance—so the strands of the flogger don’t wrap around his shoulders.
Thud.  Thud.

Not hard.  Just enough to make the blood race to his back.  I am now forming the perfect X pattern between his shoulder blades.  When he’s reddened I move to a side to side stroke on his ass.  He groans.  His cock is hard and poking out of his jock.  I move up to his back.  Slightly harder now.  The sound of the leather on his flesh fills the basement.  Then I stop.  I move close to him.  My piss shoots out.  I cover his ass.  The man gasps.  When my bladder is spent, I step back and the flogger goes back across his ass.   I stop again.  I move in and hold him, pressing myself against his back.  He must feel my erect cock spreading his ass cheeks.  I run my hands across his shoulders and back, touching him everywhere the flogger did.  Then I hold him, pressed against my front.


I undo his arms and ankles.

“Get in the sling.”

He does.  I kneel and spit on his hole.  I stand and enter him roughly.

He gasps.  He glances at a small side table where there are poppers.  I don’t let him use them.  I want him to get used to my cock. 

And he does.  I fuck him for a long time.

I reach for the smallest toy—an 8 inch black dildo.  I grease and insert into him.

The man moans again and eyes the poppers.  His hand snakes out.


He pulls back like the bottles were red hot.

I grease my dick with some of the same Crisco/j-lube mixture on the toy table.

My cock is added to his already full hole.

He howls, but the look in his eye tells me this is exactly the treatment he wants.  I fuck him, double stuffed, until I can’t take it anymore.  I pull out and pull out the toy.

“Now we are really going to open you up.”


I am amazed.  This guy has talent.  I usually don’t try for my full fist on a first meet.  He has taken my bigger right hand within moments of my working his hole.  I have relented and he is huffing poppers almost constantly. They are making him hungrier and wide open.  I pull my right hand out of his hole and add the left.  It’s almost effortless now.  His hole is open, but not loose.  It’s muscular and can clamp down on me.  My right hand strokes my cock back to life.

“Take a deep hit.”

He does and closes his eyes.

My cock head is right at his hole, where my left hand is buried.  I push it in.  It glides down my wrist.  I open my fingers slightly.  My cock is in my fist.  I grip myself deep inside him.

His eyes open and looks straight at me.  “Jerk off in my hole, Sir.” 

I begin an almost imperceptible jerking motion on my cock head.  The mind fuck for both of us is intense.  Soon I’m stroking a good five inches of my shaft.

“Give me your cum.  Fill this worthless cunt up with your cum.”

My right hand whacks his ass cheek.  The jolt makes us both flinch.  In a good way.  His hole tightens involuntarily and it makes me I jerk harder.

I know I could cum.  His dick in drooling precum.  My right hand swipes some up.  I lean across him and make him suckle my fingers.

He is shaking.  I’m pretty sure he is having a full body orgasm triggered with the constant motion so deep inside him.

It’s too much. 

I shoot. 

My cock goes off deep in his gut.  My hand feels the head swell with each shot. 

I am shaking, but get my cock out of him.  A gush of my cum falls on the concrete.

I keep my hand in place.  We lock eyes.

“Thank you.  Thank you, Sir.”

I give him a crooked smile in acknowledgement and reach for the foot long dildo…

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Motel Party -- An Unexpected Felch

Near Home—November, 2014

My friend and fuck-bud Cam threw two motel parties in November.  He wasn’t planning on it.   But he had such a good time at the first one, he decided to go to a different city and throw a second one.  He invited me to both. 

I have described Cam as about my age, though I think he’s a little older.  He is in decent shape, but definitely getting a little soft around the middle.  He has dark hair that is beginning to thin and often has a small mustache.  His very average sized dick is always hard and he gets men of all ages to come out and play.

The first one was in the city closest to me.  It was in a motel that used to be part of the chain of the cheapest motels, but it is no longer part of the franchise.  It was nothing special, but it was clean enough for the sex we wanted to have on the pair of double beds in the room.  It was the first cold day of November.  The heater under the cracked picture window ran constantly for the first few hours of play.  I was there for about 4 hours.  Seven other men came through the door.  Trying to talk about this group in a linear sequence of events defeated me on a first write up.  I’ll just give you a few highlights…

The moment I’m stripped I can finally focus on what is happening on the by the door.  Cam has a very young and thin Hispanic man on all fours.  Jerry, a rather furry and fleshy versatile, is feeding the hot man his dick and Cam is rimming him.  His face is buried in that young bubble butt.  It is the perfect thing for me to watch to get me hard.

“You need to taste this ass.”

Cam is looking right at me.  I nod.  And go over to take his place.  I must have the longer tongue, for the boy starts moaning around the cock in his mouth the moment I push in.  Cam replaces Jerry in the young man’s mouth.  I rim him as deep as I can get—reveling in that feel of young skin.  How different it feels on my scruffy cheeks.  I reluctantly give way for Jerry to take a turn licking this ass and take Cam’s place in the young man’s mouth. 

The three of us rotate again on him.  But this time he is flipped onto his back so the third person can suck his long, slender cock.  After Cam eats his hole one more time, he gets in position to sink his cock into the spit slick hole.  The boy feels it and wriggles away to catch his breath.


A trucker (early 40’s) arrives.  He only opens his fly.  The Hispanic and I suck his dick.  He tells the room what a big cock he has.  When I have swallowed his at best average dick for the second time, the trucker pulls me to my feet and feels my ass crack.  “You have a nice ass.  I bet you like big dick up there.”

Before I can answer, he zips up and is out the door, promising to return.  He never does.


A hot, hair chested man in his early 40’s is naked and kneeling before me.  He gives excellent head.  I am now precumming heavily.  I bend and kiss my cocksucker.  He loves this as we exchange a very wet kiss.

I let him suck me some more.

I want to taste his ass.  I toss him on the bed.  He gets on all fours.  I kneel and lick his ass.  I can’t wait to fuck him.  I stand and enter him.  Instantly, I know he hasn’t prepped for this.  I pull out and push him towards the shower.  I spend what seems like hours at the wash basin.


Two guys have arrived that I recognize from the bookstore.  They are both in that mold of young married dads who need to suck dick.  One is dark and one is dirty blond.  They are entwined in unending twistings and turnings on the bed by the door with the Hispanic between them.  Cam and I are taking turns fucking Jerry on the other bed.  I love a man who is confident in his clean out—Jerry loves the rotation we are giving him from ass to mouth.

A knock on the door.

A big, 30-something, ex footballer type is let in.  He strips down revealing a well preserved physique and is wonderfully hairy below the waist.  “I’m usually a top,” he announces to the room, “but today I want to get fucked.”  He suits action to the word by getting on all fours on the bed by the door.
The Married Dads literally line up behind him.  The dark haired one gets up the Footballer first.  He has to pull out quickly to stop himself from cumming.  The Hispanic kid has stuck his slender dick in the new guy’s mouth.  The dirty blond Dad spits on the Footballer’s hole.  He fucks him—showing off for the room.  Cam goes over and works the nipples of the dirty blond.

That’s all it takes.  A first load is shot in the footballer in the first ten minutes of his arrival.  I clean up the top, and Cam fucks him next, commenting on the load in him.  Dirty Blond Dad is out the door.

I settle down to licking the Hispanic’s ass while he’s still getting his cock sucked.  Soon, he’s pulled out of the mouth and bent himself so my tongue can have full access.

Cam pulls out of the Footballer and Jerry goes in.

Dark Haired married Dad and I are now sharing the Hispanic’s dick on the opposite bed.  The young man is panting.  It’s in my mouth that he shoots.  I swallow all his young seed.

The Dark Haired Dad fucks the Ex-Footballer.  And gives him a load.  Both he and the Hispanic stick around.

Jerry fucks the Footballer.  Then I do.  He’s great.  And with the cum in him, it’s a perfect feel on my cock.  I quickly think about something else.

Cam goes back up him and blows his first load.

Then Jerry.

“I need to get back to work,” the Footballer tells us.  “But I really want to get off.”  He looks at me.  “Can I sit on your face and jack off?”  Jeez—is he a reader of the blog??

I simply nod and lie back on the bed.  This mountain of a man straddles my face and then lowers himself down on me.  I can’t see—I can only taste the loads in his hole and hear him beating his meat.  The loads are sliding out of his open hole and down my throat.  Someone is sucking my cock.  I concentrate on cleaning him out, not on my impending cum shot.  Suddenly he grinds down on my face.  He cuts off all my air.  I can’t breathe.  But I get even more cum out of his hole as his body spasms.  He shoots his own load onto my pubes, where whoever is sucking my cock, stops and licks his load off me.

The Footballer gets off me, thanking me profusely.  I see now, it is the Hispanic between my legs.

“You should ride his tongue,” the Footballer tells him.

The young man doesn’t hesitate. 

He sits on my face.  The contrast is amazing.  Older/younger. Hairy/smooth. Wide/perfectly shaped bubble butt.

I have been deep up his hole before, but now I can really drill into the Hispanic.  He squirms down on me.  I hear poppers being opened.  Someone must be feeding them to him for he never slows the grinding down on my tongue and face.

And then it’s all over.  He’s shot a second load—this one all over my abs and pubes.  He falls forward and clutches my hips as he slowly comes down from the popper high.  His second load is watery slowly runs down my left hip.

I don’t get off that day.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Four Sinners on All Saints' Day

West Michigan—November, 2014

The very next day I was off to the west coast of Michigan for another play session with Jack and Joey.  Jack is slightly older than his partner.  He is a versatile bottom and more of a top, I think, when I’m not around.  At previous meets, he would top for a while and then offer me his ass.  As it was not a group situation tonight, I guessed I might be the only top. 

That didn’t prove to be quite correct.  As I set up the sling in the living room, Leather Top arrived (who had been at their big party—and who’d helped me work over a fisting bottom in my playroom.)  It was to be the four of us that night.  And it was a good mix.  I certainly fucked Joey, but most of my attention was on Jack.  I had not taken advantage of his love of being restrained since I’d met him and “forced” him to take my dick in the cab of his truck.   Leather Top is all about his fists—and his hands found a willing hole with Joey.

Jack and I are stripped and relaxing on the couch talking about nothing in particular.  The other two are having a cigarette on the back porch.  I look over to the back door, wondering if we should wait for them.  I feel a hand on the pouch of my jock.  Jack is ready.  He kneads my bulge which grows thicker and firmer.  I’m ready, too.  Jack slips to the floor.  He is dressed in nothing but knee pads and boots.  He is giving me expert head as the guys troop in from outdoors.  Leather Top strips down as he watches us; Joey goes into the bedroom and finishes wriggling into a pair of ass-less rubber shorts. 

The next few moments are all about all of us using our mouths.  The four of us sample the cocks on display.  With Joey’s dick hidden, I concentrate on getting his hole wet.

I bend Jack over, telling him to hold on to one of the sling stand poles.  He does, jutting his ass out towards me.  I rim my second hole of the night.  But not for long.  I stand up and insert the length of my cock into him in one long slide.  He grunts and tells me to fuck him hard.  I do.  I fuck him until we are making the sling frame bounce and rattle.

The other two on the couch pause and watch us go at it.  I pull out.  Jack turns and lovingly cleans my dick of his ass juices.  Joey stands up and presents his ass.  I slip into it and fuck him as Jack and LT exchange blow jobs.

Joey pulls off me and Jack cleans my dick again.  As Joey prepares to get his hole stretched on the couch, I get Jack into both ankle and wrist restraints.  The sling is hanging from only two of its four chains, so I blindfold Jack and clip him into place on the center support of the sling frame. 

This arches his back in a way I find irresistible.  I redden Jack’s ass with my hand.  When his ass is bright pink, I spit on my dick and enter him again as he hangs there.  He loves this.  He can’t move and I can use him anyway I want.

I fuck him hard.  Slow. Fast.  And slow again.

The back of my hand keeps his ass bright pink. 

I fuck him until I think I should give his arms a rest.  I undo him and let the blood return to his fingers.

Jack is ready for more.

I hook up the sling, but decide to let the guys use it.  Jack and I go upstairs to the big mattress on the floor—the alternate play area.  I have brought my home-made spreader bar with me.  It is nothing more than an 18 inch long pipe.  Rope is threaded through it and D clips are fastened on either end.  I have Jack lie on his back, his ass right at the edge of the mattress.  I hook the D rings of the ankle restraints onto the clips at either end of the bar.  If he were standing, he wouldn’t be able to bring his feet together.  On his back, I hand him the spreader.  It pulls his legs into the air.  I have him hold them tightly in place, the bar across his chest.  I can concentrate on his hole not on balancing his legs on my shoulders.

This fuck is different.  It is slow.  Intense.  Each time my cock pulls almost all the way out of his hole.  His ass clutches at the head, desperate to hold me inside.  I wait.  And plow into him again.  Slowly.  Letting him and his over-sensitized hole feel every inch as I push forward.  I am unrelenting in slowly grinding my entire length into him.

I pull out.  I take hold of the bar and, bending over him, hold it over his head.  This raises his ass high in the air.  I can’t support it for long, but I do a quick pile driving fuck that is almost straight down.  Everything about how I enter his hole is the opposite of what I have just done.

I stop myself on the brink of orgasm and we both take a break.  We go and watch Joey’s ass swallow LT’s fists.


I fist Joey for a while.  At the end of my session, I leave my left hand in place.  LT is able to have his right hand slide down my wrist until Joey has both fists in place—one from each of us.  We entwine our fingers deep in his chute.


Much later.

It’s time to get off.  Jack is in the sling.  He has his legs in the stirrups, but I have fastened his wrists together under the sling. 

I fuck.  He has to beg Joey for poppers.  I slow the fuck as Joey feeds them to his partner.  The moment the bottle is away from his nose, I start fucking in earnest.  I have just one mission now.  I want to blow a load up his ass. 

“Shoot in me.  Shoot in my fucked up hole.”

I am on the crest.  And then it totally ebbs away from me.  I’m trying too hard.   I kneel and stick my tongue in his abused hole.  I lick and spit.  And lick.  I swallow.

And I know that I will shoot the moment I stand up and fuck my cock back into him.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Halloween at the Book Store

Near Home—October, 2014

I had fled my neighborhood so I would not have to deal with pint sized Hobbits yelling “trick or treat.”  I was in the gay theatre.  The porn was good—something from Raw Fuck Club.  There was a good looking, bearded man in the chair to my right.  But my attention was on the young man in front of me.  Kneeling on the cold tile.  His hands behind his back.

“Please, Sir.  May I suck your dick?”

My right fist is slowly working my slightly lubed cock.  My hand works the entire shaft.  I become an even lazier jacker, now that he can’t take his eyes off me. 

I look the sub over, considering.  He’s likely in his mid 30’s.  He’s thin.  His shirt is unbuttoned. He has his fly open and is kneading a good sized cock still hidden by his briefs.  His white underwear contrasts starkly with his dark, ebony skin.    

“Lick my balls.” 

He moves forward and leans into me.  I can hear him inhale.  And sigh.  Only then does his tongue come out and start massaging the hairy sacks.  He’s good.  He licks at them; he does not try to suck them, painfully, into his mouth.  As soon as they are good and wet, I move him, with just a slight touch of my left hand, to inch up the shaft of my cock.  Soon he is licking at my head.  My piss slit.  Only then do I take my right hand away and let him engulf my entire cock with his mouth.  He sinks to my pubes, deep throating me expertly.

The man next to me watches the sub on my cock, his eye glazed with lust.  His hand tries to find my nipples under my sweatshirt.

I tell him “You’re good,” as I lift the sub off me, lifting him by the ears.  Our eyes bore into each other.  I hesitate for a moment, then spit in his open mouth.  I’ve guessed correctly.  He groans in the back of his throat.  I force him back down on my cock.

I let him set his own pace.  When I become bored, I hold him in place and listen to him try not to choke.  I let him up for air, push him back down and hold onto the back of his head as I fuck up into his mouth.  His spit collects on my balls.  I pull him off me and look him in the eye.

“Lick my balls clean.”

He does. 

“Can I suck it?”  It’s the man next to me.  He is very good looking with a trimmed beard.  He has opened his flannel shirt and jeans—disconcertingly revealing a pink teddy and matching lace briefs.  I sigh, but let him lean over and lick the head of my cock.  I like the feeling of two mouths on me at the same time.  I let them go at it for quite some time.

I tell the sub to take a break.  He gets up to stretch his legs.  I push the bearded cock sucker into his bulging briefs.  The cock sucker pulls the briefs down and gets the big dick behind them into his mouth. 

The sub looks at me.  “Let him,” I say.  The bearded man slurps loudly on the sub’s cock.  It starts to deflate and the bearded man loses interest.  He gets dressed and leaves as I stand up and push the sub boy down to his knees again.  I hold onto the top of his head.  “Now open your mouth.” 

I start fucking his face.  I can go deep.  I can pull all the way out.  I can slap the wet slab of meat against his cheek, his ears, his out-stretched tongue or on the top of his head.  I fuck his mouth repeatedly.  The subs hand is flying over his cock.  I fuck his mouth until I know he’s close.  I pull out of his mouth, reach down and grab his balls. I twist, just enough to stop his cum shot.

“Show me your ass.”

“I don’t get fucked, Sir.  Please…”

“Just show me your ass.” 

He turns around.  It’s a beautifully full bubble butt.  I reach out and touch the ebony cheeks.  He shudders.  “Lean into the chair.”  He does, bracing himself on the arms of the chair vacated by the cross dressing bearded guy.  I run my hands over his hairless ass.  I let a finger hover over his hole.  He starts to pant.  But it’s not passion now.  It’s fear.   I kneel behind him and stick my tongue into the cleft of his full cheeks before he can figure out what I’m doing.  He tastes of the exertion of sucking me for so long in a warm room.  He is moaning into his forearm where it is braced on the back of the chair.  I tongue fuck him at the same speed I fucked his throat just moments before.  I reach under him.  He is rock hard.  I pull his big cock back and get the head in my mouth—thinking I would spit some precum into his hole.

Instead, I get his load.  He is shaking and can’t stop shooting.

He apologizes as he dresses and leaves, never looking me in the face again.

Maybe an hour later.

I walk back into the gay theatre.  Sitting across from where I’d been seated before sits a handsome college boy, dressed in clothes far too good for this place.  It looks like he came here on the way home from a party.  He has his cock out—the blackness of it showing up even more with his khakis and white shirt. 

I sit back in my chair.  I get my cock out.

In moments, he waves me over with a “You want that sucked?”

We exchange friendly blow jobs. 

He sucks me until he’s on the edge of shooting. 

I take his load, to his surprise. 

I mean, I didn’t want him to get jizm on his nice clothes.

He starts to reach for a handkerchief to clean up, but stops when he realizes I’ve suckled him totally dry.  “Shoot that thing off for me?”

I am about to say no, thinking I want it in someone.  But my cock thinks otherwise.  I stand right in front of him, profile.  In a few quick strokes my pent-up load coats the linoleum.  We leave it there for some other cocksucker to kneel in.