Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Fitting End to IML

Chicago—May, 2015

It was late. 

The pigs in my room had long departed—back to their hotels, home or the bus.  I was sated, I told myself.  But I wasn’t.  I got up off the bed.

“Arh?”  Bob grunted.

“I’m going out.”  I grabbed my leather jacket and headed out the door.

I am on the 8th floor of the host hotel in no time.  I wind around the maze of the corridor.  805.  Here we are.  The door is propped open. 

The hot man on the bed in the jockstrap is talking to a man who has obviously just shot a load in his ass.

“Hey,” says the hot one, “I was wondering if I’d see you this year.”

He gets up.  We hug.  The hot ass sticking out of the jock belongs to Ryan Cummings, the man I made the porn with last IML and then fucked countless times at a play party.  He has not been filming this time around.  Just having fun.  With as much dick as he can get.

We talk of this and that:  How his career has really taken off; how Treasure Island threw him a gangbang with additional loads (that they allowed to spoil in the refrigerator); how a man hurt him a week or so ago trying to fist him.

“It’s healing.  I just have to be careful.” 

And the release of Cumming to Chicago.  “My fans love it.” 

I tell him I haven’t seen it.  Ryan gets up and starts it in his laptop.  And there I am leading the first pack attack of men up his ass.

The door opens and a slightly chunky Black man in his late 30’s enters.  He starts stripping.  He’s also confused by seeing the two of us on the laptop and sitting right in front of him.  “Was that earlier today?”

We explain as I strip.  I let him go first.  Ryan is right on the edge of the bed, on all fours.  The man sinks to his knees and begins to lick that load filled ass.  “Damn,” he murmurs, “I could stay here all night.”

But he doesn’t.  He starts to fuck him.

The door opens.  A young man enters.  He strips down, never taking his eyes off of us.  He is ripped, with a nice enough dick.

The man pulls out and the boy is on his knees before I can pull out of Ryan’s mouth and move around.  He feasts on the hole for a moment as the two of us jack.  He stands and fucks.  He shoots fast.  But he doesn’t leave.  He sits on the floor and tells me to fuck Ryan.  I eat some of the boy’s load, swallow it down and sink my cock into his hole for the first time in a year. 

I churn who knows how many loads in his muscle ass.

I pull out and let the older man clean the frothy mess I’ve left on Ryan’s hole.

The boy has not lost his erection.  He eats Ryan out and fucks him again.  No load this time, but graciously gives way for me to fuck him again.

Round and round we go.  The three of us who look so different, but are all hole obsessed; all taking pleasure in the cum and precum we leave behind in Ryan. 

The boy shoots again. 

I do clean up on his dick.  I need to shoot.  I lick at Ryan’s hole one last time—just a quick flick with my tongue.  I sink my cock in to the fresh batch of cream in his ass. 

I fuck.

I am over the edge.  I shudder and shoot my final load of the weekend.

I pull out and the man cleans my dick.  He turns ravenously and slurps my load noisily out of Ryan’s hole.  I lie on the bed, closing my eyes, and listen to the man fuck Ryan.  I hear him shoot.  When I open my eyes, the two of them are dressing.

I do the same.

“Here.”  Ryan is at the bureau.  He pulls out a blank DVD case.  He checks the contents and snaps it shut.  “Here’s a DVD of us.”

I thank him.  I kiss him good bye.

There are new men coming in the door.  Ryan grins at me and gets on the bed as they strip…

A fitting end to IML---every pun intended.

Cumming to Chicago--Bad Seed Media
(That's me in Ryan's Mouth)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

IML – Day Three - Eight Pigs on the Bed

Chicago—May, 2015

This is a tricky entry.  It was the best sex of the weekend.  And it's mostly a blur...just some of my favorite pigs doing what we love...

The invites are out.

Bob, my roommate for this weekend.  He’s 5’11” about 180 pounds approaching 50.  He has dark hair and a carefully trimmed dark scruff on his face.  Below the waist is where his hair pattern goes wild—it’s a wonderfully hairy ass.

Marco, the muscle hole.  He’s just 40, uncut and short in stature, with dark hair.    I have mentioned the forest of hair on his ass on more than one occasion.

Rod, of New Year’s Eve orgy fame.  He is just younger than me with a thick head of prematurely grey hair.  He has a big dick which he uses just as much as his talented ass. 

Bryce, his partner.  He is slightly younger, dark, hairy and a former leather title holder.  His ass can milk cock with the best of them.  He has a weakness for size up his hole. 

Bryant, who I have played with so much this weekend.  He is the youngest at 33.  Maybe 5’8” and thin, with dark hair.  He is truly versatile.

David, from the piss party.  Just taller than Bryant, olive skinned and dark.  He is in his late 40’s.

Don, the rubber man I fucked at the piss party.  A friend of David’s.  He is likely mid 40’s, handsome and proud of his white, firm ass.

And me.

Eight men into pig sex.

 Marco is has checked out of his hotel and is staying with us until after the party when he will hop on the bus for home.  He and Bob are chatting while I type on a blog entry.   

A knock.  It’s Bryant, just moments after the 3:00pm start time.

He strips down to his designer jock. I have him on all fours and am eating his ass the moment his last sock hits the floor.  Bob is on the bed, feeding him his cock—a cock I have never seen in action.  I fuck Bryant some, pushing hard enough to force him down on Bob.   Then I turn him around.   Yeah, I thought so—Bob is so turned on by this young man, that he fucks him, while Bryant cleans my dick.

Rod and Bryce arrive and strip.  Rod appropriates Bryant.  The third daddy is fucking Bryant’s boy hole.  I move around the bed and fuck Bob.  Bryce and Marco are having fun across from us.  It starts with Marco taking Bryce up his ass.  But soon it reverses.  The whole bed is a sea of hard dick and willing holes.


The couplings and threesomes are constantly changing.  One moment I am up Bob, the next I am licking Bryant’s cock before he fucks Marco. 

David arrives with Don about 45 minutes late.  But it’s a good thing.  We all have new play partners now.  I fuck David first with Bob in David’s mouth.  I hand David over to Rod and re-enter Bob.  
Marco opens up Don with his cock and then his hand.  Bryant fucks Bryce—and then they flip.

Everyone in the room but me bottoms.  Everyone in the room but Don tops.

We are sweating now on this warm spring day. 

I fuck Don again with him standing, bent over and holding onto the bed.  I feel a mouth on my balls.  Bryant has squirmed between us and is licking my balls and shaft right where they enter Don’s juicy ass.  When he gets his fill, Bryant stands up and kisses me.  My dick visibly swells with pride knowing he is this piggy in his 30’s.

Bryant is fucking Bob on the corner of the bed.  David slips into Bryant.  I watch for a moment.  I slip into David’s hole.  When the others realize what has happened, they all just hold still.  The force of my fucking drives each of them forward into the man they have on their dick.  It doesn’t last for long—we separate and David and I clean every cock and hole of our foursome.  We snow ball the pre-cum and ass juice to Bryant’s eager mouth.  It’s a three way kiss of squirming flesh.

No one is eager to cum.

We do, of course.  All deep in a hole.  I felch Rod’s load out of David.  It’s a blur where the others are shot.

We chat. 

And 20 minutes later it starts again—with Marco and Bryce sure they can open David’s hole to their fists.  Hands are used on Ron, too.  To a man, this makes dicks grow hard again. 

And we fuck the man nearest us…

Monday, May 25, 2015

IML- Day Two (continued) - More Porn and a Reward

Chicago—May, 2015

(Saturday night.)

It’s been a few hours since I left the piss party.  I read the text again—telling me where to meet.  It’s on a high floor of the host hotel—near a service elevator that is off a main corridor.  The director wants to shoot a scene in a more public place.  This hotel is a maze.  I follow the signs towards the room number he gave us as a sign post.  Thank goodness he did or I’d never find it.  The hotel is an old residence hotel.  It has charm—but three separate towers of rooms all with different numbering.  And the hallways are hidden behind fire doors—sometimes labeled with the room numbers beyond—sometimes not.

 I am the first one there.  There is the soda machine and an ice machine mentioned in the text.  I open the windowed door to the service elevator landing area.  There are two tall windows that lead to fire escapes.  Around the corner, out of view from the windows are, the ancient elevators (still used?) for the staff.  The floor is thick with dust and grime.  A soda bottle, half drunk, lies abandoned on the floor by pipes going down the wall from the floor above.  There is little light coming in.  I check my phone as I go back to the soda machine.  I’m ten minutes early—of course.

Beer Can Cock arrives telling me he has finally managed to get off in ExtremeCumHole this evening.  I nod, but wonder about the timing.  His mammoth cock is barely hidden by his black Lycra shorts.  He reaches up one of the leg holes and pulls it out, stroking it.  It’s still hard thanks to the Trimix. 

We wait.  We chat about who else we’ve done.

The director arrives with the Cub.  It will be the three of us again.  He tells us he had one more top—but he backed out when he found out he couldn’t use condoms.  I look the other way as the Cub gets some Trimix injected into his dick as well.  I grope myself under the fly of the ripped blue denim 501’s.  I have my chaps over them and am wearing my harness and a leather jacket. 

We wait.

No bottom.  He’s still cleaning out.

I have to piss—I’m still on an every half hour schedule even after all these hours from the party.  The director takes me to his room.  I meet the bottom just coming out of the bathroom.  He’s maybe 40, tall, quite well built and covered with tattoos.  We shake hands and he goes on to dry off and get into a jock while I piss.

We are all assembled.  We worry about light, but the director tells us we are good.  The set-up is simple—Beer Can will see the bottom idly waiting in corridor by the ice machine and drag him through the door to the dusty landing area.  He’s to bend him over and plow him.  The Cub and I arrive and do the same.  He wants it brutal—with no frills or foreplay.

The scene starts.  The bottom leans against the wall, one foot up by his other knee—the classic “you want this?” rent boy pose.  BC grabs him with some improvised dialogue.  He pulls him by the neck through the door.  The camera follows as do the Cub and myself.

“Grab your ankles.” 

The bottom does as he’s told.  BC spits on his hole.  That massive cock hits a hole that is nervous and clamped shut.  The bottom lets out a squeal that’s loud enough to carry out into the main corridor.  BC thrusts again.  And again.  With no success. A finger is barely inserted.

“Get him open for me,” BC commands, turning to me.

I enter the scene.  The bottom is now hanging on to the pipes.  I drop to my knees and spit on his hole—I push it in with my tongue.  Barely.  I know the director doesn’t want this kind of play.  I Undo my pants and stroke my semi hard cock.  I touch the floor by mistake and come up with a handful of grit sticking to my lubed fingers.  I wipe it on my chaps and gingerly stroke my penis.  Almost to full erection.

As I stand, outside the door, the ice machine clatters a delivery of cubes and two queenie boys laugh.
My cock wilts as I press against the unforgiving hole.

I spit again.  And simulate some fucking.  Beer Can walks towards us.  The door to our alcove opens.  I walk off camera and try to gesture what is going on to a young man who’s groping himself and watching the show.  He eventually pulls out a miniature dick and strokes.  He finally stops and starts texting. 

On screen BC is trying to get into the bottom again.  No success as far as I can see.

A Latino couple arrive as if they owned the place.  Both handsome and tatted.  I try to shush them.  They lean against the wall, out of camera range and watch BC enter the bottom.  Briefly.  It’s just starting to look hot, when the bottom squeals and pulls off him.  The taller of the two Latinos pulls out his cock.  The first man goes down on him, oblivious to the camera and what we are doing.
The Cub is trying to take over the scene.  He’s as nervous and incredibly uncomfortable as we all are.  Even with the ED chemicals swirling through his system, his cock stays soft.  He eats the bottoms butt for a moment and then gives up.

The other Latino drags out his cell phone and starts filming this cluster fuck.

BC is back, telling the bottom to grab his ankles again.  This time he gets the dick into him.  A few strokes and another squeal of agony.

This convinces our three intruders to get the fuck out of the alcove.

I stand away from the window in the door and concentrate on getting fully hard.  I am successful and take over from BC.  I am able to enter his now slightly looser hole.  The bottom grabs at the window ledge and we have a few moments of good sex.  Then he tightens so hard around my cock, I want to squeal as loudly as he has been doing.  But I don’t.  As my dick goes soft, I simply fake an orgasm.  The men watching are convinced.  I pull out, slapping his butt as if he gave me the best fuck of my life and go stand guard at the door.

The outside corridor is now louder than ever as countless men return to their rooms.  They chat loudly, laugh and some try to look through the window.  I stand so they can’t see a thing.  I glance out and I am sure that I see a security guard coming our way.  The hotel has been shutting down sex parties with open door policies on the previous nights.  I look again.  It’s just an IML participant dressed in his finest cop uniform.

BC is lying on the filthy floor.  The bottom is lowering himself onto the dick.  It works for a few strokes.  Then it grinds to halt.  We try again.  A few strokes.  Nothing.  We stop.

“I think I can make it work,” the director tells us.  “I’ll just change the order so the cum shot is last.”


BC and I go up a couple of flights and realize we are going to the same sex party.  I tell him I wish we could have dragged our unwilling bottom to a room—so we all could have relaxed behind a closed door.

We find the room we want.  The door is propped open.  Inside the darkened room, with the only light coming from a bathroom doorway, a number of men are watching two guys getting fucked.  It’s my pal Bryant (Red Trunks) and his roommate on all fours.

BC wants Bryant.  Who can blame him?  Bryant isn’t a big man, but he eventually can take that massive cock—with enough poppers.  I fuck the roommate—reveling in the young flesh and creamy hole.  I have taken no Viagra—funny how a little privacy has me hard as a rock.  My boy is in a massive leather harness and a blue jock.  He’s cute, Italian and young.

BC lies down on this floor too and has Bryant ride his dick .  We all watch until Bryant calls it off.  BC takes his leave—looking for bigger hole.  I make way for another top up the Italian.  I fuck Bryant, but he’s feeling the busy day and we don’t fuck for long.

Soon the room clears.  And I am left alone with the two bottoms.

“Side by side,” I tell them.

I start in Bryant.  My tongue goes into his tortured hole as I rub my right hand along the outside of the cummy Italian butt.  Then I move over and rim/felch the Italian and use the side of my left hand on Bryant.  The guys are moaning from my tongue.

I move back and enter Bryant with my dick.  I fuck a few strokes and switch.  This totally surprises the Italian, but he grunts out his appreciation.

Back to Bryant.  Three Strokes.  Four. 

Into the Italian. 

“Please breed him.”  It’s Bryant wanting his pal to get my cum.

I can’t refuse him.

I let go of all the evening’s frustrations with a terrific, stop-the-world-for-a-split-second orgasm.  My knees give way and I let myself slide to the floor, my face in line with the deep filled hole.

“Oh, yeah,” murmurs Bryant, knowing me too well, “Felch your load out of him.”  He goes in for a kiss with his friend.

The Italian reaches back and, grabbing my head, holds me in place as I swallow my load…

Sunday, May 24, 2015

IML -- Day Two -- Pissing from Coast to Coast

Chicago—May, 2015

It was a nice relaxed morning—a great breakfast, blogging, a nap, a sandwich and suddenly it's time to go piss and fuck.

The piss party during IML is always a treat as you meet men from across the country—and the world.  Bob, my roommate, has decided to try some piss play.  Roger, my CLAW roommate, drove in with us, too.  A fourth man I didn’t know (who was rooming with Roger) was incredibly excited as he’d dreamed of this kind of function, but never had the balls to do it before.  It was a happy and excited car full of men as we cruised up Lake Shore Boulevard to go get wet.

I am in my piss boots, yellow jock and the new(er) neoprene harness with yellow trim.  The crowd is sparse.  Leaning against the bar is Bryant (I have always called him Red Trunks on here—since that is his usual attire.)  Today he is in a pair of blue and green backless underwear.  We kiss.  We chat.  I idly kneel and eat his ass as he leans against the bar.  Bryant makes a show of sucking my cock to the root—impressive enough for Bob to get hard and join us.  I go back to eating Bryant’s hole as he bends to suck Bob.  Once it’s sopping wet, I stick the head of my dick into him.  I push ever so slightly.  We’re in no hurry.  Bryant pulls off me.  He wants someone smaller first.

The crowd has doubled in size.  I drink up but I can’t piss yet.  I started to hydrate two hours before the event, but my bladder has not reached the tipping point yet.  I move back behind the screens.  There is my friend (an incredibly hairy chested top) fucking Carlos—the beautiful man with the tribal shoulder tattoo.  I sit next to them, watch and jerk.  Instead of taking my turn up Carlos, Hairy Chest pulls out of Carlos and sits on my dick.  I always forget how versatile he is.  He is the perfect warm-up fuck…


David arrives.  (Late 40’s, Hebraic features, big dick and an insatiable thirst for anything that  comes out of a dick.)  He’s in from the East Coast again.  His neoprene singlet is ass-less and the front is currently zippered shut.  We meet up in the front of the room—but in an instant are behind the screens.  I sit on the ledge and he kneels in a puddle of piss and gives me expert head.  He includes my balls, even tilts me back to lick at my ass.

Soon he is riding my spit soaked dick.  I let him be in control for the first 5 minutes.  Then I maneuver him so he stands and leans forward.  I rise with him, still in his ass, and let loose with a loud, hip smacking fuck.

Bryant comes to watch.  He strokes.  When I finally pull out of David’s ass, David spins around to suck his ass juices off my cock.  Bryant pushes his cock right into the hole I just vacated.  He fucks him hard enough for him to be forcing David down on my cock.   I pull David off my dick and kiss him.  We swap copious amounts of spittle.  I hold onto him as he’s fucked.  A man wanders by and pisses on David’s ass.  It gushes down over Bryant’s cock and he fucks it into the hole.  Bryant keeps going, then pulls out and bends to lick up the left over piss on the ass he was just fucking.  I stay seated, but the guys change places.  Bryant sits on my cock—controlling how deep I go.  David is back on his knees and licking the cock that was just in his ass. We are truly pigs in heat.

A man dressed in rubber, who I later learn is a friend of David’s, watches and strokes.   He pisses on us too.  He has a very white ass jutting out of the black rubber.  I knead it as Bryant bounces on my cock.  From the man’s responses, I know where my cock is going next. Bryant gets off me and takes a break.  David cleans me up and then all but forces his friend down on my dick.  I am up yet another ass.  I fuck the rubber man, arching up into him and then get him up to lean into David.  He can’t stop telling me how good my raw dick feels up him. 


I finally get to drink some of Carlo’s piss.  I reward his generosity with a good fuck.  It’s been months since we’ve seen each other.  I fuck him for as long as he can take it, to make up for lost time.


Roger’s roommate has been drinking his first communal piss.  He wants his ass opened.  I oblige.  A hot looking shaved headed man pisses on my cock to give him a mini piss fuck.  The man then bends over, right next to us, ass in the air.  I take the hint.  I go from the one to the other.  Another man, I have no idea who it is, inserts his cock into the hole I just vacated.  The howl of surprise and pleasure from Roger’s roommate is intense.  He’s crossed a line.  He’s only jerked off to this kind of scene, but never thought he’d live it.  His ass is now open to all—and men line up…


“He wants you,” says a voice in my ear. 

I am standing near the coat check, talking to the man behind the counter.  I turn to look at the speaker.  He’s a handsome man, maybe 40, in a leather harness and some sort of leather jock.  His boy is in tow—in a leather harness and open ass briefs.  He is stunning:  maybe 25, Latino, jet black hair, chiseled features and a body that shows off his gym membership. 

“He wants to suck you, drink your piss and get fucked.”

The boy grins shyly.  His partner pushes him towards me.  The boy goes to his knees and swallows me down.  My cock fills every millimeter of his throat.  He chokes—in a good way and pulls off me.  I let him gulp some air and down he goes again.  Soon I am pissing into his mouth.  He deliberately lets some splash out and coat his chest, but he swallow most of it.

I can’t stand it.  I have to rim him.  He leans against his Daddy as I eat his almost hairless hole.  His ass flowers open.

“Fuck him.  I want to see that big dick of yours in my boy.”

I know when to follow directions.  I stand and insert.  The boy bucks back against me.  He is in really turned on by being the center of attention.   We are ringed by about 5 men watching us fuck right in the main part of the bar.  One pisses on my cock.  The boy gasps as I fuck it into him.  Daddy is holding him and whispering filthy things into his ear.  I am pounding the shit out of him—I want him to remember my cock.  I fuck until I am on the verge of cumming.  I stop just before I load him.  I pull out, bend and tongue his wrecked hole until he’s purring into his Daddy’s chest.

“We flew in from LA.  You just gave him the fuck he’s been looking for…”

I smile up at the Daddy and stick my tongue back in the boy.


I fuck more.  And piss a lot more—feeding several hungry pigs in the pool.

I also piss all over the butt of the LA boy when we meet up again.  Piss is dripping off his gorgeous, firm ass.  It’s only nice that I clean him up with my tongue.  Which leads to my cock being re-inserted…


I close the party with a special request.  Bryant wants me to give him a true piss fuck.  We go to a back corner.  I lick and fuck his hole.  In the middle of it all, I stop the thrusting and let jet after jet of hot piss fill his ass.  Bryant is panting from the fuck—but the sensation of the piss filling him to the brim causes him to really gasp for air.

 “Are you pissing up him?  Let me fuck in it.”

A man I don’t know is stroking like crazy next to us.  I ease out and give him a treat.  He pushes into Bryant.  When his dick hits the hot piss, he shoots his load.


I go home a little early. 

Bad Seed has asked me for another shoot.

(But that’s the next post…)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

IML - Day One - Plunging In with a Porn Shoot

Chicago--May, 2015

We arrived in great time.  It was an easy drive into town on a fairly sunny, if chill, day.  Bob, my IML roommate from 2013, had left his car at my house and we have driven in together.  We found our hotel easily.  It is two and a half blocks from the host hotel.  At least we had heat, hot water and internet access—something I was told was in short supply at the Host hotel.  Of course, as I write this on Friday night, I no longer can sign on to the hotel’s wireless.  It may be an interesting weekend.

As soon as I’m unpacked, I get dressed for the shoot.  I choose the leather shirt with the yellow piping over the black and yellow neoprene harness.  I have the leather cod piece on with the yellow stripe down the middle of my bulge.  My black 501’s and the combat boots complete the ensemble. 

Bob has a friend coming to fuck him while I go film the scene.  He arrives.  I know him.  We hug.  They talk for a bit while I check the room number of where we are filming. When I shut the computer, the top has strip and is spread eagled on the bed.  Bob is kneeling on the edge of the bed, taking his friend’s generous mixed-race cock down his throat.  I kneel behind him and have my first taste of ass for the weekend.   

I go and piss.  By the time I’m reaching for my leather jacket to leave them to it, Bob is riding his cock.  The long shaft disappearing up his hairy hole is captivating.  I make myself leave and walk up the street to the Congress Plaza hotel.  There are leather clad men everywhere.  And lines of at least three dozen men deep at the one set of elevators for the side of the building I need.  I decide to walk up to the 4th floor.  I’m early.  I kill some time talking to one of the maids who thinks this is the best thing to ever happen to the hotel.  I wander a little more and find out the reason for the back up at the elevators.  There are large signs saying to never have more than 10 people in an elevator at any one time.  I’m glad I like the stairs…I’ll be using them all weekend.

At 4:50pm I knock.  The director lets me into the darkened bedroom.  He is the man who has filmed me each time for Bad Seed.  We chat, but I can’t take my eyes off the hot man from Berlin on the bed.  He’s early 40’s, with a hard muscular body.  An ass juts out of his backless shorts that is simply gorgeous—round, firm and with a deep cleft between the two cheeks.  A harness enhances his full pecs.  Tall white socks cover his muscled calves.  Extremecumhole has already taken 30 loads on Thursday and five more before we are filming.  His hole glistens.  I want to shove my tongue in it right now—but I wait.

Two others arrive.  I know them both.  One is a man who I met last year making the video of gangbanging Ryan Cummings.  He is in his early 50’s, extremely hairy with pronounced nipples and the thickest cock I have ever put in my mouth.  The other man surprises me.  He is a young cub, maybe 26 now, who I fucked at CLAW before I ever kept the blog.  He’s about 5’8”, with a broad, furry chest and a tattoo stretching from shoulder to shoulder.  He has a good regulation sized cock.  His cock has a stud inserted in the piss slit.

He goes off to the bathroom with the director to verify his identity.  Beer Can Cock has stripped to nothing but his athletic socks and sneakers.  He is jerking his dick.  ECHole is watching his every move.  I remove my jeans, and put my boots back on.  The cod piece is stretched to the limit—I really want this ass.

A check of the light.  It’s too dark.  We open the curtains.  We are good to go.

I open my shirt to reveal the harness as I climb onto the bed.  ECHole is on all fours, sucking the Cub.  Beer Can jerks just out of range of the camera.  I am at my expected place, licking the hole we are all about to fuck.  I can certainly taste the loads he’s taken.  I unsnap the cod piece and my cock flops out.  It is erect instantly as I spit in this cum dumpster’s ass.

ECHole spins around on the bed.  The Cub starts to fuck him.  A pile driving fuck right out of the gate.  My cock is being sucked by ECHole.   I fuck the full length into him.  He takes me easily.  I take my wet cock around to his hole.  It’s my turn.  I slide in.   It’s a great ass—lubed to perfection with the loads.  The camera zooms in as I fuck.  I slow my rhythm to show off the length.  I pull almost all the way out of his hole—and slam it back in.

Beer Can Cock takes his turn next.  He fucks hard and fast.  I watch ECHoles’ face as he revels in the pleasure of the oversized girth of that dick.

We go around again.  ECHole is still right on the edge of the bed for us to stand and fuck.  This time the Cub shoots his load.  Internal and deep.  He takes his cock to be cleaned by ECHole.  I can’t wait to fuck in his load--I push into ECHOLE’s ass with ease.  My cock head does what it does best—it drags the jizz from the puffy hole.  The camera zooms in again.  I bend—lick at it and spit it back on the hole.  I push it home with my dick.  The camera moves under me.  The director is in-between my legs.  It must be a great shot of my sperm cover dick. 

I pull out and let the Cub clean me as Beer Can Cock goes back in.

We rotate again.  Kneeling on the bed to fuck this time.  The Cub shoots a second load—and he’s still going strong.

I want to change it up.  I lie down and tell ECHole to ride my dick.  He does.  We both like how deep I am in his butt.  Suddenly I feel the Cub’s studded cock head poking at us.  He pushes right in.  It feels tremendous, his studded cock running along the length of my cock.  We are able to keep it going for quite a few minutes, before his cock pulls mine out on his backstroke.  We insert me again.  And give him our two dicks.



We are back to doggy—with us standing.  The Cub shoots a third load.  I fuck in it.  I have to concentrate.  But suddenly I’m there, too.  I am firing deep into the German’s gut.  I stay in as long as I can—than pull my load out for the camera.

Beer Can Cock fucks in my load and is vocally appreciative—but he can’t shoot.

I slip in one last time—and in close up—pull more cum from his chute.

“That’s a wrap.”

I hope to be in this man again...


When I get home, Bob is agog.  His earlier top had not cum, but he has an 11 inch Black man coming over.  He arrives—early 20’s, nicely gym built.  He has more like 9.5—with a huge mushroom head.  He is surprised to see me typing up notes for the above post.  But he’s game.  He loves it when I get hard again and share the hole with him.  The boy only likes older white guys Bob has told me.  He fucks Bob very slowly.  At one point the boy indicates me to push in alongside him.  I can—just.
The young man also loves me sucking his cock each time he pulls out of Bob’s hole.  I push in right after.  About the third time we do it…he’s dribbling cum on the carpet.  I pull out and make him shoot the last of it into Bob.

He promises to come back for a proper, longer fuck—but never does.



No internet connection for hours.  Though Bob can get online with his phone.

Eventually we hook up with a young man both Bob and I fucked in Cleveland. 

He epitomizes everything I hate about so many in the cum dump scene.  A lazy bottom, lying in his sling—likely on something—barley aware we are there.  Texting for the next cock as I fuck him. 

The exact opposite of someone like ExtremeCumHole who relishes every cock he takes.


We left.  I got Bob in the sling and fucked his load out of him before falling into bed.

(Photos of ExtremeCumHole are courtesy of this hansome, hot man....)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Driving and Shooting

I have arrived in Chicago for IML.

                                                                 I typing this in the overflow hotel for this event.

I have been here for about an hour and a half....

                                                                  and I am off to go shoot some porn for Bad Seed Media.

My aim is once again to post daily updates as I play.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Come Late/Cum Early

My Playroom—March, 2015

He wrote me on the site which is geared to fisting.  He wasn’t sure about taking my hand, but he sure wanted my dick.  He was working in my area at the end of the week.  We agreed to let him finish work, drive closer to me, where he’d get a room to clean up, and then come get worked over in the playroom.  I had had five days to recover from Rough House—and I was finally ready for sex again.
But he was late getting away from work.  But he let me know.

He was pulled over for speeding.  But he let me know.

He checked in almost a full hour later than we had planned.  But we were still fine.  Still on.

He had trouble getting clean.  But he let me know…

Then “Set and on my way,” read the text.  But nothing.

Then a phone call—he’d typed the wrong address into his GPS.  It took him miles south of my house.
I talked him back into town and to my street.  I watched him park.

He looked worth the wait…

“Come on in.”

He’s nervous.  Apologetic.  He’s a young looking 40.  About 6 foot.  I follow him up the stairs and like the look of his ass in his jeans.  I like it better when he shucks them off and stuffs them into the chest of drawers.  His ass is lightly furred.  As is his chest, his forearms.  The beard on his face is darker than any of the other hair on his body.

He gets right to it.  The moment his clothes are off, he is kneeling in front of my jock pouch.  He reaches up and opens it.  No getting that cloth wet for him.  My cock springs out.  I’ve been ready for him for a long time.  He sucks me deeply.  His throat squeezes my thickening cock. 

I look down.  He has a throbbingly hard cock himself.  And from the size, I am sure he’s asked to top all the time.

I get him on the fuck bench.  Poppers are opened as my tongue invades his hole.  His hard dick is right at the end of the bench, hard and pointing down, dripping onto the mat below.  I work my tongue down his crack and then over his balls and down his shaft.  I catch some of his pre-slime with my tongue.  I drill it into him.  This merits a nice groan from Sam.  I spit.  I want my dick in him.  

I stand.  My head rests right against his pucker.  “You said raw, right?”

“Fuck, yes.  Give me that thing.”

He may not get it often, but he takes me like a champ.  My cock just moves right in.  Not fast.  Not slow.  Just nice and steady.  I am balls deep in no time.

Sam moves around enough so he can grab his dick and strokes himself as I fuck.   I build to a nice speed and slow down.  I pull it out.  He’s spotless.  I bring it around to his mouth.

No interest in sucking me now.  He’s failed the pig test.  I bend to kiss him—as if that’s what I wanted to do all along.

I fuck him again. 

We move to the sling.

We agree I won’t try for a hand, but I do stretch him with the speculum.  I show him with a mirror how open I have cranked him.

I stick my dick into him.  I never tire of feeling the cool metal on the sides and warm flesh on the top and bottom.

Sam never takes his eyes from the mirror over the sling.  And he never stops jerking his dick.  Occasionally I bat his hand away as I fuck, but back it goes to his sizable cock.


We are lolling on the bed, in the middle of a mini-break.

“Ever been on a rimseat?”

Sam shakes his head.

“Then it’s time you were.”

I get under and position the seat over my face.  He sits, slowly, with some trepidation.  Until my tongue goes deeper than ever into him.  “Jesus!”  I hear the poppers open.  He is grinding his ass down on my face.  He can’t get enough.

“I want you to fuck me on here.”

My ears and my cock perk up.  Something new?  Amazingly, I have never used it to fuck.  Sam gets up.  We put a pillow under my butt, then the rimseat square over my crotch.  Sam sits carefully.  He can sit still and I fuck up into him.

It feels great. 

Too great.

In moments I feel my thighs being coated with his jizz.  I will myself to cum, but it’s just too fast.  I can’t do it.

Sam scrambles up and off my dick.  Apologetic again.

We’re done.  He can’t take dick after he’s shot.  I sigh. 

But I don’t much care—the piss party is the next day.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rough House with Kevin - Part Three

Toronto—March, 2015

This picks up maybe 10 minutes after the last post…  (Part one is here.)

“Let’s go back to the room.” 

I tug on the collar and get Kevin out of his position on all fours at the gloryhole.  He’s had a number of different cocks in his mouth, usually with my dick in his ass.  But I’m tired of the cramped quarters of this booth. 

And he hasn’t gotten any more loads.

I lead him out the door and past the curtain that encloses this hidden play area. 

Back in the room, I blindfold him with my leather blindfold once I get him in the sling. 

I settle down in front of him and bury my face in his used ass.  He squirms and moans lightly.  He has been making lube like crazy with all the dick that has been stuffed into him.  I lap it up and swallow it down.  I spit into his hole, suit up and fuck him. 

With the chains rattling, I open the door to see who might join us.

Lots of men come in to look, to stroke that amazing chest, to think they might get fucked by me—but no one is man enough to actually top the boy. 

I shut the door and fuck him harder.


“We’re headed out again,” I tell Kevin as I take the blindfold off.  He blinks as his eyes meet the dim light again.  I lean down and kiss him.  Intentionally tender after the hard, animalistic fuck.

We are out the door and I lead him towards the play area in the middle of the complex.  I love the men’s eyes on us as I lead him into the dark play area.  The sling is empty.  As is the fuck bench.  We go out again and head toward the slurp ramp.  This is where the action seems to be tonight.  I consider letting him suck guys off, but decide to put him on the fuck bench in this area.  There is no one on it.  We are behind a small partition from the action at the ramp.  Guys can enter our area at either end of the bench—to feed Kevin their cock or at my end to be approved to fuck him.
I kneel and rim.  Kevin moans.  Louder now.  He wants guys to know he’s there.  I stand up and deliver a slap to his ass that resounds in the small space.  It works.  Guys are coming around the wall.  I push into Kevin’s tight butt.  I fuck hard enough for my hips to make smacking noises on his upturned butt cheeks.  He is ringed now with men.  Hands are on his back, his ass, my cock and one under me trying to heft my balls as I fuck.  A studly man—shaved head, a decent chest and lots of tats—is in Kevin’s mouth.  I finally have to push the man’s hand away from my cock—I can’t fuck properly with him feeling me up.

I slam into Kevin.

“Breed that ass,” someone says.  “Cum in that hole.”

I smirk and fuck him harder.

The stud pushes through the men to get to my end of the bench as an Asian thrusts into Kevin’s mouth.   

“You want some of this?”  I ask the tatted stud.

“Fuck yeah.  I fuck him every time I can here.”  He rips open a condom stashed in his jock and rolls it onto his spit wet dick.  I pull out and make way for the new cock.  He inserts quickly and starts a quick tempo thrusting.

Kevin pulls off the dick he’s sucking and tells the man to fuck him.  He swallows the dick back down his throat as another hard cock slaps the top of his head.  I move in behind the man fucking and reach around to play with his oversized nipples.  My slight twist makes him buck into Kevin that much harder and his ass connects with my cock on the backstroke.

I think he might blow.  But he keeps it going.  But he’s grinding against me now.

Finally he pulls out of Kevin.  The stud turns to me and kisses me roughly.  Kevin gets off the bench and it becomes a three-way kiss.

“I’d like some of that big cock,” the stud tells me.

“And you don’t need a condom with him,” Kevin whispers in my ear.

The man gets down on the bench.  I eat his ass briefly as Kevin stands next to me, kneading his cock in the black jock.  I am almost positive the stud has a load up him.  I lick and spit some of it on my dick.  I slip in.  Damn, it’s good to feel flesh on flesh.  I fuck him slowly—savoring the raw ass.  I build in tempo as Kevin bends down and licks at my left nipple.  The stud has a bystander in his mouth.

I fuck until I need to catch my breath.

Kevin hugs me.  The man stands up.

“Come back to our room?”  I ask. 

The stud agrees and we head back to the sling.

Kevin now has two dicks for his butt—and I have two holes to fuck.  We spend the rest of the night switching back and forth.


It’s late.

Kevin and I are now alone, entwined on the bed.  

“Thank you for coming all this way.”

“My pleasure,” I tell him.  And I mean it.

I kiss him again and tell him he should go.

“But...” he hesitates. 


“I haven’t sat on your face.”

My exhausted dick stirs at the thought.

Kevin kisses me again.  He stands up and straddles me, slowly lowering that magnificent ass down on my face…

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rough House with Kevin - Part Two

Toronto—March, 2015

This picks up maybe 15 minutes after the last post

The Rubber Daddy is gone.  It’s early in the evening, he didn’t want to cum yet. 

I have removed Kevin’s blindfold, but he is still on his knees.  He looks empty without a dick in him.  He looks at me as I move back to my bag on the bed.  I rummage in it again.  I find what I want.  Kevin can hear the sound of the metal links clink together.  He looks up at me expectantly.  He grins when I show him the choke collar.  I stand in front of him.  He nuzzles my wet semi-hard that I have not bothered to put away.  I slip the collar over his neck. 

“Stay right there.

I take the picture.

“Close your eyes.” 

He does and I rummage some more.  I take out my NorthBound purchase.  I pull it over my freshly shaved head.


He does.  He grins again.  “That’s hot.”

I look in the mirror next to the bed.  I have to agree.  The executioner’s mask looks good.

I reach down and remove his hood.  I want everyone to see the beautiful man I’m leading around the bathhouse.  I tug him to his feet with the collar.  He gets up obediently and we tour the club. 

The slurp ramp is very busy.  But the fuck bench near it is empty.   As is the sling in the play area in the middle of the bathhouse.  Men are milling about but few are playing in public.  I deliberately walk by the two private sling rooms I know about—both are shut tight.  But I know where I want to use him.  We head to the back hallway of cubicles.

We step through the curtain into the busy, dark corridor.  Men are groping each other, not bothering to use the gloryholes or booths.  I make for the middle cubicle.  It has a plexi-glass door.  I step in and lock it behind us.  Men press against the door and watch us.  I touch Kevin’s shoulder.  He kneels.

“Get me hard again.” 

It doesn’t take much.  He is sucking me, loving that he is on display.  He deliberately pulls off my cock to show it off to the jerking guys.  I help him up, telling him to bend over.  He supports himself on the side wall.  There is just enough room for me to get behind him and eat his ass.  He groans as my tongue finds the lips of his hole.  The mask cuts down some of my peripheral vision, but not so much that I don’t see the hard cock sticking into our booth near Kevin’s head.

“Suck him.  Make him feel as good as you made me feel.”

I wait for him to get the dick in his mouth before I go back to rimming.  I fuck him with my tongue as he gives the man head.  I lick and spit, getting his hole ready for my cock.  My hands are busy getting my dick in the Magnum.  I notice Kevin has stopped sucking—the cock gone.  I stand up.

Unbidden, Kevin straightens up and points to his mouth.  I get it.  We kiss.  He snowballs me the creamy load given him by the over excited dick.   We pass it back and forth—luxuriating in the viscid quality and the quantity of the cum.  I try to let him swallow most of it, but I’m greedier than I mean to be.  My cock is rampant in the latex.  I bend him back over and enter his ass.

Kevin is braced against the wall, holding on to it with both hands.  An arm is now reaching for Kevin’s bouncing dick from the gloryhole.  I let the invisible man fondle Kevin as I plow his butt from behind.  I look at the men at the door.  They are feeling up each other now—liking what they see.  A young Asian face disappears as he kneels and starts sucking on the hard cocks outside our booth.  I look behind me.  A huge uncut beauty is poking through the hole on my wall.  It takes some maneuvering in the tight space, but I move Kevin around so he can suck it—without ever taking my dick from his ass.

Kevin groans as my fucking forces him deeper on the uncut cock.  Fuck.  This is exactly the moment for which we both came to Rough House…

The cock has withdrawn.  Kevin refocuses all of his skills on milking my dick with his hole.

A muscular guy in his 40’s appears outside our door.  His head is shaved, he’s in a neoprene jock and harness.  The beautiful uncut cock is just visible.  It’s the man from the glory hole.  I pull out of Kevin and let him in our cubicle.

It’s tight.  But the three of us just fit—especially as Kevin has gotten to his knees unbidden.

He’s back to sucking one dick and jerking the other.  I kiss the new arrival.  We fight to see whose tongue can reach the farthest down the throat of the other.

“Do you want to fuck him?”

“Yeah.”  Kevin puts the condom on the guy’s wet dick as I step aside.  I have to flatten myself against the wall to get out of the way, but we make it work.  I hold on to Kevin.  His muscled arms are gripping me around my chest, as the new man works his cock into the proffered ass. 

“You got him nice and open,” the new top tells me as he enters Kevin.  I watch the man’s face—as I stroke Kevin’s head.  I can tell just what he’s feeling as he fucks.  I ignore the dicks being pushed into the room from either side.  At one point, I help push Kevin repeatedly back on the man’s dick to match his thrusts.

“Oh, shit…”  Kevin pulls off him and somehow manages to kneel.  The man jerks the condom off as the first shot covers Kevin’s face.  The rest is delivered straight down Kevin’s throat.  The man thanks us and leaves. 

I lock the door.  I kneel next to Kevin.  He is just in the act of wiping the jizz off his face.  I stop him.  My tongue cleans the man’s load off him.  And Kevin cleans my tongue.   When there is no evidence of any cum left on his face, we kiss.  Lips tight, tongues idly playing with the other.  A kiss that starts tenderly, but within moments my cock is demanding I pay attention to it.

“Suck him,” I tell my boy for the night, pointing to the tiny cock poking through the wall.  “I want to fuck you again.”

Kevin scrambles over and takes all of the dick into his mouth with his hairy ass in the air, while I lube up my dripping cock…

One more segment to come…

This picture was taken later in the month--but here is the new mask.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rough House with Kevin - Part One

Toronto—March, 2015

It was a leisurely morning to get up and out of London and on to Toronto.  I took my time, making frequent stops along 401 and 403:   Mid-morning coffee, a piss break and an early lunch.  Each time, I would log on to Recon and send Kevin a progress report.  I was winding him up.  And I knew it.
I got to town.  I went to NorthBound Leather.  I wanted something very specific for Rough House.  I hate shopping—I don’t have that particular gay gene.  When I know what I want, I can rarely find it.  But I did.  And it fit.  The guy waiting on me looked at me long and hard (and at the bulge in the 501’s) and nodded his approval before asking if I was headed to Rough House.  I said I was.

“Knock ‘em dead, stud,” he told me as he slipped the purchase into the ubiquitous black shopping bag of all leather stores.

It’s crowded.  There is not a room to be had.  I have checked in before the 5pm start time.  I want to shower and change into my gear.  It would be so much easier to get dressed in a room.  I manage to fit my bag full of leathers and toys into the locker and the moment I turn for the showers, I see my number flashing on the monitor.  I now have a room.  I pull it all out and go back to registration. 

I shower.  I get into my chaps, pulling the laces tight behind me.  My harness goes on and then the combat boots.  I make sure I have the things in my bag I want to use with Kevin.  I tuck the new purchase on top and go off to find him.  He’s told me he would come early, clean up and be sure to get a sling room.  I have told him he could have the door to his room open.  He could talk to the milling men, but he could not play until I got there.

I head to the best sling room in the complex—the room he had the time we met.  The door is shut, but the one next to it is open.  And there he is.  Our eyes meet.  He tells a younger man he’s been talking with to check back later and gets him out of the doorway.  I step in the room.

Kevin kneels.  Head down.  Arms go behind his back, wrists clasped.  I toss the bag on the bed and close the door.  I stand in front of him.  My full jock strap brushes the hair on his head.  He shivers.  I pull his chin up.  He is sure I am going to order him to suck my cock.  But I just stare into his face.  Memorizing it.

My hands hook into his armpits and I pull him up.  We kiss.  Deeply.  His mouth yields to my probing tongue.  He makes a small sound at the back of his throat. 

The sound of surrender.

I pull out of the kiss.  “Let’s get these on you.”  I move to my bag.  Out come the restraints:  a pair for his wrists and a pair for his ankles.  I sit on the bed.  Kevin kneels in front of me.  I fasten the leather band around his right wrist first. The back of his hand rests on the mound of cock flesh in the pouch of my jock.  “Now the other.”  I repeat the process with Kevin’s left hand.  “Now stand up.”  He does and the ankles get their restraints. 

The sling hangs down right in front of the foot of the bed.  This room is much more crowded than the good one.  I move Kevin around until he is standing at the business end of the sling.  I clip his hands high on the sling chains so he is spread eagled as if on a cross.  I take my home made spreader bar and clip his ankles apart so he can’t bring his legs together.  I go back into the bag.  I hood him with a hood that has an open mouth and eye holes.  I watch his handsome face disappear.  I slip the choke collar over his head.

Now I bind his eyes shut with the yellow bandanna.  I don’t want him to know where my hands and tongue will be.  I work his nipples—one with my hand, the other with my tongue and teeth—grazing the flesh lightly.   He shivers again and his cock pokes out of his jock.

I surprise him by licking at it.  I am rewarded with a large dollop of precum on my tongue.  “Taste yourself.”  I stand up and kiss him again.  He sucks my tongue hungrily.  I unclip him and help turn him around so he is facing the sling.  He shuffles clumsily with the spreader bar still in place.  The hands are clipped back in place, but slightly lower so he can really arch his back.

I kneel behind him.  The ass I’ve driven all this way for is right in front of me.  I can feel the heat from the exposed crack.  My tongue lashes out.  I pull his hairy cheeks apart and spit and slobber all around his hole.

I am poking my tongue as deeply as I can into him.  My hands are busy suiting up.  I smear extra lube on my cock.  I stand up.  My head pushes into him.  It’s all I can do to stay still and let him adjust to me.  When I feel his chute relax, I inch in.  I want him to remember just how big I am. 

“Fuck…” he whispers.  “Fuck, yes…”

“Is this the cock you wanted?”

“Yes, Sir.”

And with his response, he relaxes and my bush grinds against his ass cheeks.


I hold.

And then I fuck.  Hard.  Loud.  Ass slapping.  Groans from the two of us.  I open the door without his knowledge.  Four or five guys crowd in the frame to watch us fuck.  I pick out a rubber daddy and gesture for him to work Kevin’s nipples.  Kevin lets out a gasp as a second pair of hands is suddenly on him.  The man strokes and pinches Kevin’s nipples.  His hands never stop.  They go from his chest up to his face, around his ears and back down to where they began.  I notice that the Daddy’s cock swells and distorts the cod piece he’s wearing.

I fuck until I’m concerned about Kevin’s arms hanging for too long in one place.  I move around  and whisper in the Daddy’s ear to get his cock out.  I un-clip Kevin and help him kneel in front of the Daddy.  His masked, blindfolded face is suddenly filled with the man’s dick. 

“Suck him.  Thank him for helping.”

Kevin sucks willingly and takes the above average cock deep in his throat.  I move and stand next to the man, stripping off the Magnum.   I slap my cock against Kevin’s cheek.  He swallows me. 

“Go back and forth,” I tell him.  “Get them good and wet.”  He does.  I turn to the Daddy.  We begin to kiss as the boy goes blindly back and forth between our dicks…

More to come…

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Man in the Shadowy Corridor

London—March, 2015

It was a crazy idea.  And I rarely do crazy.  Barely even do “spur of the moment” anymore.  But I did this one. 

Let’s back up…

Kevin, the smoking hot sub from the Toronto Cum-Union party in August, had kept in contact with me.  We both really liked our connection that we had that night.  And neither of us wanted to wait until next Summer for my usual trip to Canada.  We talked about my coming to another Cum-Union—but those dates weren’t working out.

“Have you ever gone to Rough House?” Kevin asked.

I looked at the Steamworks calendar.  I found this:

“Lots of guys in leather," Kevin typed.  "My usual Black top can’t be there.  You could take his place.”

So I went.  The event being early evening on Sunday helped me space out the driving.  I would go as far as London for Saturday night, come in to TO in the morning, do some shopping at Northbound Leather, nap and be ready for an evening of fun.

I stopped at London for my overnight—and some play.  I used to love the bathhouse there when it was Club London.  I knew that nowadays the place only stayed open 24/7 on the weekends.  Times are hard for bathhouses in smaller cities.  But it was Saturday night.  I was confident.

But not so confident I didn’t get a motel room to actually sleep in that night.  I wanted to be fresh on Sunday—not have a night of only that half sleep I manage at the tubs.

I arrived about 9pm.  I knew it was early.  I sat in the sauna.  Unwinding from the drive and waiting.

No one.

Not quite true.  There were about three others.  One was ass up and snoring so loudly you could only escape the noise in the wet area.  One other sat, Buddha like, near a glory hole in a new dark area.   He nodded at me as I went by.  The third, a decent looking man, joined me in the sauna.  He did the cautious slide towards me, his hand innocently brushing my leg—that whole routine—and then gave me head that was adequate at best.  When he realized I was not going to blow a load in the first two minutes, he excused himself and left me alone.

I thought about going to my motel right then.

But I went to a television/porn area.  The porn at the moment was decent.  I stroked.  A much older man came in, spread out his towel on the large, padded area where I was sitting and pulled out a gorgeous, thick and uncut cock.  I was soon sucking him.  He told me he loved it, but he was not staying hard.  He finally excused himself.

Now I was going to bed.

I grabbed my towel and looked towards the door.  I saw a just a glimpse of a man.  His towel was  on his shoulder, displaying a very full, round ass moving away from me and vanishing into the dark corridor used for anonymous blow jobs.  I followed…

I almost walk by him.  I can’t see anything in the blackness after the light from the television.  He reaches out.  Dick level.  He grabs the bulge in my jock.  He pulls me towards him.  I hear him kneel.  He pulls my cock out of the pouch.  He swallows me down, semi-hard.   

Oh, shit.  He’s good.  Especially after the guy in the sauna.  My hands caress his short hair.  They find his ears.  My fingers play in them, behind them, and then hold him still as I fuck his face.  He lets out the most sensuous groan as I pump slowly but deliberately into his mouth. 

I pull out of his mouth.  My dick is awash with saliva.  I slap it against his right cheek.  His left.  I can hear him open his mouth, his moan getting louder.  I beat my cock against the tongue he has stretched out.  I shove it back down his throat and let him take charge again.

Just the head with a tongue that never stops.

Deep throat, with suction and lots of spit.

He grabs the shaft and strokes it as his tongue nuzzles into my balls.  It’s my turn to groan.  I’m loud in the shadowy hallway.  But there’s nobody around to hear me.  I love to have guys lick my balls.  They are so often over shadowed by the big dick.  And he starts lightly.  He covers them until they are dripping with his spit.  And he is licking, not sucking—not trying to pull them into his mouth.  It is heaven.

He picks up the tempo and the pressure of his tongue.  Where before he has had a feathery touch with mostly the tip of his tongue, now he bears down a little.  He continues to jerk me as his tongue inches under my wet sack and down towards my perineum.   I push his head down, allowing him access.  He is squirming under my widely spread legs, licking every inch skin.  I am extremely hairy there—and now wringing wet.

The unknown man goes back to my dick.  I finally pull him off.  I help him stand up.  His hard cock presses into me as we stand chest to chest.  I still can’t really tell what he looks like.  I sink to my knees and take him down my throat.

He sighs appreciatively.  But pulls right out of my mouth.  He turns and presses his fleshy ass cheeks into my face.  He leans forward against the cinder block wall, arching his back to give me easy access to his ass.  He’s virtually hairless.  I pull his cheeks apart.  My unknown man groans and mutters “Eat me out.”

I am really getting into his hole.  As deep as I can.  He squirms and twists away from me.  He leans down and whispers, “Come to my room.” 

He leads the way out into the light.  He’s shorter than I thought at first.  Compact, with a well- toned body which is not getting as much exercise anymore.  Short, brown hair.  A nice jaw line with an evening full of stubble on it.  Warm eyes.  And that full ass.  My eyes stay on his butt and follow it to his corner room.

He sits on the bed.  He sucks me again.

I urge him to get on all fours.  I kneel and tongue his hole.  I open it.  I am so ready to fuck.  I stand up.  He spins around and swallows my erection.  I let him.

We repeat it all again.  The rimming.  The standing.  The teasing of my drooling cock on his spit wet hole.  The spin around at the last moment.

I pull my dick out of his mouth and look at him.

“I can’t,” he tells me.  “There is never a top here.  I didn’t prep.”

I sigh, but thank him for his honesty.  I glance at his watch.  It’s almost midnight on a Saturday night at the city’s only bathhouse—and never a top here???

We go back to our various oral ministrations.  But I think we both know we won’t be able to get the other off. 

But we both go at until our jaws ache. 

I finally, reluctantly, stop and head to the motel. 

I let myself in, after parking my car right under the window to my room.  I open my computer.  Kevin is on.  I tell him I will see him in 16 and 1/2 hours.  I sign off. 

I fall asleep thinking of Kevin.

Maybe you can guess why…