Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rough House with Kevin - Part Three

Toronto—March, 2015

This picks up maybe 10 minutes after the last post…  (Part one is here.)

“Let’s go back to the room.” 

I tug on the collar and get Kevin out of his position on all fours at the gloryhole.  He’s had a number of different cocks in his mouth, usually with my dick in his ass.  But I’m tired of the cramped quarters of this booth. 

And he hasn’t gotten any more loads.

I lead him out the door and past the curtain that encloses this hidden play area. 

Back in the room, I blindfold him with my leather blindfold once I get him in the sling. 

I settle down in front of him and bury my face in his used ass.  He squirms and moans lightly.  He has been making lube like crazy with all the dick that has been stuffed into him.  I lap it up and swallow it down.  I spit into his hole, suit up and fuck him. 

With the chains rattling, I open the door to see who might join us.

Lots of men come in to look, to stroke that amazing chest, to think they might get fucked by me—but no one is man enough to actually top the boy. 

I shut the door and fuck him harder.


“We’re headed out again,” I tell Kevin as I take the blindfold off.  He blinks as his eyes meet the dim light again.  I lean down and kiss him.  Intentionally tender after the hard, animalistic fuck.

We are out the door and I lead him towards the play area in the middle of the complex.  I love the men’s eyes on us as I lead him into the dark play area.  The sling is empty.  As is the fuck bench.  We go out again and head toward the slurp ramp.  This is where the action seems to be tonight.  I consider letting him suck guys off, but decide to put him on the fuck bench in this area.  There is no one on it.  We are behind a small partition from the action at the ramp.  Guys can enter our area at either end of the bench—to feed Kevin their cock or at my end to be approved to fuck him.
I kneel and rim.  Kevin moans.  Louder now.  He wants guys to know he’s there.  I stand up and deliver a slap to his ass that resounds in the small space.  It works.  Guys are coming around the wall.  I push into Kevin’s tight butt.  I fuck hard enough for my hips to make smacking noises on his upturned butt cheeks.  He is ringed now with men.  Hands are on his back, his ass, my cock and one under me trying to heft my balls as I fuck.  A studly man—shaved head, a decent chest and lots of tats—is in Kevin’s mouth.  I finally have to push the man’s hand away from my cock—I can’t fuck properly with him feeling me up.

I slam into Kevin.

“Breed that ass,” someone says.  “Cum in that hole.”

I smirk and fuck him harder.

The stud pushes through the men to get to my end of the bench as an Asian thrusts into Kevin’s mouth.   

“You want some of this?”  I ask the tatted stud.

“Fuck yeah.  I fuck him every time I can here.”  He rips open a condom stashed in his jock and rolls it onto his spit wet dick.  I pull out and make way for the new cock.  He inserts quickly and starts a quick tempo thrusting.

Kevin pulls off the dick he’s sucking and tells the man to fuck him.  He swallows the dick back down his throat as another hard cock slaps the top of his head.  I move in behind the man fucking and reach around to play with his oversized nipples.  My slight twist makes him buck into Kevin that much harder and his ass connects with my cock on the backstroke.

I think he might blow.  But he keeps it going.  But he’s grinding against me now.

Finally he pulls out of Kevin.  The stud turns to me and kisses me roughly.  Kevin gets off the bench and it becomes a three-way kiss.

“I’d like some of that big cock,” the stud tells me.

“And you don’t need a condom with him,” Kevin whispers in my ear.

The man gets down on the bench.  I eat his ass briefly as Kevin stands next to me, kneading his cock in the black jock.  I am almost positive the stud has a load up him.  I lick and spit some of it on my dick.  I slip in.  Damn, it’s good to feel flesh on flesh.  I fuck him slowly—savoring the raw ass.  I build in tempo as Kevin bends down and licks at my left nipple.  The stud has a bystander in his mouth.

I fuck until I need to catch my breath.

Kevin hugs me.  The man stands up.

“Come back to our room?”  I ask. 

The stud agrees and we head back to the sling.

Kevin now has two dicks for his butt—and I have two holes to fuck.  We spend the rest of the night switching back and forth.


It’s late.

Kevin and I are now alone, entwined on the bed.  

“Thank you for coming all this way.”

“My pleasure,” I tell him.  And I mean it.

I kiss him again and tell him he should go.

“But...” he hesitates. 


“I haven’t sat on your face.”

My exhausted dick stirs at the thought.

Kevin kisses me again.  He stands up and straddles me, slowly lowering that magnificent ass down on my face…


  1. Great ending to this story. Glad you had a fun time with that incredible chest and ass. Thanks for sharing the stories and the pictures!

    1. Writing this made me want to get back to Toronto. I can't wait for my end of summer trip...

  2. Great series! Makes me wanna find my way to the bathhouse tonight... Or Toronto. But I think the former will have to do.

    1. Go to the bathhouse tonight..but come with me to Toronto at the end of summer. I nice spit roast of Kevin??

    2. I'm actually gonna be in Toronto at the beginning of July! But my partner will be in tow. Ha! Maybe I can finally convince him to tag team a bottom with me. Not holding my breath on that one though. :-)

    3. Let me know if you want contact information for Kevin...