Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Rosebud By Any Other Name…

My Playroom—August, 2015

The very next day after my blueballing from the guy with the problematic clean out I had a play date that was the total opposite.  Ross was fun, superbly cleaned out, kinky, willing, and easy on the eyes.  He’d found me on Recon.  I told him, if he wanted to know how I play, to look at what I’d written in this forum.  He wrote back:  “I followed your suggestion and read parts of your blog last night.  You have written about almost every fantasy I have!  In addition to your topics, I enjoy your writing style.  Thanks for sharing.  Are you still looking for experienced bottoms to play with?  I travel to MI often and would love to meet sometime.  I stay in fistee shape by taking care of myself frequently.   Between self-fisting/punching and big dildo riding I keep my rosebud blooming.  It is time for a couple of hands other than my own, maybe you could help…and I love the story of your piss play.  You can fill my hole anytime.  Are you up for a visit sometime?”

We continued to write back and forth—but it was still during the time the playroom was down.  Then I was back in business and had the unresponsive, dirty boy.  That night, Ross wrote that he was leaving Camp-It, a gay campground, in the morning and returning to his out of state home.  He would have to travel within miles of my house.  It was too good an opportunity not to grab it…

I watch him strip down, stowing his clothes in the chest of drawers reserved for my fuck buddies.  He’s tanned and fit, and his hair slightly shaggy.  He’s younger than I am, but not by much.  He held an extremely athletic job for a number of years—and his body is still taut and defined.

As soon as the last drawer is shut, he is on his knees, sucking me to hardness.  I can’t wait to get him on the fuck bench.

I dive into his ass.  It’s evident that he plays with big toys—his ass hole is muscular—and he has not lied about his training it.  He can open it or shut my tongue out at will.  When my tongue is in deep, he pushes it out slightly, filling my mouth with his engorged sphincter.  My cock drools.  I smear the precum on my fingers and then on his very open hole.  I tell him just what I’m doing.  He groans, mid popper huff.

I stand up and insert.

My dick pushes into him—slowly, steadily.  I am balls deep and holding.

“That feels so good,” he mutters into the padding on the fuck bench.

I pull out of his ass.  He is eager to clean my dick.  I move around and let him.  I bend and kiss when he’s done.  Not for too long.  I want my cock back in his hole. 

We spend a long time working this rotation—fuck, clean, kiss, fuck, clean, kiss…

I pull out of his ass—he’s expecting me at his mouth.  Instead I shoot a stream of piss over his ass crack.  And another that coats the small of his back.  I lick it off his ass.  It’s not strong, but stronger than how I want it for a feeding straight to Ross’ mouth.  I fuck in his hole again.   And take the ass flavored cock, now tasting of a hint of piss, to his mouth.  He devours me just as hungrily…

I get him off the bench.  I add wrist restraints.  I attach his arms to the top of the sling frame. 

His body is sloping in a graceful arc before me.  I kneel.  Eat. Fuck.  Piss down his crack.  Eat. And fuck some more.

Now in the sling, I introduce the egg headed dildo to his ass.  He takes the toy easily. 

My dick slips in right alongside it.

“That feels so hot.” 

I nod in agreement.  And thrust harder.

“Incredible,” he mumbles—his eyes focused on the mirror above him—watching the two objects invading his ass.

Soon, it’s just my dick in his hole.

We fuck.

For a very long time…

We take a break.

“Up for something a little different?” I ask.


“I have a condom of cum in the freezer.  It’s from a man I sucked off at a rest area.  It was supposed to go up a visiting pig, but it never worked out.”

“Give it to me.”

I go down to the freezer.  We take a pic of it.

I cut off the knotted end.  I turn it inside out in his guts.  Ross shivers as the cold nugget of cum goes up him.  My cock follows it in.  It has slightly cooled his ass canal.  Then the head of my dick hits the hard lump of cum.  Fuck!  The temperature change makes my dick harder.  It also makes me fuck harder.  His hot ass melts the lump of cum.   Soon it is clinging to my cock on the out stroke.  I bring it around and make him taste this unknown man’s semen. 

His ass is sloppy with the cum.

I bend to clean up his hole—savoring the taste again of the man I sucked off a couple of weeks ago.

We fuck.

“Rimseat time.”

I take a hit of poppers and get under.  He sits on the seat.  His ass is dripping with the cum.  I clean him up externally.  With a sift hard tongue flick, I am into him.  Deep.  So much deeper than any time today.

Ross grunts.  And pushes.  Cum flows into my mouth.  Down my throat.  And he pushes again.   His cum saturated hole is pushing into my mouth.  His rose bud is blooming as I lick it.  He fills my mouth with his dripping ass.  I instantly stop jerking myself.   It is the hottest thing I’ve had happen in weeks.  Then he retracts it.  And with another grunt—my mouth slowly fills with his insides.


And I clean every drop clinging to him.

Only then, do we settle down to over an hour of fist play…and a load of mine in his ass to take home.


  1. I heard from Ross.

    I always wonder if I do justice to our time together when I write up an entry--with a guy who I know will be reading it. I guess I didn't need to worry:

    "I just read the blog. Beautiful narrative...Maybe readers will think the story is too good to be true. Au contraire! It's true, it's true! I am actually really thrilled that the story is about you and me and that your writing of our time together may make someone else very happy...for a while anyway, haha. If I read that story I would insert myself into Ross's position and fantasize about all the great moments explained in titillating detail. Oh, but I am Ross. Lucky guy.

    I find reading about the encounter with me from your perspective very interesting. My narration would be very similar but I would probably talk about how I could hardly catch my breath or how my ass kept cumming in waves.

    I look forward to our future play and the memories that will linger...

    And thanks for all you do to make me feel so good when we spend time together.
    Remarkable writing."

  2. SO fucking hot, i love it when a man knows his role and isn't afraid to act on it.

    1. You are so right. And I would include both Ross and myself in that statement.

  3. This was great photos/writing!! You never fail when delivering good writing!

    1. Thanks! I am glad you liked the entry.

      I take pics when I can (or the guy is willing). It's hard to do when my hands are covered in Crisco and up the guy's butt....

  4. Damn...Ross and his very talented ass. It must have been amazing eating that hole out. I can almost taste it from your excellent description.

    1. Thank you. I am glad you are enjoying so many back posts. There is some good stuff kind of lost over time.