Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Long Set-up for a Big Let-Down

My Playroom—August, 2015

My summer houseguests left on a Saturday.  By the next Sunday, I began setting up the playroom.  I had the sling up in no time at all, the fuck bench positioned properly next to it and the pillow under the rimseat.  I was in such a hurry I didn’t put down the padded floor and the plastic waterproofing which goes under it.    After my long summer of not being able to entertain, I had the first guy coming over to get used on my home turf.

He’d been after me for a long time.  For over a year, we’d sporadically tried to make a meeting work.  He seemed ideal—early 30’s with a scruffy face, nice body, biggish cock and a smooth ass.  But one or the other of us were either too busy or too booked up for the one hour drive our meet would entail.  And he needed to come to me.  A boyfriend back home, I assumed, or a nosy roommate at the least. 

So after all our talk, I made it a point for him to be the first on the list when I could entertain again.  We talked and he was free on Sunday.  At the appointed time, he sent the text he was leaving.  I showered.  Added  the jock and laced up the boots.  He was right on time.  And he was cuter, in my doorway, than in his pictures.

We greeted each other.  His eyes were full of desire.  And apprehension.  I asked if he need the bathroom before we went upstairs.

“I should be good to go.”

So off we went upstairs…

He’s naked and on his knees.  My cock is wet with his saliva and pointing straight up.  His cute face is buried in my balls.  “Lick them, don’t suck them.”  Soundlessly he obeys.  “Try to work your tongue between my balls and the cock ring.”  Again he does.  And he hits the right spot to make my cock drool.  “Lick up this pre-cum.”  He does.  Without a sound.

“Get up on the bench.  I want to taste your hole.” 

I help get him in place.  My hands pull apart his cheeks and my tongue dives in.  Irish Spring and a little sweat.  I burrow into his butthole.  I wait for any kind of sound of enjoyment, but I get nothing.  I lick the full length of the crack, my beard massaging it all as I go back up it.  I zero in on the hole again.  It begins to relax and let me in.  I lube myself as I eat.

In one easy move, I stand up and insert the head of my cock into him.  I hold—I hear the smallest grunt of acceptance.  I pause, waiting for any kind of encouragement to proceed.  None.  My dick inches into him.  I bottom out in his smooth, hot ass. Not a sound.

I begin to fuck.  I want to hear something from him.   I fuck him slowly.  Not a peep.  I jack hammer into him.  Nothing. 

I pause.  “You doing okay?”

“Yeah, you feel great.”

I begin fucking again and he goes back to being eerily quiet.

I pull out.


I hand him the bulb and I take him down to the shower.   I clean up in the kitchen sink so he can have the bathroom.

Soon he’s back.  We try the sling.  It’s the same problem—this time after only a few strokes.

We clean again.

Back to the fuck bench.


I’m pretty sure it was a rushed clean out at home.  And likely too much water while doing it.

He is embarrassed and decides to go home.

I tell him I’d be happy to have him back another time.

Once he’s gone, I log in to say it again on Adam4Adam. 

He’s already blocked me.

The good news, the very next day, I had one of the best hook-ups of the year…


  1. I always wonder when I get blocked after something like that if they are just embarrassed or if the chemistry was just off.

    Sigh... And I knew exactly where you were going with the title and his response of "I should be good to go"...

    Only a month back logged now on your entries. Must have been one hectic and dry summer!

    1. Certainly, the blocking might have been either being embarrassed or lack of chemistry. I was disconcerted by his making no noise at all--though he seemed genuine when he said he was enjoying the fucking. Oh, well…I won’t lose sleep over him—but I would have liked for him to try again….

  2. I always make sure Im super clean out for depth work. A super clean flushing and my asshole will let loose for extreme play

    1. Thanks for speaking up! I haven’t said it lately on here—I love bottoms who know how to clean out so completely. I play with many fistees, so I sometimes get spoiled. Cleaning out can be hard work—but both tops and bottoms know it leads to such a better time in the bed/playroom.