Tuesday, September 1, 2015

That's What Friends Are For

My Hometown—July, 2015

July was shaping up to be pretty sexless—and then out of the blue, friends wrote me that they’d like to visit.  It was Rob and Brice from Chicago—the men with who I fuck in the New Year.  They were coming to Michigan for a mini vacation and wanted see me.  They understood I was busy.  They would get a motel so we could play…I couldn’t believe my good luck.

Thunder rolls as I open the door to the house. I want to clean up after work and get over there.   I’m in luck—no one’s home; I can actually get to the shower when I need it.  I start to strip.  And with a terrific clap of thunder, the lights go out.  I call the guys—they have power on their end of town.  I’ll shower there. 

And I do—but after we spend some time happily catching up.  I stand under the steaming spray and wash the week away.  When I turn off the water, I can hear the unmistakable sound of fucking…

The lights are lower now in the motel room.  They aren’t fucking on the bed.  Brice is on all fours on the coffee table in the conversation area of the motel room.  Rod is behind him and fucking his long, thick dick into him.  My dick elongates without my touching it.  I squeeze Rod’s ass, trace a lazy pattern up his back.  I finally get fully hard feeling his butt grind into me on the backstroke of his fucking as my fingers knead his shoulder muscles.  I move around and hold Brice’s butt open for him.  The sound of his hips slapping into Brice increases. 

I kneel, facing Rod.  He knows.  The look of need must be all over my face.  He pulls out of his partner’s ass and sticks it right into my mouth.  I lick it clean and he inserts back into the wet hole.  Two strokes in the hot ass—two strokes in me.  And again.  And again.  I’m no longer just hard, my cock is an angry red and it’s drooling.

“Stick that thing in him,” Rod tells me.

Brice whimpers encouragement as I lick at his hole.  Warm and sloppy.  I don’t linger.  I line up my dick and push into him.  Rod has opened him perfectly.  I have an easy glide all the way—and the whole ass is particularly wet and clingy on my dick.  Rod moves around and Brice hungrily cleans his cock—if I left anything for him to taste.

I fuck him hard.  I pull out and rest my cock on the top of Brice’s butt.   Rod leans over his partner’s back and I stick it in his mouth. He makes loud slurping sounds as he cleans me.

I fuck some more.  Rob moves around to stand behind me, his hands twisting my nipples.

I pull out and let him back up Brice.  It’s his turn to kneel and lick out the hole I have left wetter and stretched.  Rod licks up what he can, comes up to kiss me and plow into his partner.

I watch.   I know what I want.  I push Rod down—still attached to Brice— and roughly stick my cock into him.  I am fucking for two now.  My thrusts force my own cock into Rod and his cock into Brice.   It feels so hot, it can’t last long.  Rod shoots his load.  I pull out.  When Rod finally inches his cock out, I’m right there to taste the load all over his cock.  I stroke and clean.  I turn to Brice’s ass, dripping with cum.  I clean up all of the jizz on the outside, but don’t go exploring inside with my tongue.  I want to do that with my dick.

I stand and fuck him.  It’s an incredibly sweet, wet sound.

“ARGH.”  Brice is fisting his own cock.  He surprisingly bucks me off him.  He stands up and manhandles Rod around, so Rod is leaning on me.  Brice just gets his cock inside Rod’s ass before he shoots.  “Dinner!”  He announces, cuffing me playfully.  I drop to my knees and clean out every drop I can reach inside Rod’s ass.  He leans against a chair and lets me go to town.  Brice climbs back up on the table.  It’s clear just what he wants.   I switch and taste his hole for a moment.  He contracts his chute, and a huge dollop of jizz shoots into my mouth.

I swallow. 



And inseminate.

“Fuck, that was nice,” sighs Rod, summing it up for all of us.

We kiss.  In twos and threes.  We hug.  And kiss again.

Short, but incredibly sweet.


  1. Fucking hot stud, it is always nice to "reconnect" with studs of similar interests.

    1. Absolutely! And I consider them friends, not just fuck-buddies...

  2. Nice! I certainly know about the sounds they make when fucking as they woke me up on last New Years Eve with their grunts. I had no problem walking into their bedroom and fucking my first load of this year into Brice's hot ass. Great guys and hot fucks!!!

    1. Yes, I remember that well! I was glad to give Brice my two week load, too.