Monday, September 7, 2015

Fluid Pig and the Unexpected Load

My Hometown—July, 2015

I got home from the rest area and popped the cum-filled condom in the freezer.  The hard nugget of jizz, after all, makes for easier insertion.

Around 4pm (our play date was after dinner) I started getting messages.  The Fluid Pig (early 40’s, good shape, cropped hair with a full goatee) was done with work early.  He had a guy on the line who wanted him in 30 minutes.  Would I like to join?  I believe in being flexible—and I love taking turns on a hole.  I said yes.   I decided not to take the condom, not wanting to potentially freak out the other top.  I got in the car and drove across town.   That took seven minutes (I’ve told you it’s a small town.)  It’s exactly 4:30pm as I park.  I realized I’d never fucked at this hotel—so I was glad I was christening it…

I find the room with ease.  I knock.  The door doors; it’s a top I know who lives about 30 miles away.  He grins at me sheepishly.  “I’ve just shot in him.”

“When did you get here?” I ask, taking off my boots.

“Ten minutes ago.  I really needed it.”

So much for sharing hole.  But he has left a hole full—that’s something, at least.  I move into the room.  And there is the Fluid Pig on the bed.  On all fours.  A pearl of cum oozing from his ass crack.  I lick his butt clean before I say hello.  Then I strip and enter the cum filled ass.  The other top is watching, jerking at his spent cock.  I pull out.  My cock head is coated with cum.   I feed Fluid Pig the glistening seed off my cock.  He loves ass to mouth, but with cum involved, he eats me ravenously.

I fuck deeper.   I pull out to feed him again.  But no, he won’t be licking that.  I ‘ve fucked too deep—or the Fluid Pig has had a hurried clean out to get ready for Mr. Impatient.  The Fluid Pig goes off to the shower, I wash, then stroke to the porn playing on a lap top and the other top dresses and goes.  I can only think about all that wasted cum….

He must be having clean out issues, as I am by myself for a very long time.  And when he does hop back up on the bed, his ass is tender from too much cleaning.  I fuck him, with just half my length to get him back and ready.

“Can I ride it?”

I stretch out.  He lowers himself down on me gingerly.  I’m on the edge of telling him to forget it; we have four more days to play.  But he’s taking me full length now.  And his cock is erecting.  He grinds down on me and clenches. He milks my dick as he slowly gets off it.

“Let me try on my back.”  He lies down right at the edge of the bed, knowing how, with my long legs, I prefer to stand.  He crooks his knees to the chest.  I kneel and spend long minutes licking the ass I just fucked.  It’s begun to make lube.   I suck it into my mouth and spit it back into his hole.  I stand.  I enter.  Slowly.  Smoothly.

It must feel good.  He’s erect.  And jerking.  And shooting.

Damn, it’s a huge load.  I pull out of his ass and mop him up with my tongue.  He is moaning and thrashing as I clean him up. I don’t swallow.  I kneel and reverse felch his entire load into his used ass.  I linger for a moment, making sure I have loaded him as deep as my tongue will go.

“Oh, God, you’re going to fuck me with my cum, aren’t you…”

He doesn’t quite complete the sentence for I’m up and in him.  The ass felt great before with the other guy’s load---but now he has twice as much.   I know he can’t take much more, having just shot.  I will myself to shoot. 

One stoop to taste his frothy hole does it.  I stand right back up and fire off into his ravaged butt.

I checked in with him the next day.  He was giving his hole a rest.  I totally understood. I reminded him of our deal to send me a text when his ass got a load.

I never heard from him the rest of his stay in town. 

I know him too well, I'm pretty sure he didn't go three days  without anyone.