Monday, September 28, 2015

What! No Bottoms?

Northwest Indiana—August, 2015

It was time for the house party again.  The host let’s men play in almost every room of his house—both levels of it.  Dark room, glory holes under the basement stairs and sofa beds everywhere.

I have a hot daddy dick deep in my throat.

Someone needed to get the party started.  And that was me, of course.  It’s a good turnout.  The host’s lawn was full of cars when I parked—but no one was playing.  Half naked men are drinking and roaming the place, wanting to see some sex.  So I sank to my knees and started sucking the Daddy next to me

He’s likely my age, but looks older.  He has a nice thick cock, though nowhere near as long as I am.  He seems to love what I’m doing with my tongue.  His hands caress the tightly cropped hair on my head, which I love.  But now he’s doing that annoying fiddle with my ears—fucking my ear holes with his index fingers.  I come up for air and go for his balls.

Since we are in a hallway outside a back bedroom, everyone has to pass us.  I inspire others to either stroke or play with another man.  My daddy turns my face toward one of our on lookers.  This new man is definitely older than I am.  He is stroking his massive dick, his underwear around his knees.  He’s about my length, but a good inch or more in thickness.  And he’s uncut.  I spend a long time on his foreskin before I try to deep throat him.  I can only get about half of that monster lodged in my throat.

He pulls off, telling me he doesn’t want to cum.  I only hope I am there when he does—or at least see him pleasure some man’s ass with it.

Ryan, of the blog Spreading My Legs, arrives.  We chat.  And become very aware that there are none of our usual butt boys in attendance.  We separate to go find some ass. 

I suck more dick, even rim a very cute young man’s ass, but he informs me he is a top.

I find Ryan playing with a cute Latino in the dark area—there’s a surprise.  I am introduced to Juan—a man who has bottomed for Ryan countless times.  He sucks me expertly.  Ryan hauls him to his feet, turns him around and has me bury my face in the brown skinned butt.  I think I’ve finally found my first hole.   But Juan is not wanting to get fucked in front of the crowd that has gathered.  I go back to eating his hole while he sucks Ryan.

Eventually, when the room has cleared, Juan sits on my cock for about 15 seconds.  He’s in total control.  I can’t thrust up into him at all.  Then he leaves the party.


A couple I know from here find me individually.  Each time in the dark area.  They are in their early 40’s and have been together for quite a while.  The ginger-haired one finds me first.  He sucks me, while I sit on the back bed.  We aren’t disturbed.  Soon I’m eating his ass.

“Fuck me with that big dick.  Put it in me raw.”

I’m finally allowed to fuck.  But barely.  He pulls off me all apologetic.  “I’ll cum.  I better not.”  

And scampers away.

His partner, hairy and dark finds me an hour later—in the same place.  I suck his cock, I eat his ass.  He tells me to fuck him—but reminds me I need a Magnum.  I fuck him covered—glad to just get some ass.  He, too, pulls away, thinking he’ll shoot.  He goes back to the bar.

I suck my friend Harley, the guy who looks like he just got off his bike.  He tells me he’s had no ass at all.


I am in the dark room—hoping to at least suck one of the daddies again.  The ginger-haired guy returns.  I think he wants more dick in his hole.  But no.  Instead, he gives me his load down my throat.

Ryan leaves the party—no fucking at all.

The tops are stroking to porn—the lucky ones at least have a guy sucking them. 

With no one to fuck, the crowd has thinned dramatically.

I find Harley and the cute young top I’d rimmed on a secluded sofa.  Harley is stroking the worked out chest of the young man.  I suck his cock.  Harley holds the young guy’s legs in the air for me to eat his hole again.

“Suck my dick,” the young top pleads. 

I go back to it.  Just in time.  He erupts with a gigantic load down my throat.

I figure I won’t do better than that.  So I go home. 

Balls in need…


  1. Yeah, isn't it weird? Bottoms complain to me that there aren't enough tops in this world but all I seem to bump into are other tops. I'm sure for me it's more just a skewed perspective, rather than fact like it was at your party, though

    1. It was such a change from my personal history with this party. It has always been bottom heavy. Maybe not always with men who want to take on the entire room, but by many guys who want to be fucked. This time, well, you read it...and by the next month I had plenty of ass again--but that's a future post.

  2. I think it all depends on what side of the sling u swing...... as a cock loving bottom (most of the time) I seem to run into more bottoms when searching for non-work cock.

    1. I have certainly found this true online--but never so much in person. It's a good thing I like to suck dick, too....

  3. Sounds like this party needed our services - Jack & Joey

    1. You two would have cleaned up that night...