Thursday, September 29, 2016

Kurt Takes On the Room--Part II--The Aftermath

Near Home—August, 2016

This picks up from where the last post left off when I was left alone in the gay theatre after Kurt’s orgy…

I sit and watch the movie.

A new man walks in.  He’s built, blond and with striking good looks.  I guess he’s in his early 40’s.  He looks at me, sitting in the chair to my right.  He turns to me.  “A guy in the arcade says you feed piss.  Got any?”

“Not quite yet.”  I deliberately open my water bottle and take a hefty swig.  “But soon.”

“Can I suck that thing ‘til you do?”  He points at my cock, which has a new pearl of pre-cum on the slit.


He gets on his knees between my legs and makes a dive for cock.

“Whoa.”  I push back against his shoulder and look him in the eye.  “Lick the jizz off first.  Savor it.”
His whole demeanor changes.  He takes my cock in both his hands and almost reverently licks my piss slit.  He grunts under his breath at the taste of my pre-cum.  He squeezes my shaft and another drop appears.  He touches it with his tongue and then pulls his head back.  The pre-cum forms a pearly strand.  Just before it breaks, his head dives back down and he engulfs my wet dick.

It’s my turn to grunt.   He’s the kind of cock sucker you hope for.  He understands protecting my big flared head from his teeth.  He knows about suction.  About spit.  About verbal appreciation as my cock keeps leaking.  I can only guess it’s from years of parking himself on the other side of any gloryhole he can find.

He pulls off me.  “That’s a great dick.”  He swallows hard.  “Fuck my mouth.”

I stand up.  I grab him by the ears and hold him still.  “Open.”  I don’t need to tell him what to do, but he responds with a whimper in the back of his throat.  That’s all I need.  I go into Dom Top mode.  I hold him with my left hand, and slap my wet shaft against this cheek.  One side, then the other.  

“Stick out your tongue.”  He does.  I slap it two times before I shove into his wet mouth.

I fuck into him—short strokes at first.  Soon I lengthen them.  Then the test: to the root.  I grind my bushy pubes into his nose.  He takes me all.  And again.  This time he gags.  And he loves it.

“Again,” he grunts as I pull out.  “All of it.”

I give it to him again to the hilt.  And once more.  This time he gags on the third stroke and pulls off me, panting like he’s run a marathon.

“Lick my balls.”

He moves forward and does great tongue action on the sack.  I want it on the right where they join my body. 

“Get your tongue between my balls and my cock ring.”  I force his head down and thrust my pelvis forward.  He finds my spot.  He licks me.  Avidly.  Not just there.  But everywhere.  Leaving me damp.  I sit back down and he knee walks into place to suck all the hair under my balls as dry as he can get it.  His tongue flirts with a descent to my hole.   Down the crack for a bit, but he stops himself just short of tonguing my ass.  He goes back to the base of my cock.

He starts to rear up to suck me again.


He freezes. 

“I have something for you.”  I stand up and let my cock rest on his lip.

“Give it to me.”  He knows what’s coming.  “Give me your piss.  Make me your piss whore.”

I will myself to piss.  It takes a second for my body to respond—but it does.  I start spurting piss into his mouth.  He gurgles happily and takes me all down.  When I finish, I thrust into his mouth again.  I hold still and let him go into his cocksucking routine.  He concentrates on sucking the last of piss out of the slit, then cleaning the head and then the shaft.

He pulls off me, holding my dick in one hand right at the base.  Tight.  So it is at its most swollen and red. “Fuck, I want that thing up my ass.”

I’ve been hoping for this moment.  “Sure.”

“But I can’t.  I just came here today to suck a lot of dick.  I’m not…you know…ready.”

Damn.  But I say—truthfully—“That’s a shame.  But better you tell me than I find out.”

“Yeah.”  He nods.  Pleased I don’t seem to want to just end it.  “Drink up, man.”

I sit and chug my water.  He opens his fly, for the first time, to stroke a swollen dick.  He spits in his hand as he leans in and takes me into his mouth.

The next 20 minutes is all about his sucking my cock and balls and his almost rimming my hairy hole again.  Surprisingly, we are alone that entire time. 

I need to change it up.  “Show me that ass you want me to fuck.”


“Just show it to me.”

He stands up and unbuckles his belt.   He’s commando under his khakis.  They drop to the floor.  It’s a good sized dick, but I want to see his butt.


He does.  It’s a full ass—and as gym built as the rest of him—and downy with blond fuzz. 

I slip out of the chair and onto my knees. “Lean on the chair.”  He does.  Jutting that butt out in front of me.  My hands touch it.  I stroke.  I run my fingers down the crack. 

“Sir, I’m just not deep cleaned, but…”

That’s all I need to hear.  I spread his cheeks and inch forward.  My tongue connects.  Right on his hole.  The shock for him is electric.  He jumps—but just as quickly he grinds back onto my tongue.  He tastes great.  And all the hair is driving me crazy.  I get him good and wet.  All I can think about is how hot it would be to fuck him, but I’m good.  I settle for the oral banquet he’s providing.  I reach forward and grab his hard cock.  I pull it down and back.  I hunker down and swab the dripping head with my tongue.  I don’t swallow, but go back up to his hole and push it into him.

“Fuck,” he whimpers.

I finally stop rimming.  I’ll fuck him and be damned if I keep on.  And I have to piss anyway.


He senses my urgency and spins around, kneeling before me.  I get my cock in his mouth just as the flow begins.  He gurgles it down. 

“Don’t swallow it all,” I tell him.  “Save some in your mouth.”

When I stop, I pull him up by the armpits.  “Kiss me.” 

He does.  And yellowballs the remains of my piss into my mouth.  I push some back into his.  He squirms in my embrace and shoots his load all over my cock and balls.

I push him down to the floor.  “Clean it up.”  His tongue finds the biggest blob of cum on my nut sack.  But I push his head back and fire my built up load into his open mouth.


  1. Holy shit! I think you might have topped yourself (sot to speak). That's such a hot bookstore story. I would trade places with him in a minute (or with you, for that matter!).

    Paul, PS

  2. I forgot to add that I hope you have another session with this hot lucky man.

    Paul, PS

    1. I have NOT seen him back at the bookstore, but just two days ago he found my picture on one of the hook up sites and contacted me. We will be getting him into the sling pretty soon.

    2. I an't wait to read all about it!