Sunday, September 4, 2016

Full Moon

Near Home—June, 2016

The night of the June full moon I got to go back to the bookstore.  It was a night where I couldn’t put a foot wrong…

I am on the gay side.  I am in the back corner, on my knees.  I have the largest, swollen set of hairy balls smashed against my tongue.  I can’t begin to fit them in my mouth.  (I had thought the room was empty when I walked in, but he was in the shadowy corner behind the door.)  An older man, he is stroking his smallish cock and letting those monster balls hang free over the band of his Hanes underwear.  I lick every inch of exposed, hairy flesh.

“Suck my dick,” he commands.

I must have licked his balls just right.  He explodes in my mouth with very little effort.


Minutes after I sit down to stroke, a new man walks in and stands in that back corner.  I turn and look.  He’s hot.  He has an ex-football player build and is still in shape.  He’s in his late 30’s or early 40’s with short blond hair.  Muscles ripple under his tight tee shirt.  He opens his cargo pants and takes out a nice thick cock with a pronounced helmet head.

I get up and kneel in front of him.  I take that big dick head in my mouth.  My tongue is all over it.
He groans.  “Suck me good.”

I do.  It takes concentration to get him down my throat.  But I do it.  His dick is spewing pre-cum like crazy.  I finally have to stand up and give my knees a rest.  He sees my bigger dick for the first time.

“You have to fuck me with that,” he whispers in my ear.  “But not here.  Meet me in the rental booths.”  He means the ones where you can rent and watch a whole movie of your choice.

I find him in the middle one.  He’s naked and waiting.  I can’t believe my luck:  Muscles, big dick, hair in all the right places and now wanting my dick.  I kneel and suck him some more.  Than he sucks me.  The handsomest man I have ever seen here is now sucking my dick.

Eventually, the Footballer stands and shows me his ass for the first time:  huge hairy mounds of flesh.  I stick my tongue right in.  He groans.  And begins whispering.

“I want you in my ass so much…I love big cock…and I want it raw.  Spew your load in my guts…”
I stand up and insert.  He’s tight.  He does not take cock regularly.  I ease in.  Hold.  And fuck.

I am fucking him hard now.  The sound of flesh on flesh fills the tiny space.  I can hear people outside our door.  I am sure they are trying to look through the crack.  I stop for a moment.

Shit.  Literally.  He’s dirty.

And he’s angry at himself.  “Dammit, I spent an hour back there.  Well, I brought my bottle.  I’ll go to the car and get it and re-clean.  Please save that load for my ass.”

I don’t promise, but agree I’ll look for him and head off to wash.


I check the straight side.  Nothing.  Or nothing I want to do.

Back in the gay theatre, the crowd has arrived.  My regular fuck bud is taking the thin man who never admits to blowing his load up an ass.  I watch them fuck for a moment, then unbutton and stick my freshly washed dick in the bottom’s mouth.

This increases the heat in the room.  Five other guys are watching.  They all take their dicks out now.  Stroking of each other soon follows.  Two of them eventually start sucking.

In moments the Stealther stops.  He’s made no sound of orgasm, but I’m sure I will find a dripping hole.  I come around and get on my knees.  My tongue is there just in time to catch the first drip from the bottom’s ass.  I dig in…


Later, I’m sitting in the cock sucker chair.  The bottom  I felched  is now giving me head as another regular has his thick cock  in my mouth.  When the bottom’s jaw tires, two others take turns on my cock—one old man who takes it slowly and another who is all teeth.  I stop the toothy one and the man who loves it in almost slow motion takes me to the root again and again.

The Footballer arrives at my elbow.  He nods at me.  I thank the men I’ve been playing with and the Footballer leads me back to the booth.  He gets naked and I open my pants.  He sucks me a moment, but you can tell he’s anxious to take me back in his ass.  I stand up and tell him to bend over.  His full moon of an ass is again in front of me.  I sink to my knees and tongue his freshly prepped hole.

“Damn, you know how to eat ass.  Make me wet, stud.” 

I spit into his hole and lube my dick at the same time.  I stand and insert.  It’s an easier entry this time.  And he’s now spotless. 

I fuck him.   Harder and harder.   After all the play, I am more than ready to bust a load into him.

“You really want my load?”

“Fuck yeah.   Make that hole your own.”

“You’re gonna get it.   Really soon.”

“I want it.”  The noise of my fucking in this cramped space increases.  “Give it to me.”  I slap his ass.  “Give me your cum.”

I buck into him—spewing the load I’ve been building since I arrived, three hours ago.

I stay in him while he finally touches his own big dick and sprays the upholstered bench.

“Thanks,” he whispers.  We trade names.  “That’ll do me for a year.” 

I laugh.

“I’m a top—but I bend over for big dick,” he continues.  “Yours is perfect.  I just got on PrEP and all I can think about is taking loads.”

We trade phone numbers. 

He can’t stop texting me as I drive home in the light of the full moon.


  1. Ah, my ego loves the stroking of another top that gushes how good I am at mastering their hole... And I can easily see myself doing the same to you. Ha!

    1. We can test this hypothesis of yours at your earliest convenience…

    2. Yes... Let's. I mean, it's for science.

    3. I have washed and pressed the lab coat. I'm ready, hard and dripping...